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Diamonds In The Rough Ch. 09


'Diamonds In The Rough© and its associated nine chapters is a copyrighted production by Mostera1©. Use of its character's or any part of this story without the author's permission is strictly prohibited.
Many thanks to my editor the all powerful word wizard, SoCalOvid for his tireless work on this series.
Welcome to this the final chapter of Sam and Lynn's story. If you are a first time visitor, 'bienvenue' and I recommend you read the previous chapters first.
So for one more time:
With an open mind and an unlocked heart...


It wasn't until several months after the twins had been born that one Saturday afternoon Sam heard Major barking outside followed shortly by the sound of the doorbell ringing.

From the nursery she heard Lynn's voice, "Could you get that Sam? I'm changing another poopy diaper. Oh! Don't our children know how vulgar it is to keep their mother wiping up poopy bottoms both day and night, night and day!" There was a brief pause, "I like the sound of that. 'Night and Day.' Catchy song title, n'est pas?"

Sam response was to laugh as she walked towards the door.

"Poopy diapers are the price we pay, my Queen. But our darlings are worth it."

When Sam opened the door she was mildly surprised to discover Alexis standing there on the stoop. For a moment they both stood silently looking at each other, before Alexis' gaze dropped, unable to look Sam directly in the eyes.

Sam looked at Alexis in a surprisingly clinical manner, not especially moved one way or another. She could tell that Alexis had dressed in a manner intended to appeal to the 'old' Sam — a gauzy blouse that was translucent enough to expose the outlines of her breasts and to show the wearer's nipples. Her short skirt emphasized her already long legs, the lack of stockings revealing her golden, tanning-salon skin tone, and she wore high heels that enhanced the muscles of her legs and tightened her butt. Once upon a time such a look would have had Sam drooling, ready to adjourn to the bedroom. Once upon a time — but not anymore.

"Please come in," invited Sam, willing to play the hospitable host.

As she entered the house past Sam, Alexis handed Sam a single, perfect yellow rose. When Sam accepted the flower, Alexis stepped forward into the opening between her arms, trying to embrace her, but Sam deftly stepped back avoiding her.

"Why is it no one ever sent me yet,
One perfect limousine,
Do you suppose?" Sam quoted with a laugh.

"Pardon?" Alexis asked.

Sam sighed. "Why is it you can lead a horticulture, but you can't make her think?" she recited, an obviously rhetorical question, followed by a low chuckle.

"I'm sorry — I don't understand?" a puzzled Alexis asked again.

"Dorothy Parker," Sam replied.

"Oh. I don't think that I know her. Does she hang out at Gigi's?"

Sam laughed. "Alexis, Alexis. Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose!"

Sam seated Alexis in the living room, and as she walked towards the kitchen to put the rose in a bud vase, she asked over her shoulder, "Would you care for something to drink?"

"Some wine would be nice."

Alexis was pleased by Sam's reception. She had half-expected Sam to slam the door in her face, or begin screaming and shouting at her. She was hopeful that Sam's calm manner indicated that if she were not forgiven, at least Sam's anger no longer burned bright and hot.

Sam returned with a wine glass filled with a German Riesling that she knew would appeal to Alexis, and then sat down in a chair facing her former lover.

"So, Alexis, to what do I owe the honor of this visit?" Sam inquired in a neutral voice, clearly asking in polite terms 'what do you want?'

Alexis was practically wringing her hands as she tried to answer, trying to regain her composure and remember the speech that she had practiced earlier.

"Did you read the letter that I sent you?" she finally started.


'Well,' she thought, 'that's not good,' but she struggled on.

"I wanted to tell you again how sorry I was for betraying your love and trust. I just hope that someday you can forgive me."

Alexis was silent for a moment before she continued.

"After you threw me out — and you were entirely justified, I understand that — I had nowhere else to go but to Brittany. So I did.

"It didn't take long for me to realize what I had lost.

"With Brit it was all about her ego. At first she would take me everywhere with her, showing me off, letting everyone know that she had 'taken me away' from my partner. She got such a kick out of that. And she had me in a dependent situation, where I had to submit to her desires.

"When we were together, you protected me and you took care of me. I guess that I didn't appreciate how much that means in a relationship until I moved in with Brit. Brittany exploited me for her own satisfaction. She was a complete user.

