3:00pm... The workday was done. I'd been eagerly waiting for this time.

On lunch I pulled our 'toy' chest (actually a footlocker) out of the closet for easy access that evening. Months before, I told my wife, Kaitlyn, that sometime she's going to come home and find Nicole bound to the bed just waiting for her. It was that day.

Not wasting any time, I logged off the work PC and headed right into the shower to shed the stresses of the workday, the grime, and the body hair with a close shave. I toweled off and applied a lotion to moisturize my clean shaven skin.

I stepped into my body shaper, pulled it up over my torso, and slipped my arms through the straps. I inserted my breast forms into the cups and positioned my cock comfortably tucked away under the crotch of the body shaper.

Once in the body shaper, I slid some pantyhose up my legs. Normally I'd get lost in the sensations of the nylon on my shaved legs -- my cock started to twitch to life and I felt it begin to harden in its restraints. Since I was pressed for time, I didn't pay any attention to it and continued getting ready. I hadn't planned anything fancy for my outfit; a cotton top under a denim jumper. I slipped on the top, followed by pulling on the jumper over my head. I reached behind and zipped up the back. Although not the most feminine attire, I loved this jumper... I loved the tightness of how it confined my breasts once zipped and being denim, I just felt like I had a youthful appeal.

Once dressed, I sat at the vanity and started my make-up routine. Nothing over the top -- I was going for just a playful, youthful look. After much practice, I breezed swiftly through my routine: concealer for beard cover, foundation, blush, eye liner, mascara, eye shadow, and some lipstick. Satisfied with the results, I grabbed a medium brunette wig in a wavy shoulder length style and positioned it on my head. I gave myself a look-over in the mirror, looking back at me was a woman not looking to impress, but rather be comfortable.

I glanced at the clock, and saw it was 4:00. I had twenty minutes or so until my wife got home. It was just enough time to finish up some last minute things around the house. As I moved around, I relished in the youthful feelings of the hem of the denim jumper against my thighs.

I was down to 5 minutes to spare. I moved back to the bedroom and began to imprison myself for my wife to find and have her way with. I inserted the ball gag and buckled the straps behind my head. Then I lay on the bed on my back. I reached my left hand up to the corner of the bed and found the awaiting loop I pre-tied in the cotton rope. I slipped my hand through the loop, and tested the confines of the rope which caused the loop to cinch snugly around my wrist.

Then with my right hand, I found the other awaiting loop at the opposite corner. I slipped my hand through that loop and tested its confines causing the loop to cinch down on my other wrist. With both arms now restrained to the corners of the bed and a ball gag firmly seated in my mouth I realized there was no going back. I was there for the duration.

As I lay there, time seemed to crawl. My mind started to wander. I heard the world passing by outside - so many people going on with their lives completely oblivious to my plight. I looked over at the clock, 4:25; I thought to myself, 'she must be running late, traffic must be bad.'

I shifted a little to reposition as far as my binds will allow. I felt the hem of my jumper brush against my legs. Then bent my knees, and felt the nylons encase my legs like a second skin. It then occurred to me: the pantyhose, and really my entire outfit was a form of bondage -- I could do nothing but lay there and look cute and inviting.

RING.... RING.... RING....

I was snapped back to reality by the phone ringing. I started to reach for it and found I could move my arm only a couple inches. I then remembered my self-inflicted plight and looked at the clock to see 4:30 on the display. Off in the other room I heard the answering machine. I thought to myself that it was probably just my wife letting me know of some accident or something that snarled traffic -- she'd be home soon enough. I then went back to letting my mind wander -- what else was there to do?

After what seemed to be an eternity, the phone started to ring again. Again the answering machine picked it up -- 4:45 the clock flickered on the nightstand. 'That must be some accident -- she's really running late,' I thought to myself.

As the time passed I started to relax. My thoughts started to wander and seemed to be skewed. I drifted off into a semi-consciousness state; sleep was setting in. I lay there totally relaxed and closed my eyes.

At the sound of a key entering the deadbolt on the door, my eyes opened. 'Thank goodness, she's home,' I thought to myself. I heard the door open and expected her to call for me. Only to my horror, it wasn't her voice I heard. Instead, I heard a deep rough voice, "Chris? Hey Chris, you home? It's Steve; your neighbor..."

My heart skipped a beat then started to race... I thought to myself, "Don't make a move, he'll quickly leave and never even know I'm here."

I laid there listening. I heard Steve moving around the house, "Chris, Kaitlyn needed a phone number she jotted on her desk... She asked me to use the spare key I have to run over to get......." Just then he opened the bedroom door and gazed in shock at what he found, " for her"

I glanced at Steve. I'm sure my eyes were about to pop out. He looked upon me and just smiled at what he saw.... I struggled at the ropes cinched around my wrists in desperation to be free -- only it was no use. I was there for whatever he had in store for me... I could only look at him; I blinked a few times in a futile attempt to ask for mercy from him.

