tagExhibitionist & VoyeurDinner Is Served

Dinner Is Served


They drove toward the restaurant with his hand on her knee and her hands folded primly in her lap. Better to let him have his way.

They had argued earlier about going out, she did not like to and he was always talking about they needed a "social life". Better to stay home on the computer.

She looked over at Vincent and felt her thighs quiver against his circling thumb. He looked so handsome, dark hair and sharp features against the moonlight as he drove.

Rubbing in larger circles on her thigh, his fingertips crested under the seam of her red dress, pushing it higher. She leaned over and lay on his shoulder as they pulled up and turned to him.

"I cant wait until we get home tonight." He turned to her in exasperation, "We just got here! Be quiet and enjoy yourself for once."

He got out and Kat followed close behind. She tugged demurely on the back of the dress he had picked for her, it was flowing around her thighs but rode a bit high for her taste. You could almost see the tops of her black garters and she tugged down the front, thinking to herself, 'It's no use though. I will just have to show one or the other.'

The doorperson asked if they wanted smoking or non. "Smoking, please." Vincent said as he placed his arm on the small of her back, propelling her forward toward the booth.

They sat down and his hand returned to her hithg beneath the table. She looked at him because there were no table cloths and the restaurant was not full, but there were a few tables taken within view.


"Shhh. We are having a good time."

He stroked his hand down to her knee, cupping it before coming back up, reaching the apex of her thighs just as the waiter appeared.

"Good evening. May I start you out with some wine? We have a lovely bordeaux just in that I am sure you would enjoy."

Vincent slid his hand up underneath her skirt stroking her inner thigh as he spoke, "Yes we will have a bottle of that and some water with ice please."

The waiter nodded, glancing at Kat and hurried off. They opened their menus, and he kept stroking the same place until she relaxed. She studied the menu, and decided on the spaghetti with clam sauce. The waiter reappeared with their drinks and set the wine holder on the table. Vincent slid his finger along the edge of her panties as the waiter uncorked the bottle, wedging her legs a bit farther apart.

Kat looked down demurely and wondered just how far this would go, he had never done anything like this and she was shocked at his audacity. Maybe he was punishing her for yelling earlier, teasing her this way. She could feel her panties sticking too her and thought she would have to take a trip to the bathroom soon and relieve the pressure.

The waiter set their glasses in front of them along with the water, and stood up. "Are you ready or would you like to ask any questions?"

Vincent rubbed his chin with his free hand. "Hmm, What does are the features tonight?"

Kat gasped as he thrust his hand into her panties, stroking her waiting clit lightly. The waiter looked at her oddly and continued on. She felt herself blushing wantonly as the he explored her, separating her lips and strumming his fingers up and down her folds like a harp. He touched so lightly it was tortuous, and she pushed against him slightly, sliding down in the seat a bit.

"I think I will have that then." Vincent said and Kat looked up, noticing what was going on.

"And for you miss?" The waiter looked at her oddly, blushing and scooched down in the seat as she was. She sat up quickly, and his hand never left her panties.

"Ahh yes, well..." She felt him dive his middle finger into her.."Umm, oh...oh! I will have the ahh, the spaghetti with clam sauce. Ohhh yes that fe..sounds good." Sputtering as she felt his fingers rubbing her clit in tight circles, pressing harder as she spoke.

The waiter left and she turned to Vincent. "What are you doing?!" She hissed.

"Sit back and shut up. Enjoy it, they are."

Kat looked over to a table of men across from them, openly staring between her legs. A couple was sitting near them, with the woman's back to them and the husband appeared to be trying to lean over to take a peek as well.

Her eyes widened as he moved her legs a bit farther apart, exposing the flimsy underwear covering her soaking cunt. Running his hand down to her thigh, he seemed to be framing her for their view.

She sighed as he replace his hand on her, and moved the covering aside so they could see. She whimpered a bit, protesting and he out a finger to her mouth, leaning over.

He leaned over and whispered in her ear as he stroked her, "Mm you like that doncha love? You like showing my pussy off to all these strangers huh? No no, you aren't to come yet."

She nodded, and he slowed down, alternating rubbing her clit fast, then slow. Everytime she felt ready to explode he slowed down, and she was panting when the food came.

The waiter looked from him to her, at her face and how she was sitting and understanding flew to his face. He smirked at her, putting the towel on his arm in front of him, hiding the front of his pants.

"Well then, enjoy your....meal." He walked a few steps backwards and with a glance under the table, obviously seeing everything and walked into the back.

Spreading her legs fully, not caring anymore who saw her need was so great, she lifted her right leg and placed it over Vincents knee, rubbing her calf over him. She felt his hard cock pressing against her leg and smiled, not the only one being teased.

"Thats right, my little slut, spread your legs and show them my pussy. A little bit farther...there. Yes." Moaning out loud as he slid his fingers into her roughly, the men openly shifted in their seats to adjust the bulges in their pants, and she pressed against his hand as he slowed down again.


"What? I can't hear you..."


"Please...what Vincent?"

"Please Vincent don't stop...please..."

"And...?" He asked, slowing down even further, hungrily looking at her in her need, knowing what he wanted to hear and waiting for her to say it.

"I want you to finger my pussy...and let all these men watch me come with your hand. Because I am your little slut. Sir."

He smiled at that and nodded as though confirming something he already knew.

He lifted the hem of her skirt fully, and inserted the fingers of his right hand into her, thrusting quickly as he stroked her with his right. As she was about to come he paused, and pulled some ice from the glasses, pushing his hand down her shirt. Rubbing it across her nipples, the men were rubbing the front of their pants as they watched, mouths agape.

Kat licked her lips and pleaded again, as she left her nipples tighten as they were iced and tweaked. She reached up, playing with her nipples on her own, as she reached over to stroke him through his pants. He moved her hand away.

Sitting in the booth, legs spread and hands rubbing her tits, she was quite a show. He rubbed her clit and put his fingers back into her, fucking faster and faster with his hands, whipering in her ear how she was his. "I could have you fuck every man in this room and you would, would'nt you? You would because I say so and this is my pussy. Say it."

"I would fuck every man in this room...ohhhhh please faster...ohhhh because this cunt... is not mine, it is yours."

Moaning and swiveling her hips, humping at his hand and mumering whatever he wanted to hear, she exploded, clutching her breasts and clenching her legs together as she shook.

Vincent straightened up, took his fork and began to eat. They did not leave until her plate was clean.

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