"I was never as happy with Brittany as I had been with you, but at the beginning at least it was tolerable. She wanted sex all the time, and she basically let me know that was the price for staying with her. No love, nor friendship or companionship, just hard-core sex. She would just get naked, sit in her favorite chair and tell me to get my mouth to work between her thighs. No thought for me or my satisfaction, just getting Brittany off. But that wasn't the worst.

"She began taking me to bars that catered to the lesbian BDSM crowd where my body was the price of admission.

"After one late night when we got back to her place I was raw, bleeding and bruised from my treatment at the hands of her 'friends'. I said to myself that was enough, and I left the next day.

"I went back to my parents house and begged them to let me stay long enough to get back on my feet. And thank God, once I convinced them that I was going to get my life straightened out, they welcomed me back with open arms. They knew that I was never going to be the straight 'mother and wife' to some man, but at least I was changing my life.

"I found a job, where I've been working for six-months — I really like it, and the people there have been great. I stopped using drugs and I stopped drinking. My life has really turned around. I pay my folks to stay with them, and I put money in the bank instead of spending it all on clothes and wild times.

"Most of all, I came to the realization that the years that I spent with you were the happiest of my life. Letting Brittany 'put some excitement into my life' was the most stupid thing that I've ever done.

"So I got up my courage and decided to come back and see you to apologize and to ask... no, beg, you to forgive me and give me another chance."

Sam looked at Alexis with a certain level of compassion, although without the slightest spark of the love she once extended to her lover.

"Alexis," Sam finally started, "I'm so glad to hear that you've put your life back on to a more even keel. And I want you to know that I forgave you a long time ago."

Alexis smiled as she began to hope that perhaps there could be second chances.

"But," Sam continued, "My life has changed so much since we parted ways."

Sam looked over her shoulder and called out, "Lynn? Could you come out here? There is someone I want you to meet."

The voice that replied from the hidden bowels of the house confused Alexis. It sounded very feminine, but was more of an 'alto' voice than a true soprano.

"I'll be right out, chérie!"

If Alexis had been confused by the voice, when Lynn entered the room she was flabbergasted. What she saw was a MAN! He was slim, on the short side, dressed in a casual, but meticulous fashion, wearing a set of leather deck shoes without socks, tan slacks, and a pink polo shirt. His face had remarkably refined, almost pretty features for a man, and his shoulder length blond hair was tied back in a ponytail.

When he entered the room even before he noticed Alexis' existence his eyes gravitated to Sam sitting in her chair, and his mouth transformed into a smile revealing his perfect white teeth.

He immediately walked over beside Sam's chair and leaned down over her. Sam's arms reached up to embrace him and they shared a passionate kiss before he stood back up behind Sam's chair and finally faced Alexis.

Alexis' heart dropped at that moment. As she watched Lynn and Sam, she had seen Sam's eyes light up when Lynn entered the room, and she could tell that the passion that they had shared in their kiss was not unusual. It was simply how Sam and Lynn ALWAYS felt about each other.

Sam spoke up, "Lynn, this is Alexis. Alexis, this is my husband and the father of my children, Lynn."

Only then did Lynn look across the room to Alexis. His smile changed, his lips becoming thin and his eyelids opened wide. Sam could see the muscles in Lynn's face tighten. 'Oh my,' she silently observed, 'the claws are out!'

"Oh my! At last I meet the notorious Alexis!" Lynn said, and then he laughed.

"I have so much to thank you for — after all, if you hadn't betrayed my Sam and broken her heart, she and I might never have met. And Sam is so loyal that if we had met anyway, we would have never ended up together. She would have never stabbed YOU in the back. But it was all to my good fortune, because Sam and I are soul mates. And we have two lovely children together as well. Not to sound like a cliché or anything, but we are the proverbial 'one big happy family'!"

Alexis began to stutter, "But, but, but... Sam is a lesbian!"

"I guess it all evened out — I was gay too," Lynn shot back with a little shrug of his shoulders.

Sam was laughing at this point, just seeing the look of confusion and frustration on Alexis' face.

"How? I mean..." Alexis stammered.

Sam decided to step in.

"Alexis, I guess that Lynn and I discovered that if two people deeply love each other, then the labels don't count for much." She reached out and looking up at Lynn's beautiful face, caressed his arm with her hand.

"But do you have... well, sex, together?" Alexis said, unable to comprehend that Sam had sex with a man, and had — children?

