tagGroup SexDinner For Two: The Long Sigh Ch. 02

Dinner For Two: The Long Sigh Ch. 02


The door bell chimed as Denna walked toward the front door. Peering through the window, Jen stood at the edge of the patio with her arms crossed in front of her.

"Hey, you made it!" Denna said, while the door continued to open.

"Hi Denna, hope I'm not too early." Jen said, as she stepped inside. "You didn't mention a time." As she looked for a clock on the wall, standing near the front door.

"Nah, you're fine. John and I were talking about how hungry we both were." Denna said, closing the door behind her as she leaned forward to give Jen a tight, welcoming squeeze.

"Great! So what's for lunch?" Jen grinned, feeling a little relieved as they walked further into the living room.

"Hey sexy, what did you do with my pants..." John's voice got louder and louder, "... I can't seem to..." John stopped in his tracks at the mouth of the hallway.

"Oh sorry, I didn't hear the door." John stood motionless.

Jen held her breath. Completely stunned, she tried to maintain her smile. John's dripping wet hair and body had that just-out-of-the-shower look. Securely around his waist, his towel was tucked in at the front with his muscular thigh keeping the slit open at the side. Jen moved her eyes just too the knot of his towel. The rippled terrycloth didn't hide the location of his excitement.

"Oh my, I can't breathe." Jen thought, feeling her lungs tighten.

The musky scent of cologne and his freshly washed body begun to engulf the air. Jen finally drew an unnoticeable breath, saturating her senses.

"They're on the back of the chair in the bedroom." Denna smiled, turning back to look at Jen, her smile unbothered.

"Jen, this is John. John, this is my best friend Jen." Denna said, introducing them, now face to face for the first time.

John gaves her a quick but, sexy wink as he stepped forward and began to raise his hand. Jen swallowed hard and forced her feet to move, taking a few short steps toward him, meeting him half way.

"It's nice to finally meet you, John." Jen raised her hand. "I can't say I've heard a lot about you." She added with a small laugh, giving Denna an interesting look.

John slipped his dry palm into hers. A slow-building squeeze consumed her small hand with only a foot between them. Jen eyes began to glide down his body, absorbing every inch of his skin. His nipples were rock-hard from the cooled air. The scattered, curled hairs on his chest formed a soft blanket of warmth. The towel hung low on his hips with the muscular dip of his torso disappearing down into his towel. The other hand came forward suddenly, meeting up with Jen's wondering eyes.

"It's great to meet you too, Jen." John said softly, shaking her hand.

Finally loosening his grip, the other hand held the towel tightly in front of him. "If you'll excuse me, I'm going to get those pants." He added with a heated chuckle.

"Sure" Jen muttered, trying to speak clearly, as he turned and walked down the hallway.

Jen watched the tight towel slide against his against the firmness of his ass. It flapped against the back of his muscular legs while he walked, before the last part of his ankle disappeared, as he turned into the open door of the bedroom.

"How in the heck did you land him?" Jen whispered, still looking down the hall.

"Actually, it's the other way around. It's kind of a long story." Denna replied in a serious tone, walking around her toward the kitchen.

Jen briefly looked at Denna's expression, trying to decided weather or not to tell her what she had heard that night, braced against the ladies room stall.

Biting at her lip, she remembered the strong squeeze of John's hand shake and how it felt, as she followed Denna into the kitchen.

Jen jumped up onto the bar stood. Denna leaned into the counter top, resting on her elbows on top of the patterned granite. Jen glanced at the counter behind her and noticed an empty bottle of wine with the bottle opener lying beside it. Two glasses sat side by side, drops of red wine still pooled at the bottom.

"Would you like a drink before we go out?" Denna asked, looking in the direction of her questioning eyes.

Denna grabbed the glasses and placed them into the sink, as she tossed the empty bottle in the trash.

"Oh, you're not cooking?" Jen chuckled.

"Nope, John's taken us both out." Denna grinned with a spoiled look in her eye.

John suddenly appeared behind Denna, wrapping his arms around her. Tightly squeezing her, he placed small bites at the side of her neck, pressing her into the sink.

Dressed in slacks, his white button-up shirt was left open at the top. Denna shut her eyes instantly, feeling his teeth scrap her skin, as she shivered and then turned too look up at him.

"Good, I need some air." Jen thought to herself, feeling heated.

