tagExhibitionist & VoyeurDirty Lady Katherine Ch. 04

Dirty Lady Katherine Ch. 04


Lady Katherine will never tell.

As much as Tom and Neil asked for details, almost to the point of begging, Katherine never told them what happened once the tape stopped rolling. The blog was bombarded with comments wanting to know the same thing, but part of the fun was keeping a secret. It couldn't all be on the internet for the world to see now, could it?

They'd spent the odd night together since, and even had an immensely erotic quickie between courses of dinner one evening. Paul had nearly walked in on them, and the thrill was yummy.

Sally had been interested in what Katherine's next filmed escapade would be. She was keen, she said, to watch it. They kept their relationship professional throughout the day, aside from that one slip. There was no jealousy, and Sally's relaxed manner about it all really helped. They both knew it was a little bit of fun. Luscious fun though.

They'd actually missed their self-imposed Sunday deadline for a new video, but traffic to the site had leapt again, and no one was agitating for more just yet.

Katherine's was lying on her bed in her baby blue silk pyjamas. Sally had come to her last night, and she was a little exhausted as the morning sun peeked through the half-open drapes. The warmth of her laptop felt nice as it sat on her thighs.

Tom was perched on the dresser, camera in hand, with that incessant red blinking light.

"What?" he asked as she sighed a little to herself.

"Just a nice comment on the site," she explained, as she re-read the beautiful prose of Leah's posting. If she wasn't feeling quite so spent, she'd have asked Tom to leave so she could read it again, even more slowly.

"Did you see the new questions section Neil's added?" Tom enquired.

"No," she hunted the screen for a link, and stroked her mouse finger to the button.

"Uploaded it this morning," Tom explained, "Anyone used it yet?"

"A few."

"Read them out."

Katherine sighed without energy, "Um ... first one is, 'are you really a Lady?'"

Tom snorted a little laugh and she typed her reply.

"What did you say?"

"Yes, but sometimes I don't act like a Lady"

She clicked the button to add it, then read out the next; "How big are your tits? Though he's spelt it 'bug'."

She typed "34b, which does bug me a little."

"I bet the next one is asking about your bush," Tom guessed.

"Yep," she said, hating her common twang, and then hating herself for hating it. "Here's one, 'what's the biggest cock you've ever had?'"

She looked up at Tom and curled her face in thought. It's not as though she ever measured, and she could only really compare one to the other. "Is eight inches big?"

"Quite," Tom shifted slightly, "Yes actually."

She had no idea if that was a genuine answer or not, but she typed it nonetheless. Then she smirked as she realised why he was shifting. "How big is yours?"

"Bugger off," he snapped jokingly, "Neil's is huuuge."

"What?" she spluttered, "How do you even know that?"

Tom shifted again, "I caught him watching the Sally video."

"Oh," she shrugged at the boring explanation, "Did you watch it?" she asked idly, looking back at her screen.

"Obviously. Watched it as soon as I left the room. And what did happen after I ..."

"How huge is huge anyway?" she blurted in spite of herself.


"That doesn't mean anything," she pouted slightly, and focused her attention on the laptop once more.

The silence hung in the air, and the atmosphere cooled. "I mean," she said suddenly, "Are we talking freakishly big here?"

"Not freakishly big no, but porno-sized at least."

"Oh," she said, not knowing what that meant.

Her Inbox chimed, and she switched screens to look at her email. The fat bold type announced the new arrival, which boasted the rather boring subject line 'Love the site". But it was the name of the sender that made her open it immediately.

Her eyes danced over the text, and she tried to hide her reaction from the camera. It wasn't a long swathe of typing, it simply said, "I can't stop watching your videos. I was wondering if I might come and visit so we could make one of our own? xx"

Katherine dashed off a quick reply, hoping that "Why don't you come and stay next weekend? x" didn't sound desperate. Her mind began to race at the possibilities and she needed to calm down, so she switched back to her website.

The first thing she saw was the question about penis size.

The curiosity finally overcame her; she could pretend no more and closed the laptop, "I'm going to ask him to show me."

The trek down to the wine cellar took some time. As they padded through the house, her bare foot, Tom probably framing her bum as she walked, she kept other thoughts at bay by analysing the situation.

She was simply intrigued.

