tagErotic CouplingsDiary of Desire

Diary of Desire


4th January I've been thinking about us making love a lot. I imagine us kissing passionately and slowly removing each others' clothes. As we kiss you lower me on to the bed and climb on top of me. Slowly I wrap my legs around yours and then you enter me, thrusting deep inside. You pull out then slide back in... I can actually almost feel you inside me now; it's such a wonderful feeling.

You keep thrusting into me, fucking me harder and harder, faster and faster, until, finally, you unload yourself deep inside me.

12th January I get so randy it's unbearable. The moment I got back to my room, I lay down on the bed, pulled down my knickers and began to play with myself.

I imagined you playing with my pussy. Sliding your finger between my lips and teasing my swollen clit. You slip your finger into my moist love-hole and reach up to play with my tits.

You drive your fingers into my cunt, teasing my clit with your thumb. Finally it's too much. I arch my back and come with a long, deep sigh.

I can't wait to see you again. I want to feel you thrust your cock inside me. I want you to take me as often as you like, anyway you like. I'm so horny I can almost feel you inside me now.

31st January I'm lying in bed imagining that you're here beside me. We're both naked and you're running your hands over my skin and kissing me all over.

I open my legs and you lower your head to taste my pussy. You hold my legs down as you lick me. You suck gently on my clit and I want more.

I reach up and play with my tits as your tongue laps at my pussy.

You poke your tongue inside me, savouring the taste of my juices as I writhe with pleasure. You increase the pace of your licking as I beg for more.

Suddenly I scream your name as a wave of ultimate pleasure takes over me.

You move up my body until I feel your cock pressing at the opening of my love-tunnel. You tease me briefly before slowly pushing into me. As you slide in, I grip your cock with the walls of my cunt, squeezing you, driving you wild. You push in deeper and we begin to move together.

Oooh! I can really feel it now!

We roll over, still joined and I lean forward to smother you with my tits. You rub and suck my tits as I, slowly at first, lift and lower my hips, riding your cock like a piston.

We increase the pace and you're thrusting into me as hard as you can. I'm lifting myself right off you then slamming myself down the length of your pole.

Faster and faster, harder and harder.

Ooh please don't stop! Fuck me! Fuck me harder! FUCK MEEE!!!.

Another orgasm grips me and suddenly I feel your cock twitch inside me. I climb off and take you in my mouth. I suck once and you erupt, filling my mouth with your cum.

Satisfied, we fall asleep in each others' arms.

12th February Last night I dreamt that we were together again. We were just standing there kissing and I could feel your cock stiffening inside your trousers.

Slowly I undo your belt and let your trousers fall to the floor. I remove the rest of your clothes and you undress me. All the while we're kissing, caressing and teasing each other, driving each other wild with anticipation.

You lay me down on the bed, part my legs and without warning, thrust your cock deep inside me.

We fuck, slowly at first, enjoying the sensations as I grip you tightly inside my cunt. Then with each stroke you speed up, fucking me faster and harder, in and out. I feel your balls slapping against me.

Our breath comes in gasps as we fuck at a furious pace, then suddenly it's over and we come together.

16th February Every time I think of you I get so horny. I imagine us naked and in bed. You are lying on your front and I'm massaging your shoulders and back. I reach forward and begin to kiss and nibble your neck. I kiss my way down your back then run my tongue up the inside of your legs, slowly driving you wild.

You roll over and I tease your nipples with my tongue. I move between your legs, my tongue licking it's way down over your stomach, your cock sliding between my tits.

Back and forward, round and round, my tits are teasing your rigid pole.

I move down further, the outside of my tits brush against the inside of your thighs just the way you love so much. I take your cock in my hands and I tease you because I know you love it so much. Then I open my mouth and ever so slowly move to take your cock between my lips.

My mouth is so warm and wet as I flick the end of your tool with my tongue. I slip you out and lick up and down the length of your pole, covering it in warm saliva then I take you in my mouth again and suck you hard.

I bite you gently and I know you can't take much more. I lick you again and I know you're dying to erupt.

