Digital Spy Ch. 09


Max pulled her bikini top aside and began to roll and squeeze her nipples. Her breathing quickened until suddenly she arched her back, grinding her pussy into Julia's face as the orgasm took hold. The sight of this beautiful Chinese girl contorted in ecstasy pushed me over the edge, and I filled Julia's cunt with my semen.

I released Julia's arms and sat back, expecting a slap or at least a dirty look. But instead Julia wore an expression of pure enjoyment as she adjusted her suit back into place. "Nothing like a little afternoon delight is there?" she said, then leaned forward to kiss Max on the lips. "Do you like how your pussy tastes?" she whispered, Max moaning her approval into Julia's mouth. In a tone full of lust Julia told my second in command, "now we're even, but next time I'll make you scream like you wouldn't think possible."

Max shivered, goosebumps breaking out over her damp skin. "That had better be a promise," she said, standing up and swaying sexily towards the changing rooms.

Julia rubbed up against me. "I don't suppose you'd like to make me come before I have to go back to work?"

"Sorry darling," I said, "I really aught to be getting back myself. Tonight for sure though."

"Hmm, I think I'll be having Aless for dessert too. I mean, I like eating Chinese but half an hour later I'm hungry againaaagglub!" I dunked Julia's head under for making such a terrible joke.


Friday was the last day of September, and it was also exactly two weeks since I'd arrived at Julia's to stay. It was amazing to think that I'd been there only a fortnight; I could barely remember what life was like without Julia and Aless, and what's more I didn't want to imagine the future without them. I felt like the three of us had been together for months. In that short space of time subscriptions to my website (now almost completely managed by Aless, with Julia's supervision) were at a record high, and pre-orders for our forthcoming line of DVDs had already taken up most of the small initial pressing I'd organised. I was going to have to think about production on a more commercial scale.

With October literally hours away, the weather finally caught up with the date. Friday morning was cold, wet and wintry. I didn't have much choice than to leave the Lambo at home and began thinking about retiring it, at least until the following summer. In a typically grisly London winter it would be impossible to run a car with a roof the manual said should only be put up "in an emergency" - rain obviously being infrequent enough in Modena to be classed as one. In the meantime I needed to begin thinking about what I guess was going to be the 'family' car. In the current situation funding wasn't too much of a problem, but almost unlimited choice was going to make life difficult for a motoring anorak like me. Yeah, I know, everyone should be lucky enough to have that sort of problem.

But before that there was a day's work to be done, and not just any day; this was the first of my 'Incentive Fridays.' When I arrived at the lab having hitched a ride with Julia, all four of my male team members had beaten me there and were hard at it. Imani and Max arrived a few minutes later, and from their mode of dress it was obvious they expected to get fucked that afternoon. Imani was wearing a black lace mini-dress with thin straps, that plummeted deeply in front to below her boobs and had a hem that ended right under the level of her pussy. Further exposing her dark skin were two long slits that started at the top of each thigh end ended under her breasts, somewhat unnecessarily criss-crossed with laces. Not that the dress was hiding much, as it was virtually transparent. Silver rings passed through Imani's nipples and clit hood, which sparkled through the material. She had donned a long, straight black wig that fell to centre of her back, and with some diamond and silver bling jewellery and high heels, she resembled a dancer from some X-rated gangsta rap video.

At first glance Max looked slightly more demure. She had on a strapless black PVC dress and choker, her hair tied in a smart bun. The dress covered her breasts well enough and dropped to the top of her thigh, so while she looked sexy her outfit wasn't quite as shameless as Imani's. Or so we thought until she turned around to reveal the dress laced right up the back, and was tied loosely enough to display the entire crack of her bare ass. Max bent to 'adjust' one strappy platform heel, giving us an obscene view of her ass and pussy through the gap. "OK boys," she said, standing. "Who's ready to do some work?"

I was nearly flattened in the rush for the workbenches.


By lunchtime we had some excellent work to present to Carstairs. I told the two ladies to accompany me, and I think they were a little shocked that I expected them to stand in front of our boss dressed as they were. Imani minded less, I guessed because she'd seen (and more importantly, been seen) by Carstairs at the Club. Besides, given recent revelations I had a feeling that any uneasiness Max felt about being exposed was likely to also be turning her on.

