tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDifficult Choices

Difficult Choices


Part 1


Trish's eyes opened slowly, and then the sound of metal on metal filled her ears as she abruptly sat up and pulled against the restraints that held her. Her eyes fell upon the handcuffs holding her left wrist to the thick wooden bed-post, and then to the other which was handcuffed to... she blinked rapidly to clear her eyes, identifying the form next her. It was her best friend, Jen. Her mind raced furiously, trying to recall her last few moments of being conscious. They were... at a party? That's right... a party, drinking and having fun, and then what? She looked around the room wildly, trying to figure out where they were.

"Jen! JEN! Wake up Jen. Wake UP!" She shook her friend frantically, noting at the same time that Jen's right wrist was handcuffed to the opposite bedpost, and each of their ankles were fastened together in the middle and then their outside legs were cuffed to the bedposts at the bottom of the bed. They were handcuffed to each other AND to the bed. Who had done this???

"Jen, please." Trish began to sob gently, pleading with her friend to wake up, trying as best she could to remain calm. "P... please wake up. Wake up... WAKE UP!" At least they still were wearing their clothes from last night, that they could be thankful for. She squeezed her eyes shut and felt a tear run down her cheek. Finally she let out a breath of relief as Jen stirred, a moan coming from her mouth as she tried to sit up and look around.

"What... what's going on?" Jen's eyes found those of her friend and then, as she tried to brush the brown hair out of her face, widened as she saw the cuffs holding her to the bed and to her best friend's wrist. "Oh god. Oh god, where are we? What's happening? Trish? What happened?"

"I don't know." Trish shivered violently, holding back her tears, terrified at the thought of how they got here and what would become of them. "I just woke up, like this, I can't even remember what happened last night. Were we drugged? What's the last thing you remember?"

"Uhm, I..." The sound of heavy footsteps cut her voice off. The two young friends looked at each other, terror filling their eyes, both instinctively trying to move backwards against the top of the bed, shrink and make themselves as small as possible, as if they could hide from whoever was coming. The sound of a lock being undone met their ears, followed by a sorrowful creak as the heavy wooden door swung open and a large, dark frame filled the void.

"Both awake, I see. Good."

The frightened girls looked at each other, each searching the other's eyes for hints of recognition, of who this man was. Trish was the first to speak, trying her best to sound forceful and determined, despite the fear that made her tremble uncontrollably. "Who are you and what do you want?"

He walked slowly and deliberately around the side of the bed, close to where Trish laid, hopelessly bound, staring up at him with eyes full of hate. He reached down and stroked her long blonde hair, watching her jerk her head away from his touch. With a sadistic smile slowly spreading across his face he finally answered her. "Who I am doesn't matter. What I want, well, let's see if you two little sluts can't just figure that out." He then began to undress.

Jen whimpered loudly as she saw the stranger's clothing start falling to the floor piece by piece, the fear turning to panic and she cried out and pulled violently against the handcuffs holding her wrists and ankles. "Oh god... oh god no... please! PLEASE HELP! SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP!!! HEEEEELP MEEE!" Her screaming continued for a few more moments, expecting any second to be silenced by a gag or a punch to the face, but it never came. Instead she found a humored look on her attacker's face, and that's when she knew: no one could hear her. He didn't have to say a word, she knew it.

"Well, you are quite the screamer, aren't you? I guess I will start with you then." And with a broad grin he strode around the bed towards Jen, soaking up the sounds of her begging and whimpering. "Oh god no, please don't do this to me." She shook her head back and forth violently. "Please, please don't, please, I'll give you anything you want, just don't do this..." Her voice caught in her throat with a gasp as his hands found her body, groping her breasts through her shirt and then sliding down her sides to her hips. Her body quivered and shook at the stranger's rough touch, shaking and convulsing as if disgusted by the contact. Trish could only watch in horror as his hands roamed up and down her best friends body, and then grasping hold of her shirt, began to slowly, methodically tear it, ripping it open from top to bottom to expose the light blue lace bra covering her friend's breasts.