Suddenly I stop. I move up and kiss you as I bring my legs up to straddle you. I slide my soaking pussy along your pole, teasing you more, coating you in my juice, then slowly I impale myself on you. I lift my hips then slowly, ever so slowly, I lower them again. My love-tunnel is so warm and wet for you. I slide up and down and I feel like I'm in heaven. I flex the walls of my cunt and it drives you crazy.

You can just reach my tits with your mouth and you suck on one harder and harder while teasing the other with your hand. You swap over and over making my nipples wet and hard all the while thrusting deeply inside me.

I grind my pelvis against yours and moan in pleasure as my climax grows. My hips buck uncontrollably as wave after wave of sheer uncontrollable pleasure wrack my body.

The effort exhausts me but still I continue to keep up my pace as you slam your cock into me from below.

Your breathing deepens and you moan my name as you erupt inside me and I collapse, exhausted, into your embrace.

17th February My frustration is getting unbearable. I'm lying on my bed and I imagine you kissing me and pushing my legs apart.

You climb on top of me and I reach down to play with your cock. You start to move down my body. You kiss and gently nibble my neck. then you pause to suck and play with my tits. You coat them in saliva, making them oh so wet.

It's going to be so easy to drive me wild the next time you touch me!

You run your tongue up the inside of my thighs, teasing me, not quite touching my pussy. Over and over your tongue approaches then retreats, it's driving me wild. I want your tongue. It's just not fair the way you tease me.

Just as think I can't bear any more torture you separate my lips and gently brush my clit with your tongue. Your tongue is so wet it's driving me crazy.

You run your tongue up one edge and then the other. You move in deeper and lick me harder. You hold my legs down and slip your tongue inside me. I clutch your hair and push your head in deeper.

Ohh this is so wonderful. I'm almost there. Keep going, please don't stop.

I feel the tremors in my pussy start to build as you lick my clit harder. The sensations spread up my body and I'm trembling all over. I try to hold on but it's just too much. The throbbing in my groin is too much to take and I have to let you stop. You move up and hold me in your strong arms as I come down off my high.

21st February I got your letter today and I must say it turned me on considerably.

I'm just thinking about the two of us being in bed, with you on top of me, sliding your cock in and out of my pussy...

Oh we're just not going to get enough of each other once we're together again! I'm getting excited just at the thought. I can't wait to feel you inside me again - it's such a wonderful feeling.

I just want to be able to love you properly again. All I want to do when I see you is make love with you for as long as it takes, as often as we can. I imagine us in bed, or the shower, or on the sofa. Nowhere in the house will be safe!!

I can't stop thinking about sex! I keep thinking of me lying there naked. You're stroking my pussy and occasionally slipping a finger inside me. Ooh, I'm in ecstasy just thinking about it.

Then you'll spread my legs and eat my pussy. My eyes will be closed and suddenly you'll plunge right into me and fuck me hard.

12th March I'm still randy. I just want to have your cock inside me. I want to feel it sliding in and out of my pussy. I want to wrap my legs round your neck as you thrust into me. I want you to take me from behind. I want you to come all over my tits and watch as I rub your cum into them.

18th March I'm missing you dreadfully. I wish you were here so we could make love in front of my window. It's positioned so people wouldn't actually know what we were doing.

I love feeling you between my legs, with me lying on top of you and you kissing and caressing me.

I want to take your cock and guide it into me. We'd thrust together, driving each other crazy. Oh, I can almost imagine it now. Just writing this is making me wet!

I imagine you pushing into me from behind. You slide in gently then begin to fuck me harder and harder. Then you grab my hips and pull me on to you, then push me off and pull me back on, over and over, again and again.

Even the thought is wonderful.

You pull right out then slam back into my soaking pussy.

You're such a wonderful lover.

Then I sit on top of you, my tits in your face. You suck them and tease the nipples between your teeth. I push myself on to your shaft. You feel the warm wetness of my cunt envelope you.

Gently at first, I grind my hips against yours. Then slowly I ride you harder and harder and harder still...

Oh it's soo good! I love feeling you there inside me, sliding in and out, fucking me faster and faster until neither of us can take much more.

I come with a shuddering climax while you continue to thrust into me. I hear you gasp and I feel the wetness of your eruption deep, deep inside me.

