tagFetishDirty Old Man and a Ladyboy

Dirty Old Man and a Ladyboy


My brain was fried and I needed some heat. I couldn't tell if it was the temperature or the cocktail of hash and gin that made my head sizzle and my eyes blur. But I could tell I needed some heat, and quick. Hot and wet heat around my cock.

In Thailand, life is simple. You need it, you get it. Quicker than a fart. That's the way it is, that's the reason I go there. I lounged - slouched is a better word - in the sofa at the back of a strip club, on a dead-end street on the outskirts of Bangkok's sex district. Fuck, the whole country's a sex district, I know, but there I was. Barely able to raise my head to see the pussy-of-the-hour writhing and rotating on the stage.

In another country on another side of the planet, I'm a respectable guy. Pushing 50, family, semi-successful businessman. But in Bangkok, twice a year, I'm a slob and a drunk and a horny old man. Hash and gin and heat on my cock. In every particular order. That's all I need. That's all I get.

Slouching in the tattered leather sofa - who the fuck puts leather sofas in a tropical strip joint - I could feel my cock hard in my pants. For no particular reason. I squinted down past my big ol' gut and tried to focus on my cock tenting in my shorts. No underwear, they never stay on for long. Yep, it was hard. Fuck, I'd better get me some heat.

Wai-long came over with a refill - another big ass glass of gin with a squirt of lemonade - and put it on the table.

"You gonna suck my fat cock, Wai-long." It wasn't a question. My words sounded slurred, even to me, so god knows how she could've understood me. But she knew me by now I guess. I was as regular as the cunt juice stains on the stage.

"No, Mr. Finch. Not now. I working. Find 'nother lovely girl."

"Wai-long, I need some heat, goddamit!"

"I know, I know. Mr. Finch always need sam heat!" She giggled. I kinda smiled 'cause it sounded nice.

"Get me some fucking heat, Wai-long."

"Who you want? Chinese girl, Sha-lin? She 'vailable."

"I don't give a rat's ass, baby. Any hole will do."

She went quiet for a minute. I closed one eye to try and focus on her.

"You sure?"

"Goddamn right I'm sure. Gimme some heat."

"Okay, Mr. Finch..."

She giggled again and disappeared. I tried to grab my gin my couldn't be bothered.

I dunno if I dozed off or what, but when I opened my eyes, someone was straddling me.

I looked up in a haze and saw the prettiest little thing I ever saw.

"My name Mai. Wai-long say you want some action, big man?"

"Fucking right. Let's go."

But I didn't move. I just looked her up and down for a minute. Checking out the goods. The little sister had a skimpy pink bikini top on. I liked her tits. Round and firm and barely covered by the fraying fabric. Little pebble nipples sticking out, real hard. She was as skinny as a stick and she was wearing a little mini-skirt as she gently rocked back on my dick in my shorts. She had a nice smile but that wasn't that important. A fine little specimen.

She helped me up and led me away. They have rooms upstairs and before I could blink we were inside one of them. The windows were open and the blinds were down. It was as hot as the Devil's asshole. A ceiling fan didn't have much effect as it spun slowly around. I had to quit looking at it or else I'd throw up. I flopped down on the bed and tried to wake up a bit. No sense not trying to enjoy the heat. I propped myself up on my elbows and tried to get rid of the blurs that danced around in front of my eyes. Mai was standing at the end of the bed and kinda dancing real slow and sexy.

I waved with my hand and she got the message. She took off her bikini top. Fuck, those were some magical tits she had. I sat up, not without difficulty and she came over and rubbed them in my face. I didn't have much control over my tongue and I slobbered all over them so that my spit was hanging in strands from her hard little nipples. She just laughed and rubbed the spit into her skin.

"What you want, Mr. Finch? Wai-long say 'anything goes', yes?"

"Uh huh." It was a grunt more than anything. "Suck my fat cock..."

She was a good girl. Dropping to her knees and unzipping my pants in a flash. Whipping out my cock into the humid air of the room. It was still hard. Don't get me wrong, I ain't no porn star. Back home, my dick doesn't ever get hard, but the hash and gin of Thailand makes it stand tall.

