tagBDSMDinner and Then Some Ch. 05

Dinner and Then Some Ch. 05

byParis Waterman©

By Guess & Paris Waterman

Leigh slept late the next day, awakening only when the phone rang. Groggily she answered it, hoping it would be David. She fought to keep the disappointment from her voice on hearing Gabby's shrill voice, or at least her voice sounded shrill to Leigh.

"Hi! What are your plans for this afternoon?"

"Oh, Gabby, I've got a dreadful headache. Advil hasn't helped at all. I'm lying here in bed hoping for a miracle, but shopping isn't the answer."

"Hmmm," her friend hummed, thinking rapidly. "Did you meet him?"


"Your Mystery Man, did he call?"

Taking too long to respond, Leigh decided not to say anything. It was the wrong choice. Gabby seized on it.

"I knew it! I knew it!"

"Gabby . . ." she protested, but knew her friend had her and decided to confess.

"Well . . ."

"Tell me! Oh do and I want all the filthy details."

"Oh, come on Gabby, grow up!"

"You went with him!"

"Yes, I went with him."

"Tell me!"

"It was good."

"It was good! Is that all you can say? Were there rockets, countless orgasms . . .?"

"You could say that."

"My God! I'm coming over!"


"Right after I change my panties!"


"What? Did I hear you say not to come over?"

"You did."

"Why? What ever for? I mean, were friends and friends share the most intimate things."

"I . . . I'm expecting company." It was the best excuse she could think of under pressure and it seemed to mollify her friend.

"Well . . . in that case . . . news at eleven then, ta ta," and the phone went dead.

Before Leigh could compose herself the doorbell rang. Grabbing her robe she made for the front door. She was too late to greet the UPS deliveryman who was getting into his van, but he spotted her and waved, pointing to the package at her feet. Gingerly she stooped over and picked it up and went back inside.

She held it to her nose and sniffed. It was from David! It bore his scent on it. Hurriedly, she tore the package open and found a note.

I trust this finds you, my dearest, in good spirits. I do want to visit with you again, and soon. I will call around one, but in the meantime, please open the package and make use of my present. Now, you may find this present difficult at first, but keep trying, for I shall certainly inspect you carefully to assure myself that you have made proper use of it. Clear cut instructions are included so that there is no mistake in applying it correctly.

Until we meet again, I am

Your Master

She tore the package open and was stunned to discover what she recognized immediately to be a butt plug. A tremor passed through her body and she began to sob, unable to stop. To make matters worse, the phone rang. She let it ring four times, before answering it reluctantly. She feared it was David, but it was her husband, Michael.

"Hello darling, how are you?"


"Who else is calling you these days? I've only been gone a couple days, have you forgotten my voice?" He said jokingly.

She summoned up the strength to calm down and resumed speaking. "No, darling, it's good to hear you. I thought it was Gabby bothering me about going shopping when I don't want to."

"What you don't want to go shopping? Are you ill?"

"I do have a splitting headache, but she and I have been out everyday since you left and I'm really bored . . . at least for the present."

"Well, my speech was a tremendous success, at least from my point of view and I'll be home tomorrow night. The following night you and I are going out to celebrate."

"That's wonderful darling. Shall I pick you up at the airport?"

"No, I'll catch a ride in with Jeffery or Martin."

"What flight are you on?"

"Continental 574, it should arrive around 8:30."

"I can have dinner waiting."

"No, don't go to the trouble, we have a lay-over of almost two hours in Denver, I'll grab something there."

"It's really no trouble at all."

"I appreciate it darling, but all I want is to get you into the sack and make up for lost time."

She had to laugh. "Alright. That sounds good to me too. So I'll see you tomorrow night then."

"Right. I love you, Leigh."

"I love you too," she said and mimed a kiss although he couldn't see it. The conversation over, Leigh pulled the butt plug from its packaging and read the sparse directions.

Sporting a frown that changed to a grimace, she went into the bedroom and located the K-Y Jelly. 'I'm actually going to do this for him,' she said to herself, dipping her fingers into the jar and lubricating her rosebud. After making certain the butt plug had sufficient lubricant she tried to insert it and failed.

