Disciplining Young Ladies

byCharles Petersunn©

And then, she let go. He breathed a sigh of relief. But, she let go only to be able to lightly, subtly caress his knob with her thumb: lightly, softly, quietly, circling around and around his bulb. It felt so terribly, terribly nice. It would under any circumstances, but when accompanied by the sight of Mr. Peters lightly sliding his fingers up and down Clorette's little feminine slit, it was quite an experience. Yes, there did appear to be some rather distinctive benefits of the New School method of discipline. He shifted his position closer to the girl caressing his knob. In fact, he moved all the way up to her desk, ostensibly just to look more closely at Mr. Peters' demonstration, but in fact to get as close as possible to the young lady's fingers, as well to further hide himself from the view of Miss Pepperidge.

Sandy smiled as she noticed him bring his erection closer. No, he had not reacted with shock or anger. Apparently he liked it when a girl played with his thing through his slacks. Of course, she shouldn't be terribly surprised at that. Mr. Stratton was, after all, a man, and what man wouldn't enjoy that? She grasped his knob between her first and second fingers, like it was a cigarette, or more accurately a cigar, that she was going to smoke, and then applied her thumb again to the knob, softly caressing it through his slacks. She so much wondered what it must look like. It did feel awfully big.

"Well," Mr. Peters said, from outside of the darkness. "Let's now get these panties all the way off. I think we've covered well enough the benefits of they're still being on. Let's proceed to some positions in which the panties are discarded."

Clorette was very glad that Mr. Peters stopped caressing her slit. Her face was now so terribly flushed, both with embarrassment and with excitement. He was apparently indeed correct that there was considerable arousal during the course of a New School disciplinary session.

Mr. Peters crouched down and helped Clorette step out of her panties, continuing to instruct as he did so. "Removing the panties can be quite gratifying to the girl as she can now more freely move about," as if Clorette was free to do as she wished. If she could move freely, she would walk out of class, even if it meant leaving without her panties.

Mr. Peters took his time helping Clorette step out of her panties, as his eyes were so close to her perky pink cheeks and sweet feminine pouch. It took all of his professorial discipline not to bury his face, his lips, into her thighs so that he could lick the sweet nectar of this girl's delectable quim.

Clorette did not leave the room but she did at least take the opportunity of having her panties removed to get off her tip toes and close her thighs.

Mr. Peters let the slight indiscretion slide. He knew that remaining on tip toes can be tiring and he didn't really want the girl to become uncomfortable.

He further explained as he stood back up, "By having the panties removed, she is that much further from being able to pull them back up. Plus, of course, she might appreciate that you now have her delicate, personal, unmentionables within manly hands."

Clorette did not indeed "appreciate" being reminded of that, and she grimaced at the thought of her panties being held up in the front of the class. At least Mr. Peters wasn't passing them around the room, letting each of the boys personally handle them. That would certainly be going too far.

"In fact, let's pass Clorette's panties around the class so that each of the students can take a closer look. The boys may even consider appreciating their aroma, if they are so inclined."

Clorette dropped her forehead onto Mr. Peters' desk. Could this really get any worse?

As Mr. Peters approached the student sitting in the front row of the first column of desks, the one along which Mr. Stratton and Miss Pepperidge were standing toward the back, he allowed himself a brief sniff. "Yes, I think you should take advantage of the opportunity. Clorette really does have a very nice, feminine scent." He handed the panties to the boy sitting in the front row, who did indeed study them quite closely.

Clorette remembered when she was much younger and some boys stole her panties from her swimming bag. That had been so embarrassing, seeing them hold her panties up and toss them around, but at least they got into trouble for it.

She wasn't at all sure that she would even want to put her panties back on when they did finally get back to her. Even Billy Thompson would be touching them, would be feeling them, and, oh man, smelling them?

Mr. Peters admonished the first boy, as he was clearly hoarding them. "Keep them moving boys. Let everyone have an opportunity to consider Clorette's panties." He returned to Clorette, still submissively bent over his desk, her pink buttercup pointed back toward her classmates.

"Now, students, and guests, quite often when the girl is bent over the desk like this one can also get a very nice presentation of her little darling rosebud." There was a bit of smirks and giggling over that. "But, Clorette has such a tightly taut teeny tush that you really can't see into her crack."

