tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDigital Spy Ch. 14

Digital Spy Ch. 14


Once again I find myself apologising for mammoth delays between updates - sometimes life has a way of going crazy and believe me, the last several months have been all of that and more! I had always planned to finish this story around Christmas, though perhaps I might have squeezed a few more chapters out of the scenario first. But anyway, here's the very belated final part, and once again huge thanks to everyone who has read the story, and for all your votes, comments and suggestions. Best to you all in 2007!


There was a pressure hose in the garage with a pistol-grip spray attachment, so that residents could clean their cars. Julia used it to wash down the sobbing slave with stinging, icy water. "Strip," Julia demanded, "you don't deserve clothes."

"Bbbut Mmistress Julia..." stammered Libby through chattering teeth, "it wwwasn't my fault! He jjjjust came at me..!" She was silenced as Julia gave her a hard, backhanded slap across the face.

"SHUT UP! You have twenty seconds to be naked before I start selling you down King's Cross for ten quid a fuck." Still weeping, Libby quickly did as she was told. Julia ordered her to lie on her back and grab her ankles, thighs splayed wide apart. "If you let go of your ankles I'll make you wish your Dad never stuck his tiny cock in your mother," hissed Julia. She twisted the hose up to full and turned the jet onto Libby's tender pussy flesh.

Incredibly the young girl didn't cry out, and managed to keep her ankles tightly grasped as the freezing torrent hit her cunt. I'm not sure why; Maybe all of the fight had gone out of her at last, or perhaps she was determined not to give Julia the satisfaction. Hey, the last several weeks had opened my eyes to people getting off on the harshest torments, so maybe Libby was even enjoying herself!

Not that she was having an easy time of it, mind you. Her knuckles stood out white as Julia forced the stinging, burning water harder against Libby's skin. She was almost bone-white from cold, making her tattoos stand out even more harshly. Only two spots of colour stood out on the girl's cheeks and her perforated nipples were almost blue. And then suddenly... "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!" screamed Libby as she came, twisting painfully away from the spray. The little bitch kept hold of her ankles though.

Julia shut off the water. She was trying hard to maintain a stern expression but I could tell she was impressed and not a little surprised. "GOOD slut. Now put your clothes in the rubbish over there" - Julia indicated a nearby waste bin - "and take the shopping upstairs like you were told to. Then we'll forget about this little, ah, incident."

I suppose it seems Libby got off lightly, until I explain that Julia made her carry the shopping up every flight of stairs to the penthouse. Not only that, the gorgeous mistress wrapped the plastic handles from the heaviest bag around Libby's dual nipple piercings, straining her tits painfully all the way.

Aless and Ginny arrived home via the lift a little while before Libby, shivering and exhausted, finally made it into the apartment. Julia gently relieved her of the shopping and allowed the slave to take a luxurious bath by herself. The two teenagers meanwhile were dying to show me something.

"Daddy look!" squealed Aless. "See what we learned at school today!" Ginny had already laid back on the couch, her legs spread wide. Naturally she wasn't wearing panties beneath her short school skirt, and her puffy teenage pussy lips were already glinting with moisture. Aless knelt before her and gently slipped her middle two fingers into her friend's wet opening. Deliberately Aless then added her first finger, and then her little one. Finally she pressed her thumb down into her palm and worked in one whole hand.

"Wow," said Julia, who had stripped down to a deep burgundy garter belt and black fully-fashioned stockings, "that looks great."

"This is the best part," replied Aless, gently twisting to drive her knuckles past Ginny's stretched lips. "Watch what happens when I make a fist." Ginny sighed with delight as Aless adjusted her hand, then slowly but methodically began to pump her friend's snatch. The reclining girl moaned loudly, her wonderful nipples jutting upwards like spear points.

Julia bent over the side of the couch and pressed her mouth against Ginny's. They kissed ravenously as Aless increased the speed of her thrusts. Feeling a little neglected I moved up behind Julia and rubbed the head of my cock across her moist cunt lips. She looked over her shoulder at me with an expression that could make a porn star out of a monk. "Stick it in me, darling," she cooed. "Fuck me while I play with her tits." I needed no more encouragement.

With Julia's tongue manipulating her vulnerable nipples Ginny began to orgasm immediately. Neither mother or daughter lessened their onslaught on the poor schoolgirl's body and within seconds, a sticky torrent erupted around Aless's wrist. It drenched her face and she licked her lips, droplets of Ginny's juices dripping from her eyelashes. "My God, she's never done that before!"

