tagErotic CouplingsDinner For Two

Dinner For Two


Streams of dim lights, dropped from the cathedral ceilings, hanging low just above the tables. The tall booths curved in half circles, padded and lined with crushed red velvet material. Draped white cloths, rippled loosely over the tables with the shadows, flickering from the candles at the center. Perfectly folded napkins, filled square plates with empty wine glasses set at the table's edge. The rich scent of spices, sour dough bread, and cheeses filled the air with the hum of people, quietly dining.

Denna sat waiting, dressed to kill, at a small table for two. At least that's what she called it. "A first impression is something you can never take back." she thought to herself.

A short and silky lining, kissed her skin with black lace, covering the short dress she wore. Strapless and bare, her breasts pressed against the inside of the cool material, holding it in place. The sheer, black, laced thong was all that covered her neatly shaved skin with her toes peeking from the tops of her high heels, as the straps wrapped around her small ankles. She was determined to have a good time tonight. A night out on the town would've been better but, this blind date would have to do.

"Can I get you something to drink?" a waiter asked, standing at the edge of the table with a large, white towel, hanging over his forearm.

"Yes. A glass of red wine, please." Denna smiled, crossing her legs.

"Dry or sweet?" the waiter questioned.

"Hmm. Lets go with the sweet." Denna replied with a smile.

"Will you be expecting anyone?" the waiter asked, glancing at the empty place next to her.

"Yes. But, he will order when he arrives." Denna answered, secretly hoping he'd show.

The waiter smiled, leaving her table, passing by another gentleman, standing diagonally from Denna's table. The waitress held her hand out and with a nod, he slid into his seat as she walked away.

Removing his dinner jacket, he laid it down beside him. Resting his elbows at the edge of the table, his dark blue buttoned up shirt, not hiding his fit and healthy body. His muscular form creased against his shirt near the bend of his arm, while he pulled the tie away from his neck. He looked over flashing a sexy smile, his eye lashes uncovered his deep set eyes, and a days worth of stumble, shadowing his jaw line.

Denna held her glass up, as if to toast to the evening or what would become of it. She smiled, taking a sip, unable to turn away, catching herself in a stare. "What are you doing? You're meeting someone else!" she thought, taking a bigger swallow from her glass. She glanced down at her purse, her cell phone vibrating, the soft light showing a message.

Test Message from Jen:

"Txt or call me about your date later. You know I can't wait!"

Denna giggled and then cleared the message, looking at the time. "7:35pm, it's about time this date got started." she thought to herself, looking toward the door.

The waitress approached the gentleman's table once again, resting a plate on her arm.

"Can I get you something to drink, Sir?" she spoke, as he looked up.

His voice barely heard, Denna watched his lips move as he spoke to her. When the waitress left, Denna quickly looked away, trying to find something for her eyes to do. It was just too easy to look at him.

Just then the waiter stopped at the table. "Your guest." the waiter said, seemingly trying to introduce them.

"Hi, Brian." Denna smiled, as she moved to get up.

"Hi, Denna. Oh... don't get up." Brian said, sliding into the booth.

"What can I get you to drink?" the waiter said, patiently, waiting for the introductions to get over.

"A coke." Brian said, plainly. Denna wrinkled her nose in wonder but, tried not to show any reaction.

Denna briefly looked around the waiter as the gentleman caught her eyes, a quick wink and then he held up his wine glass. Seconds later, an attractive lady appeared before him, sliding in next to him, as she kissed him on the cheek.

Denna quickly looked away and turned her attention back toward Brian.

"So..." Denna began to speak, finding it difficult to start a conversation. "I'm glad you made it." smiling, her chin resting inside her palm.

"Yeah, I figured, hey... I have nothing to loose..." he paused, "...And from seeing the picture that Jen had of you and now sitting next too you, it was a smart move. You look better than your picture!" Brian said, folding his fingers together.

Denna watched Brian's cute smile curl at the edge of his lips as he continued to look into her eyes. She looked away for a moment, picking up her wine glass, taking a small sip. The waiter approached the table, leaving the glass of coke in front of Brian as Denna watched his hand grip the glass, bringing it up to his mouth.

He wore a dusty, brown dinner jacket, snug to his shoulders which covered up, what appeared to be a surfer's t-shirt. His hair a dirty blonde, cut choppy with gel dampening the edges of his wavy curls.

"That's very sweet of you. I've never been on blind date." Denna hesitated for a moment, "...I didn't really want to try dating online and Jen said you were a nice guy." she added, feel as though she'd read it off a card, hiding under the table.

"Jen's great. We've worked together for a long time." Brian said, flatly.

"Funny, she's never mentioned you..." Denna said puzzled, "...Until recently that is." she added, fumbling over her words again. Jen shared everything, it wasn't like her to leave anything out.

"That's because I use to have a girlfriend." Brian sighed, taking another drink of his coke.

"Ohh Jen! What have you gotten me into?" Denna thought to herself, shifting in her seat and then glanced at the gentleman at the next table.

