Digital Spy Ch. 05


"Dan Wright. You must be Julia's EX-husband."

He bristled at this. "Well, I don't know how expensive public schools operate where you're from, Mr. Wright. But around here most people are uncomfortable with such ostentatious behaviour as dropping off children they barely know in vulgar sports cars."

I didn't blink. "Aless, are you at all uncomfortable with me driving you here?"

She gave me her most enchanting smile, as much for her father's benefit as mine. "No, Daddy. I love it when you bring me to school."

"Well, that settles it. Nice Bentley by the way," I said, indicating the Arnage idling a few metres away. "Very subtle."

Giles all but snarled. "Clearly MISTER Wright you are hardly a suitable guardian for my daughter. I shall be having words with my solicitor about this, you can be sure of it, and you can convey the same message to my wife, who has clearly lost what little remains of her mind to have taken up with the likes of you!"

"Giles," Aless shot back, "why don't you do us all a favour; fuck off and die." She kissed me on the cheek again. "See you tonight Daddy, have a good day." She turned on her heel and walked through the gates.

Giles was purple with rage. He began to splutter something but I cut him off. Stepping close to him I said in a quiet yet unwavering voice, "a word to the wise, my friend. Obviously you're unsettled by Julia and Alessandra not having you at the centre of their universe any more, so on this occasion I'll let you off lightly. However if you ever disrespect Julia or her daughter in my presence again, they won't even find the body." My gaze was unshakable and his eyes began to water as he tried to meet it. "Do you have any doubt that I'm telling the truth?"

"N-no..." was all he could manage.

"Good. By the way, Alessandra hates you. It would be a good idea if you stayed away from her from now on." I left him standing by the kerb with his bottom lip trembling as I jumped back in the Lambo and raced away.


I risked a stroll past the payroll department to find the place in uproar. Julia was busy boxing up the contents of her desk when I knocked. "Dan! Darling, you'll never guess what's happened. My boss has resigned and I've been given his job!" Her eyes never wavered from mine as she spoke. "This is Will, my new P.A." she gestured to the former temp now busily packing Julia's things.

"Hi Will," I said conversationally, and the young guy froze - he'd obviously recognised my voice.

Julia gave me an reproving look. "Now, Dan. You promised not to kill him after all." She moved closer to me, and murmured "Besides, I have a special job for him; he's going to sort out that snitch secretary of mine - in more ways than one!" She winked, and gave me a kiss on the cheek. "See you later?"

"Definitely. Nice seeing you again Will," I said to the terrified new P.A. as I strolled out of the office, pleased that I could still be a malicious bastard when I felt like it.

I arrived in the lab to find my staff waiting for me, eager to get started on the projects assigned to them. There was further verification that I'd read Max's flirtatious behaviour correctly, given that she'd arrived today wearing an almost indecently short black denim miniskirt and sleeveless white peasant blouse that would have tied most of the way up the front if the ribbon hadn't apparently gone missing. I could make out the contour of a translucent white bra underneath, but this combined with the blouse did little to hide her modesty. A pair of small, dark nipples was just about visible to anyone who looked hard enough - and all of us guys were trying.

We split up into our groups, with Max joining me at the main workstation. I'd sent Trevor to find some data in another part of the building - for legitimate purposes, honestly - so we had one end of the lab to ourselves. Max crossed her legs in her operator's chair, making the tiny skirt ride up even higher. She dangled a white high-heeled sandal from one foot and leaned in close to me as I explained the design on the screen.

It may come as a surprise given my extracurricular activities, but I do love my work. The whole team and I were soon engrossed in our projects, and the morning raced by. I called Julia around 1.30 to say I was probably going to work through lunch, but she didn't mind; she had her hands full reorganising her new department and trying to undo the damage that Corman had done. Somebody grabbed a bunch of assorted calzone from the cafeteria (which were superb, incidentally) and we pressed on with the work.

At around 3.30 my group had a couple of working prototypes for our new design. I suggested that Trevor and Max take them down to remote locations in the complex to see how well they transmitted through heavy building materials, and they set off. Some minutes later my screen flashed into life to reveal Trevor in a deep stairwell, looking up at the camera he'd placed on the wall and making adjustments on a handheld control pad. He was wearing a radio headset connected to my speakerphone. "How's that look, boss?"