Sam smiled gently at her.

"It isn't really any of your business, but the answer is 'yes'. Lynn and I have a wonderful, and varied sex life with each other — and only each other. I've never been so satisfied with a lover as I am with Lynn."

Lynn smiled as he looked down at his wife, his King and the love of his life. "She's too polite to say it, but I will. Sam is a really hot lover who can almost make me cum in my pants just by looking at me. Not that we would want to waste it that way." Sam and Lynn exchanged a brief glance with wickedly sexy grins at his declaration.

Lynn excused himself for a moment and left the room.

"Alexis, Lynn and I have a true relationship, one of those that last a lifetime. I don't mean to disappoint you, but since Lynn and I found each other, I realized that what you and I shared was just a pale imitation of the real thing," Sam explained.

Hearing that, Alexis rose, in sad acceptance of the truth. She would never rekindle her affair with Sam. She knew that Lynn spoke the truth when he said that Sam wouldn't have betrayed her, as she had betrayed Sam. And Sam wouldn't betray Lynn either.

She slowly prepared to depart.

"Well, Sam thank you for seeing me, and being so kind to me. I hope that in the future you can think of me as misguided and stupid, rather than vicious, self-centered and evil."

Sam gently took her hand into her own, and looked Alexis in the eyes.

"Alexis, I honestly wish the best for you. I hope that you will find the happiness that I have, with someone who can be your one-and-only. I think that you have done a lot of growing up since we last saw each other, and I think that will make it more likely that you will find your perfect mate."

Right then Lynn returned to the living room holding a medium sized box.

"Before you leave, Alexis," Lynn said, "I think you should have this."

Alexis looked into the box and on top was the unopened letter that she had sent Sam all those months ago, along with a few pieces of jewelry, articles of clothing, toiletries, and makeup that she hadn't retrieved after Sam kicked her out. In addition there was a small wrapped package.

She lifted her chin before she spoke, "Thank you Lynn."

Then she turned towards the door. Lynn accompanied her opening the door for her to leave. As she walked through the portal, Lynn spoke one last time, his voice just barely above a whisper, "And just a piece of friendly advice — I'm a designer, you know, and whoever told you that color of lipstick would match your dress and shoes was WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!"

When Lynn returned to the living room Sam had let Major into the house. Major, able to smell a foreign presence in the room even after Alexis had left, ran from place to place sniffing, before he lifted his head and looked at Sam and Lynn. Then he barked once.

"No Major, not this time," Lynn wagged his finger at Major in mock anger. "You only piss on ex-lovers when we tell you to!"

Sam laughed watching this 'discussion' between Lynn and Major.

"Well," she added, "She was much more polite than Eric, so I didn't see the need to smack her around!"

"Thank goodness," Lynn replied, now pretending relief, "With the children I get to mop up enough pee-pee during the day. I don't need to be cleaning Major's pee-pees from the living room carpet too!"

Laughing together, Sam and Lynn adjourned to check on their twin darlings.

*** *** ***

'Diamonds In The Rough Ch. 09'

*** *** ***

"Yes, that looks great," the young bride smiled as she grasped the arm of the makeup artist. "I don't want to upstage Ken too much."

"Of course you do Princess," he replied as he gently set her arm down for the second time. "It's a bride's God-given right to outshine everyone, and be the center of attention. You only get married once," he said with his eternal optimism as he lightly applied more rouge on her cheeks.

"I know M...Dad, believe me I know. It's so rare to see a marriage last more than five years. You and Mom are definitely the exception being married for twenty-six!" Hope smiled as she looked up at her father.

"Twenty-six years! 'Où est le temps passé?'" he mused. "It seems like only yesterday we brought you and your brother home from the hospital."

His eyes moistened as he slowly sat down on the chair next to his daughter and thought about her astute observation. Suddenly he felt several hands on his shoulders. He craned his head and saw Carrie, Janice, and Andrea — Hope's bridesmaids. Their eyes were moist too as they looked at the father-of-the-bride with love and appreciation.

He admired the youthful beauty that surrounded him, and with his high pitched voice exclaimed, "Ladies, this is no time to ruin your makeup. I don't have enough time to make repairs." And with that, he passed out tissues to each woman, and instructed them to check their makeup he had so painstakingly, yet lovingly, applied.

