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Dirty Movies: Megan Fox


Author's note: this story contains an EXTREME amount of scat and vomit play, as well as some bisexual activity between males, so if you're not into that, look elsewhere.

I set the bar really high (or really low, depending on how you look at it) for this story, so I realize it may not compare to my Olivia Wilde story in terms of writing or detail. This was just one of those stories I had to get out of my system, so make of it what you will.

There are three kinds of secrets in Hollywood: the kind that the tabloids and the media know about, the kind that directors, producers, and agents know about, and the kind that only the celebrities themselves know about. Dirty Movies is one of the third kind. Spreading only through word of mouth from actress to actress, starlet to starlet, Dirty Movies is a production company founded solely for one reason: so that the gorgeous young ladies who graced screens and made hit singles could act out their nastiest, raunchiest sexual fantasies on film for their own private collections, to be shared only on the drunkest of nights with others also "in the know." No one quite knows the full story of how Dirty Movies came into being, nor how their logistics works in terms of fulfilling every one of their client's personal fantasies, but they manage to provide for everyone, and no one has ever been disappointed by their service.

At this moment, Dirty Movies is about to start a new film with one of their regulars...


The movie opens with a shot of its star sitting on the red couch with her legs crossed demurely, belying her true nature, as she finishes applying the last of her lip gloss. Satisfied with how she looks, the sultry Megan Fox closes her compact with a snap and smirks at the camera, her blue eyes lit with a mixture of playfulness and challenge like she's just been dared to do something wicked and fun...which of course she's about to.

"Welcome back, Megan, nice to have you here again so soon."

"Couldn't stay away, you know that," Megan says teasingly.

"And I see you...dressed up for the occasion."

Megan laughs. "You like?" she asks, uncrossing her legs and leaning back so the camera can see what's she wearing...or not wearing, in this case. Megan is wearing a skimpy G-string that just barely covers her pussy lips, and this is really the only thing she's wearing that can be considered "clothing," because the only other thing she has on is a fishnet bodystocking, the holes in it so wide that the nipples of her B-cup tits, which looks huge on her small stature, easily poke through them.

"Very much. Now this isn't your first time shooting with us--the first movie you did was that garage gangbang back in '07..."

The scene cuts to a clip of that movie. Megan Fox, still fresh from her quick rise to stardom with the success of the first Transformers movie, is in an automotive garage completely stripped to the skin and bent over in front of a familiar-looking Chevrolet Camaro, painted yellow with black rally stripes on its hood. Her hands pressed on the hood of the Camaro, she is busily getting fucked from behind, the guy pistoning in and out of her wet cunt as his hips bang again and again against her ass. A second guy is sitting on the hood in front of her, and Megan is giving him an incredible blowjob, her head bobbing down in time with each thrust she gets from behind. A half dozen other men are standing around, waiting their turn.

"...and then there was the movie you did in '09..."

"Two movies." Megan corrects. "That turned into a double feature since we did it back-to-back. I started with the piss orgy..."

Another clip shows what looks like a warehouse, with the center of the room being taken up by the action. Megan is on her hands and knees in a large inflated wading pool, being double penetrated roughly while seven men unleash jets of urine all over her face, hair, and rocking body. Megan is already soaked, and there's a half inch of liquid waste already collected in the pool. A sudden climax overtakes her, and she throws her head back as she screams it out, her dark wet hair whipping around and throwing off a wide spray of piss.

"...and then it got real fucking dirty." Megan says, a devilish grin on her face.

A third clip, shot in the same setting as the last. Megan is now on her back in the wading pool, which has collected a little over three inches of piss. One of the guys is squatting over her head, his face a mask of concentration as a thick, dark brown turd slowly squeezes out of his asshole. The hot movie star is looking up at the log of shit hanging over her expectantly; the lower half of her face is already a messy brown, and there is a sizable mass of shit already piling out of her open mouth which Megan appears to be chewing on. A larger pile of dung rests between her big tits, and the other guys are taking handfuls of it to rub all over her fantastically fit body. The man above Megan's head pinches off the loaf he's shitting out, and it lands right across her blue eyes as the clip ends.

"I didn't know you counted that as two separate movies."

"Well, not everyone I show it to is into scat, so I stop it when it gets up to that part." Megan replies with a shrug. "And since both orgies lasted over an hour, I figure it's basically two movies anyway."

"Okay...and then just a couple months ago you were with us doing that scene in the hospital."

