Diary of a Brother and Sister


While I and Amisha di would be would be watching English movies on TV, I would intentionally put on smooching scene on for long, and when it would become unbearable to her she would scold me saying "Oye.... switch the channel you idiot!!" and I would smirk and switch channel.

Once we met a lady in her office. She was in saree wearing tight blouse with a beautiful gold chain (with a small aeroplane attached to it) around her neck. Amisha later told me that she really liked the mini aeroplane.

To this I answered, "I liked her airport rather than aeroplane." and laughed aloud to tease her.

She sheepishly smiled back and said "What?? You naughty, I think I should talk to mum and dad, search a girl and get you married."

I kept quiet and ignored it.

She even said once that I have changed a lot and the way I talk has also changed a lot in the last few months.

On the pretense of getting late to go somewhere, I would rush out of out of bathroom wearing only my underwear, passing by her room (so that she can see me) with semi-erect bulge covered underneath my underwear. Sometimes, when there would be only I and Amisha di, I would shout from bathroom (while taking shower) to ask her to hand me my towel or half pant or soap or shampoo so that she has to come close to me. She would also call me from the bathroom (while she would be taking shower) when mother would not be around, and I realized that she would call me quite often than she would when mum would be around.

I had been inside the bathroom on a number of occasions while she was taking shower - to fix a bulb that was not working, to hand her over towel, to check the leaking tap, and during all this she would be in the bathroom with me. Mostly, whenever I entered the bathroom to help her, I would only wear my boxer shorts (half pant) without wearing underwear inside, and the upper part of my body would be without clothes. Whenever I entered the bathroom, the smell of shampoo, sweat, water vapour and the sight of Amrita di wrapped in her towel would drive me mad, and my dick would automatically stiffen to semi-erect that could be noticed bulging inside the boxer shorts. Once I come out of the bathroom, I would masturbate alone in ecstasy.

During this time, the tenant (middle aged couple) renting ground floor (grocery shop) discontinued their business and left us. They took with them everything but an old cupboard filled with old newspapers, empty bottles of whiskey and beer, old inoperable CD player, tattered clothes, an old clock, a rusty telephone set, etc. Our mother told us to clean the cupboard and keep the stuffs that would be usable and throw the rest. Amisha di and I agreed to clean it on one saturday. I secretly planned something!

On saturday early morning without letting anybody know I quietly sneaked into the vacant ground floor and placed three CDs just underneath the old CD player on the cupboard. [The three CDs were: one was that movie titled 'Taboo', the other one was collection of scandal videos (collection of short leaked sex clips, mostly Indian couples), and third one was a movie titled "Close my eyes" starring Clive Owen and Saskia Reeves depicting incestuous relationship between the two brother and sister. "Close my eyes" was a not a hardcore porn movie but a soft porn movie like "unfaithful" or "original sin"] I kept the CDs as natural as possible, partly covered with dust with tattered plastic cover so that they appear to have been left by the tenant couple. In the day time, mum left home to attend a party (which I knew earlier) and reminded us to clean the cupboard together. After mother left the home, I too quietly left the home to hang out with friends. As expected, in the afternoon Amisha di called me in my cell phone to come home quickly to clean the cupboard together. I answered that one of my friends had organized a surprise party and so will be able to come home only in the late evening. She was very upset and furious as now she alone was going clean the cupboard and so hung up the phone without a word.

I arrived at home at around 9 pm after having a small get together with bunch of my friends. I also had three bottles of beer and was quite tipsy. Mum opened the door and I came in. A little later, quietly I checked the cupboard and found that Amrita di has made it empty and perfectly clean free of dust particles. Mother told me that Amrita di had thrown all the stuffs away and the only thing usable was the empty cupboard itself. The thought that what might have happened to those CDs drove me crazy. Had Amrita di kept it? or thrown it? Has she watched the movies? My dick slightly got erect at this thought. In my room I changed my clothes to a boxer shorts (without wearing underwear inside), a lose thin t-shirt and indoor slippers, and went upstairs on terrace to experience cool night breeze. I rested my elbow against the three-and-half feet high cement wall (that encircled the terrace) to watch the passersby in the street.