He then closed the door some as he headed back down the hall. I was able to hear him in the home office pick up the phone, "Hi, Kaitlyn... I have the number you needed, its 208-555-3594. No, I don't see Chris here; I don't know where he is. Alright; if I see him I'll let him know."

He hung the phone up and started back down the hall towards the room. My heart was racing; it felt like it was about to beat out of my chest.. When he got to the door, he slowly pushed it open. "Kaitlyn said if I see you to let you know she's stuck working on some important project and will likely be home around 8:30," he said as he looked down at me. I broke the lock to his eyes and looked over at the clock; 6:07 flickered on the display... Last time I remembered looking at the clock it was only 4:45... '6:07; I must have nodded off,' I thought to myself, 'OH SHIT! I'm at his mercy for over 2 hours!'

I looked back over at Steve, his eyes were filled with lust as he gazed upon me. I spotted a sizable bulge in his pants that confirmed what I already knew by the look in his eyes, he really liked what he saw. He started to move closer to me, "I had no idea. You are really cute as a girl." he said. I felt my cheeks warm as I blushed a little.

He reached down to fondle my breasts. I was able to tell he was a little surprised when he felt the silicone forms -- he was obviously expecting to feel socks. "These are nice and firm," he said while he enjoyed feeling me up.

"What's your name, sweetheart?" he asked. I tried to speak, "Mmmm mmmm mm mmm" was all I could get out around the ball gag that filled my mouth. He then lifted my head to gain access to buckle of the gag. He undid the straps and removed the gag.

"Steve! Stop! Untie me!" I started saying... He slapped me across the face and re-stuffed my mouth with the gag that was just removed. I tried to resist, but the loops around my wrists made my attempts a total waste of energy. I quickly realized it was no use trying to resist and lifted my head in defeat -- to give Steve full access to buckle of the gag.

Steve fed the strap through the buckle behind my head. He pulled it tight -- so tight I felt the leather straps dig into the corners of my mouth. As he leaned in to cinch the straps of the gag, the very noticeable bulge in Steve's pants brushed my arm. It was very obvious he was enjoying what he stumbled upon -- I might as well have been laid out on a platter for him.

"So... You like being a girl?" He asked in a way that was more a statement than really a question knowing I couldn't answer with the gag. "Well, I like you as girl too... You have very sexy legs. They're long and very shapely -- better than most of the women I manage to bring home after a night on the town"

I felt my face glow warm as I blushed at hearing his compliment. Legs are very much my trigger as well -- I knew my legs were one of my finest features when dressed. The sight of my own legs even turned me on. My attention then shifted to my legs -- focusing on the pantyhose that encased them. As I moved my legs across the mattress, I knew there was nothing I could do but look sexy and inviting for Steve.

Steve reached his hand down and rested it on my knee. His hand glided down my calf to my ankle, then back up past my knee and onto my thigh to the hem of my jumper. His other hand found its way to my breasts, feeling me up again. I could tell the feel of my nylon encased leg and my breast was intoxicating for him.

He surveyed the room and spotted the footlocker I moved out of the closet earlier in the day. I thought I was doing Kaitlyn a favor by leaving the lid open, but that now only proved to be an unfortunate circumstance further stacking the deck against me. I glanced over and saw the open lid and the assortment of gags (ring, ball, bit and penis varieties in an assortment of sizes) we stored on a bungee cord in the lid that was in clear sight when open.

He moved off the edge of the bed over to the footlocker to spy what was all in it. As he peered into the chest, he let out an evil sounding chuckle. "Well now, Nicole, it looks like you and Kaitlyn have a really kinky side." Steve said after the chuckling subsided.

My eyes again about bugged out of my head when I heard him call me by my femme name. He looked over at me and held up a collar Kaitlyn had bought for me a while back -- she had 'Nicole' put on it, spelled out in rhinestones. "I know this isn't Kaitlyn's, and you're the only other girl here, so you must be Nicole." He said. Knowing he had it figured out, I looked over at him and blinked.

With that he made comment, "You also have beautiful eyes. I guess I've never really noticed before now, but the makeup really electrifies your blue eyes."

His attention then turned back to the footlocker and rummaged through its contents. "By what I see in here, I can tell we're going to have a lot of fun..." I glanced at the clock, 7:03 flickered. Steve watched me look at the clock and said, "Not just tonight, I can see we're going to have a lot of fun on a regular basis." Then he pulled out his cell phone and started snapping pictures. "Click, click, click" came from his phone with each picture he took. "I'm capturing the moment for my personal collection and to ensure you'll be a willing participant when I want to play again." he said.