A final clip, showing Megan's latest Dirty Movie, set in what looks like the maternity ward in a hospital. Unlike the other clips, Megan is wearing something this time: a large black strap-on. Standing in between the legs of a nude 19-year-old redheaded girl who looks about 8 and a half months pregnant and is lying on a hospital bed with her feet up in stirrups, the depraved Hollywood star is ramming the strap-on cock in and out of the pregnant girl's ass. Her arms are stretched around the swollen girl's belly so that she can clasp the milk-filled tits in her hands, and she's squeezing them hard enough so that tit milk is fountaining out all over the soon-to-be-mother's chest, neck, and face. The 19-year-old is screaming in ecstasy; her pregnancy has driven her sexual arousal levels through the ceiling, and being rammed hard in her ass while having her tits milked is heaven to her. Both her and Megan are trying to catch the spraying milk with their tongues, and in between that Megan is spewing strings of lewd obscenities about herself and the mother-to-be. Next to them are four other young women in hospital beds, all of them naked and in advanced stages of pregnancy, and none of them looking to be older than 23. They are clearly waiting their turn to be assfucked and milked, as each of them plays with a dildo around her asshole to get it ready.

"That was fucking wild," Megan says with a chuckle, her eyes shining with perverted lust.

"I agree. The girls all send their regards, by the way."

Megan grins again and sticks out her tongue.

"So you've done four movies with us thus far, which is amazing for us, because most of our clients only do one or maybe two movies, ever. We rarely have anyone come back for more than that, especially not within that short of a time frame."

"What can I say?" Megan leans back on the couch again, arching her back so her tits stand out and spreading her legs wide. "These are my kinds of movies."

Her nipples are already hard, and Megan twists them between her fingers, making a low growling sound at the back of her throat--clearly, she's more than ready to rock at this point.

"So this is your fifth Dirty Movie, and you don't have a setup for us this time, right?"

"Nope," Megan breathes. "I just want to get to it, right fucking now!"

Immediately the movie begins as two women walk over from behind the camera to the couch and sit down on either side of Megan. The women are gorgeous, one of them with shining blonde hair and the other a wavy brunette, looking as though they just stepped out of a fashion magazine, and are dressed in bikini tops and tiny miniskirts. They start caressing Megan's body with their hands, fondling and squeezing her big tits, running their fingers over her shoulders and down her back, and sliding their hands down Megan's fit stomach to cup her G-string covered pussy. Megan responds to their sensual actions by kissing each of them deeply, slippery wet tongues meeting and intertwining as the heat between them rises.

The blonde stands up and takes off her top, revealing fake C-cups tits. Megan slides her hands up to grope them, squeezing them together and rolling the blonde's pink nipples between her thumbs and forefingers, while she continues to lustfully French kiss the brunette. Slowly her hands travel down the blonde's stomach, running over the hem of the miniskirt to stop at her crotch. Megan broke the kiss and turned back towards the blonde, her hands rubbing the blonde's covered crotch as she stared into her eyes with hungry anticipation. She grasps the hem of the miniskirt and jerks it down the blonde's long legs in one motion. A shaved and fully erect six-inch cock pops out, a drop a precum already shining on the tip. Opening her mouth and sticking out her tongue, the slutty actress leans forwards and gives the head of the blonde shemale's cock a long, slow lick. The blonde visibly shivers and makes a low sound in her throat.

Licking her lips, Megan takes most of the six-inch dickmeat in her mouth and starts sucking on it furiously, making wet slurping sounds as she bathes it in her spit while one hand cups the ballsack hanging beneath it. The blonde runs her own hands through Megan's dark hair as her cock is being serviced, and she starts grinding her hips forward, trying to get the rest of her cock in Megan's mouth. Meanwhile, the brunette next to them has stripped off her clothes, revealing a seven-inch prick of her own, her balls dangling underneath. She lies back on the couch, one hand squeezing her large D-cup implants while she spits into the other and strokes her hardening length, making in shine in the light while she watches the other two.

The blonde shemale now has all six inches of her cock in Megan's mouth, and is now face-fucking her, her balls slapping against her chin. Spit is oozing and dripping from Megan's mouth, and her blue eyes are closed as she savors the hard meat in her mouth. The blonde pulls Megan off her cock and gets her to stand, capturing the Hollywood star in a hot kiss while Megan continues to jerk the blonde's cock in her hands. Turning Megan around, the blonde makes her bend over so that Megan comes face-to-cock with the brunette. Immediately she begins sucking on it, the brunette's cock not only longer than the blonde's, but also thicker in girth, and Megan's cheeks bulge lewdly with cockmeat.