Well, thought Clorette, that's at least something. At least one part of her was to be kept private.

"Clorette, why don't you open it up for the class, for everyone to see. Just reach back and spread your cheeks. I think we would all like to see it, wouldn't we?"

"Oh yes, Mr. Peters," Billy Thompson suddenly exclaimed, although quickly fearing that he should not have spoken up at all. He didn't particularly want the sound of his voice to be heard on the tape, nor did he want to do anything that would draw attention to himself, particularly to his erection. The sound of a few chuckles could be heard.

"Well, yes, William, I do appreciate your enthusiasm at seeing little Miss Clorette's anus. Are you particularly interested in girl's anuses?"

This was precisely why he shouldn't have said anything. The chuckling got a bit louder.

"No sir, I mean, well, they're okay, I guess." He really didn't know what to say, and his rather feeble answer drew even some open laughter.

Clorette, though, took no pleasure in the attention being shifted to Billy, or even that he was now being embarrassed. It was, after all, her butt hole that was the focus of his comments and, apparently, deep interest.

"Yes, well, don't let it trouble you, William. A cute girl's little puckered rosebud can be a delight to the eye." He turned his attention back to Clorette. "Please, Clorette, yes, open yourself up for the class. Spread yourself open so that everyone can see your pretty pink flower."

Yes, she realized that it could indeed get worse as she reached back, grabbed hold of her cheeks, and opened up her bottom for everyone to see deep down inside. Actually, it wasn't particularly deep as she did have a rather small tush. But, that was hardly the point. She felt like she could feel the heat of the boys', and the girls', gawking eyes, although it was probably just from the lamps, now getting full access to the sensitive nerves of her anus. Still, she could not even imagine ever doing this for a boyfriend, let alone for an entire class of boys, and girls, opening up her bottom cheeks to let everyone take a good look.

"Oh yes, it is indeed a very pretty one, isn't it, class."

Nobody said anything, not being sure if it was just a rhetorical question. Mr. Peters turned toward them. "Is it so pretty it left you speechless?" He turned to Billy in particular. "What do you think, William? Is it as pretty as you imagined it would be?"

He really, really wished he had kept his mouth shut. There was really no right answer to that question, or at least none that wouldn't embarrass him further. "Yea, sure, it's, um, it's a real good one." He tried to pretend like he had seen lots of them. "Really, one of the best I've seen." It didn't work. His remark was again met with giggles, some of the girls wondering if he had a collection of girls' anus pictures.

Mr. Peters could see that William was a bit embarrassed at the attention. It was not his interest to discipline William. He was, after all, not the one with his pants down, at least not yet. He tried to help him out of his predicament. "Well, yes, William, I must agree. I have as well seen quite a few and indeed," turning back to Clorette, "I think it's a really very cute one."

He spoke directly to Clorette. "Have you ever taken a boy up your butt, Clorette?"

She instantly let go of her cheeks, as if she was thinking he was about to try to do just that. She said quite assertively, "Oh my goodness, no, Mr. Peters!" She did not, though, turn her head back to face him. She didn't want anyone to see how red her face was, nor did she want to look any of the boys in the eye, if perhaps she could in fact see their eyes through the glare of the spotlights blazing into her exposed anus.

"Oh my, well, that's a shame. I think a young gentleman would really appreciate the opportunity." Mr. Peters turned back to Billy. "I imagine our young Mr. Thompson would like a go at it." There was again some laughter. Mr. Peters just couldn't help himself.

Sandy had taken the opportunity of everyone being so completely mesmerized by the sight of Clorette spreading open her cheeks to more openly massage, ply, and rub Mr. Stratton's erection through his slacks. He did not object nor resist. Not too many professors would object to a young, attractive coed playing with his cock in the dark, particularly while he was gazing upon the very sexy sight of another pretty girl spreading open her cheeks. He did though glance to his side to see if Miss Pepperidge was at all suspicious. As soon as he turned to look, she quickly glanced away.

Miss Pepperidge was herself feeling quite confused. On the one hand, she did feel sorry for Clorette. She could see that the girl was embarrassed at having to display herself like that. On the other hand, she was feeling very terribly warm between her thighs.