Gritting her teeth, Leigh placed her index finger at her entrance and pushed. 'Well that's progress,' she told herself as her finger slid in about an inch. 'It can't be that bad, Michael's been back there a time or two. But she spent the next ten minutes preparing her asshole for the plug, realizing that it was not as easy as she had thought it would be. 'He must be bigger than my Michael,' she told herself.

In thirty minutes time, she was pumping the plug itself into her ass some three inches each time, but kept meeting fierce resistance. Then on one of the in strokes the plug managed to slip past the obstacle, 'probably a muscle,' she thought. It felt strange, but good, and it was causing Leigh to grunt on the in stroke.

She gave the plug a good push, and plunged into sharp pain. Withdrawing the plug while she recuperated, Leigh went back to the instructions and reread them. She found nothing new, or useful and contented herself with adding additional K-Y Jelly to her ass and discovered it was not the impenetrable closed hole it had been a few minutes ago. It was dilated, ever so slightly, about an inch in circumference. She pushed her lubed finger inside and then went back to the jar for a much larger amount, and shoved that in as well. Then she picked up the plug and slid it in with some success in that it went further than it had before, and Leigh could feel the bulb spreading her asshole. But she also found it extremely uncomfortable. 'Perhaps I need to lube the butt plug itself,' she thought. But the moment she released her pressure on the plug, her anal muscles sent it flying past the towel and onto her bedspread. Before she could curse the light brown stain on the white bedspread, she realized something wonderful had happened. The withdrawal itself had sent a delicious thrill through her body. Her nipples were tingling and her cunt felt like, well . . . like she was on the brink of a marvelous come.

Anxious to reach fulfillment, she grabbed the plug and reinserted it. This time she ignored the pain, impatient to drive it further than before, she used a series of short strokes and soon only the round flat base remained outside her body.

Suddenly she was all too conscious of the pain. For a moment or two it was almost unbearable, and suddenly it began to ebb. She explained this to herself, 'I tore my rear open with the damn thing, now there will be hell to pay.'

Then, just as suddenly, Leigh began to feel warm and her breasts were tingling again. 'What the hell?' she thought, and then began moving her finger over her clitoris. She began to writhe from the slightest bit of masturbation. 'Am I going to cum from this?" she wondered. She kept touching herself and at the same time ground her ass into the bed causing the butt plug in her rectum to move.

"Christ, this is GOOD!" She shouted aloud, humping her ass down on the plug as she masturbated. "Oh, I wish I had a cock handy right now!" She bellowed, puffing frantically, awaiting the huge orgasm that loomed deep within her.

She came hard and long; and lay still for several minutes, gasping with sated satisfaction. When she got up to get a drink of water, she realized she was still impaled with the plug, and as she went down the stairs, that it felt very good having it there.

Going back up the stairs gave Leigh as much a thrill as going down had. Back in the bedroom, she plopped down on the bed, being careful not to impact the base of the plug in her ass. Then she tried removing it. As the bulb got halfway out, the whole plug glided gently from her.

'What a delicious feeling!' she thought, and quickly pushed the shaft back into her ass. It slid right in, swallowing the bulb to rest on the base. She grabbed the base and began to work it in and out of her. The feeling of being full, relieved, and refilled by the plug was sheer ecstasy!

Leigh chucked to herself. 'If Gabby could see me now, fucking myself with an anal dildo! She'd be at a loss for word for the first time in her life.' Then her thoughts turned to David and his beautiful hard cock. 'Oh, I want to suck that beautiful thing until I can't stand it any longer and then have him ram it into my pussy. No I want him to fuck me up the ass! Yes! Up the ass!'

She wanted a prick in her now! Thinking fast, Leigh remembered having purchased a dildo several years earlier that she'd given up on. 'Where was that damn thing?' Then she remembered, 'The closet! I bet it's in the closet!'

It took a few minutes before she located the rubber cock in a shoebox, then she scurried back onto the bed and held it up for close scrutiny. 'The damn thing even has veins in it, why did I give up on it?' She knew the answer to that was a night of passion with her husband Michael. After the real thing she simply hadn't felt a need for the dildo anymore.

Squeezing a generous amount of lubricant on the penis, she decided the bast way for self-penetration would be for her to squat over the towel that was now protecting the bed from further obtrusive stains. Leigh worked slowly, reminding herself that patience was a virtue, then found herself giggling uncontrollably as she thought, 'And I'm not very virtuous today, ladies, am I?'

