tagGroup SexDinner With The Neighbours

Dinner With The Neighbours


I had recently moved into an apartment in the city. I lived alone and spent most evenings on the couch. I'm a single woman and didn't have a particularly busy social life.

A couple of about the same age as me lived next door. The woman, Georgia, was beautiful-- she had a small frame, long brown hair, wide green eyes and small breasts. Her partner, Nathan, was tall, well-built and tanned with black hair and bright blue eyes.

I considered myself to be straight, but had to admit that I found both of them incredibly attractive. I never dared to say anything about it. We made small talk when our paths crossed. As the weeks went by and we got to know each other a bit better, we began having dinner together once or twice a week. It was during one of these dinners that our friendship took a turn down a different road.

We were sitting in their apartment, chatting about our jobs and the day's events. Georgia's leg brushed against mine a few times. I initially didn't take much notice, but when it happened too often to be accidental, I began to wonder what her intentions were.

"I want you," she blurted out in mid-conversation.

Her partner didn't seem to take notice.

"Aren't you going to tell her you want her back?" I asked him.

With a naughty smile he said, "No, its you she wants. We both want you."

Before I could respond, Georgia kissed me-- passionately and deeply. I kissed back. Nathan came around behind me and began rubbing my shoulders and back. Georgia's hands made their way under my shirt and bra and began searching for my nipples. My hands slowly ventured up her thighs. She broke the kiss.

"Wow. Shall we move to the bedroom?" she asked.

I hadn't had sex in ages and figured I could always opt out if it became too much, so I agreed.

They had a large, bare bed against one of the walls and a stand-alone mirror in front of the huge window. Georgia went into the bathroom and came back with a box. She and Nathan sat down on the bed and left me standing in front of them.

"Strip for us," she said.

I was reluctant. She opened the box and took out a purple vibrator. Nathan took out a second one.

Georgia stood in front of me and used the vibrator against my nipples, while Nathan came up behind me and put the vibrator he had up against my pussy. I became soaking wet almost instantly. My breathing became shallow and hard; my pulse quickened.

All too soon, Georgia retreated to the bed with her vibrator. Nathan followed.

"Strip for us," she instructed.

Still somewhat reluctant, I slowly began unbuttoning my shirt.

When I was about halfway through, Nathan stood up, walked to me and kissed me forcefully, nearly knocking me off my feet. He undid the rest of the buttons of my shirt without his lips leaving mine.

Georgia came up behind me, took off my shirt, unhooked my bra and threw both items onto the bed. She found my nipples and pulled at them.

Nathan's hand went for my pants. Still kissing, he fumbled a bit but managed to get the buttons and zip undone after a few seconds.

Georgia pulled my pants and panties to my ankles in one swift movement. I kicked off my shoes and stepped out of my pants and panties, without letting my lips leave Nathan's.

Nathan pulled away and went back to sit on the bed. Georgia followed, leaving me to stand naked and worked-up before them.

"Finger yourself", Nathan instructed.

Hot and ready for release, I slipped two fingers into my dripping pussy. I soon found my swollen gspot and began massaging it, while using my other hand to rub my clit.

I orgasmed intensly in just a few seconds-- letting out a bit of a squeal.

Georgia-- with wide eyes-- motioned for me to join them on the bed. I did.

She pushed me onto my back and buried her head in my hairless crotch. She lapped at my juices.

Nathan stood up and took off his clothes. He was well-endowed and had a raging hard on. He was watching Georgia busy with my crotch intently. He kneeled over me on the bed and pulled at and pinched my nipples.

Georgia extracted herself from my crotch, moved around the bed so that I could see her and got naked. She an amazing, toned and very sexy body. Her pink nipples were standing to attention and her crotch had a small amount of dark hair.

She leaned over the edge of the bed and gave me a long hard kiss.

She went back to the box, retrieved a condom and handed it to Nathan, saying "Time to get busy honey".

Nathan leaned forward and asked if I was ok.

I said I was.

He opened the condom and slipped it on. He moved down, straddling my body, and rammed his huge, throbbing cock into my dripping pussy. He slowly began to fuck me-- deep and a very satisfying manner.

Georgia climbed onto the bed and straddled my face. She put her wet crotch against my mouth.

"Lick me," she said.

I licked her, using my whole tongue, from her clit all the way down to her asshole. Her groans showed that she liked it.

Nathan stopped ramming, but left his throbbing cock inside me.

Georgia and Nathan leaned into each other over me and began kissing.

I continued licking Georgia's cunt. I licked from her clit to her asshole for a bit, then let my tongue venture inside her a little bit. Her juice was sweet and musky.

After a few minutes of licking, she broke away from Nathan and began moaning deeply. She shuddered as she orgasmed and her juices flowed all over my face.

As soon as she'd recovered, she moved off my face and Nathan resumed fucking me. His huge cock was hitting all the right spots.

Georgia pulled at my nipples while she watched Nathan fuck me.

I orgasmed and let out a long screech.

Nathan pulled out and told me he wanted to cum all over my body. He pulled off the condom and Georgia moved aside. He moved up so that he was just over my breasts.

I placed my hand around his throbbing cock and began to stroke it. I felt it twitch and was rewarded with his hot cum against my breasts.

After we'd cleaned up and gotten dressed, Nathan and Georgia walked me to the door.

They each gave me a passionate kiss and said goodnight.

Hopefully dinner next week will be as exciting.

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