Dirty Scrubs


As I watched her, she switched hands between her legs, the fingers of her left hand moving up to her breast, quickly pulling aside the cup of her bra and releasing her tit to the air, fingers feeling to stroke and tease and pull gently at the nipple.

Still with her eyes closed, her torso leaning against the wall and her head bowed slightly as if in silent prayer, her right hand was starting to move faster between her thighs. Even from this distance, I could smell the scent of her.

I was awestruck for certain, astounded and shocked and obviously turned on. I mean, who wouldn't be, when confronted with this sight? The door I'd just opened was supposed to be for a closet where cleaning supplies are kept, though it's position at the far end of the virtually deserted top floor obviously put it in people's minds for other reasons - such as the cute blonde doctor masturbating. Anxious not to interrupt her, I pulled the door closed - well, almost closed.

Can you blame me if I wanted to watch a little more?

Blonde doctor (who of course has a name though I rarely bother to learn them) dipped her hand further down between her thighs, adjusted her stance a little by spreading her legs, and her head came up and back as she moaned quietly. Her finger, deep inside her, withdrew and must have been trailed back up to her clit, and I saw her breath catch in her throat as she hit the pleasure button, exhale sharply, then start all over again by dipping down and in, then out and up.

My position wasn't great, as I couldn't see everything she was doing, but my cock was growing harder.

She started picking up the pace, fingers moving faster, flicking and pulling her nipple harder, stroking quickly between her legs. Her breath was becoming ragged and her rhythm seemed to slip and her hand fumbled as she got closer to coming. She tried to keep the pace up and soon started coming. She buckled forward, trapping her own hand hard between her thighs, and I could see her face spasming as she tried to silently ride the orgasm, her hips automatically thrusting. She let out a faint groan that sounded like it had been torn from deep inside her, then slumped against the wall.

I figured it would only be a few seconds until she turned around, so I closed the door fully; these doctors work hard with barely a minute's rest. No doubt she'd risked it to come up here and bring herself off, but at least I got a bit of a show.

A noise trilled, and we both recognised the sound of a pager going off. I ducked into the nearest room - empty, as most of this floor was, and seconds later saw her race past to the nearest stairwell.

The slam of the stairwell door was proof she was gone, and I took the opportunity to check out the supply closet.

The smell was unmistakable - hot, wet pussy, which just made the throbbing of my cock that much stronger. In fact that it's position in my pants was getting a little painful. I ducked a hand in to reposition myself - and OK, I'll admit it, have a tug, but before I could get any steam up I got a call over my two-way.

'We need a cleanup in radiology.'

My boss. I stuffed my cock back in my pants and grabbed the mic.

'OK, just getting some supplies. I'll be down in two.'

I sighed and collected the gear I needed and made my way back to my cleaning cart, then headed down the elevator. It may not be the world's greatest job, cleaning up in a hospital, but radiology is where I make sure they get the best service. Cancer patients have enough to get on with without worrying that they just vomited on the floor.

A hospital is a busy place, except for when it isn't. Everyone would understand that party nights and weekends are the busy times. Car accidents around peak hour, sports injuries Sat/Sun. I caught sight of blonde doctor a couple of times, tried to catch her eye and smile at her, but they're a busy lot. For a few weeks I tried to see if there was some regularity to her visits to the top floor, but couldn't see it. Once or twice I thought she had a bit of a flush on her cheeks as she walked away down the hall. The stairwell door was between us but I hadn't seen her exit it, nor heard the sound of it closing, so who knows if that was it.

Today was different though. I decided to top up on my supplies - you know where from, right - and as soon as I opened the door that scent was in my nose again. Damn it! If I'd been quicker, I might have been able to watch again, but she was gone - now wait a minute! I realized I'd seen blonde doctor coming in the front entrance just as I got in the elevator. No way had she been in here recently, and the freshness of that smell was proof some woman had been just here.

It occurred to me that maybe it wasn't just blonde doctor using it.

While I worked the rest of the night, I thought about this situation. If caught, maybe I'd loose my job, but there was actually a backup to that.

The next day I visited a couple of electronics stores, and purchased supplies. Though I wasn't rostered to work, I came into the hospital anyway.