Tenderly Aless withdrew her hand, holding out her fingers for Julia to suck. Unexpectedly I felt a pair of small hands on my buttocks, and then a warm, wet tongue worming its way into my asshole. Libby had finished her bath and was kneeling behind me, dripping wet, tongue-fucking my ass for all she was worth. I've never felt anything like it, and balancing on trembling knees I blasted Julia's tight cunt with my semen. Libby just had time to get out of the way before I collapsed to the floor.

She smiled at the four of us, sticky with bodily fluids. "Was I good, Master?" she asked innocently. All I managed in reply was a wheeze.


Hard to believe though it was, life settled into a routine. I don't know what switch had been flipped in Libby's mind but the change was amazing. She moved in with us and quickly became devoted to Julia, kneeling obediently at her side like a beloved pet. She still messed up occasionally, but it was normally deliberate so her mistress would have no choice but to deliver a stern punishment. She was a huge hit at the office, and Julia found productivity among her male (and some of the female) employees almost doubling if it meant they could get a crack at the delicious little slut.

Julia looked into the legalities of becoming a landlady to fill her empty house with hot student bodies. It was pretty straightforward, and after advertising in various foreign publications we had applications from girls in Australia, France, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, America, Russia and Canada - even though the new academic year didn't start for almost another ten months! We insisted that prospective tenants send recent photographs, and Julia and I spent some enjoyable evenings narrowing down the candidates while Aless alternated between giving me a slow blowjob and gently licking her mother's clit.

We continued to regularly visit the club. One of our more memorable nights there came when Ginny volunteered to be a coat-check girl. Inevitably she was a dismal failure, unable to keep from moaning, or indeed coming, whenever a guest hung their coat on her hooked nipple clamps. Eventually the staff gave up trying to count how many times she'd cried out and simply invited everyone in the place to ass-fuck her on stage. I think Ginny must have taken over fifty cocks in her back door that night, including mine twice.

Work continued to be rewarding. At the end of November Max was given her own team. She was so grateful that on hearing the news she invited both Carstairs and I to fuck her in his office. I think she was a little shocked when both of us squeezed our cocks into her pussy at the same time, but the gorgeous Chinese whore didn't complain.

Imani was more than happy to pick up the slack as far as incentive-sex with my staff was concerned, but Carstairs had a surprise for us; a new team member in the form of a freckle-faced 22-year-old redheaded physicist from Glasgow named Sharyn. She made up for her small stature and slender frame by fucking with the intensity of a meteor strike. Max continued the practice of motivational sex in her new team, and soon we were competing for the most productive units in the whole tech section. Max and I still held lunchtime 'staff meetings' in quiet corners of the Company, comparing notes on who was working (and therefore fucking) the hardest. Not that I needed to ask: I'd already bugged her lab.

December appeared almost before we knew it, and with it came snow. On Christmas Eve Julia and I threw a party at the penthouse. We invited Edgecombe and his daughters, both my and Maxine's teams, Carstairs, Ginny and Cassandra of course, Julia's friends Ruth and Katie and their partners, some acquaintances from the club, even a handful of my bachelor pals from Birmingham. We decided to have the whole event catered, and nobody would do except the young girl from our favourite deli. Her name was Chelsea and she brought two extremely sexy helpers with her. They set the tone for the night by serving us wearing only sheer black stockings, heels and white aprons. By the time Chelsea demonstrated the best way to serve a chocolate éclair by eating it out of Aless's cunt, the event had descended into a mass orgy - which is exactly what we'd planned, cameras capturing the whole thing.

For the most part I was content to watch, though I did at one point help Ruth hold down Imani so that Carstairs could force his fist into her pussy. Ruth, now completely transformed from her former prudish ways, dared Katie to see who could swallow the most cum. The two of them spent much of the evening kneeling on the floor inviting anyone passing to jerk off into their mouths. I politely refused, noting with amusement that Ruth seemed to be winning. We also let anyone who wanted to have their way abusing Libby with our assorted torture devices, though I could tell from her cries that she was enjoying most of it. But I felt there was still something missing, and as I watched Edgecombe and a friend from Birmingham simultaneously cramming their cocks into Aless's tightly stretched asshole (she was now an expert at this) I realised what it was.