The blonde, meanwhile, has started tearing Megan's fishnet bodystocking apart from behind, splitting it in the middle down her back. When she gets to Megan's G-string she rips off the flimsy thong with one tug, exposing the celebrity's pussy and asshole as Megan spreads her legs in anticipation. Squatting down, the blonde leans in and starts lapping at Megan's cunt, the tangy taste of twat juice on her tongue. Megan's moans of pleasure are muffled by the thick cock in her mouth as her cunt is eaten out, the blonde's talented mouth nibbling and sucking on Megan's clit and her tongue slipping into Megan's soaking fuckhole to savor her juices. The brunette is pushing Megan's head down onto her crotch, forcing more of her cock into the actress' slutty throat, and large strings of drool and throat slime are rolling down the shaft as Megan gags on it.

After a few minutes, the blonde straightens up and, using one hand to guide her stiff cock to the entrance of Megan's cunt, shoves it all the way to her balls in one stroke. Megan's holes are well-fucked, and the blonde wastes no time in fucking her gash with hard, fast pumps. The brunette has managed to get all over her cock into Megan's mouth and throat, and is holding the actress' head down so that her nose is mashed into her crotch and her balls are soaked with spit and phlegm. Megan's face is red as she struggles to breathe through her nose, her throat muscles working frantically to adjust to the throbbing meat, her mascara smudging and running as she tears up from the exertion. Her pussy is on fire from being fucked like a dog while her throat is abused and she cums hard, her moans coming out in wet gagging sounds. The brunette shemale's eyes are half-lidded in pleasure as she enjoys the massage her cock is getting.

Megan's choking, gagging sounds are getting louder and rougher, and she can feel her stomach start to churn. She presses even further into the brunette's crotch, now trying to get her balls past her lips. This pushes the seven-inch cock down her throat even further and, combined with the hard fucking she's getting from behind, she can feel her stomach churning more, the muscles contracting.

"I think this bitch trying to make herself puke," the brunette says to the blonde, knowing full well this is the case.

"Is that so?" the blonde says in a husky voice. Still sawing in and out of Megan's twat, she leans down, her fake tits pressing into Megan's back, and whispers into her ear. "You wanna puke up your guts, huh, slut? Spew your lunch all over this tranny's hot fucking body? Do you?" Megan can't respond; her head is spinning and she can barely hold back the inevitable rush of vomit coming up.

"I can't hear you!" the blonde says mockingly. Grabbing two handfuls of long dark hair, she yanks Megan's head off the brunette's cock in one motion, pulling her upper body in an angle. "Spit it out, whore!"

The sudden motion and rush of air are all that's needed to set Megan's insides off, and she makes a loud retching noise before a multicolored wave of puke explodes from her open mouth to splatter all over the brunette's big tits. At the same time she hits another climax, her cunt muscles spasming wildly around the blonde's cock. Megan is overwhelmed by the sensations rushing through her body, and would have collapsed were the blonde not holding her up.

Another retch and a second wave of hot vomit sprays the brunette's stomach, thighs, and crotch, with a good amount covering her hard cock. Megan had a big lunch in preparation for this film, and it shows: a lot of the puke is half-digested food. She heaves a couple more times, spitting out the last of her spew onto her own tits before her stomach settles.

"How do you feel, cunt?" The blonde asks. She's still fucking Megan, but slower now, letting the actress regain control of her body.

"I feel...hot." Megan half-whispers, her eyes flaming with rapturous lust as she stares at her handiwork. The brunette shemale is taking handfuls of the chunky vomit on her body and rubbing it on herself: her arms, her neck, her face, and even sticking some of it in her mouth. "I wanna play with more."

"You wanna play more? With our she-cocks and your puke?"

"Yes, but WITH more! More she-cocks, more puke, more EVERYTHING!" Megan is so turned on by this point that she's practically raving.

"As you wish." With that the blonde pulls her cock out of Megan's cunt, getting her to straighten up and tearing off the rest of her bodystocking. The brunette also stands, chunks of vomit sliding down her body, and the two shemales take hold of the actress' arms and lead her from the couch. Megan's searching hands find their cocks and she starts jerking them.