"Pretty good. Run through a diagnostic cycle and then head back up."

Another video window pinged open. There was Max in front of banks of humming machinery - this was apparently the Company's vast underground computer centre. Being a creature of habit (and having installed a cleverly-hidden link to my server on the lab's network) I began recording. Max was also wearing a headset, and she'd deliberately angled the camera so that it was filming directly down the gaping front of her blouse. "How does this look?" she asked in a businesslike tone.

"Not bad," I smiled. "Not bad at all."

"Hm," she said. Then as I watched she quickly pulled the blouse over her head, pushed the skirt down around her ankles and stepped out of it. She looked at her control pad, apparently quite comfortable in her almost invisible white mesh bra and thong. The material was so thin that her dark nipples, hardened to stone-like points in the cool air of the computer vault, were clearly visible, as was the neat black bush that crowned her pussy. "OK, is this better?"

"That looks perfect," I said through dry lips. "Run your diagnostics, please." With one hand she examined the pad while the other reached up and tweaked her hard nipples through the delicate fabric. She alternated carefully, first one nipple, then the other.

"Yes, everything seems to be responding correctly," she said with the barest hint of a tremor in her voice.

"Excellent. Try the, ah, lower settings please."

She ran a hand down over the bottom of her breasts and across the hard muscle of her stomach, slipping two perfectly manicured fingernails beneath the fold of her panties. The quality of the image was quite astonishing; even from this prototype. I could make out with perfect clarity the slight sheen of sweat forming on her top lip as her fingers massaged her clit. "Uh. It responds quickly to, uh, stimulus. Diagnostic program, ahh, successful."

"Stay where you are, I'd like to see the camera in action." I scribbled a quick note to Trevor, telling him to run some additional (and actually quite necessary) diagnostics, then locked my workstation and all but ran out of the lab. I had to ask for directions twice, but nobody seemed overly concerned as to why I needed to get to the Company's computer core.

I stepped through the access door and was immediately struck by the chill air. The temperature was kept deliberately low to prolong the life of the circuits, and I could see my breath misting in front of my face. I walked down the banks of computers, grateful that I'd thrown on my jacket before leaving the lab. Before long I found Maxine, massaging her clit with a circular motion and rolling her nipples between thumb and forefinger. She was shivering, as much from arousal as from the cold.

I took off my jacket and wrapped it around her shoulders, then moved my hands down and gently pulled the gossamer cups of her bra down, freeing her breasts. She ran her hands over mine, squeezing my fingers around the soft flesh. "What do you think? They were a graduation present from my parents," she panted, her teeth chattering slightly.

"Wait," I replied with shock. "These aren't real??"

She smiled. "They were VERY expensive. But worth it, don't you agree?"

"Totally worth it," I concurred. Now that she mentioned it, her breasts did feel a little different to entirely natural ones. I'd had some experience with falsies in the past, but these were a far cry from those hard, oversized silicone nightmares. They felt perhaps a little to firm, too even in texture. Not only that, but even these smallish C-cups looked ever so slightly too large on her taut, elfin frame. None of that mattered though because her tits felt wonderful, filling my hands perfectly. My attentions were obviously having the desired effect too; she was beginning to writhe and squeal with every tweak and flick I gave her achingly hard nipples.

"Mei-xia," I whispered, using her Cantonese name, "I want to taste you." She moaned and pushed her body against mine. In the cold air she was radiating heat like furnace. I moved down her body, slipping my fingers into the thin band of her thong. Abruptly I ripped the flimsy material away from her body, drawing a yelp of protest. Quickly I placed my arms around the inside of Mei-xia's thighs, and standing I lifted her into the air. She was positioned with her back against a support pillar, her thighs resting on my shoulders and her fragrant snatch nestling against my lips. I snaked out my tongue and ran it across the hard bud of her clit, and her hands clawed at my hair.