It was no accident that she was interested in the methods of the New School, as she was not entirely inexperienced with respect to the art, and play, of spanking, although she had been quite deprived of its fun over the past few years.

Actually, only one prior boyfriend had ever shared her interest: Larry Kroger. They had not been together long. He had been given an offer from Wellesley he could not refuse. But their brief fling may have provided the best sex she had ever experienced, and the memory of that wonderful albeit abbreviated time with Larry was flooding back into a visceral memory as she had watched Clorette get her paddling. She was in fact even feeling a bit jealous of Clorette. She recalled when Larry one time even spanked her in public, at a shopping mall. They were sitting on a couch in one of the rest areas and he suddenly just pulled her over his lap, flipped up her skirt, and started paddling her. They had talked about doing that many times, and apparently he finally found the courage. She gladly went along with it, flaying her legs and protesting loudly about how embarrassing it was for everyone to see her panties and how terrible it was to spank her like that, all the time enjoying the fact that everyone could indeed see her sheer pink panties. Frankly, if she had known he was going to do that she wouldn't have worn any panties at all! They had such heated sex when they got back to their car.

Miss Pepperidge let out a deep sigh as she recalled the past romance, causing Mr. Stratton to look her way. When he turned to her she quickly turned her face away, worried that he would see the flushed, aroused expression on her face. Thank goodness the room was dark.

Sandy whispered, "Would you like to see Clorette's panties, Mr. Stratton?"

"What?" He looked down to see the girl who had been fondling his penis holding up Clorette's panties. They had finally made their way that far down the column of desks.

It was a very pretty sight. Sandy was in fact quite attractive. She had large round pretty eyes, with very nice lashes, long curly red hair, freckles, round cheeks, and a very sparkling smile. The fact that she was holding up a pair of white panties for him to inspect might have biased his judgment though. In fact, she held the panties so that they were draped over and hiding her right hand, which she had now turned toward him and was fully squeezing and fondling his cock through his slacks, the activity though hidden by the panty curtain.

"No, no, that's fine," Mr. Stratton replied, his voice a bit breathless. Actually, he would really like to see them, to feel them. But, it would be a bit awkward to be inspecting, admiring, a young lady's panties with Miss Pepperidge standing right next to him. He would have to think that she would find that to be rather inappropriate. Plus, he kind of liked where they were right now, hiding his cock, and Sandy's hand, from view.

"Are you sure, Mr. Stratton," Sandy pursued, giving him a very sweet, innocent smile as well as a firm squeeze, along with a subtle stroking, while still circling her thumb around and around the rounded tip of his knob. "They really are very nice panties."

"No, no, that's fine." Her thumb felt so good caressing his swollen bulb. He turned to Miss Pepperidge. "Would you like to see Clorette's panties?" His face reddened as soon as the words left his mouth. It was an appropriate question, at least at the moment, but it did feel rather awkward to be speaking to Miss Pepperidge about a girl's panties, even asking her if she wanted to look at them.

Miss Pepperidge just shook her head. She could use something to dab her brow, but Clorette's panties would not really be appropriate for that. And, in any case, she felt quite uncomfortable about taking a pair of girl's panties from her colleague, Mr. Stratton.

He turned back to Sandy and whispered, "Just pass them on."

Sandy smiled back and whispered, even more softly as she gave him a very big squeeze, "Mine are in fact much prettier." She let go of his penis and turned to pass Clorette's panties to the girl sitting to the left of her.

Mr. Stratton's clipboard effectively blocked the view of Miss Pepperidge and there were no students behind Sandy. The only student who could actually see Mr. Stratton, or more accurately his stiff dick, was the girl sitting just to the left of Sandy. Her attention was fully on Clorette in the front of the class but once Sandy turned to hand her Clorette's panties, she did look in the direction of Mr. Stratton and he quickly shifted the clipboard so that it fully covered him. He couldn't leave it there long without it looking rather awkward, but she didn't look in his direction for long. Once she returned her attention back to the front of the class, Mr. Stratton returned the clipboard to its original position, and Sandy could, once again, do pretty much whatever she wanted with the bulge in his pants, as long as the girl didn't look over again. Sandy smiled mischievously.

