tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersDirty Black Summer Ch. 03

Dirty Black Summer Ch. 03

byStardog Champion©

"Do you have some extra cash on you?" Trina asked from the passenger seat as we headed downtown to meet Summer's Husband.

"Why?" I turned and asked.

"I told Larry while we were IM'ing earlier that I would bring some blow to the room...as drunk as he was I thought he was just kidding and I told him I'd do what I could," Trina sighed.

"It probably wouldn't be a bad idea though," she continued. "A couple of lines in the state he's already in and he'd be completely at ease...having the drug use on film probably wouldn't hurt either. My connection hangs out at a bar a few blocks up...just stop for a few seconds and I can run in and then we'll be on our way."

"Great," I said to myself at the thought of having to shell out a couple of hundred bucks for someone else's booger sugar.

Taking a good look at Summer in the rearview as she rested in the back seat, the duel glow of satisfaction and anticipation acting as an aura around her spent body, I convinced myself I really couldn't put a price tag on the fun we'd had today. So I reached into my breast pocket and peeled off the cash for Trina's dealer. If it meant Summer would have the piano to hold over her Husband's head to keep sole custody of her kids, it was a small price to pay.

Once we'd stopped so Trina could pick up her evening's worth of fine Colombian, we made our way to the hotel. Driving around the parking lot twice, we finally spotted Larry's brand new Lexus.

"He's here...And it looks like he's at least taken the used rubber off his windshield wiper," I cracked, bringing a quizzical look to Trina's face.

"Inside joke," I told her which illicit a wry chuckle from Summer in the back seat.

Once we'd picked out a parking spot in the far back corner of the lot, I backed into the relatively unlit space and went over the plan once more.

"I'm gonna call Larry one time before heading up to the room...just to make sure his head's on straight and to tell him I got the coke," Trina offered.

"Won't he be able to pick up your number on his caller ID?" I replied.

"I'm gonna call the front desk and ask for his room...tis...tis," Trina snarked back as if to say 'this ain't my first rodeo you silly willy'.

"Alrighty then," I cracked.

"By the way...here's the purse with the camera built in. Just make sure when you set it down its got a good panorama of the room... and do your best to keep Larry in front of it," I added, this time a little more seriously as I handed Trina the leather purse.

"My God...couldn't you have found something a little more stylish," Trina nagged. "This clashes with my entire outfit."

"Its the best the gadget store had...My P.I. friend has used this model in the past and it'll work perfectly for what we need it for," I snickered back. "Besides...the last thing Larry's gonna be concerned about is sizing up your purse."

"And you have Plan B inside it...right?" Trina replied, this time her voice a little more serious as well.

"Yep," I calmly answered, tapping the side of the purse as I gently laid it down in Trina's lap before opening it so she could see inside.

"Good," Trina sighed with what seemed to be resolute relief, realizing she would have an ace up her sleeve if she needed it.

With that Trina called the front desk and they patched her through the Larry's room. Once she told him she was there, Trina gathered her stuff and I told her we'd pull up to the exit just before she was ready to make her escape.

"Come on up and bring the laptop," I leaned back and told Summer once Trina began making her way towards the hotel's side entrance.

The glow from the computer's monitor filling the cab of my car, Summer and I waited in the eerie, greenish tint of darkness as the signal from the hidden camera in Trina's purse allowed us to follow her progress up to the room.


The first thought to cross my mind as I watched the live image of Trina and Larry on the video feed was wondering how similar it might have felt for the first people to see the 'Marion Berry smoking crack with a prostitute' tape back in the 80's. This time it wasn't a scumbag mayor of the US capital being filmed, but to Summer, seeing her scumbag Husband snorting a line of coke from a mirror being held by a young woman (or at least who he thought was a woman) held just the same intrigue.

"My God...if we were to stop the tape right now we'd have him dead to rights," Summer shook her head and said with a mixture of disappointment and amusement. "I can't believe I married the Sonofabitch and let him father my kids."

"How long do you think before he suspects something?" she asked.

"In the state he's in right now...probably not until its way too late," I replied.

"Did she fuck you good?" I asked a few seconds later, to fill the silence as well as my own inate curiosity.

"...Huh," Summer tilted her head in her hands and blushed.