The attractive lady sitting next to him was a redhead. Her long hair hung down in front of her, almost touching the edge of the table. Her voice quietly mumbled while she talked with her hands waving and moving all around. The gentleman sat with a smile, holding his wine glass, looking straight forward with the occasional nod.

He looked over for a moment, stumbling into Denna's stare, as his smile widened, taking a drink of his wine. Just then Denna tilted her glass doing the same. He smiled, teasingly rubbing his bottom lip at the edge of his glass. Hypnotized, she fought hard to look away.

"No worries though, it was over a while ago." Brian spoke, shaking her from the stare.

"And you? Been single long?" Brain added, as she regained her focus on him.

"Yea, for quite awhile actually. It's just worked out that way." Denna smiled, setting her wine glass down on the table. "When you get too wrapped up in work, you forget that you still have to make time for fun. And then before you know it, time has flown by to quickly." Denna stopped herself from going any further.

"Yeah, I hear ya." Brian added, the conversation almost coming to a complete stand still.

"Will you excuse me?" Denna said, sliding from her seat.

"Sure." Brian replied, smiling up at her.

Denna turned, looking toward the front door and then off toward the bar. The restroom sign, clearly marked just past the bar, she briskly walked by the gentlemen's table.

"Don't look at him, don't look. You can't, it's to obvious!" scolding herself, feeling the gentleman's eyes heat her back, down to her legs as the tingling sensation reached the straps at her heels.

Reaching the bar, walking down a long hallway, she pushed the door open to the ladies room. Quiet and vacant, she walked up to the oval mirror, hanging just over the sink. Her shoulders were pink and flushed with color as she dropped forward, resting her hands on the counter.

"Must be the wine." she said out loud, looking in the mirror. She turned on the water -cold as ice- and touched it to the bare skin on her shoulders.

"Snap out of it!" she gasped, talking to herself in the mirror as the goose bumps covered her shoulders.

Ripping off a paper towel, Denna began to pat her shoulders, removing the droplets of water. The sound of a hinge and the door to the bathroom opened. Without a glance, Denna looked into the mirror, checking her lipstick as she pressed her lips tightly together. Checking in her purse, she realized, her lipstick was at home as she closed the zipper then turned to leave.

Almost in shock, she stopped in her tracks. It was "him", the gentleman, now standing in the ladies room before her. A seductive smile formed as he studied her reaction. Casually, he took a step toward her, as Denna took a step back. His smile curved at the corner of his lips, taking another step forward. Her heart began to race, as she took another step back, clinching her purse in her hand.

"Whaa..." Denna started to speak, his finger quickly pressed against her lips, as she swallowed hard, her back now stopped by the wall behind her as she looked into his rich green eyes.

His finger dropped off her bottom lip, curling under her chin, trailing over the small apple of her neck and down into the dip between her collarbones. His cologne began to linger, the musky scent caused Denna to inhale as he moved closer.

His chest only a few inches from pressing against hers, as his finger tip began to draw a line out to the edge of her shoulder, trailing off and then down her arm. Chills peppered her skin, the fine unseen hairs, brushing against his fingers. He tilted his head, leaning in further with his other hand moving up, threading it into the back of her hair.

"Ohh please, kiss me." Denna's thoughts whimpered inside her head. His lips brushed against hers, open, their breath mixing together as Denna began to tremble.

His mouth slowly came, invading, without closing. His lips moved forward, then back, turning as his nose, brushed teasingly a crossed hers. Then up, his bottom lip rubbing in between hers, wetting them as Denna began to feel the small of her back ache with need. Their bodies not pressed together, still inches apart as his mouth continued its dance across her lips.

He moved, taking a step back, studying Denna's eyes as she stood almost shaking, paralyzed with desire. Suddenly his hands came up, cupping her jaw in the palm of his hands, pulling her into him quickly. His chest now pressed against hers, his mouth aggressive, as it took her lips, closing his mouth around hers.

"Mmm." Denna hummed, vibrating into his mouth, as she felt his hand reach down, flat, pressing against the small of her back. He pulled her neck forward in the clutch of his hand, devouring the taste of her lips. Denna released her purse, dropping it to the floor as she began to float and buzz from his touch.

Voices were heard approaching in the hallway, releasing his hold, he stepped back, slowly pulling his lips from hers. Breathless, Denna watched him walk backward toward the door.

The door began to swing open. He quickly stepped behind it as she stood there watching. His form was now hidden behind it, as two women entered the ladies room, walking toward the mirror.

Denna quickly reached down picking up her purse. Straightening her strap, the heel of her foot free with her toes barely in her shoe. She stood up looking at the door, finding him gone, no longer hidden behind it.

"Hi." Denna said, walking up to the sink, looking at her smeared lipstick in the mirror, as she quickly rubbed it with the edge of her finger.

"Great place, huh?" one of the ladies smiled next to her.

"Yes..." Denna said, clearing her throat, looking in the mirror at her redden skin. "...I love it here." she added, headed for the door.

"Have a great evening." Denna said, leaving them standing in front of the mirror.

The bathroom door closed behind her, as she braced herself against the wall with sigh and then began to walk back to her table.

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