"Amrit, where have you been to today instead of helping me clean the cupboard?" Amrita di who had been there on the terrace before me, sounded a bit angry who was standing few feet behind me. She was wearing a thin lose t-shirt, a thin trouser and indoor slippers.

"Sorry di, I could not avoid this surprise party my friend threw. He is going to USA tomorrow for studies and so didn't have time to invite us for the party later."

She came near me and stood just by my side resting her palms on the same three-and-half feet high wall. "Oh! who is he? Do I know him? He is so lucky to study abroad." She paused for a moment and then came a bit closer to me, her left arm pressing my right arm. She sniffed once and exclaimed "Did u take liquor?"

"Yeah! a bottle of beer... please don't tell mum, and besides we are allowed to take some amount of liquor in parties anyway" I said smiling.

"Its alright, I won't tell." She came a bit closer, her left breast almost touching my right arm.

After chatting randomly about this and that, I asked her out of nowhere "Amrita di, one thing I would like to ask. Have you ever smoked cigarette?"

"No, never. Have you?" she replied quickly.

"Nope, never." I replied.

At this very moment, there was power cut and all the electric lights in our locality went off leaving everything pitch black.

"Oh gosh!! power cut again" she turned her head left and right as if to see distant lights. And while doing so she brushed her left breast on my right arm. I too pretended to see distant lights and while doing so, shifted my right hand behind the wall. Her left breast was slightly pressing my right arm. She made a little adjustment in the position of her left leg to press my right hand behind the wall. Now may hand got trapped between the cement wall and her left thigh. A tingling sensation went through my body. My right hand palm was facing her left thigh and I was slowing getting the temptation to activate all my five fingers to massage her thigh. I controlled the temptation and my dick was rock hard almost oozing pre-cum.

"Why don't you fall in love and have a boy friend didi?" I started a new topic for conversation.

"Because I haven't yet found any guy of my interest, and you know you cannot force love, it has to happen." She replied.

"Oh really didi!!?? you are so poet-like. Where did u learn these by the way didi?" I spoke in a whisper like manner turning my head towards her. I could almost sense breath from my nostrils striking her breast covered with cloth and reflecting back. On its own, my right hand fingers, which were placed on her left thigh, moved all together in slow rhythm (taking pauses in between) and subtly massaged her left thigh. She, gently grabbed my right arm with her left hand and pressed it further to her left breast. I was quite sure that no one would be aware of this because it was pitch dark.

There was moment of silence for another five minutes or so and we were hearing a distant voice, a song broadcasting from local radio station while my fingers were still pressing her thighs gently without pause and as she tightened her left hand grip on my right arms, I could feel the erect nipples somehow poking my arm. My heart was beating so fast and I was sweating. I could also feel her sweating. Might be because I was tipsy, I felt like I was on the verge of grabbing her neck by my left hand and kissing her vigorously on her lips. But I knew, again, deep down in my mind it said "something like that will never happen".

"Amisha..... Amishaaaa......" mum called Amisha di from downstairs. She at once let go off my hand and exclaimed "Oh my god! I almost forgot to switch off the gas stove." and left me alone rushing downstairs. I closed and latched the entrance door to terrace and masturbated hiding my cock behind the three-and-half feet wall in the darkness.

The next day, in the day time after mum and Amisha di left, first thing I did was to open the the padlocked box in the wardrobe with my 'master key'. There it was - all three CDs!!!! oh my goodness!!!! .... Transferred from the tenant's cupboard to her mystery box. I kept back the things in their original position as they were and I masturbated three times that day.


LAST YEAR (2011) I TURNED 24 YEARS OLD (AND SHE TURNED 29 YEARS). I still kept checking the mystery box weekly and bi-weekly and never got caught. The items would be all the same - condoms (added various flavored ones too), cigarettes (she added few more brands like 555 and Surya lights), sanitary pads and CDs. New CDs would be added to replace old ones at least once everyone two months; however, the movie "Taboo" would always be there in the box - perhaps she watched it quiet often.