The camera technology we displayed to Carstairs was by any stretch of the imagination, amazing. The bugs were so small that even I was hard-pressed to spot them, and their transmitting range and clarity was better than ever. To be honest I was a little bored with them though, and had a couple of ideas that I thought would probably blow Carstirs' mind if I could make them work practically. He seemed delighted with what we'd achieved however, and was especially happy to have his report from two gorgeous women in the latest hooker-chic. As we turned to leave he muttered something to Imani, I missed most of it but picked up the words "tomorrow night."

We sat and ate a light lunch in the lab while the guys were off elsewhere, and the girls gave me their recommendations. As I'd expected, all four men had worked like demons to ensure they had a shot at their team leaders' assholes, and they had each managed a rating of 'outstanding.' I looked over the desk to Max. "Are you sure you can handle Dom's monster dick?" I asked.

She shrugged a little nervously. "Only one way to find out."

"Why don't we get naked before the guys get back?" purred Imani in her distinctive Californian accent. "I can help loosen you up a little."

Max and Imani quickly stepped out of their dresses and stood before me naked apart from their heels. I took one last quick look at my monitor to make sure all of this was being recorded, then locked the screen. Imani helped Max up onto the workbench, telling her to lie back and rest her feet on a couple of stools. The black woman then bent forward and pursed her lips, drooling a thick gob of saliva between Max's spread thighs to her waiting asshole.

Meanwhile I'd stripped out of my shirt and chinos and presented my stiff cock to Max, whose head was hanging backwards off the nearside edge of the bench. "Oooohhh," the Asian girl moaned. "She's licking my asshole... Aaaahhhh, it feels so good!" She looked up to see my rock-hard member in front of her face. "Ohh, yes Sir!" she begged. "Shove that thing in my mouth! Force me to take it like a fucking ten-dollar Kowloon whore!"

I didn't need any more encouragement. I pushed the head of my cock into Max's mouth and kept going until my balls rested against her upturned nose. I pulled out for a moment to allow her to catch her breath, then began to fuck her face in earnest. I looked down at Imani and she raised three fingers. The meaning was clear - she had three fingers of her other hand buried in Max's asshole. The Chinese girl's face was becoming coated with spit as I reamed her mouth and throat. Her nipples were as hard as glass shards, so I began pinching and twisting them, aiming the occasional hard slap at each tit. Max moaned deep in her throat, further enhancing the sensations around my cock. After a few minutes of this I was ready to come, so I withdrew at the last moment and fired off several thick, sticky ropes of semen over Max's inverted face. It was only after my own orgasm subsided that I noticed her shuddering silently, as Imani's special treatment of her cunt and asshole did its work. I whipped my arm down and smacked Max across both tits, hard, forcing a yelp. "Get cleaned up, quick," I ordered. "Your subordinates will be back any minutes and expecting to stretch that asshole!"

No sooner had the girls fixed their makeup (Imani helpfully cleaning the come from Max's face with her tongue), the men arrived back in the office. They were treated to a view of Imani sitting on the edge of a workbench while Max crouched in front of her, licking and fingering her pussy.

"Hello, gentlemen," I addressed them. "Congratulations on your work this week, it's been exemplary. I'm therefore pleased to announce that all four of you have achieved a rating of 'outstanding.' That means your team leaders here" - Imani moaned as Max gently tugged on her clit ring with her teeth - "will be happy to take your cocks in whatever orifice you choose. Well, maybe not 'happy' exactly, but they don't have much choice, so..."

Chris, easily the fittest of the four, was already stripping out of his jeans and T-shirt as I spoke. His cock was already throbbing at the sight in front of him, and I couldn't wait to see him start ploughing Max's ass. Dominic, Phil and Trevor, none of them particularly fine physical specimens, were a little more apprehensive about stripping in front of the others, but with such an amazing incentive they soon began removing their clothing too.

By now Imani was moaning loudly and I could tell she was nearing an orgasm. I grabbed Max's hair and yanked her mouth from the black girl's pussy. "Hey!" Imani half-sobbed, "I need to come!"

"Fuck that," I snapped, "this isn't about what you need. Get over there on your knees and start sucking those cocks."

Somewhat sulkily, Imani complied. She dropped to her knees in front of Trevor and Phil, who almost knocked each other over in the rush to stuff themselves between the black girl's moist lips. Max meanwhile moved over between Chris and Dominic and began to stroke their erections, her hand unable to wrap completely around Dom's massive girth. I wandered casually over to them and said, "if you really want to get Max going, take her by force. She loves being powerless, don't you, bitch?"