Jen sat paralyzed watching their bodies. Their touch was so familiar as though they shared it many times, slowly feeding Jens imagination. His slacks were slightly wrinkled, no doubt from being on the floor in a heap and left there over night.

"So... where would you girls like to go?" John kissed Denna once more just under the lobe of her ear and then looked in Jen's direction with a wink.

"There's a little deli about ten minutes from here." Jen swallowed hard, as John's arms curled around Denna, his fingers dipping slightly into the top of her jeans.

"That sounds good." Denna smiled, "What do you think?" looking back at John as she wiggled from his touch.

"Sound delicious, let's go then." John released Denna and with a quick swat to her cheek, he then turned, walking back down the hallway.

"Oh man, he's incredibly hot" Jen snickered, watching Denna's heated reaction, knowing exactly what he was capable of. "I don't remember you ever being like this with anyone." Jen studied her closely.

"John's not afraid to go after what he wants. And I'm addicted to him right now, it's like a drug and I can't help myself." Denna paused, taking a deep breath. "I have something to tell you..."

Jen held her breath, wondering what sort of news had her so serious.

"...John kissed me in the ladies room at Giovanni's before I even knew his name..." Denna said with an unraveled sound to her voice. "...And that isn't all..."

John walked into the kitchen as Denna's eyes filled with desire. Her skin became peppered with goose bumps as her breasts reddened before Jen's eyes.

The expression left on Denna's face reached out a touched Jen, as her nipples began to tighten, the whimpering tone of Denna's voice told her how much she craved his touch. John stood just a few feet behind Denna, unaware of their conversation.

"Are we ready to go?" John softly grinned as though he stepped into their conversation at the wrong time. His hair is slick with gel, almost dry except the very edges with his dinner jacket, hanging at the edge of his fingers.

"Ready when you are!" Jen said, answering for Denna, as she picked up her purse, hooking Denna's arm and then followed John out through the living room.

"John, you drive." Denna locked the door behind them and then tossed him the keys.

John reached, grasping them as they fell into his hand. He then walked around Denna's pick-up truck, parked in the driveway, and slid into the driver seat.

Denna walked with Jen and then stopped, as they waited for him to unlock the door.

Jen held the door open as Denna slid into the bench seat next to John, as she closed the door behind her. A quick glance at one another, Denna's eyes were filled with secrets that Jen already knew.

"Did you have a good dinner last night?" Denna asked, making small talk.

"We all just had drinks." Jen smiled, playing along.

"Interesting, I guess you ladies weren't hungry for food." John stated.

"I can't wait to tell you how hot you both sounded, ripping each others clothes off and how hard it was for me to remain quiet. How much I wanted John to touch me, just like he was touching you Denna." Jen looked into Denna's eyes and then back at John, as the secret voice went off in her head, turned on by the possible truth being revealed.

"Have you been too Giovanni's a lot Jen?" John asked with curiosity.

"Once or twice" She said plainly. "I hear their burnt cream is great." Jen added, watching the look in Denna's eyes.

Denna shifted in her seat, tightly fitted between them, the movement obvious. John's hand dropped from the steering wheel to her thigh, giving her a reminding squeeze, which confirmed Jen's memory of the women that had walked into the ladies room just after they'd finished their encounter.

The truck came to a stop as Jen opened her door waiting for Denna to climb out behind her. Denna shut the door and looked into her eyes.

"You were in the ladies room, weren't you?" Denna whispered, under her breath.

"Yes. But, I thought you were alone. I had no idea you had company."

Jen watch the look of fire as it began to fill Denna's eyes. Every moan, whimper, and gasp was heard and now Denna knew it. They weren't alone. Jen reached for her hand, squeezing it tightly as she pulled her closer.

"Do you know how hot you sounded?" Jen said wickedly into her ear.

"Okay, okay. No time for secret telling now." John chuckled, walking around the truck, standing just beside them.

"It's not a secret if you're telling someone." Jen winked, releasing Denna's hand.

"I guess you better tell me then, you've already let the cat out of the bag." John chuckled, stuffing Denna's keys into his pocket.

Jen slowly walked toward John and then looked back at Denna for a moment. Denna wet her lips with the edge of her tongue unmoved by her forward advances toward John.

"Alright" Jen turned, walked toward him, as she whispered into his ear.

John leaned into her lips, listened and then reached up, tugging her hair to the side as he began to whisper back in her ear. "Why do you think I asked Denna to have you come over?" John released her and then smiled down into her eyes, not a secret as she thought.