During these times we have experienced many 'unintentional' touches like the one in the terrace. Whenever one of us would be in terrace or looking through the window, the other would turn up and stay close together watching the passersby chatting and enjoying our 'unintentional' touches simultaneously. We experienced it not only in terrace, but also while on rickshaw, while watching TV, while watching movie in cinema hall, and on so many other innumerable occasions. However, everyday we acted as if nothing has happened. Unlike earlier, I realized that my sexual attraction towards Amisha di was not consistent. If this week I felt guilty about myself for having such lusty thoughts upon my own sister, the next week would be completely dominated by animal instinct fantasizing intense sexual activity with her. So, it went kind of off and on.

On Saturdays, we would go on bike ride to distant places... some distant villages where nobody knew us. And while walking around the village she would hold my hand and press it gently against her breast. We talked about everything anything - love, flirtation, infatuation, sex, HIV, drugs, studies, career, politics, etc. We had really become very intimate with each other like very good friends. When we met new people in distant places, we introduced ourselves as two good friends. Once, we even talked about incest, to which she said it was "weird and sick" but added "if it is consensual no one can stop them from doing it" and we changed the topic.

She proposed me that we should have some pseudonym while traveling away from home so as to feel comfortable like friends and not like brother and sister. She named me 'Aryan' and I named her 'Arunika', and whenever we were away from home or communicating through phone we called each other by our pseudonyms. Once while walking around a village, in between our conversation, I even blurted out "Arunika, please don't mind for this question. Do you masturbate?" On to this, she responded "You rascal... I won't answer that question Aryan. You are crossing the limit". Then I smiled and kept quiet and cursed myself for asking such a question to my sister.

On our bike ride, whenever we begin riding from home she would place her bag in between my back and herself. After traveling some kilometers, she would put on mask to cover her mouth and nose (perhaps to get rid of air pollution), put on sun glasses (perhaps to protect from sunlight) and wrap her head with her scarf (perhaps to protect her hair from dust particles), and this would perhaps keep her identity concealed. She would then hold her bag by the side of her left shoulder and then would slowly come close to press her breasts against my back now and then. On our way back on bike drive, if it is already dark night, she would hold my waist somewhat tight with her both hands from behind and press her breasts continuously against my back more close and tight.

Sometimes, when we go on long drive on my motorbike and she would forget to remove the bag lying between my back and herself, I would ask her "Arunika you can remove the bag between us now. It aches my back and we are very far from home and nobody knows us here." And she would quietly remove it and hold it by the side of her shoulder to allow her breasts to press on my back.

During night while sleeping, sometimes she would keep her room door ajar which is right across my room. Twice I have sneaked into her room in the middle of the night secretly overpowered by my forbidden libido. While sleeping, she always turned on a dim 10-watt red light and wore thin trousers and lose thin t-shirt. The first time I sneaked into the room, I inhaled couple of deep breaths placing my nose an inch or so above her pussy which smelled like a mixture of pungent urine, sweat and vaginal fluids. Second time, at mid night while in her deep sleep I touched the tip of her right nipple fro over the t-shirt with the tip of my right index finger. Both the times, she didn't realize it and her eyes remained closed. And both the times sense of guilt arose in me and thereafter and I returned back to my room to masturbate.

Once, and only once I think she saw me masturbating (which I later confirmed she saw it). Uncontrolled by my animal instinct, I intentionally slightly opened the bathroom door an inch or two while I was in the bathroom taking shower. There was no body in home except for two of us. I was wearing an undergarment and whistling in the bathroom while taking shower. I realized she passed by the bathroom to reach to the balcony to comb her wet hair there. I then removed my undergarment and became totally naked holding my dick with my right hand and gently beating up and down... the door was still partially open by inch or two... my heart was beating super fast and was fearing what if she yells at me for this. Through the corner of my eyes I saw her once again passing by the bathroom. While I was masturbating quietly (the sound only disturbing was the water from the shower and gentle thump thump from my hand and the cock.) I realized she walked past the bathroom four times – back and forth from her room to balcony and from balcony to her room. [I later confirmed with her that she was actually watching me masturbate from the corner of her eyes and she was in fact quietly masturbating herself with her hand reaching her pussy through her thin trouser pockets while walking across the bathroom.]


