tagLoving WivesDina Ch. 06

Dina Ch. 06


Thanks to thesoundandfury and Hotscribe for all their help with this series and those of you who have sent me some outstanding feedback. Chapter 7 will be following shortly and with some action I think everyone will like.

*If adult material offends you, or you are not of legal age to view such subject matter, do not read any further.*

Monday morning rolled around with a vengeance for Dina Daly. As her alarm went off at six thirty, Dina rolled over in the king-sized bed she shared with James, vainly trying to find the snooze button in the dark. Giving up after several attempts, she dragged her slim body from the warmth of bed. Standing up, she stretched, long and sinuously, her body arching back gracefully. Her nightgown crept up her thighs, revealing the long, smooth appendages, her breasts straining proudly against the modest bodice of her gown. Shaking her sable locks out of her face, Dina headed for the shower.

Adjusting the temperature of the water to just shy of scalding, Dina stepped into the spray. Her body instantly turning pink under the hot needles of water, her sable locks hanging thickly down her shoulders and back. Dina picked up her loofa and squeezing a goodly amount of bath gel, began slathering her body, rich suds forming over her skin. As she washed her breasts, her nipples became hard, reminding her of Angel's nipples. Her face flushed as she remembered the weight and softness of the stripper's breasts, the hard nipples and impossibly soft skin. Her clit began to tingle as she worked the loofa down her flat stomach, her muscles quivering with the sensation. Her clit stuck out slightly, aching to be touched, her lips and mound smooth except for the small landing strip LuAnn had waxed for her on Saturday. Softly Dina circled her clit, her fingers sliding smoothly over her sex, her hips bucking against her hand as she cried out and came.

Leaning against the wall, Dina gradually got her breathing back under control, and when her legs felt strong enough to hold her, she finished her ablutions, and stepped out of the shower. Briskly drying her body with a fluffy towel, Dina felt her mind going in a million different directions. Saturday night had been new and exciting; she just wasn't sure what to think of her reaction to the other woman. She had been slightly jealous when the stripper had paid James attention, but when the attentions turned to her, she was completely spellbound. It had been as if another's hands were caressing the curvy blonde, someone else kissing the woman with a passion that surprised her. Dina's mind was in a quandary, she wasn't sure what to think of the new thoughts pervading her mind.

Dina finished drying her body and began picking out her suit for the day. She discarded the usual black pantsuits, instead opting for a lilac skirted suit. The skirt bordered on being too short, the top was short-sleeved with capped sleeves. She paired the outfit with a pair of taupe pumps, and forgoing pantyhose as her legs were butter soft and tanned. She opened her lingerie armoire, and rifling through her rather large collection, came up with a white demi cup bra, the lace barely covering her nipples and matching lace thong. The idea of wearing something so racy under her suit gave Dina a dark thrill. I wonder what James would think if he saw this? she thought as she pulled the thong up her thighs, adjusting the straps on her hips. She shrugged into the bra, the cups filled to overrunning with the full swells of her breasts. Her pink nipples pushed proudly against the fabric and she took one last look in the mirror before fastening the skirt around her waist and buttoning the jacket up.

In her Mustang, on the way to the office, Dina began to mentally go over her task list for the day. She had a conference call with Michael Madison at ten am and she wasn't looking forward to it. The deal with Werner Industries was a difficult and tedious litigation, but her clients expected the best. Dina usually came away from her meetings with Michael frustrated and fuming. She could almost guarantee that today's call would tip things in her favor.

Walking into the glass-doored lobby of Daly, Daly and Smith, Dina felt all of her troubled thoughts and concerns float away as she put on her "game face." Being on of the few women at a male-dominated firm had its ups and downs. To know that these men respected her legal abilities was a huge boost, but most of the women there assumed she was only a trophy piece, a partner because her husband was co-founder of the firm. Little did they know all of the hours Dina had spent working late at night, putting her best efforts into some of their biggest coups.

Walking swiftly to her office, Dina paused at her secretary's desk.

"Any messages for me Megan?" she inquired.

"None yet, Mrs. Daly. You have a ten o'clock conference call with Mr. Madison, and at two thirty, a Ms. Rosalind Barnes wants to have a meeting," the pert brunette told Dina. Megan Maloney was fresh out of college, working for Dina for less than three months. She was proper at all times, punctual and one of the few women who openly admired Dina. She was petite, her body curvy where Dina's was slim.

Dina found her eyes involuntarily drawn to the younger woman's cleavage, her face flaming when she realized that she was trying to steal a peek down her blouse.

"Phone Ms. Barnes's assistant and let her know that two thirty is fine," Dina said, almost rushing into her office, her cheeks flaming red.

Closing the door behind her, Dina fanned herself with her hand. Her cheeks felt as if they were on fire, and if she hazarded a guess, her face was bright red as well. What the hell has come over me? she thought. Did one kiss turn me into a lesbian? I'm checking women out constantly, having rampant fantasies anytime I see a little skin! Focusing her thoughts on the upcoming conference call, Dina breezed through her email and gathering the required files, took a seat at the table to the left of her desk to begin preparing for the upcoming fight.