I placed a hand on each of her firm buttocks to help support her weight. From there I could slip first one, then two fingers into her tight hole, now dripping from the manipulation I was forcing on her clit. Her breath was getting shorter and her muscles were flexing around my fingers, so I knew her orgasm was close. I deliberately slowed the pace with my tongue and she swore at me in Cantonese. I sped up again and felt her orgasm building once more. As she approached her second peak I again slowed down my movements, driving her wild with the need for release. I built up the rhythm for a third time, augmenting the sensations by slipping an additional finger into her tightly puckered asshole. "Kai dei! Si futt lou! Not in there!" she wailed, but the damage was done. An overwhelming orgasm hit her and she writhed against my face.

It took at least 90 seconds for the tremors to pass, and then Mei-xia slumped down against the pillar. I allowed her to slide down the wall and she protested feebly, but was too weakened to resist. I now had her pinned between my body and the pillar, her legs sticking almost straight up with one foot either side of my head. Supporting her ass with both hands I leaned forward, thrusting my mouth against hers. She ravenously sucked the taste of her own juices from my tongue, and recovering a little energy she slipped her hands down between her thighs to fumble with the buttons on my chinos. Her nipples jutted out like champagne corks as she freed my cock and guided it into her tender cunt.

"Au sung diu le, lay puk giy! Fuck me hard!" she screamed, and I needed no more persuading. I pounded her against the pillar with the force of my thrusts, her hair flying wildly as she struggled and moaned. Her nails found my back and her teeth sank into the skin of my chest as we rutted. I was quickly building to my own orgasm, and when I could thrust no faster nor hold on any longer I erupted, filling Mei-xia with steaming come.

Once I'd caught my breath I gently lowered her legs to the ground, and she stood up somewhat shakily. "That was wonderful," I raved. "But I've been curious about why you came on to me. There must be plenty of good-looking guys your own age chasing you."

"I guess," she said, pulling on her blouse and slipping my jacket over the top of it. "But you're the only one who can convince Carstairs that I should have a team of my own. I know I'm smart enough to be in your position eventually, Dan."

"Based on your work so far, I'd agree," I replied, "but I honestly would have recommended you anyway, just based on your ability. You didn't have to do this."

She pulled on her skirt, self-consciously but rather fruitlessly tugging the hem down now that she had no thong to go underneath it. "Well, I thought it probably wouldn't hurt to grease the wheels a little. Besides," she kissed me gently on the lips, "you're not bad-looking for a gweilo."

I looked up at the wall. "I guess we really aught to do some evaluation on this camera."

"Oh my God, the camera! It must have broadcast the whole thing!" She looked horrified.

"Don't worry, I made sure I locked my workstation. Nobody could access the footage," I reassured her.

"Thank God! It was lucky you weren't testing the recording capabilities too."

I gazed at nothing in particular on the far wall. "Yes, it was wasn't it?" I said in my most nonchalant voice.


In the chaos of the previous day I had forgotten to email the police in Birmingham with the details of the abuse of Samira that I'd witnessed. She'd been left alone by her family since the night her brothers and father had gang-raped her, but there seemed to be other, strange goings-on at the house she shared with them. I felt certain that the police, assuming they acted on my tip-off, would find plenty of interesting evidence.

As I drove home that evening I gave some thought to the structure of my team. It had become obvious that Max and Imani (the other woman in my group) were the most dynamic members. There was nothing wrong with the work that the guys were doing, in fact it was terrific, but I knew we could do better. I was toying with an incentive scheme that might just get the men giving 120%, as well as providing fresh content for the website, but there were still kinks to iron out. I thought I could get Max to go along with my plan - she was so eager for me to put in good reports, I imagined I could convince her to do almost anything - but Imani was still an unknown quantity. Clearly I'd need to do some more research before unveiling my ideas to everyone.

Julia and Aless had both beaten me home, and as I walked into the house it became clear that they had already been through the day's footage. Aless was naked, holding a bottle of antiseptic and a large bag of cotton wool. Julia on the other hand was barely contained inside a pale blue rubber nurse outfit. She shook her head when she saw me. "Bite marks? Scratches? Really Mr. Wright, you aught to be more careful with these dangerous sports before you really hurt yourself. By the way, I think you should invite that lovely Chinese girl around for dinner one night soon. I've got a few toys she might find... interesting."

I started undressing as Aless removed the lid from the antiseptic bottle. I had a feeling this was going to sting.

To be continued...

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