Jen's pleading and begging grew higher pitched and and began screaming again as his hands went to her pants, first unbuttoning them and then ripping them open, a long tear forming from the crotch down one leg. "NOOOOO! NO! STOP! PLEASE STOP PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! OH GOD! PLEASE DON'T DO THIS! PLEASE NO!" He continued to yank away at them until they were barely shreds of clothing left, her matching blue lace panties now totally exposed.

One hand slid down between her legs, touching her there, pressing against her young, tight pussy, and Jen's body squirmed and shook, trying to escape it. Trish squeezed her eyes shut and swallowed hard, forcing the words out of her mouth.


The man looked up at her, surprised by the loud, confident request that she made.

"Please. Don't hurt her. Take me instead. You can do anything you want to me."

He cocked his head, genuinely impressed by her courage. His hands left Jen's body for the moment, and she shook and moaned as he looked over at her friend, an involuntary sigh of relief leaving her mouth as she tried to catch her breath.

"I can do anything I want to you, huh? And why shouldn't I rape your little friend here as well? Why shouldn't I do whatever I want to the both of you?"

The girls made eye contact again, both knowing the answer, one terrified to admit it and the other not knowing whether or not she should. "You, you just shouldn't do anything to her, please, please just don't. Just do it to me, please."

He reach violently across Trish's body, causing her to flinch, but his aim was for Jen instead. His hand closed around her throat and she began to choke her, her body bucking wildly on the bed. "Why? Tell me why, now, or I'll choke your little friend here until she passes out."

"Okay! Okay, please stop it!" Trish sniffled and squeezed her eyes shut again. "You shouldn't hurt her because, because, she's still a virgin."

A smirk appeared on his face as he heard the answer that he expected. "Oh? Is she now? And what, you're not?"

"Well... no."

"Ah, so YOU'RE the slutty one, and she's the chaste one, is that it?"

Trish pouted gently at the accusation. "Something like that."

"And what about you?" His eyes went back to Jen, demanding a response from her. "You're okay with this? You're just going to lie there and let your friend sacrifice herself to save your virginity? You're not going to say anything to try and save your friend?"

Jen looked back and forth between her best friend and the stranger, searching for an answer. She didn't want her friend to be raped, but the thought of that man's hard cock invading her virgin body... her voice trembled as she spoke. "I... I don't want you to hurt either of us.... p... please..."

"Oh, but I'm going to have my fun, and I plan on having it with the both of you. However, this little situation has intrigued me. So, tell me, would you rather that I rape your best friend instead of you?"

"What? N.... No..."

"Okay then."

"W... wait!"

A few moments passed. "I'm waiting."

Trish turned to her friend and spoke quietly. "It's okay... it's okay, really."

"SHUT UP. If you speak another word, I will rape your little virgin friend here. You understand me?"

Trish whimpered through her nose and nodded vigorously as the man turned back to Jen.

"So? DO... YOU... WANT... me to rape your best friend instead of you?"

Jen's body began to shake and she fought to stop herself from crying. "P... please..."

"ANSWER ME. Or I'll lose my patience and just rape you both."

"Okay, okay!" She sniffled and closed her eyes as tightly as she could. "Yes."

"Yes what? I want to hear you say it."

Jen shook her head, her eyes still squeezed shut. "No... please... I can't, please don't make me..."

"Fine." He fingers slipped between the cups of her lace bra and her breasts and yanked, ripping it in half and exposing her bare chest. "AHHHH! NO! Okay, okay, okay... I want you to rape my friend instead of me." The tears overwhelmed her now and she began to sob loudly as she heard the words leave her own mouth, she turned her head to the wall, unable to look back at her friend.

The stranger smiled, letting his fingertips run down her naked, shivering body, momentarily pleased. "Good. Now tell me why."


"Tell me why you wish for me to rape your friend instead of you."

"B... because I'm a virgin."

"And your best friend here?"

"W... what? She... she's.... not."

"So you're saying that your friend is a slut, and so I should rape her instead of you."


"No? Are you sure? Well then I don't think there's enough reason for me to not rape you."

"Wait wait wait... okay." Jen took several deep breaths and swallowed, looking over at her friend. Trish nodded to her, and then shrieked as he forcefully slapped her on the face.

