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She sat, quietly watching the flower fairies open the early morning flowers. There was no rush to their work, no sense of distress. They exuded from their very beings the total confidence that everything would go as planned. What would it be like to go through life with only the worries of how much dew to give to this flower or where to plant a few extra seeds? A life without deadlines or back stabbing, she shook her head. It was beyond her ability of imagination. She glanced up and realized that she had stayed too long, again.

He watched her go, debating with himself. His fellow workers would never notice, they were all so content in their work. Looking back and seeing them fluttering around, his decision was made. He rushed off after her. Her world was so much more exciting then his, so much more to do. There was nothing pre-arranged in her world. Things could happen in an instant that would change a life forever. What would it be like to go through life being able to make important decisions, things that would actually effect the world? He glanced around and realized he had arrived at his destination.

“Carol, get the personnel records for everyone hired in the last five years, please. I need them before lunch.” She put her head in her hands and sighed. She didn’t bother telling her secretary that the reason she wanted the files. The word would get out soon enough that the decision had come down from the bosses above; the cutbacks were unavoidable. She now had the job of telling four hundred people that their presence at this company was no longer required. How many of them had families? How many of lives was she about to ruin? How long would it take to get things back to the way they were? After the very last person walked out of her office, to go tell their loved ones they were now unemployed, how long would it take for her to forget the looks on their faces? She turned to stare out her window, her mind drifting off to the beautiful scene she had witnessed this morning. The brilliant flashes of the first rays of sun bouncing off the gossamer wings of the fairies. The look of tenderness on the face of a tiny female, with raven hair, as she patted a wilted petal, giving it encouragement to grow. At the sound of her secretary knocking at her door, she turned and readied herself for the first batch of files.

He watched through her window as she began to politely explain to people that the Company had to cut back if it wanted to make a profit this year. She spoke with authority yet, he could tell, there was an under current of compassion in her voice. About halfway through her interviews, she received a phone call. From the one-sided conversation he heard, he could tell that her superiors were pleased with her handling of the present situation. He had to admit that he was totally in the dark about what, exactly, she was doing but, it all seemed so important. As though she was really making a difference. Hours went by as he watched in awe at her ability to handle so many different things at once. He glanced up at the coming darkness. He had stayed too long, again.

She had thought it would all be too much! But, she had managed handling the strain of firing people like a trooper. The dreams came less often after three weeks. She had been lucky enough not to have anyone become weepy or hostile in her office. Yes, everyone was excepting their fates with dignity, or so she thought. However, when a now ex-employee barged into her office she was stunned, even amazed. This same man had left her an hour ago with a firm handshake and a small smile. When he pulled out a gun and began firing, her stunned amazement turned into an overwhelming sense of calm. She knew she should try to save herself, try some maneuver to get the gun away from him. But all that came into her mind were the fairies. It seemed to her, in the last fleeting seconds of her life, that she had used up all her self preservation instincts making it to where she was in the Company. All she wanted now was to be among the fairies. To be one of them,...forever. A slight smile played on her lips as she sank into darkness.

The spot were they laid her to rest was his spot now. He still didn’t understand how this could have happened. She had been so important. Even in passing she had changed his life, given it meaning. He had a special job, and he owed it all to her. As hot tears rolled down his face, he pushed one of his fellow workers away. Every morning, no matter the weather, he came out and opened the flowers he had planted, just for her.

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