"John... I over heard you and Denna in the ladies room that night."

Those were the whispered secret words that Jen spilled into John's ear. And without surprise or hesitation, he tugged on a handful of her hair.

"Why do you think I asked Denna to have you come over?" John released her and then smiled down into her eyes, not a secret as she thought.

Jen looked up into his warm sultry eyes. The curves of his lips just tasted the fun and desire.

"He must have seen me leaving the ladies room." She wondered, as she looked back at Denna, who was patiently waiting.

John's hand slowly dropped down onto Jen's hip, pulling her in closely. His firm but, tender grip left her weak. Suddenly, she found herself drinking in his warm embrace, unwilling to move.

John pulled her along, walking toward Denna. His arm open and now held out, he pulled Denna in, embraced her against his body.

"Was that just an impulse Jen?" John whispered in a low and sexy voice. "You know you could've left at any time but, you didn't."

Denna wrapped her arm around John's waist. A slow but, curious smile began to reach the corners of Jen's mouth. "I couldn't move. I felt drunk listening to the both of you." Jen answered quietly, looking down at her feet.

Jen felt Denna's hand rest next too hers. John smiled from the comforting hug they both tightly held him in.

"I know you're hungry Denna..." He said, changing the subject, as he let their thoughts stir. "...But, are you hungry Jen?" he added, looking down at her.

"I'm starved!" she smiled, as they walked toward the restaurant.

The conversation was anything but, sexual, while they sat eating their lunch. Not so much as a hint of Denna playing with her food or John tempting her with his touch. Jen remembered watching Denna at Giovanni's and the way she licked at her spoon. It left a thousand images that flashed through her eyes.

Denna attempted to talk about work and Jen stated that she needed to take some time off. John asked a few questions, but his sexy eyes told a different story, as he sat patiently watching Denna and Jen.

"You girls want some desert?" John pushed his plate forward, wiping the corners of his mouth with a napkin.

"I'm just right." Denna replied, looking at Jen.

"No sweets for me, I'm stuffed." Jen glanced across the table back at Denna. She was sitting so close to John and yet their skin hadn't made contact.

"Wellll... we could take some back to the house and have it later." He winked at Denna.

It was like John was dangling chocolate in front of them, wondering who would grab for it first.

"I've got desert at home, we don't need to buy any." Denna replied with a sultry tone.

"That's an invitation." Jen smiled, thinking to herself.

"Do we need to pick up anymore wine?" John asked, knowing Denna had a fully stocked bar.

"No, there's plenty of red or white. Plus I have a few sweet things in the refrigerator." Denna smiled just beyond her eyelashes at Jen.

"Are you up for desert or a glass of wine, Jen?"

"Sure!" Jen replied. "What am I doing? I'm walking right into it." She sighed. The sexual tension was almost too much to bear. Jen felt the nervous excitement building up all through lunch. No touching, not a single mention of what had happened, the suspense was eating her alive.

They left the restaurant and arrived at Denna's townhouse. Denna walked straight into the kitchen too grab a bottle of wine.

"Red or White?" Denna's soft lingering tone, echoed from the kitchen.

John fell into the lazy boy, as Jen pulled an oversize pillow up to the coffee table and then crouched down, sitting on the floor.

"What are you thinking?... " Jen looked at John for a brief moment. "...You know exactly what you're going to do, don't you." His eyes had the look of careful planning, just waiting for the right moment.

"Is red okay with you Jen?" he asked.

"Ahh, Ohh... yeah, sounds great." Jen heard his voice sharpen, like someone turned up the volume. She smiled, hoping to cover the dazed look in her eyes.

"Just bring the bottle of red in here Denna..." John smiled, not looking over his shoulder in the direction of the kitchen.

John studied Jen's expression from where he sat. "You're not planning on getting us drunk, are you?" Jen suddenly realized what the question implied.

"Maybe you need to relax." He chuckled. "You look so tense sitting there, dumped onto that pillow." His seductive tone warmed the air between them.

"Tension ... is not what you're seeing." Jen said firmly.

Denna walked into the living room, holding a bottle and three glasses. She stopped just between them. At the side of John's chair and only a step away from Jen's pillow, Denna reached forward and set the glasses down on the coffee table. Pulling the bottle opener from her pocket, Denna placed the cap on the table as she sunk the silver stem down into the cork. With a tap too the air-pressured canister, small air bubbles appeared in the bottle, as she released the cork from the bottle.