Surely it wasn't as big as Tom said; maybe he just thought it was so large next to his own. She couldn't imagine he'd seen too many himself. It also occurred to her that Tom might be manipulating things in the background. Had he asked Sally to make her initial come on in front of the camera? Was this just a way of getting some good footage for the site?

She decided not to let him get his way if that was the case. She had her own plans now ... no, focus on the cock.

The sound of the server fans hit her as they wandered into the wine cellar. It was quite chilly down here, but not uncomfortably so. Neil had a desk in the corner, strewn with monitors and all sort of equipment. He was looking at some data on his screen, swinging gently in his huge leather office chair.

Katherine sat down on some crates of wine, and waited for him to notice her.

He was consumed in work, and Katherine crossed her legs, hoping the movement would catch his attention. It did not, and she felt the camera framing her intimately. From the corner of her eye she could see Tom focussing on her chest, and she flicked her eyes down to see her nipples poking through the silk.

"Oh for God's sake," she sighed, "It's cold."

Tom smirked, though she was a little annoyed that men immediately presumed stiff nipples meant arousal. But her little outburst had finally made Neil turn his chair to face her.

"Hello," he said with a questioning inflection.

Katherine had no idea how she was going to broach this. Three different sentences started in her head, and none of them went anywhere. With a sniff she decided to be forthright. When the question came out, she was amazed at how posh she sounded, "How big is your cock?"

Neil shrugged, not shocked, just at a loss for an answer. "Normal size," he said finally.

Katherine darted a triumphant look at Tom, but from behind the camera he said, "Show her."

Neil swivelled round to face him, so relaxed it was unreal. "How am I supposed to make it hard?"

"Do what you always do." Tom shrugged.

With a sigh, like he was being asked to pass the salt, he unbuckled his belt, opened his fly, and with a lift of his hips, pushed down his jeans. Katherine saw a lump of flaccid flesh trapped in his shorts, but nothing surprising otherwise.

As he fished it out with his hand, it flopped and rolled a little bit, slightly tumescent. Katherine still couldn't see what the fuss was about; it was barely more than a handful. Fairly thick though, she admitted to herself.

She looked at the camera, and saw it was squarely aimed at her. Tom was clearly trying to document some kind of shocked reaction. It amused her a little that he was so insecure. When she looked back at Neil, it had grown. He was gripping it in his fist at the base, and flopping it from side to side, as if to wake it up. It was doing the trick, but it was still nothing to write to Mummy about.

There was odd expression to pop in to her mind.

It began to stiffen and rise up now, supporting its own weight. And his balls began to swell inside his sack. Neil looked almost bored as he began to pump his fist up and down the burgeoning shaft.

It just kept growing.

And growing.

Katherine felt her tongue lick at her lips secretly, and hoped Tom had not seen it. She shifted round slightly, turning her shoulder on the camera, trying to mask her face without making it obvious.

She felt her eyelids getting heavy, a sure sign, and she cupped her chin in her hand as she pushed her elbow into her thigh. She hoped the pain of it would calm her down. She looked idly at one of his monitors and tried to sound as bored as he looked, "How many hits have we had today?"

She didn't hear his answer, as she kept flicking her eyes from the monitor to his prick. He was still pumping it, and still talking as she heard her mouth betray her, "Can I touch it?"

He shrugged, but his apathy didn't stop her from shifting closer and kneeling between his legs. She just watched it as he continued to pump himself, amazed that it was still growing. In fact, she wasn't even sure if she could fit it in her dainty hand anymore.

She nearly turned to the camera to swear at Tom, but she was more interested in something else now. She could see the slightly translucent skin as it moved over the solid flesh beneath, and the thick vein that gave softly under his touch. Her arm rested across his thighs, but she stopped herself from going further, even though her finger flicked at it with a yearning twitch.

Neil was reaching for his mouse, and soon she was aware that the video of her and Sally was playing on the middle monitor. It was flattering to see that this made him pump it harder. She looked up to see him watching the screen. Maybe he was shy; that thought made her feel less ignored.

Again her body betrayed her, as she felt herself pressing her breasts into his legs and sighing softly; but at least it made him click the video off and look down at her. She smiled a little at him, and he watched as she moved her hand closer to it, stretching her little finger towards it.