Lifting her hips a little, she tried to inset it into her anus, but it skidded on the lubricant and went right into her cunt. Pulling the instrument from her, she knelt back up and rocked into another squat, this time she carefully positioned the dildo at her anal entrance and shoved. It slipped in easily. Since the dildo was wider than the butt plug there was a brief flash of pain, but as she continued to settle upon it the past receded.

Soon Leigh was groaning with lust again. But squatting wasn't doing it for her. She dropped on her side and slowly began moving it in and out. She had to remind herself to keep it slow it was to thick to move any faster, at least for the moment. Maintaining the slow pace for several more minutes she suddenly went rigid as her orgasm poured over her. To Leigh's surprise she discovered the loud, guttural sounds she heard were her own; and suddenly she was squirting again as she had the night before!

Nevertheless, she continued pumping the dildo in and out, still maintaining the slow, easy strokes that was so pleasing to her ass. The squirting ended and she lay there blissfully uncaring on wet sheets. When Leigh was past her sensual lethargy discovered the bed itself was thoroughly soaked.

The phone rang, rousing her from her lethargy. Cursing the interruption, she struggled to cross the bed and reached for the phone.


"I'm parked around the corner. I thought that best."

It was David!


"Try again," his tone was militant and reproachful.

"Master," her voice subservient.

"Much better," he replied. "I'll knock on the door in exactly two minutes."

"Yes master," she said, stunned that he'd actually come to her residence. She threw on a robe and ran down the stairs to await his arrival. He was precisely on time, but Leigh didn't care, throwing open the door and ushering him inside.

"I never expected you to come here . . ." she remembered in time and added, "Master."

"You are my slave. I can have access to you anytime I want you."

The realization that he was right caused Leigh's knees to buckle, and she fell to the floor in stunned shock. 'Michael would find out about this. My marriage is ruined,' she thought, as she lay crumpled on the parquet floor.

"Get up." David ordered brusquely, and she slowly got to her hands and knees then pulled herself up without his help.

"Where's the butt plug you're supposed to be wearing?"

As Leigh related what had happened and her use of the dildo, he began to smile. "So you adlibbed, eh?"

"I guess so, master."

"Let's go to your bedroom, shall we?"

"Yes, master. It's this way, please follow me." And she led him upstairs to the master bedroom. The irony of the term presented itself to her as she allowed him to enter the room before her.

"Ah!" David said, "wet the bed have you?"

"I . . . I squirted again, master," she acknowledged, with head bowed respectfully.

"Get back on the bed. Put the butt plug back in, and masturbate for me. I want to watch you for a while."

"Oh, and wear these," he tossed a pair of white women's gloves to her. Confused, Leigh pulled them on and reinserted the plug in her asshole. It slipped in easily.

"Go on, masturbate."


"Use the jelly, it's right there on the table next to you."


"NOW, slave!" Leigh trembled at the authority in his tone, and dipped her gloved fingers into the K-Y Jelly, and slowly worked it into herself. Tears were now streaming down her cheeks. The sense of humiliation combined with her meek submission produced a steady stream of tears.

However, after a few minutes of diddling, the heat seized Leigh, and she began breathing hard. The crying ended as she concentrated on pleasing him. She realized how she must look to him, lying on her back, legs splayed, panting, and a mild orgasm hit.

David watched amused as she shrieked and flopped about while climaxing. "That was glorious, slave," he said. Leigh was filled with yet another type of contentment at satisfying her master.

She was docile when he rolled her onto her stomach, then fastened her hands behind her. "Tell me," he asked, tying her ankles to the footboard, "how does it feel to lay there in your own body fluids?"

"Not too bad, master. It was cold at first, but not now."

"Well then," he said deviously, "the laughs on me," and he began tickling her. After a few moments, her laughter took on a hysterical tinge. He kept on and on, with Leigh laughing, choking, gasping, pleading. Only when David thought he had exhausted her endurance did he stop.

He freed her hands and lay next to her, kissing her shoulders and neck, slowly tracing the outline of her back with his finger. Leigh finally caught her breath and purred as he gently stroked and kissed her. She quit purring as soon as he started attaching the nipple clamps to her breasts.

"Ready for your punishment?"