The shemales lead her to another part of the room where six other people are waiting on two green couches, all stark naked. Four of them are trannies: one a tall, black goddess with an eight-inch fuckstick, two Brazilian chicks with seven-inch dicks, and a petite Thai tranny whose six-inch cock looks huge on her small frame. There are also two muscular men, both sporting ten-inch pricks. All of them are rock-hard and stroking themselves as the three approach.

"Get on your knees." The brunette pushes Megan to the floor on her hands and knees, her wide eyes staring at the cocks surrounding her. "Show them how much you want them." Megan crawls forward, her mouth open, to the dick closest to her. It belongs to one of the Brazilians, a lithe woman with dirty-blonde hair and smaller B-cup tits, who moans as her cock is captured in Megan's experienced mouth.

Megan sucks on the shemale's cock like a vacuum, her tongue lapping again and again on the underside of the shaft as she feels the fleshy pole throb in her mouth. Pulling her mouth off the cock with a wet noise, she works her mouth for a moment before spitting a large glob of saliva onto the already-soaked meat, followed by another wad of spit on the Brazilian's ballsack. Using both her hands, Megan deftly greases the shemale's fuckmeat with her spit, her blue eyes locked onto the Brazilian's brown ones and her face a mask of animal lust. When the tranny's cock is shining in the light and her balls are soaked Megan gives it one more long lick and a kiss on the head before crawling over to the next shemale and attacking her cock with the same heat and fervor. Meanwhile the blonde and brunette shemales have gotten on their knees before the two men and are slathering their pulsing dicks with the still-warm puke off the brunette's body. When they are sufficiently covered in vomit the two shemales lean forward are start sucking the men's foul-tasting cocks with relish, their own cocks bobbing with their motions.

As Megan finishes giving the second Brazilian tranny's cock a thorough spit-shine, the black shemale suddenly stands, her ebony fuckpole bobbing with the motion. Moving forward, she grabs a handful of Megan's dark hair and pulls her from her knees, eliciting a squeal of pain from the actress as she is dragged bodily across the floor to the center of the group. "I can't wait no more," the dark-skinned Amazon shemale says with a husky growl. "I got a bladder full of piss and an ass full of shit that need emptyin'...and you're the prettiest fucking toilet I ever seen!"

So saying, Megan is made to lie on her back between the shemale's legs as she stands over the horny actress. The shemale squats so that her ass hangs right over Megan's cleavage. With one hand holding her swollen black cock, she takes a firm hold of Megan's head with the other hand and holds it up so that the Hollywood star is eye-level with the head of the throbbing member. Expectantly, Megan opens her mouth and sticks out her tongue for the incoming flood.

The black shemale tilts her head back and sighs in relief as she relaxes her lower muscles. Immediately a thick stream of urine shoots out of her hard cock to spray Megan's face like a firehose. The tranny had eaten a full bowl of asparagus and drank nothing but beer and liquor for the past hour, so the piss that spurts out of her cock is dark yellow with a greenish tint and smells absolutely foul. Yet Megan doesn't shy away from it; on the contrary, she keeps her head still and her mouth wide open as the rank liquid waste fills it, flooding past her lips and down her chin and neck. When she has a large mouthful she closes her mouth and swishes the piss in her mouth like it was Listerine. Meanwhile the shemale continues to hose down Megan's face, drenching it with dark yellow bladder juice. She even aims for the actress's hair, soaking it to her skin. Megan swallows the piss in her mouth with an audible gulp, a look of perverse pleasure on her drenched face. Eagerly she opens her mouth for more, and is rewarded with another mouthful, followed by a third.

As the ebony-skinned shemale continues to piss heavily, she grunts and tenses her body. The head of a dark brown turd emerges from her asshole and quickly expands to a 5-inch long, 1.5-inch wide piece of shit that drops onto Megan's tits. This is followed by a longer, fatter turd that curls as it drops. More excrement comes piling out of the shemale's ass as she continues filling Megan's mouth with piss to drink down thirstily. Eventually her piss tapers off, and the shemale adjusts her body so that her shitty asshole hovers over Megan's mouth. "Lick me clean, you sick bitch!" she demands. Megan complies instantly, her hands reaching up to spread open the dark asscheeks further before beginning to lick the dung-stained bunghole above her with fervor. Her breathing is heavy with lust, and the pile of shit on her chest rises and falls with each breath.

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