"Trina...did she fuck you good?" I kiddingly prodded.

"What do you think?" she stifled a laugh.

"I think my ears still hurt from your screaming there at the end," I shot back, causing us both to smile for a few seconds before we turned out attention back to Trina and Larry on the monitor.

It was clear from what we were witnessing that Larry was spaced beyond belief. Having already downed enough hard liquor to make an entire Navy fleet woozy after what Summer and I had put him through earlier in the day, by the time Trina had carved up several lines of the coke and sat the mirror in his lap, it was clear he was too far gone to care. Taking a rolled up $5 bill and sticking it up his nose, Larry quickly made the grains of dusty pleasure disappear.

"YAAAAAWWWWWW," Larry screamed and shivered a few breaths later, his body shimmying comically when the cocaine hit the synapses in his brain.

Trina demurely sniffed a little of the residue off her fingers, just enough to give her a buzz as she dutifully went about the task at hand.

The acoustics in the room weren't the best in the world but you could make out enough of what Larry and Trina were saying. Thankfully the position Trina had placed the hidden camera was at perfect diagonal angle from where Larry was sitting on the edge of the bed.

Lifting the mirror out of Larry's lap once he'd finished his hefty share, Trina sat it out of the way before quickly taking her place on the floor between Larry's folded legs. Wasting little time, Trina worked her fingers around the buckle of Larry's belt before expertly undoing it.

"This is what I came downtown for...right?" Trina flirtatiously grinned. "You're gonna let me suck that big, beautiful dick of yours before you fuck me with it aren't you?"

"Yep," Larry sighed then smiled, looking more like a cartoonish, stoned out of his head schoolboy than anything else as Trina worked her hands into his pants.

"I can't believe you ...you look as good as your picture did ...the one on your profile," Larry managed to stammer.

"Oh...sometimes things are as good as advertised," Trina coyly snickered as she pulled Larry's dick free.

"Just like this...DAMN! " Trina feigned shock and admiration as she stared wantonly at Larry's manhood bulging in her right hand.

"God...she should have been an actress," Summer laughed as we watched the monitor.

All Larry could do was sit there and smile a drunken smile of pride seeing the reaction the pretty blonde had to his virile package.

Larry's right hand instantly went down on the top of Trina's head when he felt her mouth close around the ample head of his cock.

"AAHHHHHH," the raspy report of Summer's Husband's voice came through the crackling connection as she and I sat there, transfixed by the image we saw on the screen.

You could clearly see Trina extending her tongue up and down the length of Larry cock as she held the rather sturdy base of it with both hands. Even the faint sounds of Trina's lapping efforts filtered through the hidden camera's microphone between the gushing gasps leaving Larry's throat.

Trina's head buried all the way down on Larry's crotch, you could see the black man's eyes rolling like pinballs in their sockets, and it was painfully clear, the selfish lover that he was, Larry wasn't going to be able to hold his release back for very long.

Trina seemed to sense this as well and briskly increased the ferocity of her efforts. Gouging her mouth up and down on Larry's straining bulge, you could tell her sole goal in life at that moment was forcing Larry to empty his lust down her throat, and getting it all on video.

"Bet your gonna regret divorcing a man with a dick like that," I chided Summer.

"You know you can always call me," I added.

"Or I could just call Trina," Summer shot back without missing a beat, causing us to both crack up so loud that we had to look to make sure no one heard us in our little hidden corner of the parking lot.

Using her hands and her mouth to overwhelm Larry's pulsing erection, it was clear the image on the screen was building towards a violent crescendo. Summer and I just sat there holding our breath, watching her Husband's gyrations become more and more discombobulated.

"God, you're a cock hungry slut!" we heard Larry spit down to Trina, bringing a certain twinkle of appreciation to the young tranny's blue eyes.

"I am," Trina agreed before plunging her lips back down on Larry's jock.

Larry's eyes continued their roulette-like spin, and you could tell he was thinking to himself how gloriously easy this hook-up had been as he shook his head side to side, while never once thinking that maybe it was all TOO easy.

The bedsprings beneath Larry straining a little louder each time Trina successfully deepthroated his cock, you could see his dark fingers tangling deeper into her luxurious blonde hair. His mouth opening a tad more each time his rear end rocked up and down on the mattress to fuck Trina's face, a rolling groan began to rise from Larry's lungs, growing in volume until the veins in his neck began to visibly pop.