27th March What I look forward to most of all is to feel you release deep inside me again, after our bodies have been joined together as one. I love making love with you.

5th April I wish you were here so I could take your cock and stroke it and kiss it and lick it all over. Then when it was hard and wet, I'd take it in my mouth and suck it, sliding my lips up and down the length of your shaft.

You'd be in ecstasy as I teased you with my teeth. I'd squeeze your balls with one hand and wank you with the other, sucking you all the while. I'd stroke you and suck you, fast, then slow, then fast again, until you could take no more.

Finally you'd explode, filling my mouth with waves of your hot, sticky cum. I'd swallow greedily, savouring the taste, letting the excess dribble down my chin and neck onto my tits.

17th April I can just imagine you and me lying here, naked, together, our clothes lying scattered all over the floor. We're lying here caressing and exploring each others' bodies.

You nibble my neck and shoulders and you're driving me wild. Slowly you move down to my tits and take one in your mouth, licking it, sucking, biting.

You pull me over on top of you. You're being smothered by my tits and you're loving it. You suck hard on one nipple then the other while you hands squeeze my soft globes. It's driving me crazy.

You move down slowly, licking your way down, across my stomach until you come to my pussy.

You tease me then slowly then start to lick me. Your hands are on my bum, pulling me down closer on to you.

Oh, it's so good! I can almost feel it now.

You go in deeper, darting your tongue inside me, feeling the moist walls of my pussy flexing on you. Your tongue laps furiously at my swollen clit and I can't take much more.

We roll over and I open my legs wide for you. I gasp as you plunge your thick cock into me. You slide out then in again, over and over, each time going in deeper and harder.

I grab hold of your thighs and push you in deeper, forcing you to fuck me still harder.

Oh!! We're so good together.

We keep going, increasing the pace even more. Faster and harder you fuck me. Your pelvis grinds on my clit as your cock surges into my cunt.

Suddenly it's too much; we both feel the ultimate pleasure overcome us as we come together.

18th April I'm feeling randy every night now! I just wish you were here to hold me, caress me and show me your love. I'd love to have you here to undress me, to feel your warm skin next to mine and our bodies together as one.

Making love with you is just so wonderful, I just can't get enough.

25th April I want you so badly it hurts. I want you to kiss me and slowly undress me. I want you to lick me and suck me. I want you to love me.

I want to feel you on top of me, slowly pushing your cock into me, feeling the warm wetness of my cunt all around you.

2nd May I'm in a rather naughty mood again. I'm imagining you lying on my bed as I slowly dance around the room performing a striptease act for you. I remove my clothes item by item until I'm standing naked in front of you. I look down at you and your cock is hard and pointing straight up.

I climb on top of you and slowly push myself onto your cock. As I slide down your length, I grip you tightly with the walls of my pussy. I bring my knees up so I can take you in deeper, just the way you love it. I lower myself onto you again and again, coating your cock with my juices. You reach up and grab my tits. You take one nipple in your mouth and you suck it hard...

Now we're in the kitchen. I'm standing over the sink and you're inside me, taking me from behind. I turn round to face you as you take some water and trickle it down my body. Our bodies are joined so closely it's wonderful.

Now you lay me down on the floor and climb on top of me. You push your cock in, slowly and gently at first. The gradually we increase the pace and you're fucking me faster and harder. We push our bodies together, working ourselves up and then we come together. My body shudders with pleasure as your cum fills my pussy.

12th May I'm lying in bed at the moment. I'd give anything to have your lovely, warm body here beside me just now. I'd love to be able to run my hands over your chest and kiss you all over. I wish you could run your hands down my body and kiss me like you'd never stop.

I really need you at the moment, but I guess just thinking about you will have to do. Just the thought of me climbing slowly on top of you and taking your cock in my hands and teasing it drives me mad.

As I tease it with my fingers, I blow on it and gently lick it. You love every second of my teasing.

I open my mouth and slowly begin to suck you. My lips gradually work their way down the length of your shaft, slowly drawing more and more of you in until my mouth is full. I suck you hard and you're speechless.