Mai didn't waste time. I watched groggily as her bright red lips slipped over the head of my cock. She sucked on my knob real nice and then worked her way down. I'll never know how a little Thai girl her size could get my cock all the way down her throat. But she did. She fucking swallowed it. It ain't no monster, but in her little puckered mouth it looked that way. She sucked it hard, up and down. I was getting some heat. I couldn't sit up any more, my head was spinning. My fried brain was on autopilot as all my energy went into my dick.

She kept it up for quite a while and her finger snuck down and between my fat ass cheeks. It wiggled between my sweaty flesh and found my butthole. She jacked my cock with one hand and slid a finger up my ass. I tried to form some words.

"You like my ass, baby?"

"Love your ass. Love your hot asshole. Mmm."

"I got a dirty ol' ass for you."

"I love your dirty ass, Mr. Finch." Her finger slid farther up and I grunted and thrust my hips impatiently. She could talk the talk, let's see if she could walk the walk.

"I want some heat, Mai. Get your hole up here."

She stood up and pulled off my shorts. She scurried up, climbing up my body and straddling my big stomach.

"I love your gray hair, too. I like old men..."

"Yeah, well prove it..."

I looked down my body and saw she was still wearing that miniskirt. She unbuttoned my shirt.

"Get out of that skirt, girl."

"No, Mr. Finch. I give you some heat. You want my asshole on your fat cock?"

Before I could answer she grabbed my cock and raised herself up to position it at the entrance to her backdoor. I felt my cockhead part her firm asscheeks and meet the tiny muscles of her ass. I didn't care. Any hole would do. And Mai was a hot little slut so I was just happy to feel her on my cock.

Without much ceremony, she wiggled her sexy hips and started to slide down down down. Fuck knows where she got lubrication from, but then these girls had their tricks. No business of mine. What I wanted was what I was getting.

Fuck, was it ever tight and hot. Her ass was like a heated vice around my cock and I couldn't do much more than groan as she engulfed my shaft.

"You like, Mr. Finch?"

I didn't answer. My eyes rolled back in my head as the sensation washed over me. I was waking up a bit now. My primal instincts sending energy to my body.

When her asshole was completely sheathed around my cock, she leaned forward onto her hands, resting on my chest, and lifted up her ass, with her feet on the bed. Then she started pushing her ass down on my hard dick and then lifting it again. She fucked my cock like that, real good, for a long while. My hips thrust up to meet her and our sweating crotches slapped noisily together. I was groaning real loud now. This hot little thing was fucking me good.

In a flash, she spun around on my cock and assumed the same position, facing the other way. Her hands on my hairy thighs and her ass slapping down on my cock. That fucking skirt was restricting my view so I lifted it up so I could see me penetrate her ass. Her cheeks were as soft and smooth as the rest of her fine Asian skin.

I was getting into it now. Hormones dancing with gin and hash.

"I'm gonna fuck your ass doggy-style, baby..."

I pushed her ass off of my cock and got up on my knees behind her. She just waited there, wiggling her skinny ass in front of me as I grabbed my cock real hard and point it at her butthole. It was stretched open and it wasn't hard to just slide right in. I slid in real slow but then it got urgent. I grabbed her bony hips and starting fucking her hard. My fat belly slapping against her ass cheeks. She met every thrust like a good little girl.

I looked over to the side of the bed and saw our reflection in a big mirror. Overweight, gray-haired man, brain fried, dick hard, fucking a petite Thai girl up the ass. I smiled at myself and watched myself fuck her hard. It was sexy. I felt that ol' familiar feeling in my dick and knew it wouldn't be long before I blasted my hot cum up her hole. I wanted to see it and with one quick movement I ripped off her skirt. She was naked as the day she was born and I liked it.

I watched myself fucking her in the mirror, feeling virile and sexy. She was bracing herself on the bed to meet every thrust. Her firm, fantastic tits were bouncing hard.

Then I saw something I didn't expect to see. I blinked and squinted into the mirror. I knew I was high and drunk but it looked like something that shouldn't be there.

With every thrust I could see something jiggle between Mai's legs. It couldn't be....

Mai looked over at me in the mirror and smiled real sexy. She could see that I had noticed.

I was still fucking her hard - I couldn't stop 'cause that ol' familiar feeling was swelling - but my brain couldn't really register what I was seeing.

I reached around Mai, under her flat stomach and fumbled after it. I felt it enter my palm and, maybe instinctively, I grabbed it.

My fingers closed around a hard, hot cock.

Mai's hard, hot cock.