"Your deserved punishment for not having the butt plug inserted in that pretty little ass of yours when I got here." He tightened the nipple clamps.

"But I explained that to you, master . . ."

She got no further. "You failed to obey me." It was a simple statement and she knew he fully intended to punish her for disobeying him.

"Ohhh!" The clamps were tighter than she'd expected.

David continued tightening the clamps. Leigh was in dire pain now and trembled, thinking her poor nipples were being mashed.

"Present your ass to me."

"Yes, master," and she scrambled to all fours and placed her rear facing him. The tightening on her nipples had ended. 'Now if I can only endure the current level of pain,' she thought.

"I'll give you this," he said, "your asshole is nicely dilated. It should easily accommodate my cock, but first you need this if only to reinforce my orders from now on." David produced two cane switches from beneath his belt, running the tip of one over Leigh's body, tracing her legs, her ass, brushing it along the skin of her back ever so lightly.

Leigh was afraid now and he could taste it. Then, with a switch in each hand he began. Swat – swat – swat! Beating a rapid tattoo on her rear end. Leigh jerked and thrashed, but was utterly helpless. David worked his way down her legs to the soles of her feet and back again. He drank in her screams. Finally, Leigh stopped screaming and just lay there absorbing the blows without so much as a whimper. She had crossed some kind of threshold and for a moment, David thought she was unconscious and ended the beating.

She clung to him, quivering.

"I hate you!"

"No you don't."

"I do hate you!"

He kissed her softly on her mouth. Then slowly began to lick her salty tears away.

"Oh, David . . . "


"Don't leave me!"

"I won't leave you.'

The enormity of it flooded over her, and she was overcome by her emotions.

"I love you, David," she managed and clung to him.

"I love you too, Leigh," and held her tight.

He allowed some time to pass and then roused her from her pain-induced slumber.

"It's time, Leigh."


"I'm going to fuck you up the ass. Think you need anymore lubricant?"

"Huh? Hell yes!"


"I mean . . . yes master."

"All fours please," he told her.

She complied and with her head down on the pillow, placed her hands behind her knees. She realized her nipples were numb and wondered if they had had been permanently disfigured.

David spread her cheeks open with one hand. He leaned in and kissed her there, taking in her taste, her scent, how her sphincter tightened. His cock twitched.

"Spread your cheeks." She heard his commanding voice as both firm and dreamy. Working his finger inside her with slow circular motions, he licked and sucked her firm, round globes trying to sooth her red-marked butt to a more relaxed state before inserting his thick prick. Carefully squeezing a tube of lubricant, he squished the warmed jelly into her rectum. Then he leaned back and observed his finger gently pushing inside.

Leigh was silent throughout, except for an occasional involuntary whimper, but she revealed her true feelings as her palms slid around from the cheeks of her ass to cup her dangling tits and pinched her swollen nipples with one hand and tugged at the chain with the other. David continued the process of readying her, taking his finger out, adding more lube, then two fingers, then three.

He guided her back with one hand and held his throbbing cock with the other. She felt his swollen head at her puckered hole. Easing his cockhead against her, he began his penetration. It was relatively easy for David and he was pleased that she had properly prepared herself for him.

It was different for Leigh however, as he probed her anal channel, a searing pain bit at her innards, blurring for the time being, any thought of pleasure.

"AHHHH!" She moaned, long and loud.

"That's it slave, enjoy the pain. Go with the pain."

He leaned forward and kissed her back. Sliding deeper, one hand swooped around the slight swell of her belly to her clit. The other cupped and squeezed her heaving breast. Leigh accepted him as he drove his full length into her, biting her lips until they bled, fearing the worst, that he had ripped her insides to pieces.

Then her body accepted him and the awful pain turned to a sweet pain of pleasure that seemed to lull her senses. Her fingers dug into his thighs as she arched her back and began to push back at him as he plunged into and out of her ass.

Leigh gasped as his finger entered her cunt. With almost no trouble at all he found her G spot, and slowly massaged it.

She moaned her way into another orgasm.

He pinched the end of her clamped nipple and her pleasure soared even higher. His prick and finger kissed through the thin wall of membrane that separated them. Her ass cheeks pressed on his balls. Grunts and groans filled the room as they both climbed the ladder to ecstasy.

His balls began to contract.

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