"I TOLD YOU. NO. TALKING. Don't think that that means that nodding is suddenly okay." Trish whimpered and turned her head towards the wall, her body convulsing slightly as she forced herself to hold the tears in. He turned back to Jen. "Say it. Now."

"Okay... alright. I... I want..." Her stomach tightened and she held her breath for a moment as if trying not to throw up, and then forced the rest of the words out. "I want you to rape my friend instead of my because.... because... I'm still a virgin and... she... she's a... she's a slut." She closed her eyes tightly again and her body bounced gently on the bed as she sobbed silently.

The man didn't move for a few moments, as if soaking up the pleasure of his victory, of forcing her to say those words out loud. But he wasn't finished yet.

"Good. Now, I want you to look your friend in the eye, and tell her that you want me to rape her instead of you, because you're still a virgin and she's a dirty slut."

Jen continued sobbing quietly, answering neither with her eyes nor her words.

"This is what you're going to have to do if you want to save yourself from being raped. It's your choice, really. I would much rather rape the both of you and take your virginity from you. I'm giving you a chance here, and all you have to do is tell the truth. Look your friend in the eye, tell her that she's a slut, and so you want me to rape her instead of you."

Jen nodded but still had her eyes closed as she fought to stop her crying, finally opening them and turning to her friend. Trish's face was expressionless, as if she trying to block out the horror of the moment, trying to separate herself from her body. "I'm... I'm so sorry Trish... AHHHHH!!!"

She turned her face away abruptly as his hand cracked against the side of it, sending a harsh stinging sensation across her cheek. "NO APOLOGIZING. If you were really sorry, then you wouldn't be letting this happen. You wouldn't be telling me to rape your friend instead of you. So you're not sorry. You want this to happen, this is your choice. You want this, don't you? DON'T YOU?"

She had started to hyperventilate until the pain began to subside, and then vigorously nodded her head to stop from being slapped again. "Yes... yes I do."

"Tell me that you aren't sorry."

"I'm not sorry."

"Good. Now look your friend in the eye and tell her what you have to say."

Jen swallowed hard again, forcing herself to turn her head towards her friend. "I... I want..."

"WAIT." The stranger walked around to Trish's side of the bed again. "Look at her when she's talking to you."

Trish looked up at him and set her jaw, taking everything she had not to retort. Her eyes were full of anger and hate and the pain of betrayal, at hearing the harsh words spoken about and to her. Finally she turned to her friend and their eyes held steady.

"Okay, tell her."

"I... I want..." Jen gasped and took several deep breaths before continuing. "I want this man to... to rape you... instead of me, because... I'm still a virgin and..." her voice cracked and she barely could push the words out, "and you're just a slut."

Jen gritted her teeth and her lips peeled back in agony and she beared the pain of saying the words to her friend, hating herself for saying them, hating herself for the relief she felt knowing that she could save herself from being raped. But still, she had never been with a man before, and Trish has been with several guys. She actually was kind of promiscuous, what did it really matter if she had sex with this guy too? She felt dirty as the thoughts ran through her mind, beyond her control.

Part 2


Trish closed her eyes tightly and her body shivered as the word "slut" left her friend's mouth. She had wanted to save her friend from losing her virginity like this, but hearing those words coming from her, and knowing that there was a glimmer of truth behind them, cut her deep in her soul. Each exhale sounded like a little whine as her ribs expanded and compressed with her every breath.

"Lovely. Another thing. You keep your fucking eyes open, and you watch me rape her, the entire time. And if you stop watching or close your eyes for more than a second, I will stop right that moment and rape you too. You understand?"

Jen's breathing sounded more like a rapid moaning as she turned back towards Trish and opened her eyes, looking at her friend's helpless body. She wiggled her hand around and found Trish's, letting their fingers intertwine and squeezing her for support, nodding to her attacker that she understood.

His gaze fell disapprovingly upon their hands clasped together. "No, knock that off. Don't try to comfort her. Why would you try to comfort her when you're the one who's causing this to happen? She deserves this, remember? She's the slut, she the one that can be fucked without any consequences, isn't that how you feel?"

