Dirty Black Summer Ch. 03

byStardog Champion©

Through the speaker on the laptop, you could hear a slurred and non-stop flurry of expletives streaming from Larry's mouth as the sound of his struggle with Trina sent chills of fear coursing through me and Summer. I even looked up on the dashboard and started to reach for my cell phone to call 911 when the sudden sound of a pistol's hammer being pulled back caused a sudden pall of silence to leak through the computer.

"God damn...You fucking Freak," Larry's voice finally came through, sounding just like a man who had a gun pointed between his eyes. "You're gonna come up here and pull this stunt, get me naked, then shoot me dead?"

"This is just a little insurance policy...you just never know how a guy's gonna react sometimes," Trina replied, her voice calm on the surface belying the drowning amount of adrenaline that had to be flowing through her system as she held the gun out in front of her.

"I thought we could really had something special," she continued. "You didn't have a problem snorting my coke, you didn't have a problem letting me suck your dick, hell, I still got the taste of your sweet cum right here on my lips Baby, but when I wanted a little reciprocation, you went and acted like a spoiled little boy."

With that, you could hear the sound of the hotel room's front door squeaking open, followed by the shuffling sound of feet, then the door being closed. I held my breath waiting for Larry to make final lunge towards Trina, but the anti-climatic click of the door closing shut ended that.

My assumption was Larry had said to himself," I just got a great blowjob and a couple of hits of some primo coke out of the deal, and didn't have to pay a penny for either...just let the Bitch go. No one other than us two ever has to know tonight even happened and the last thing I need is to be shitfaced and naked, chasing a tranny through the lobby of a big hotel."

The sound of Trina's high heels clicking down several flights of stairs a couple of seconds later was a welcome relief, and I quickly started the car and swerved around to the exit where we'd agreed pick her up.


Trina hadn't even closed the car door all the way behind her before I gunned the gas to get out of the parking lot. Putting a couple of miles between ourselves and the hotel, I gave us all a chance to decompress before starting to look for an available payphone.

"How close did you come to pulling the trigger?" I asked Trina who was still breathing rather rapidly in the backseat.

"Not really...he was naked and high and had the bedsheets tangled around his feet when he started after me...it was a pretty amusing sight now that I think about it... gave me plenty of time to get the gun out and aim it," Trina sighed.

"PHHEEEWWW," Summer exhaled from the passenger seat, her voice sounding like a leak of steam shooting from pressurized pipe as seemingly years worth of accumulated frustrations left her body.

"So what do you want to do now Summer?" I looked over and asked. "We have him on film...we can have dozens of copies made and have the thing posted on YouTube within the hour, or we could just hold it and wait to see how much of a fuck-up he wants to be when you serve your papers on him?"

"Call him now," she replied with the cold indifference of a executioner.

So I pulled up to a payphone and did what she asked.


The call to Larry was short and not very sweet. He did answer to my surprise after about the 5th ring. I could picture him in a cocaine fuel stupor trying to find his cell phone while at the same time trying to find his clothes along with what was left of his dignity. Somehow he didn't sound shocked to hear my voice, considering I'd called earlier in the day when I was driving down the road getting a blowjob from his Wife.

I asked him 'why he had to go and break a nice little girl's heart' when he blew up at the tranny I'd sent over to entertain him. I also pleaded with him not to waste any of the cocaine that might be left over on the side of his nose, considering the money to buy it came out of my own pocket.

I didn't make any threats, or even bring Summer's name into the brief conversation. Larry seemed like a smart enough guy, even while buzzed, to eventually figure out who had the desire and will to pull off such a labor intensive caper. I simply told him 'there would be plenty of copies of the evening's events if he ever wanted to re-live his rendezvous with the tranny with the two loaded weapons'.

I also sprinkled in the insinuation that if he did anything that might be considered heavy handed, that many of the people close to him might receive a personalized copy of the hidden video, or perhaps maybe even a link to it after I posted it online for the whole world to see.

I could picture him sitting on the edge of the bed in that ransacked hotel room, clutching his cellphone to his ear as a tortured mixture of rage, shame and embarrassment poisoned his blood.

"Good night," I said to Larry just before winking over to Summer in the car.

Then I politely hung the phone up.



Hope you enjoyed it

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