ON 20 APRIL 2011, UNEXPECTED HAPPENED!! A day earlier on 19 April, we (I, Amisha di and mum) travelled by bus in the morning to meet our father in his duty station some 600 kilometers from our city. After 10 hours of bus drive we met our dad, had food and slept in his quarter at night. The next day mum told us that she would stay with dad for few more days. So, the next day on 20 April 2011, I and Amisha di traveled back to our city. After traveling some 300 kilometers, at around 4 pm the bus came to a halt and all the passengers were told that there would be no vehicle movement for at least next day as a huge landslide had completely blockaded the highway.

We got off the bus and went to the nearest guesthouse and asked for two separate rooms as we had to spend night there. But as the guesthouse had to accommodate too many people stranded in the streets, we could get only one room.

A young guesthouse receptionist took out a form from the drawer and asked us "Your names please?" so that he could write them on the form. I briefly looked at Amisha di and she did the same.

Then she looked at the receptionist and said "...errrr....... Aryan... and Arunika....."

"Full names please m'aam?" the receptionist asked her again. She became slightly nervous and looked at me as if I could assist her.

"Mr. and Mrs. Aryan and Arunika Singh." I spoke and kept looking at the receptionist, while Amisha di glanced at me.

The receptionist quickly jotted down our names and guided us to our room "This way please." We walked behind him carrying our baggages following his foot steps. While walking, Amrita di pinched hard on my back as if to say non verbally "How dare you introduced ourselves as husband and wife to that receptionist?" I quickly caught her pinching hand and threw it in the air, then teasingly poked her left side of the tummy with my right index finger and smiled naughtily at her. She smiled back shyly.

We entered our room on the first floor, which was quite small with only one bed. There was a common bathroom on the floor to be shared with other two rooms on the same floor.

Amisha di and I quickly had our dinner in a local restaurant early in the evening as we were told that there would be no electricity and so will be inconvenient while eating late evening in the darkness. After finishing dinner, at around 7 pm we were already in our room watching queued up vehicles stranded in the street from our window. After few minutes, I left the room to buy two bottles of beer from the nearest restaurant, came back to our room and latched/locked the door. By the time I was back Amisha di had already taken shower and changed her dress to a loose pyjama and round neck t-shirt. I was on boxer shorts and a lose t-tshirt. Perhaps, because of the situation, she was looking gorgeously hot and her breasts were tightly fitting in her round neck t-shirt. I handed one bottle to Amisha di. "I don't drink Aryan, you know it." I insisted her to drink but could not persuade her.

By 8 pm it was very dark without electricity in the entire locality. Occasional lights coming from stranded vehicles in the street were the only source of light. I have drunk two bottles of beer while Amisha di took only four or five small sips on my request.

It was very quiet and I was looking out of the window. Amisha di came near me and held my right forearm with her both hands; her both breasts were touching my elbow and arm. We talked about our parents and career as usual, and she scolded me for not completing my Master's degree studies and not doing any job.

I reciprocated her by scolding for not getting married although mum and dad have shown photographs of so many eligible men for arranged marriage.

In reply she spoke in low voice "I don't feel like marrying any of them.... don't know why.... and ... and.... I am scared Amrit" holding my hand.

I told her "Hey Arunika..., call me Aryan. We are out of home."

"I am scared Aryan" she repeated.

"What are you scared of Arunika?" I asked her to specify.

She paused for sometime and spoke in whisper like voice "If I get married, I am scared of losing a very good friend of mine whose name is Aryan." She pressed her breasts against my right hand further and tightened her finger grip further. There was a minute of silence.

Then I closed the window and in the total darkness I caught her left hand by the wrist and guided her to sit next to me on the only bed in the room. I sat on edge of the bed and she sat next to me to the right on the edge of the bed. In the total darkness, she then tilted her head against my right shoulder and repeated "I am scared Aryan."

I could not believe what was happening in a place far away from our parents and our city. My dick had become rock hard, and my body was extremely hot as if I had fever. Slowly, I put both my hands around her waist while her head was still tilted on my right shoulder.

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