Step one was to relocate the contents of the supply closet. I lugged all the chemicals and cloth and mops and buckets and disinfectants down two floors, and loaded them into a vacant room.

'What in the hell d'ya think your doing?'

It was the Chief of Staff, the head doctor but effectively my boss - everybody's boss.

'What? I'm sick of going all the way up to the top floor to get supplies whenever I need them. No-one every messes up the top floor, and this place is convenient.'

He gave me a look but I beat him to the qualifier.

'Yeah, I'll make sure I still clean the top floor every now and then, but this way I make one trip to do that, and not a dozen a week for these supplies.'

He looked around. Everything was neatly stacked and clearly labeled. The more I thought about it, the more I realized I should have done this along time ago anyway - it really was more convenient.

'Yeah, OK.' He squinted hard at me. 'You're not on the clock are you?'

'Nope. Just doing this then going home.'

He nodded.


Then he waddled off. Little fucker.

Back up on the top floor, I put a wedge under the stairwell door and wet-floor signs right in front of the elevator. I didn't want anyone coming to use 'my room' until I'd prepared it. It took about two hours, and at one stage I thought I heard someone rattle the stairwell door handle. I certainly heard the elevator "bing" but no-one came bothering me.

It was past my normal bed time when I finished, but that didn't matter. I closed up, removed signs and wedges and went home.

The next day was a work day, but I went no where near the top floor. I guess I was feeling a little uncertain about what I'd done, but my mind just kept coming back to blonde doctor with her hands down her pants. I was daydreaming about just that when she walked past me just as an empty stretcher being pushed passed went off course, catching her hip and spinning her back into me. I automatically grabbed her to stop her falling as her foot connected with a bucket I was using, splashing stuff on the floor.

'Oh, Shit! Sorry,' she said.

'Nope, that's OK. You hurt?' I saw her rubbing her hip, just where she took the hit.

'Oh, no, it's nothing.'

Cleaning solution had splashed over, and the floor was wet. I quickly put out a couple of wet-floor signs, and realized I had a good opportunity here.

'Uh, listen, uh - '

'Eliot,' she said.

'Uh - '. Jeez -who'd be so cruel as to name a girl -

'Yeah, long story.' She shook her head. 'My father wanted a boy.'

'Uh, OK, I guess. Can you just wait here a second while I go and get - oh, no, that's right! We moved all the cleaning supplies down to this floor, and I don't have to go all the way up to the top floor to re-stock.' I waved her away. 'It's OK, doc. I hope your hip's alright.'

So now she knew that the supply closet was vacant. It wasn't actually, because of the extras I'd put there, but it was a hell of a lot better than before.

At the end of my shift I quietly checked the supply closet, retrieved my items and went home.

The video camera I had plugged in, and I quickly realized my first mistake. I had hours and hours of nothing except the mostly empty shelves, the old blankets and sheets I'd "stored" there and a hidden camera that feed to the video camera - no one came to the room, aside from me setting it up. I realized I needed a motion sensor to turn the camera on only when there was someone inside.

So, day two started, after I invested another hundred bucks. I was beginning to feel stupid, worried I'd been splashing out hard earned cash, but I figured I need to at least see this through. If I didn't get anything in a week, I'd sell the equipment on eBay and take the loss.

For four days, I had nothing. Not one visitor to the room. Maybe it was a once-off for blonde doctor (yeah, I know her name's Eliot, but I like "blonde doctor") and for whomever also used it that other time. Damn it, I'd just have to accept it. I'd had an interesting sight one day, with nice memories to keep me warm (and hard), but obviously that was it.

Day Five.

Oh. My. God.

Eliot used it today. Three times. I can't believe this woman!!

OK, I shouldn't get too excited.

The video worked perfectly. Only a second or two of the door opening was missed as the motion-sensing thingy went into action, but there she was wearing light green scrubs, the blonde hair with annoying bangs, eyes with extra mascara she's so smoking hot just to look at, I'm hard just thinking about it.

And there she was, ready for it. It was a quick wank with no preliminaries; hand down pants, fingers rubbing swiftly, no tit action but inside of two minutes she came on her hand and looked a whole lot more relaxed walking out than when she'd walked in.

The second time was about three hours later. Again a quick one, though she played with her breasts a little. I liked to see her get down to action so quickly.