Pressing Trina's face all the way down on top of his jock, Larry's voice finally sizzled and snapped when he emptied his thick and rich cum down Trina's willing throat. Within a few seconds you could see the muscles in Trina's neck begin to work as she attempted to swallow every drop of Larry's steaming ejaculate.

A non-stop report of grunting and slurping sounds followed from Trina's stuffed mouth until she finally pulled her lips away and smiled a cum-smeared smile up to Larry as she knelt between his tapping feet. Continuing to playfully pump his dick with her right hand, Trina looked totally at home with Larry's shiny white froth jelling across her lips, teeth and cheeks as he teetered above her. It was clear even though Trina was the one on her knees, she had complete control over the situation.

I stole a quick peek over to Summer sitting beside me and saw the gaping whites of her eyes as she watched the effortless and devastating way the tranny had just blown her Husband.

Before Larry could gather his breath, much less have a moment of good judgment or clarity, Trina reached up and placed both her hands delicately across Larry's chest before pushing him down on his back. Making sure he could see the seductive way she licked the remaining cum from her lips before swallowing it down for good, Trina crawled up on the sheets between Larry's legs and started unbuttoning his shirt.

Kissing him on each pec once she'd pulled his shirt apart, Trina made sure to suck and swirl her tongue around each of Larry's nipples until he squealed out loud from the unique sensation.

"GEEZZUSS GIRL," Larry mouthed, the mixture of sexual endorphins, booze and narcotics in his system leaving him on the brink of pure euphoria.

Kissing her lips down the center of Larry's chest as she pried the rest of his shirt's buttons apart, Trina then worked the black man's pants all the way free before pulling them down past his knees.

"Ready for me to get naked too?" Trina asked after planting a few well placed kisses on the half limp, jizz smeared girth of Larry's cock.

"Hell Yeah," Larry gulped as the veiny appendage between his legs began to twitch back to life.

"Cocaine...the original Viagra," I joked watching Larry's penis rise like a divining rod pointed straight at Trina as she stood back up and started rubbing her hands provocatively over her body.

Spinning 180 degrees around until her backside was facing Larry on the bed, Trina reached around and raised the hem of her miniskirt until her bare, lily white asscheeks were exposed for Larry to see.

"No panties," you could hear Larry say as he propped himself up on one elbow on the bed.

"Didn't figure I needed any," Trina replied as she sexily traced her fingertips along the curves of her heart shaped behind.

"MMMM...HHHMMMM," Larry communicated his appreciation to Trina as she showed off her assets.

I found myself fascinated by how effectively Trina had raised the back of her skirt far enough to give Larry a good look at her rear end without giving a hint of the surprise she was concealing up front. Grinding her ass to the sultry rhythm of a song she heard only in her head, Trina teasingly sank one of her fingers into her asshole as if to show Larry what might be possible if he was good.

Dropping his right hand down to his crotch, Summer and I watched as Larry fondled himself back to near hardness staring at Trina's slithering contortions at the foot of the bed. Once Larry had even tried raising himself up and grasping for Trina, but she'd taken a smooth and effortless step forward before looking over her left shoulder and telling Larry to lay back down, showing she had full control over herself and the situation.

"Just lay back and re-group big boy," she scolded Larry. "Trust me...it'll all be worth it."

"What you gonna do when you get that big thing inside me?" Trina rolled her tongue around her mouth then inquired, making sure to monitor Larry's movements in the mirror on the wall to her left.

"I think you have a pretty good idea!" Larry whistled back.

"Then crawl up on the edge of the bed Lover...get on your knees...I want you to taste me first before you stick that whale of dick inside me," Trina cooed.

"Promise not to hurt me too bad," she deadpanned a few seconds later.

"Can't make any promises, Little Girl," Larry replied in a cheesy, John Wayne-esque tone before swinging his legs around and rising up on his knees, just as Trina had asked.

"OOHHHH," Trina exclaimed when she felt Larry's hands come to rest on each of her fleshy asscheeks.

"Knead them Baby...squeeze them hard," she looked over her shoulder and told him.