Lynn looked in the mirror and applied a thin strip of mascara to his eyes. He used the tissue to smooth the delicate line when he heard a soft sniffle. He gazed at the reflection and saw Andrea sit down. She trembled noticeably and put her head down. He saw a droplet fall on her lap. Lynn pulled the mascara back out from his bag walked over to her and lifted the tear stained face.

"Come here honey, let me fix that," he said with tenderness.

Lynn carefully cleaned the smudges and reapplied the mascara and lip gloss. After a few moments, he looked over the touch ups, and with compassion in his voice told her, "There we go Andrea, all restored. I know your Momma Annie would be proud of you today. You are the prettiest maid of honor that ever was."

"Thanks Mr. Weatherly," she replied as she choked back another tear. "It's still hard to believe she's gone."

He looked at the lovely maid of honor dressed in her lavender gown. Lynn affectionately cradled Andrea's chin and said, "I know honey, I know. We all miss her terribly. But I also know that she would want you to be happy because your best friend is getting married today."

He helped her up, and gently adjusted her head piece. "There we go, everything back in place," he smiled.

"You know Andrea, I can almost hear her say," he lowered his voice imitating Annie's, 'Andrea you are the maid of honor; act like one.'"

Andrea chuckled in agreement, for that was exactly what Momma Annie would have said.

He gave Andrea a hug, and briefly glanced at Hope. Lynn saw his daughter stiffen and her face tightened pensively, at the mention of Andrea's mom. 'No dear God, please not on her wedding day!' he thought to himself.

Lynn clapped his hands together, "Okay ladies we have a wedding to celebrate, so if you would, head out to the narthex. I need some alone-time with my daughter." Then he gently helped Annie and Shelly's daughter up from her seat and gave her a reassuring pat on the shoulder.

"I'll leave on one condition, Mr. Weatherly," Carrie cheerfully injected attempting to dispel the melancholy that had descended on the bride and her bridesmaids. She gazed down at her bouquet then looked up with a grin that caused the bridesmaids to laugh.

"Oh, and what condition is that?" Lynn inquired as he placed his hands on his still slender hips, and gave Carrie 'the eye'.

"If you agree to do the makeup for my wedding," she said with genuine affection.

"Carrie, I would love to, but aren't you putting the cart before the horse? Don't you think you should find that special someone first?" he teased, rolling his eyes at the absurdity of her demand.

The girls snickered at his remark, and Carrie wagged her finger at him in mock anger. The three women headed through the open door and before she closed it, Carrie took one more glance at the beautiful bride she hoped to be one day. She gently closed the door and walked with her friends to the narthex.

Hope's mood changed almost immediately when the girls left. She began to shiver noticeably and hugged Lynn tight.

"Princess, honey, talk with me. Why are you upset?" he asked, even though he already had the answer. "Andrea is doing well considering Annie passed only a month ago." He removed a few bobby pins and adjusted her headpiece. With a concerned sigh he encouraged his daughter to share. "Hope, take a breath, and talk to me. You're in a safe place, let it out honey, let it out."

His daughter shuddered, and spoke tentatively, "When I saw Andrea tear up over — Momma Annie's — passing, I thought back to Major, and...and that horrible night." Her eyes filled with hot tears of anguish. She continued, "If it weren't for Major — I wouldn't be here and...oh no...no...noooo." Hope couldn't go on, and put her head in his shoulder, and began to cry.

"Princess your makeup — Oh 'jamais mon esprit, je prendrai soin de lui,' let it out honey, let it all out," he said as he quietly exhaled in a vain attempt to hold his own emotions in check. Lynn cradled his sobbing daughter and gently rocked her in his arms. "It's okay, it's okay," he said in his soothing feminine voice. "Let it out, Hope, let it out." Lynn stared out into the room as his mind recalled that terrible night twelve years before.

*** *** ***

"Hope, Jacob! Time for bed," yelled Sam, as she opened the door to let Major back in.

"Please, pleeeeez, can we have a few more minutes?" Hope pleaded. "I got Jake on the ropes, and in another minute his ass is grass." She quickly maneuvered her avatar in for the kill, as Jacob vainly attempted to defend his position.

"Hope Fayanna!" Lynn tersely exclaimed, "Watch your language young lady."

Lynn shook his head at the Tazzmanian devil, aka Hope, when she deadpanned a, "Sorrrrrry," then with two swift kicks, she knocked down her brother's war machine and claimed victory.

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