"Handy little thing, isn't it." Jen snickered.

"Yea, we don't have to worry about home security for you, Denna." John chuckled, staring up at her. "I told her that I never wanted to piss her off." John added, glancing at Jen with a smirk.

Denna filled each glass half full and then handed them one at a time. "That's right! Both of you watch your step!" she teased, setting the bottle down on the table.

Denna grabbed another pillow and then plopped down on top of it next Jen. Jen laughed into her glass, taking a sip of her wine. Silence fell in the room making the air heavy with only swallows of wine heard between them.

John placed his wine glass on the coffee table and got down on his hands and knees. Frozen, Denna sat Indian style watching him crawl toward her, as his hands slid up on each side of her pillow.

Jen turned, leaning her back up against the coffee table. John smiled, pausing only for a second and then turned toward Denna. Jen felt a large lump in her throat as she swallowed hard.

John exhaled and then opened his mouth, leaving it ajar as he brushed his lips against the soft part of Denna's cheek. Jen heard the sharp intake of Denna's breath.

"You can stay or you can go." John whispered, at the corner of Denna's lips. Teasing her with a possible kiss, "The choice is yours."

Jen wanted to speak, but could only watch, as his mouth skimmed across Denna's.

Another soft sigh came from Denna, reminding Jen of the first sound she heard when she became trapped in the ladies room stall that night in the restaurant. Only now the sight of them was right in front of her with no where to hide.

John shifted his weight coming to his feet as he began to rise. Kicking his shoes off, he stepped away from them. His open hand held out, Denna gripped onto it coming to her feet. Pulled in front of him, John pressed her back up against his chest, as he looked down over her shoulder.

The slow and deliberate slide of his hand ran along the inside of her silk top pulled the fabric up, revealing Denna's heated skin. The soft pads of his finger tips ran over the many goose bumps covering her skin.

Her silky top moved again, barely clinging too her body. Her nipples hardened from his touch, as her shortened and ragged breath picked up. Denna looked down into Jen's heated stare, feeling her wanting eyes.

John slowly knelt behind Denna. He pulled her jeans down, freeing them from her ankles. She stepped away, left with only a thin piece of black material that covered her waiting, flinching muscle.

Jen took one last drink, setting her glass down on the table behind her. She felt her lips swell, as she sucked on her own tongue, feeling tightening cramp of her sex, reacting to his touch.

"Do you like what you see?" John breathed from behind Denna's thigh.

"Yes" Jen answered with widened, glossy eyes.

His voice went lower, deeper, and softer than she remembered. "Mmm, Denna's insatiably hungry..." John grasped the edges of Denna's silk top, pulling it free, exposing her breasts to Jen. He then turned Denna to the side and kissed her lightly on the tops of her thighs.

He started at the top of Denna's hip. Taking a finger, he hooked it inside the string that held the basic material against her skin. He drew it down until it disappeared behind the thin lining that covered the soft skin of her mound.

"Ohh" Denna inhaled, looking down at him.

Jen felt the tiny pin-pricks against her bra. The heat swelled, coiling minute by minute as John continued to show Jen everything that her eyes missed in the bathroom stall that night.

"...Just waiting for me to touch..." He moved his finger just enough. "...her favorite spot..." His wrist turned with his palm facing up as he curled two fingers up, sinking them in beyond the black g-string. "...Until she needs more."

Jen felt her stomach tighten, the dull ache of desire stirred at the base of her lower back, as she listened to his voice, coaxing Denna's body to react. Jen looked up and watched her eyes close.

Denna pierced her bottom lip with the sharp edges of her teeth. Her head sank back into her shoulders as his fingers slid inside her enclosed channel once again. Her breath stopped suddenly, as she parted her legs a little further giving him full access to anything he wanted to touch. The sounds of her excitement spilled into the air, as she began to breathe once again.

Denna sank her fingers into the curls of John's hair, tugging and clutching it, as if to hold onto anything. Her ribs began to rise, showing just beyond the skin that covered them. And then they fell rapidly, forcing air out as fast as it came in.

"Uhh, Uhh... Yesss!" Denna whimpered, her lips quivered almost at the same pace as her stomach.

Jen found it hard to sit still, watching her loose control. Denna's face showed something that looked like pain but, then she licked at the edge of her lips, smiling down at him.

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