Feeling Larry's powerful fingertips massaging into her well-rounded behind, Trina allowed him to work his hands all the way up to her waist as she pressed her ass backwards against the now fully aroused erection jutting from his crotch.

"Oh No...not quite yet," Trina teasingly rebuked Larry's advances when she felt his hands roaming a little too close to the front of her skirt.

"Just sit back on the edge of the bed...I'm gonna turn around here in a second and I want to see how good your face looks tucked between my thighs," Trina gleamed.

"I'm not real big on eatin' pussy," Larry told her, his voice noticeably warbled from the chemicals flowing through his body.

"I'll verify that," Summer shook her head and snickered as we watched the image on the laptop sitting between us.

"No problem Baby," Trina soothed. "Just plant a kiss or two down there and then I'll let you stick that huge horse cock of yours right up inside me."

Larry eased backwards and slowly took a seat on the edge of the bed, and I watched as Trina adjusted the visible bulge that protruded from the front of her miniskirt before she turned around.

"Now close your eyes...your little slut wants to surprise you with what she has to offer," Trina said, waiting for Larry to close his eyes as she watched in the mirror.

With the grace of a ballerina, Trina then spun back around towards Larry.

The grainy digital video of what was happening in the room seemed to unfold in slow motion on the monitor as Summer and I watched from the parking lot. Larry was sitting on the foot of the bed like an anxious kid at Christmas with his eyes closed as Trina whirled around. You could see Trina taking one last peek over her shoulder, just to make sure his eyes were shut before she gave away her ultimate surprise. When she was certain, Trina wheeled around and pulled the front of her skirt up with her right hand.

The quality of the feed wasn't good enough to pick up the sound of Trina's cock smacking against the left side of Larry's face, but the video quality was adequate enough to allow anyone watching to see the look of unhinged shock that washed through him after he opened his eyes. Larry's mouth puckered into a large oval but barely a quiver of sound escaped as his cocaine clouded brain tried to process what he was seeing.

Trina simply stood there for several moments, seemingly savoring Larry reaction as she held her cock in front of his face for him to see. It was evident she could feel the disconnect raging inside the married black man as he alternated his gaze back and forth between her perfectly feminine face and the throbbing chunk of manhood she was displaying proudly in her hand.

Not that Larry would have ever figured it out, but when he slowly guided his right hand across his body to feel the spot where Trina's cock had collided with his cheek, he wouldn't have had a clue that a small trace of his very own Wife's arousal would have been transferred from Trina's dick to his 5 o'clock shadow, remnants from Trina and Summer's encounter on my sofa only an hour earlier.

From the diagonal angle of the camera, you could literally see the color and size of Larry's eyes change when it finally started to register in his head what was going on. I couldn't even begin to try and put myself in Larry's shoes, wondering what he must be thinking as the reality of the situation exploded across her theatre screen of his brain. Summer and I both found ourselves gripping the edge of the seats beneath us as the morality play unfolded on the laptop, each of us fearing the worst as the monster inside Larry appeared to be on the verge of breaking through.

Even though Larry's mind had successfully connected many of the dots, communicating that thought into action in his extremities proved to be more difficult for Summer's spastic Husband. You could see several muscles throughout his naked body twitching and trying to fire as he tried to formulate a physical response, but the combination of cocaine and liquor in his system prevented his initial attempts at retribution from ever getting off the ground.

When he finally did muster the equilibrium to make a lunge towards Trina, she calmly stepped back and left Larry grasping nothing but thin air. With Larry off balance and teetering on the edge of the bed, Trina uncorked one hell of a well practiced karate kick that landed in the center of his exposed sternum.

A bellowing howl shot from Larry's lips when he felt the sharp tip of Trina's high heel pierce his skin, not to mention the sheer force of the blow which ejected him backwards on the bed.

Using the window of opportunity Trina had created for herself, she quickly darted towards the leather purse with the hidden camera and grabbed it off the table. The image on the laptop's screen instantly started to jumble and bounce when Trina tucked the purse under her arm and started towards the door.

From the sound coming through the feed however, you could tell she was fishing for Plan B inside the purse as the sound of Larry's approaching footsteps and inhuman groans filtered through the connection.

Plan B thankfully consisted of a full loaded pistol I'd tucked inside the purse, just in case.

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