I was astonished to see her in there less than an hour later. Maybe all this wanking was just making her hornier, because this time she partially stripped. The scrub pants went down to her ankles, her white undies to her knees, and for the first time I could see her fingers and hand working through her natural - and wasn't that a surprise - blonde pubes. The bad news was that after five minutes into this, her pager went off. For a second she clearly considered ignoring it, as she had that flushed look to her face that meant she wasn't far off orgasm, but she's a dedicated doc and stopped playing with herself so she could go save someone's life - or drain some loser's boil; you never know.

I watched those three scenes for more than few hours, eventually masturbating to the final scene just before her pager went off.

Day Twenty.

OK, so I've got a bit of a pattern now. It's only about every three days or so, and usually just the one wank, quickly. Occasionally it does make her come back for more. She pressed for time though, always busy, but I wish there was some way I could get her to spend a little more time doing this. It's kind of a guy thing, to wank so quickly.

Day Thirty.

When I saw a neighbor was throwing out a beat up old sofa, I grabbed it and made up a sticker, "Property of Sacred Heart Hospital Administration Center", and stuck it on the side where it could be seen. I installed it in the room, as if it had been stored there out of the way. It was pretty beat to hell, but clean and working - not the sort of thing you'd want in a fancy admin office, but maybe too good to be thrown out.

Day Thirty One.

Blonde doctor used the sofa, and oh my god, it was wonderful to see. When she first came in, it looked like it freaked her a little, reminding her that other people use the room too for "real" purposes. I hadn't thought of that, and I feared for a moment she'd skip out, but she stayed, dropped scrub pants and fingered herself to a luxurious orgasm some eight minutes later. It was my unfortunate luck that I hadn't figured out the camera angle for this properly, but I did get to see some glimpses of her snatch, all pink and moist and squishy and enticing. I'm getting wood just thinking about it again.

Day Thirty Five.

Had a brainwave, and along with reposition the camera, installed another plus an audio feed. There isn't a lot of space in the room itself for this stuff, but it works OK up in the roof. I'm a little worried that the electronic hum of the equipment might give it away, but blonde doctor doesn't seem to notice.

Day Forty.

OK, not so good today. One of the male doctors used the room to have a wank. I wasn't able to close my eyes in time, and unfortunately caught a glimpse of bald doctor's cock. After I washed my eyeballs out and stared into the sun for five minutes to make sure that image wasn't burned into my retinas, I realized it was confusing as he's supposed to be married. Maybe things are slow at home.

Day Fifty Five.

I've been so busy with work and a running battle with a certain other doctor that I haven't had a chance to even go collect the tapes.

Day Fifty Six.

I'm a participant in my own voyeuristic taping.

I went in today to change out tapes, but I didn't even get a chance. I keep the electronic equipment in a service area just above the room. It's only accessible through a hatch in the room next door, and I was up there when I heard the supply room door opening. Though concerned about being caught, I carefully turned on the LCD monitor on the record and I could see what was going on beneath me.

I found out who that other woman is, as well as why bald doctor was up here having a tug. His wife, who happens to be this hot latina nurse, is doing blonde doctor!

I'm not kidding.

Hot lesbian action, right there below me!

They must have come off-shift or something. Obviously they can't go to hot nurse's place, so either something's wrong with blonde doctor's apartment or they just couldn't wait - I think it was the latter. You should have seen it.

In the door, and bam! Blondie grabs nursie and rips her scrubs top off, exposing caramel-colored skin and sweet tits in a black lacy bra, but only for as long as it takes Blondie to rip that off too, then she's got her head down, sucking on nipples and licking.

Nursie has one hand working under blondie's top, and you can see blondie reacting to a hand on her tit as she sucks on nursie's own.

Nursie pushes blondie away for a second, but only to lift her top off, then to kneel down in front of her, look up like the world's sluttiest and sexiest goddess, and then slowly lowers blondie's scrub pants. Even from this camera angle I can see the dark patches showing on blondie's undies, where her wetness has started to soak through the white cotton.

I activate the split screen on the display, running both feeds now. One is at crotch level, just behind blondie's white-panty-sheathed ass, and aimed for a straight-through shot to the sofa. That picture disappears as blondie is pushed back against the lens - there's no worry; it's secure and virtually invisible. The other camera has that eagle-eye position, and now shows nursie pulling those undies down to blondie's feet, then burying her face in blondie's snatch. I can hear the licking and slurping, and the blood starts pumping to my cock.