Mr. Peters said, "Now, let's explore some other positions for disciplinary spanking. Clorette, you can stand up now."

She was very grateful for that, as her skirt fell back over her bottom. But, it wouldn't be there for long.

Mr. Peters continued his instruction. "Of course, you might not in fact have a desk for the girl to bend over. This is not really a disadvantage as there are quite a few positions that are more instructive and more revealing, that don't require a desk. Clorette, if you wouldn't mind, step back from the desk a couple of paces and place your hands on your knees."

Clorette did as she was told, backing up toward the class, and then bending over, placing her hands on her knees.

"This is, of course, a very traditional position. It's very useful in helping the young lady to develop self-discipline, as she is typically instructed to not remove her hands from her knees while she receives her spanking."

Mr. Peters flipped up Clorette's skirt, raising the curtain once again, her little pink moon coming back into view after its momentary eclipse. Just beneath it there was a little delicious slice of soft white pie, cut down the middle by the delicate slit.

Billy's eyes widened in delight, as Clorette or, more accurately, her personal private parts, were now just inches in front of his desk, in front of his eyes. He could in fact reach out and touch her bottom, if he wished, and he so wished very much. It was like when he was a little boy and there was a fresh batch of muffins, just out of the oven. He wanted so much to reach out and grasp, taste, that hot little red muffin and now there was an even tastier one just inches way. Maybe he could get a taste of that tart pie as well? But, as a young man he now had enough self-control to resist the temptation.


"Yip!" Clorette squealed. She had known it was coming but she still wasn't ready for it. But she did keep her hands on her knees.

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!

Her bottom wiggled and waved before Billy's eyes. It was like she was doing a little dance, personally for him. He reached down and shifted his hard cock. He knew that he might be noticed but it just had to be done. He even considered leaving his hand there, but he knew if he did that it would not be long before he came in his slacks.

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!

"Mr. Peters!" Clorette exclaimed.

He stopped. Again, he didn't really want to inflict any real pain. This spanking was, after all, for demonstration purposes only. As he explained, "That appears to be enough, for now. I just thought that the pinkness was wearing off there a bit." He patted Clorette's bottom with fatherly reassurance. "One does want to keep the bloom on the rose, and it is such a very pretty flower."

"And, I want to add," he said to the class, "notice how Clorette kept her hands on her knees. Never once did she try to reach back to protect herself, to cover or hide herself." He again patted her bottom, this time with more appreciation, and perhaps even some affection. "She is indeed a very good little girl."

Clorette instinctively looked back and up toward Mr. Peters and replied, "Thank-you, sir," perhaps forgetting for the moment that she was showing off her pussy and bum to the class. It was always so nice to be told that you were indeed a good little girl and, at the moment, his fatherly pats on her bottom did feel rather nice.

Mr. Peters rested his hand on the soft, warm, little bum and even gave it an endearing squeeze. Clorette had such a squeezably soft buns. If it wasn't for the class, he would spend more time enjoying this very tempting derriere. "Well, it's well deserved, dear." He returned to the matter at hand.

"Now, the hands on the knees is very traditional, but you can also have her reach down and touch her toes. Clorette, if you wouldn't mind."

Clorette did indeed mind, but how could she refuse, or even object, after he had been so complimentary? She wanted to continue to be a good girl and really couldn't disobey now. And, after all, he, as a professor, did know what was best. She bent over further, stretching herself out, to touch her toes.

A gasp could be heard sweeping through the class as Clorette's bottom stretched out and open, her cunnie rising up, peeking out, perhaps even protruding out from between her tightly clenched thighs. Billy slipped a book into his lap so that he could use his hand beneath it, surreptitiously touching, squeezing, stroking himself. He just had to do it, at least for a bit.

"This position is, as you can so readily see, much more revealing. Clorette's apple cheeks are spreading out on their own. You can see her pretty little anus winking and blinking."

It might not have been winking before, but his calling attention to it did cause Clorette to try to squeeze her sphincter shut, as if by doing so one couldn't actually see it. However, by squeezing and squirming she was only drawing more attention to it, making it wink and blink as Mr. Peters said.

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