Some time in the early hours of the next morning the party wound down. Our guests left, generally tired and sore but extremely happy - everyone asked when we would do this again. Poor Aless, completely fucked senseless, was asleep on the couch. She stirred slightly as Julia used a warm flannel to wipe away the come and other fluids that coated almost every inch of her skin, but didn't wake up. I covered her with a blanket and gently kissed her forehead. Somebody had left Libby hanging upside down in the bedroom with weights attached to her nipple rings, so we let her down and put her to bed in the cage.

Julia and I walked up to the roof garden, which was covered in a couple of inches of undisturbed snow. Julia had thrown on a long, thick alpine-style sweater and fur-lined black suede boots, under which she was naked. I was a slightly less attractive sight clad only in a thick winter coat and Dr. Martens!. The London skyline was a dark silhouette as the first rays of the sun began to permeate the clouds. We walked to the edge of the roof and looked out over the river. There were no cameras out here.

I slipped my hands under Julia's sweater and cupped her breasts. She moaned and ground herself back into me, her backside clenching around my cock. I pushed her gently forward until her hands rested on the railing, and slipped my hardness into her pussy. It burned like a tiny kiln in the icy air, and I buried myself within it gratefully. I pulled the sweater up over her swaying boobs and squeezed them gently as I began rocking back and forward inside her. We stayed like this for several minutes as the sky brightened, our breath visible in front of our faces. She murmured that she wanted me in her ass.

The air was cold on my cock after the heat of Julia's cunt, and I was eager to slip inside her tightly puckered asshole. However she was a little dry back there and I muttered something about lubrication. I caught a quick flash of that wicked smile as she reached down, grabbed a handful of snow and squeezed it around my cock. I yelled in pain and surprise as the freezing snow burned the sensitive skin, grabbing her wrist and twisting her arm up behind her. "Oh, you BITCH!" I snarled, forcing my dick between her quivering buttocks. "You just got a dry assfuck for Christmas!"

"Uhnnn... thank you Santa," she whimpered as I forced my cock, now aching and throbbing harder than ever, through the barrier of her parched anus. She squealed as I ploughed inward against the failing resistance of her muscles, yanking her head back by the hair with one hand while I continued to shove her arm up painfully. I pounded her ass heartlessly, drawing cries and mewls of protest, but I knew she was enjoying every second of the hurt and degradation.

I slowed the pace and released her arm and hair, but her torment wasn't over yet. I reached down to grab two handfuls of snow and crushed them hard against her breasts, giving her a turn to feel the icy bite on her most tender skin. I could feel her nipples jutting out through the ice as she wailed and grabbed my wrists, trying to make me let go but knowing I wouldn't.

I guess to most people what I did next might seem strange, but I don't see how any two lovers could be more intimate than we were in that moment. With my throbbing cock slowly pulsing in her asshole and handfuls of frost burning her breasts, I leaned close to Julia's ear and quietly asked her to marry me.

She groaned with pleasure and thrust backwards. I released her aching tits to reach down between her thighs, making her pant as my chilled fingers touched her clit. I rubbed in time with our simultaneous thrusts and the steam clouds of Julia's breath came more rapidly. As her orgasm hit she grabbed the railing with both hands and shoved back hard, impaling herself on me to the hilt.

After her shudders (from the cold and her overwhelming climax) subsided she dropped to her knees in the snow, taking my cock head into her mouth. She stroked me expertly with one hand until the load I had been saving all through the party exploded from my balls and filled her mouth. She didn't miss a drop as I gushed again and again, and as the surge finally subsided she opened her mouth, wiggling her tongue about playfully in my creamy white come. She swallowed the whole mess, and then smiled up at me. With her breasts stinging and red and a thin film of my seed still on her lips, she peered over the rims of her gold-framed glasses and said, "of course I'll marry you, darling. Nothing would make me happier."

She adjusted her sweater and I wrapped my coat around us, and like that we stood and watched the dawn. Warm winter sunlight glinted off the buildings of London as Julia reached down to gently caress my balls. "Anything left in here?" she asked.

"I'm sure with a little persuasion... Why, didn't you get your fill last night? You must only have had, oh, nine or ten cocks, not to mention every piece of pussy in the room."

"And you still want to marry me," she smiled. "No, I'm thinking of Alessandra. I'm going to go downstairs in a minute and tell her that you're going to be her Daddy for real this time, and you KNOW how she'll want to celebrate!"

I laughed. "A father has a lot of responsibilities." I looked into the eyes of this woman I loved. "Merry Christmas, Julia."

She kissed me softly. "Merry Christmas, Dan. Now let's go and give our daughter her present!"

We walked laughing across the roof as Christmas day dawned on London, and went inside.


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