The girls released one another's hand and said nothing in reply. Satisfied, he went to work on Trish's body, looking over to make eye contact with Jen every few moments and make sure she was watching the whole time. He suddenly produced a large knife, with a black handle and blade, and started sliding it up and down her body. Trish stiffened and whimpered at the sight of it, whatever part it touched squirming in an effort to get away.

The cold steel slid under her shirt and with the blade facing upwards, and began a slow, deliberate cut through the cotton starting at the bottom, the shirt spreading out as it was parted to reveal her flat, trim stomach, moving up and down rapidly with her quick breathing. Then after a pause between her nipples to savor the moment, it sliced the rest of the way through to expose her red lace bra.

"Mmmmm. Red. I like that. You were planning on getting fucked anyway, isn't that so."

Her eyes opened and she looked at him as if she was wondering if he really wanted her to answer, but her breath was quickly taken away by the sensation of the cold metal blade on her body again, sliding down it at an excruciatingly slow speed, with just enough pressure to terrify her. She wanted so badly to struggle and resist, to fight back, but she was too scared that even the slightest movement would cause that sharp metal to slice into her skin. So she remained as still as she could, shivering, watching as each piece of clothing was ruthlessly cut from her body, ruined and thrown aside. What would she wear when he let her go? WOULD he let them go?

Her thoughts quickly returned to the moment as she felt the knife slip between her legs, the cold metal pressing on the very tip of her slit, before watching him turn it and slice through her panties, each piece of lace falling to one side. She gritted her teeth as her body trembled, trying to mask her fear, her embarrassment at being stripped completely naked as her best friend watched.

She turned her head to the side, her face a blank stare as she allowed him to bend her knees and spread her legs out wide, letting him take her, disconnecting as much as she could and hoping it would be over soon. Jen actually was acting more frightened then she was, mumbling her pleads through her sobbing as she watched in horror, watching this man position his hard member between her friend's legs, preparing to penetrate her body. She could hardly believe that Trish's small frame had a place in it that could accept his long, hard shaft. She shivered at the thought of what it would feel like to be broken open for the first time by something like that.

"Are you ready for me to rape your friend? You going to be a good girl and ask me to rape her?"

Tears streamed down Jen's faced as she looked back at their assailant, eyes full of fear, and she couldn't think of anything to reply.

"Come on now. Ask me to please rape your friend."

She squeezed her eyes shut and shook her head again. "Please... why are you doing this to us? Just get it over with, please!"

He laughed, slowly and wickedly. Trish shuddered as she heard his next words. "Just get it over with? Oh honey, this is not going to be over for a very, very long time. Now I want you to ask me to please rape your friend instead of you. Beg me for it, beg me not to rape you and to rape her instead, convince me that you mean it. I don't need to tell you what's going to happen if you don't give me what I want.

Jen shook her head frantically, pleading with him not to make her. "Please... please don't, we gave you want you want now please, just..." Her words were abruptly cut off as she watched in horror while he dismounted her friend and violently grabbed Jen's panties, the last barrier between him and her innocence, and tore them viciously from her body. She began screaming in panic as he forced his body between her legs and started rubbing the head of his hard cock against her tiny opening, smearing the pre-cum that oozed from it onto her opening.


He paused right at the entrance of her body, barely able to hold himself back from thrusting into her and ripping her open, as he looked down at her face and listened to her screaming out the words. "Convince me. Beg me nicely."

Jen moved her mouth as quickly as she could, completely broken down now, willing to give him anything he wanted to save herself from the imminent pain he was about to inflict on her. "Okay... okay... please, please sir, will you please rape my friend instead of me, she's a slut and she won't care, please just rape her, I'm a virgin and I don't want you to hurt me, please, please just rape my slutty friend instead, please sir.."

A satisfied snarl manifested itself on his face as he let her ramble on for a few more moments, letting the sound of her pleas fill the room, and the ears of her best friend who now began to sob uncontrollably at the words she heard.

The man was finished toying with them now, he quickly moved back between Trish's thighs, found the opening to her body, and violently forced his hard cock up into her, hearing her scream out at the sudden penetration, at his thick shaft spreading her open. "OOOOOWWWW! OWWW.... OWWW.... PLEASE... please not so hard, please..."

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