I suck harder and harder, my lips gliding up and down the length of your cock. In and out, your cock slides between my lips until you can't take much more.

I stop, roll onto my back and pull you onto me. You're hurting and longing to come as I spread my legs wider to accept you.

You push your cock into me. My cunt is lovely and warm and wet and we let our feelings take over.

We're pushing harder together. I dig my nails into your back and cry out for more as you force yourself deeper into me. We keep thrusting together, it feels so good to be one again!

We give ourselves up to the pleasure as our bodies move together, getting closer and closer to a climax. Then finally it ends, and we lie there in each others' arms.

17th May Do you know what I miss most of all? I keep getting these visions of you and me in our room, standing together, just kissing and nothing else, and what I want more than anything is to feel your cock stiffening inside your trousers!! Just the thought of being able to do that to you is wonderful!

20th May It's almost over, I'll soon be home. The thought that I'll be with you again soon is making me wet.

I imagine being outside on the patio on a beautiful, warm summer's day. I'm standing, waiting for you, against a wall, wearing a long skirt and no knickers.

You walk through the door and kiss me passionately, your tongue exploring my mouth, then you turn me round to face the wall.

Your hands roam up my body and under my top and you start to fondle my tits.

Oh yes! I love it... As you squeeze them and tease my nipples I reach back and undo your zip. I pull your stiffening cock out with one hand and hitch up my skirt with the other.

You slide your cock between my legs, gently teasing the entrance to my pussy while your hands keep playing with my tits.

You turn me to face you again and kiss me. My excitement is building all the time and I'm getting wetter and wetter.

You begin to move down slowly and I get so excited with the anticipation; I just can't wait. You start to lick me. My pussy is neatly trimmed just for you.

Ooh, I can just imagine you doing it to me now.

You tongue laps at my cunt, going in deeper. You poke it up inside me and feel the walls of my pussy flex. You suck and lick me until I can't take any more. My legs almost collapse under me as a huge orgasmic wave washes over me.

Suddenly you turn me around to face the wall once more and I feel your cock plunge into me. I gasp with pleasure as your cock slides in and out of my soaking cunt.

You squeeze my tits together as you fuck me harder and faster. I reach down to play with my clit as your cock pounds into me.

Suddenly I start to come again. The sound of my second orgasm excites you and you fuck me even harder, until with one final convulsive thrust, you come, emptying your load inside me.

I turn round and kiss you. It was fantastic my darling.

24th May Tomorrow I'll finally be home and we'll be together again at last. I can't wait to be with you again.

When I get in I just want to close the door behind me and for you to take me in your arms and hold me close. We'll stare into each others' eyes and then you'll kiss me like there's no tomorrow. You'll lead me through to the bedroom and slowly start to undress me. I'll be so excited by the time you get to my underwear - I am even thinking about it.

I want you to nibble my neck as you gently remove my bra, then move down to suck my tits.

I pull your shirt over your head and undo you belt and let your trousers fall to the floor. Your cock will have come to life and I'll start to tease him with my hands. We will both be in complete ecstasy.

Then when we're both ready, I'll lie down on the bed and you'll climb on top of me. My lips part and you slowly push your cock into my pussy. It'll be so warm and wet inside me for you as I feel you pushing in deeper. You pull back out and slide in again, over and over.

I'll claw at your back and grip your bottom pushing you in further and further. I flex the walls of my pussy, gripping you tighter and you sigh with pleasure.

We roll over, you cock still deep inside me, engulfed by the warm wet tightness. I raise and lower my hips, sliding along the length of your wonderful cock and we're loving every second of it. I increase my pace, riding you faster and faster, unable to help myself. You suck on my tits and it drives me over the edge. I come, screaming your name.

We roll over again and you thrust deep into me as wave after wave of orgasmic bliss continue to flood over me. Harder! Harder! Oh please don't stop fucking me!! We're thrusting together as hard as we can and I know you're getting close. I tighten my grip on your bottom pushing you in as deep as you will go, feeling your balls slap against me with each thrust. I grip your cock with my pussy and hear you groan as you start to unload deep inside me, filling my cunt to overflowing with your hot cum.

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