The heat burnt into her as it lightly pressed into the vein at the base, which made her recoil from it somewhat. She swallowed and focussed on the prick fully now. He released it, and it remained standing, firm and proud. And huge.

With a little swallow, she snaked her hand up the underside of it, feeling its heat and stiffness against her palm, the skin tugging underneath her touch. When she reached the tip, her fingers furled around and enveloped it.


And she felt her hand stretching open as she stroked slowly back down its length.

Shifting a little on her knees, she bought her other hand up and let it curl around the shaft. She held, one hand resting above the other, and noted how much of it still remained visible. Measurements done, she bought the upper hand to the helmet and pressed into it with her palm, as she held the base firmly in the lower one. She circled and massaged at his glands, and slowly pumped at the bottom, watching his balls jiggle gently.

They were pretty huge too.

She squeezed her grip tighter, attempting to gauge how stiff he really was. The flesh gave way ever so slightly, but it took some actual effort. It pleased her that he was enjoying this. Still holding him low down on his length, she removed her top hand and was a little surprised when she bought it to her breast.

Darting her eyes, she made sure that she hadn't been caught doing this on camera, and as she began to work him up and down, she surreptitiously teased at her nipple through the silk.

Neil sighed.


She worked her fist a bit faster, and watched as his balls began to bounce a little. As she licked her lips again, it occurred to her, perhaps for the first time, that she'd never actually had one of these in her mouth.

Could that be right? Surely not?

There had been a few handjobs certainly, she realised, as she began to pump more vigorously now. She wasn't overly experienced -- a few stolen fumbles really - but of the three or four guys she'd been with, well, they'd all been more eager to push it inside something else. Overly eager in fact.

The Lady Katherine began to wonder if she could even fit this thing in her mouth.

She knelt up a little higher, and rehearsed pushing her mouth over it in her mind.


Just then, Neil shifted in the chair, sliding down slightly, bringing his groin closer to her. The balls swelled and rolled on the leather, and she decided to start there.

Bending her wrist round, she continued to pump the shaft, before leaning down and planting a tiny kiss right at the root of it. Hearing the gentle hiss from his nostrils, she took encouragement, and throwing caution to the wind, she sucked one of his balls deep into her mouth.

His chest tightened, and the bally thing nearly filled her up. She rolled and sucked at it, and felt him sigh above her. It fell free, and she hungrily gobbled up the other one. It felt yummy inside her mouth, and she had to fight the urge to bite down on it, knowing it wasn't a juicy plum and he wouldn't react well.

The thought actually made her snort a giggle. That made him shiver slightly, so she moaned gently around it, liking the way he reacted.

After squeezing it out past her lips slowly, she pressed her tongue into the underside of the shaft, and with a fat wet lick, traced all the way up its length. Swirling around the top she opened her mouth wide and let herself down on to it.


Her lips stretched wide to accommodate him, and the heat of it in her mouth made her moan again. She barely had the helmet in her, and she wasn't sure she could take much more. Easing down a little more, she felt her jaw reach its limit, and had to suck back up slightly.

In fact, she had to completely let it out with a juicy slurp.

She looked up at him by way of apology, but he didn't seem to mind.

"I don't want to come in front of him," Neil said, flicking his head at Tom.

"Fair enough," Tom said.

"In fact, do you mind if we don't put this one up on the site?"

Lady Katherine slowly worked his cock in her fist, and shook her head, a little lamentably. She would have loved to have seen it jerking and spitting its mess everywhere, but she completely understood.

She couldn't let it go, and found herself working up a rhythm again.

"What if he leaves?" she heard herself suggest.



Katherine bounded up the stairs, wiping her hand with a tissue. She hadn't even attempted to get it in her mouth again, but once Tom had left, Neil had relaxed and happily shown her the results of her handiwork.

She tossed the crumpled tissue at the stupid suit of armour that stood at the top of the stairs, and hurried along to her bedroom. It had been nice, but hardly delicious or new.

The mattress undulated under her as she landed on it with a bounce. Pawing at her laptop, she was keen to check her email. Her heart skipped as she saw the reply waiting for her.

"Sounds yummy. How about Saturday? x"

Having tapped out a quick response, she rolled on to her back and reached inside her baby blue pyjama bottoms.

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