Max began to protest, then changed her mind. "What the Hell. Yes, boys, I'm a submissive little whore." She addressed Dom; "I bet you've seen stuff on the internet, haven't you? Helpless girls being fucked whether they want it or not?" He nodded dumbly. "Did you like it?" Another nod. Now she turned to Chris, running a hand across his rock-hard abs. "And what about you, big guy? I bet you don't have any problems if you pick up a hot little slut who changes her mind once you get to the bedroom?"

"I... I'd never..." he stuttered, until I caught his eye. Realising what Max was after, he grinned. "You're right, bitch. In fact I like it better when they just want to 'be friends.' That way I get to rip their pretty clothes off and rape them!" This was exactly what Max wanted to hear, and she moaned loudly. Chris grabbed her arms above the elbow and pinned them behind her.

"Come on, Dom, lie down on the floor. You can split this whore's cunt while I get her ass ready for you!" I could see Max's knees trembling at the thought of it. Dom quickly did as he was told, his cock sticking up like some gnarled tree branch. Chris shoved her down until she was kneeling over the bulbous head, which Dom guided into the entrance to her cunt. She gasped as the behemoth penetrated her.

I could hardly tear myself away, but raised voices on the other side of the office caught my attention. It seemed that Phil and Trevor had got into an argument about who should be the first to fuck Imani's ass. "Gentlemen, please!" I pleaded, "there's no need to fall out over this. Imani can take both your cocks in her ass at the same time."

"I... can?" the dark-skinned beauty asked nervously.

"Perfect time to find out," I whispered to her, before turning my attention back to Max and the others. Chris now had his dick buried in her asshole and was giving it a vigorous fucking, while Dom gripped her waist and bounced her on his gigantic member. She was bent forward, her face close to Dom's, and he was spouting a stream of degrading obscenities directed at her.

"You like being impaled on that, fucking bitch? Sexy whores like you would never look twice at me normally, but now I'm the one fucking you! And when Chris is done with you, I'm going to pound your asshole into the next century!"

I could hear Max moaning; "please, no, stop! Please, somebody help me, it hurts, please..." She saw me watching, and winked.

I heard another squeal from behind me, and turned to see Imani's ass impaled on two cocks. She was on her back, lying on top of Trevor with her hands hooked behind her knees. Trevor's long dick was already deep in her ass, while Phil was crouched in front of them, shoving his stubby tool into the same tormented hole. Imani's face was twisted with hurt and exertion, not helped by Trevor reaching up to pull roughly on her nipple rings. I knew he was unhappy with his wife, and nerdish Phil had the same luck with women as Dominic did. It seemed both of them intended to take out their frustrations on Imani's butt.

I turned in time to see Chris pull out of Max and drag her off Dom's cock. He pushed her back down on her hands and knees in front of him and grabbed a handful of hair. "Now bitch, you're going to swallow my come while Dom fucks your ass." I looked at Max and could see there was genuine fear in her eyes. But there was something else too; hunger. She eagerly devoured Chris's cock as Dom positioned himself behind her. This was the moment of truth. Dominic began pushing his engorged head against her sphincter, and she tensed. But I had to give her credit; though she gasped around Chris's cock and squeezed her eyes tight until tears came, she barely missed a beat as Dom entered her tightest place.

I decided in future I would have to get one team to wait until the other had finished, because having my attention divided between these horny trios was really annoying. I turned to see that Phil hadn't lasted long, and had already blasted his come in the dark valley between Imani's tits. He was sitting dejectedly on a stool looking like he'd just run a marathon. Imani was now bouncing rather more enthusiastically on Trevor's tool, he reaching across her stomach to thrust four fingers of one hand into her cunt. The rings on her nipples flicked around wildly as she reached the orgasm I'd denied her earlier. "Oooooohhhh... FUCK!" she screamed, clenching her anal muscles around Trevor hard enough to trigger his own climax deep inside her.

I spun around to catch the end of the other show. I made it just in time to see Chris yanking Max's head back by the hair to empty his balls over her beautiful, tear-streaked face. Her elbows were wobbling crazily as Dom reamed her for all he was worth, and as soon as Chris released her she collapsed breathless to the floor, the giant cock popping free from her asshole. She lay on her side whimpering as Dominic massaged his tool, soon hosing her sweaty body down with what looked like around a pint of semen. She lay there gasping, lacking even the strength to wipe away a gob that had splashed across her closed eyelids.

"OK guys," I said in a hoarse voice. "Have a good weekend. I'll see you Monday..."

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