It didn't really hit me at first. I felt my hips slow their fucking rhythm, but they didn't stop. Mai compensated for it by slamming her ass back on my dick with gusto. I just kneeled there, holding a hard cock in my hand and felt Mai's ass suck hungrily against my cock. I didn't know what to do. I thought about throwing up but that quickly faded as Mai started tightening her ass muscles each time she drew her asshole off my dick.

I could feel her cock throbbing in my hand, every vein pumping wildly with blood and all I could think was that it felt so familiar. Like my own fat cock. It was about the same size.

While I fought my way out of my stupor and tried to figure out how to react, Mai was loving it. Her voice was soft and feminine.

"Yeah, Mr. Finch... jack my hard cock, Mr. Finch! I'm so hard for you, baby. Fuck my tight ass and jack my hard cock, baby... do it, Mr. Finch... please...."

She reached around and grabbed my other hand and brought it around to her tit. I squeezed it. So firm, so real. Her nipple hard against my palm. Her cock hard against my other palm. Her ass fucking the life out of my own cock.

Before I could react, it started flowing up from my balls. My hot sperm rose fast and furious and was soon shooting up Mai's impossibly tight asshole. A long, low, never-ending groan inadvertently flowed out of my throat and my eyes were riveted to the crazy ass image in the mirror.

"Yes, Mr. Finch! Cum up my ass, baby! Do it! Yes!"

Mai milked my cock with her ass and I don't know why - I guess I was so wrapped up in the moment and desperate to cum - and I started jacking the hard cock in my hand. I watched as my hand started jerking fast up and down the shaft as I started spraying my load deep inside of Mai.

I held on tight to her tit and kneaded it roughly as I jerked her off. I couldn't hold my eyes open any longer as my orgasm - more intense than ever - washed over me.

I felt Mai bucking wildly beneath me and then that familiar feeling of cum shooting up her cock and spraying out onto the bed, coating my fingers with hot, sticky fluid.

Gradually our orgasms faded and I could do nothing more than fall backwards onto the squeaky bed, my cock popping rudely out of Mai's ass. I blacked out.

I felt a fantastic warm sensation on my cock, like from a great distance, as I groggily woke up. I looked down at my erection and saw Wai-long tenderly washing my shaft with soapy water. What the fuck? The sex that took place before... what had happened?

"I finish my shift, Mr. Finch, and thought I come up and play, too. I didn't figure you like ladyboys! They're sexy, yes?"

She giggled and rinsed the soap off my cock, sucking the water off with her hot little mouth.


I widened my blurry, sleepy focus and turned my head to see Mai lying next to me. She smiled so sexy and winked. I looked down her body, first stopping on her firm, pert tits with those eternally hard nipples. Ladyboys? My eyes moved downwards and my fears were confirmed. Mai was gently stroking her hard cock as she watched Wai-long suck my cock.

My mind reeled. I wanted to swing out and punch her and beat the shit out of her but the other half of my brain tingled with the feeling of Wai-long's mouth on my dick and, more shockingly, the memory of fucking Mai hours before.

Wai-long popped her mouth off my cock. "You liked it, didn't you, Mr. Finch?" They both giggled. So feminine, so sexy. But Mai had a hard, hungry cock.

Wai-long crawled up between us, grabbing Mai's cock and popping it into her mouth. Mai's hands instead went up to knead her perfect breasts and pinch her nipples roughly. Her head fell back on the pillow as Wai-long sucked her off.

I hadn't said a word. Conflicting emotions in my brain. Conflicting sensations in my body. I watched as Wai-long started picking up the tempo on Mai's cock, her hand a blur as she jacked the shaft, her mouth dipping down onto the cockhead, her cheeks hollow from the suction.

Mai turned to look at me. She was so pretty. "Your turn, Mr. Finch..." She nodded down to her cock. I knew what she meant. I didn't know what was happening as I got up onto my knees and bowed my head down. Wai-long smiled and took her mouth off of Mai's cock.

"Mai tastes so good, Mr. Finch..." She placed a tiny hand gently on the back of my neck and eased my mouth down towards the glistening cockhead jutting rudely up from between Mai's legs.

"I think we have to find some real men for Mr. Finch next time, Wai-long..."

They both giggled. I looked up into my own reflection in the mirror as my lips wrapped around Mai's cock like they were born to do so and my head started bobbing up and down.

Don't think things will be the same after this.

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