Time flew by as Dina outlined the points she intended to raise with Michael Madison. She jumped when Megan buzzed her with the highly anticipated call. Dina stood and got a glass of water from the carafe on her credenza as she worked the kinks out of her neck.

"Dina Daly," she answered the phone tersely.

"Dina, what a pleasure to hear your voice," came the reply. Michael prided himself on his smooth speaking voice. He had wooed many a jury with his Texas drawl.

"Mr. Madison, don't try to charm me. I'm not as receptive as your juries are to that Southern drawl." Dina snapped, anticipating his charming ways.

"Ok, Mrs. Daly, let's say we get down to business. My clients are prepared to drop the suit if your client agrees to damages totaling $6.7 million."

"Mr. Madison, you seriously need to lower your aspirations. Our detective has found some interesting information regarding your esteemed client. It appears that your clients have some shady dealings in the past, including a scam that targeted my client. There is no way my clients are going to pay damages, damages may I remind you, that your client brought upon themselves."

"Dina, that is entirely neither here nor there. What happened in the past is the past, we're talking about the pain and suffering your client has inflicted on honest people. There isn't a monetary value to amend these wrongs, but the amount requested will ensure a smooth future for my clients."

Dina sighed and rubbed her hand across her neck. She opened the door, surprising Roz who had her hand raised to knock. Dina motioned her inside the office, holding her finger to her lips and pointing at the phone.

"Dina are you still there?" Michael's voice drifted out of the speaker.

"I'm still here Mr. Madison. Negotiations are over. My client does not agree to pay one penny in damages to your clients. Your clients are clearly in error; my client does not ease the pain for stupidity. This conversation is over," Dina said in an even tone as she pushed the button to disconnect the call and interrupting Michael's pleading.

"Wow, Dina that was amazing. You were so calm, collected and cool with that charmer. Michael Madison is known as one of the most tenacious litigators in the South. How did you keep your calm?" Roz said in amazement.

Dina looked flushed and it partly had nothing to do with the tense call. She had noticed that Roz's lace tops of her thigh highs were showing. Seated in her chair, Roz's skirt has rode far up her legs. She was dressed similarly to Dina, but her suit was a sleek forest green, highlighting her pale skin and flaming red hair. Her top two buttons were undone, the valley between her breasts faintly shimmering.

"Dina, are you ok? You look a little flushed," Roz said as she leaned forward, her breasts pushing provocatively against her top, her tongue darting out to lick her bottom lip.

Dina felt her eyes drawn to the movement of Roz's tongue, traveling down her neck to the hills of her breasts. She noticed the same warmth she had felt when she had tried to steal a peek down her assistant's blouse.

"I'm fine. Just a bit of adrenaline after that call. I actually have to run to James's office for a few minutes, go over this case with him. Are we still on for 2:30?" she asked, blurting out any excuse to get out of this situation. Her thoughts were bouncing like ping pong balls in her head, she wasn't sure what to think anymore, hell, she had been checking out two different women in one day!

"Yeah, I just thought I'd stop by and make sure...Megan, right? got my request for a meeting today," Roz answered, noting the high color in Dina's cheeks and the pointiness of the brunette's nipples.

"Ok, well I'll catch you then," Dina croaked out as she gathered a random file and raced to James's office.

Throwing open the door to James's office, Dina burst into the room, her eyes quickly scanning for James. He sat in the deep leather chair behind an expanse of desk, his brow raised in question at Dina's sudden entrance. Slamming the door and turning the lock, Dina sauntered over to James.

"I can't go another minute without a kiss from you," Dina said as she settled into James's lap.

James obliged her, his hands already stroking her back as he kissed her. No subtly or finesse, just raw passion. His tongue explored the inside of her velvety mouth, his hands roughly pulling Dina to him. She moaned deep in her throat, her call of need answering his. Their tongues dueled, each one trying to take them to the next plateau.

Dina pulled her lips away from his, and scooted onto his desk; pencils, files and paperclips flying as she laid back against the cool wood. Her sable hair fanned out, her chest flushed as she hurriedly undid the buttons of her top, her breasts spilling out of their white lacy half cups. Her skirt was hiked up around her waist, just a small triangle of white lace guarding her pussy from James's prying eyes.

"What has come over you?" James asked as he undid his belt and dropped his pants and boxers with a flourish. His cock came bouncing out, the head purple and the veins standing out. He was rock hard, his blood pumping through his body in a frantic pace.

"I just had to have you. I couldn't wait anymore, I was too horny." Dina began stroking him slowly, precum soaking her hands and running down James's shaft, making her ministrations easier and smoother.

"I like it," James said as he pulled his hard cock from her hands and rubbed it up and down her slit. She was soaking wet, her thong already soaked, almost transparent. Pulling the triangle of material to the side, James slid in easily, to the hilt, and began stroking in and out. Slowly, leisurely almost, as Dina all but mewled with pleasure beneath him.

Pulling her knees up to his chest, James deepened his thrusts, his hands reaching out to grasp Dina's tits, tugging the lace cups down with impatience so he could cup and pinch her nipples.

