Dirty Weekend at Curl Curl


"It sounds very folksy."

He smiled and said he believed it would be and was pleased Ella said she'd not been to Curl Curl but when at high school had gone to a school picnic at Dee Why, the next beach north-east.

"I like it," she said. "It's only 20 km from the city centre so we won't be travelling for hours and hours."

"This is Friday evening," Harvey said glumly. "With the weekend exodus from the city the roads will be clogged. It could easily take us one and a half hours."

They arrived in good spirits and the owner who lived at ground level with her family took them up to their room and then out to the open deck and introduced them to the other two couples already settled in and drinking.

"Ella and I will just shower and change and be right out," Harvey said.

"God the look on the faces of those two women," Ella said as they went to their room. "The didn't believe you. They were thinking we'd pause for more than a shower."

"Well it's over to you," Harvey said. "Whatever makes you feel most comfortable."

"In that case a bit of a smooch and you undress me and we shower without having sex. There will be plenty of time for sex."

In the room Harvey stood in front of Ella and licked his lips.

"I've been wanted to do this every since I first saw you," he said.

Harvey kissed Ella slowly and just as slowly reached under her dress with his hand and cupped her pussy.

"Oh yes," she drawled and then sighed, "Quick sex and no shower."

"Oh great thinking," he said. "Get your own clothes off, it will cut delay."

"Oh god, are you going to push all of that into me," she whimpered.

Harvey spat on his hand and made her pussy entrance wet and then bent her over the end of the sofa and fed in his erection.

She huffed and puffed a bit and her face went red but he docked fully without complaint.

"Shouldn't you be wearing a condom?" she ventured.

"Aren't you protected?"

"Yes of course I am. But you have no reason to trust me as being disease free."

"I see no need but if you..."

"No," she said. "I have confidence in you. Hump away."

She spoke to him foully and dug her fingers into his ass cheeks and it became all too much for Harvey.

She looked at the wall clock and said triumphantly, "That took only six and a half minutes. We'll have time to shower. Let's hurry."

"You fuck well and have great tits," he said.

"Oooh, it sounds like I'm acceptable as a good fuck."

Harvey grinned and had to admit he really liked Ella's style.

They arrived back from dinner three and a half hours later, half drunk.

He said, "That just has to be the best meal I've had in Australia.

"Well you only ate fish, or should I say you gorged on fish?"

"That woman just has to be a top chef and the wines hubby served were just beautiful, complimenting each course. I had thought this place was rather over-priced but now have good reason to change my mind. For tomorrow night I've ordered crocodile curried steak for entrée and the specialty of the house, roasted rack of lamb."

"I thought American men went for beef steak?"

"You are talking to an International American. When do you wish to marry me?"

Ella had to suck in breath. She giggled and said he was drunk.

He looked at her and waited and she coloured and said Omigod.

She still hesitated and Harvey lifted an eyebrow.

"Three months from now."

"Good, an excellent response. Tomorrow we'll look for a ring."

"I-I'd like that."

"Good, don't I get a big kiss?"

She rushed him and stopped to remove her dangling earrings.

Harvey lay on the floor groaning. Until know he thought after the Spanish and then American women were the best amateur cock-suckers but after the virtuoso performance he was receiving, knew he'd have to adjust that thinking.

Ella commenced slowly and built up until he believed he could feel every nerve end connected to such administering was screaming out for relief and she'd just taken every inch down her gullet with one of his balls attempting to disappear into her well-filled mouth as well.

She was awesome.

Later, after holding off in 55-minutes of slow humping he finally exploded, much to her relief. Ella gave him three minutes before she dropped a condom and container of lube on to his no-longer heaving stomach and said, "Did I hear you thinking anal?"

He groaned but looked interested.

Later and they were in bed close to drifting off he said. "Yeah three months sounds about right. We have to decide where we'll get married, my parents will have to meet you, we have to decide on our new living arrangements and we'll need to map out our working future and when you should come off the pill.

"So I am to have babies and continue working?"

"Oh yes, we are in this together for the long haul. You can suck cock better than any woman I know and I have no intention of losing access to that expertise. In all probability we'll come to love each other as well. I see us becoming a wonderful all-round team. What about you?"

"You could be right. I have a good feeling in my bones about you. I never wanted a guy who thought he could boss me."


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