Blondie is head back, enthralled at the tonging she's getting, and her hands move to pull of her bra. I've seen a lone tit, bra pulled aside as she worked the nipple during her previous wanks, but this time it's both of them, both barrels, and they are simply gorgeous.

It doesn't take long for blonde doctor to start coming on nursie's face, by which time of course my cock is in my hand and I'm working my fist up and down.

Nursie sits back on her heels, face all shiny and wet, while blondie gets her breath back.

Blondie gets her strength back too, and grabs nursie and lifts her up off her feet. Nursie wraps her legs around blondie's waist. For a long moment they kiss, and I can see this isn't just about the sex. These girls are into each other, with a soft and passionate kiss that just makes my cock harder.

Nursie is dry humping - well, not exactly dry - humping blondie, their groins rubbing against each other, and their noises tell how hot they're getting. Blondie steps up to the sofa and lays nursie down on it, then moves down her body to start licking up those dark thighs. God, the number of times I almost came just watching nursie writhing around on the sofa, moaning and groaning.

They had lots of time, and unlike blonde doctor, it took hot nurse a good ten minutes of this action before she started coming - and boy was she loud!

Blonde doctor pulled back and wiped at her face, pulled over her discarded scrubs and pulled out a cigarette. Still naked, she lit it and shared it with also still-naked hot nurse, and they started talking. It was so quiet I couldn't hear, but that's OK. Now that the pressure was off my own erection was going down, and I began to worry a little. I had my two-way with me, and while I had turned the volume down, if I didn't answer pages then someone might come looking for me. The last place they'd check would be the top floor, but they would still check eventually.

'What do you mean you don't know?'

It was blonde doctor. She sounded a little surprised.

'What if he freaks out?' That was hot nurse.

'Well ,if he's like every other guy, two women at once will be one of his fantasies.'

Huh? What's this?

'But what if he likes you better?'

I could see the confusion on blonde doctor's face.

'What? You mean what if afterwards Turk wanted me rather than you?'

'It's not funny, Eliot. Men are strange that way. What if the whole black-on-blonde thing took off? What would I do?'

Blonde doctor shook her head.

'It'd never happen,' she said. 'Besides, I've had enough of dating doctors anyway.'

'JD,' said hot nurse quietly.

'Yeah,' said blonde doctor, with more than a hint of sadness.


My nemesis.

Him? With blonde doctor? Say it isn't so!

'Do you miss it?' said hot nurse.

'Miss what?'

'You know - cock. As great as this thing between us is, I couldn't go a week without at least a little action from Turk.'

Blonde doctor shrugged.

'Sometimes. That's usually when I have to come up here and rub one out.'

Nursie sniggered.

'"Rub one out"? Is that how you talk?'

Blonde doctor placed her hand on nursie's dark pussy, stroking a finger lightly through her public hair up to her clit, causing nursie's hips to arch higher into the air.

'How would you like me to talk? Hmm? Cat got your tongue?'

Nursie couldn't speak for a moment, as blondie drilled a stiff finger inside her, pushing deeper, then turning her palm upwards. I could see the tendons in her arm flexing.

'Oh, fuck,' said nursie, as blonde doctor rubbed her g-spot, her thumb now on top and circling her clit.

'Yeah, sometimes I think about cock,' said blondie idly as she continued to masturbate her friend, 'but I won't ever date a doctor again.'

I don't know where I got the courage, but a minute later I opened the door to the supply room.

For a second blonde doctor looked horrified, but she caught sight of the bulge in my trousers. Hot nurse was eyes closed, unaware of anything except blondie's two fingers now inside her.

I stepped inside, closed the door quietly and unzipped my pants. As they fell to the floor I watched blondie's eyes. If she was going to react badly, it would be right now, as I pushed my boxers down, letting my hard cock spring up.

Her eyes stayed focused on it, and I saw the tip of her tongue dart out to wet her lips.

I stepped up in front of blonde doctor, who had her right hand in hot nurse's pussy, and she took my cock in her left hand, slowly squeezing it, forcing a small pearl of pre-cum from the tip.

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