"Ugnh," Dina moaned, her head thrashing back and forth as her first orgasm flooded over her. Her fingers dug into James's forearms, her thighs quivering.

"You like that, huh? I bet it would be even better if you had two sets of hands all over you," James whispered as he shifted her legs over his shoulders.

Dina was seeing stars, her pussy working overtime to keep up with James's rampant cock. Her brain dimly registered his words, but the phrase "two sets of hands" stuck in her sex-soaked brain, the words sending her to greater heights. "Yeah baby, two sets of hands all over, maybe even two cocks."

"Oh God baby, I'd love to see you sucking someone off while I'm fucking this sweet pussy," James groaned.

Dina opened her eyes and stared at James. He had often incorporated dirty talk into sex, but never mentioning her taking on two men at once. "My pussy would be in constant action huh baby? You fucking my pussy and then fucking my mouth, having me suck all of my juices off of your cock."

"Yes!" he hissed. "I want to see you swallow every drop of cum we can give you. And then the real fun can start. I've always thought a DP would be great too."

Dina closed her eyes as she felt herself cumming a second time. It was a strong one, her pussy gripping James's cock tight, her nipples standing proud and tight. "One in my ass and one in my pussy? Do you think my poor little tight pussy and ass can handle that?"

"Oh yeah! I think you'd love it." Backing away from Dina, James pulled her off the desk and positioned her facing away from him, bent over his desk at the hips. Sliding into her smoothly, James returned to his thoughts. "Imagine another cock slipping into you while I'm buried deep in your ass." He slid a finger in her tight ass, her ring of muscle tightly gripping his finger as her pussy spasmed again.

"Oh God," Dina moaned as she felt his finger penetrate her ass. Her ass was on fire, the pain adding to her orgasm, her muscles milking both intruders. "I want you to fuck me hard James. Give it to your little cock slut. I want to make you cum."

James couldn't believe his ears. His wife was never one to get too dirty when they had sex, but damn, she was insatiable at this point. He couldn't believe her words and how much they spurred him on. Working a second finger into her incredibly hot, tight ass, James began really thrusting into Dina, his hips banging against her ass, her pussy and ass wrapped tight around his cock and fingers.

"Give it to me, Fuck me harder, I want both of you to make me cum" Dina practically screamed as she came again. She was having one long orgasm, the next crest picking up immediately where the last left off. Her nipples dragged back and forth across James's desk, the coolness of the wood stimulating her like never before. The decadence of the encounter egged her onto to new heights.

James began working his fingers harder in and out of Dina's ass, the pressure on his cock intense. With a shout he came, his cock spraying load after load into her greedy pussy, her walls pulsating with him, her ass undulating with the motions of her pussy. Her ass gripped his fingers tight, it was only after he pulled out of her pussy that he was able to retrieve his fingers.

Dina slowly stood up, smoothing her wrinkled skirt down her hips. Her legs were unsteady, her breathing ragged.

"James, I don't know what to say, except Damn!" Dina said as she buttoned her top up.

"I've never heard you react like that before. It was so exciting and such a turn on," James replied as he buckled his belt. Seated in his chair again, his mind was racing. He had been slowly pushing Dina to discovering new things, but this was more than he expected. "I wonder if you'd cum like that if we really did involve another man."

"Well, we kinda have before, but I think that having two men at once would be a bit intimidating and mind blowing. I mean, I got over the guilt I felt after I fucked Terry, but with you there and participating, I don't think there would be that much guilt and it might be something new and exciting to try. Do you think we should ask Terry?"

James thought for a moment, carefully running possibilities through his head. "I think he would be up for it. Are you sure you are?"

"Like I said, you'll be actually participating and it even satisfies some of your voyeuristic needs. I think it would interesting to try. Nobody says we have to do it again if we don't like it," Dina said. She was secretly relieved he had broached the subject. Her behavior as of late was beginning to concern her. A night of testosterone might just be the thing she needed to block all of the lesbian thoughts she had been having.

"I'll give Terry a call. When did you want to do this?" James asked. He felt his cock harden, even though he had just cum five minutes ago. This new side of Dina was something he liked indeed.

"Anytime this week, my schedule is wide open," Dina said as she kissed James tenderly.

"I'll put that call in and then give you a buzz with the details. I love you," James said as he brushed an errant strand of hair out of her face. "I love you too," she said as she unlocked his door.

"Is everything alright?" James's secretary Denise asked when Dina appeared in the open doorway, a bit disheveled and definitely glowing.

"Everything is fine Denise," Dina said coolly. She did not like the petite black woman who was forever flirting with her husband. "Give James a few minutes, will ya? He just got quite a work out."

"Sure thing Mrs. Daly," Denise said and with a sneer, turned back to her phones.

Dina walked back to her office, a smile on her face, and fantasies of two men already running through her head. A brief trickle of her and James's combined juices sneaked out of her swollen pussy lips, making her lips rub together deliciously. Dina found herself horny again and anxiously waiting for James to schedule their threesome.

To be continued...

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