I could feel the blood drain from my face with his words as terror set in. I thought to myself, "Oh shit! What the hell does he have in mind?"

"You see, Nicole; I think you're one hot number that I'll want to play with regularly -- I'm not so sure you'll be a willing participant to play again on your own, so to help motivate you, I would hate for these pics to end up printed for all our friends to see during happy hour at the neighborhood watering hole."

I felt an icy chill run down my spine with his words as my mind tried to grasp the paralyzing fear of being exposed. I have no idea how long I was zoning. I snapped back to reality when I felt Steve sit on the edge of the bed; he strapped a pair soft restraint cuffs he grabbed out of the footlocker around my ankles. He also had in his hand a couple of ropes with a ring on one end and a snap on the other. He looked at the wall at the head of the bed and spotted the two hooks I had anchored 6' off the floor into the studs of the wall at the each edge of the bed. He slid the ring end of each rope onto the hooks, then lifted my legs up and clipped the snap onto the ring sewn into the cuffs strapped around my ankles. He slowly backed away from my legs. As he backed away my legs followed to go back down to the bed -- only they didn't go very far before the rope was pulled tight holding my legs high in the air and spread apart giving him full access to my crotch.

Satisfied with my predicament, Steve moved back to the footlocker. He rummaged a little more. He let out an evil chuckle, grabbed a couple things then moved back to the bed. "Lights out!" he said as he proceeded to slide a nightmask over my eyes.

Not being able to see him, my hearing and sense of feeling were extremely heightened as I tried to see with my remaining senses. I swear I would have been able to hear a pin drop on the carpet if he had done so.

I felt him move back onto the bed behind my legs. Steve's hand rested on my leg again, and slowly slid up my thigh. Soon I felt his hand on my ass as it continued its journey. Finally reaching the waistband of my pantyhose, he pulled them down to expose my ass. Then he unhooked the crotch of my body-shaper which freed my cock.

I heard him flip open a cap and squeeze out something -- based by the "Blllllph" sound I assumed it was lube getting something ready to go up my ass. My assumptions were confirmed when I felt the slippery tip of a dildo or a butt plug press at my sphincter. He applied a little more gentle pressure and I forced myself to relax to minimize the pain of whatever it was. As he pushed this item in, my sphincter felt like it was going to split me in two. Soon the pain subsided as the object got smaller -- "obviously a butt plug" I thought. He held it in place for a few seconds to allow me to get accustomed to this anal intruder.

Once completely relaxed and grown accustomed to it, I heard a "SHHHHH..... SHHHH" with each "SHHH" the item in my ass was getting larger. My mind quickly put it together that he had inserted the inflatable butt plug.

Before long, the inserted intruder felt huge inside me completely filling me up. With each little movement I could feel it push against my prostate. Then I felt a zing across my ass cheeks that made me damn near jump off the bed as far as my restraints would allow. I felt my cock surge as the plug pressed against my prostate with the jolt of movement. "Oh Shit! The Wartenburg Wheel!" I thought. I knew that evil little toy well -- it was one of Kaitlyn's favorites to use on me.

Steve continued to use the wheel on my ass making me squirm something fierce. Just when I thought my cock was going to explode from the plug pushing against my prostate he stopped.

Then I heard a "SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" and the intruder in my ass was getting smaller and smaller. Once fully deflated, he pulled it from my ass.

My ass felt empty as the intruder left. Before I had a chance to miss the fullness, I felt Steve press his cock to my already relaxed sphincter and slide into me. He didn't quite fill me up as much as the plug did when inflated, but he was definitely longer than the plug. I felt completely impaled on his cock -- much like a chunk of meat on a fondue skewer.

His grip was strong as he spread my legs further apart. I let out a moan as his cock pushed deeper into me. He held it deep within me for a few moments. I shifted my weight trying to free myself from the intrusion; only my efforts only seemed to make Steve inch deeper within me.

My attempts served as a green light for Steve. He started pumping in and out of me like a mad man. Before long, I could feel his cock become engorged deep within me and then erupt into a rhythmic spasm.

After the spasm subsided, he pulled out of me. He then hooked the crotch of my body shaper back closed entrapping my cock and pulled my pantyhose back up covering my ass. He released my legs from the ropes, gently setting them back on the bed leaving me just as he found me. Lastly, he slid the mask off exposing my eyes. I blinked feverishly to force my eyes to adjust.

Steve collected his clothes and headed to the bathroom. I heard the water running and after a few minutes he returned dressed. "Nicole, you're one great piece of ass... I can't wait until we can play again," he said while standing in the doorway of the bedroom. "I better get back home so Kaitlyn can have her fun with you when she arrives." he said as he left my view. I could hear him move down the hall and then heard the front door open. He closed the door behind him and I heard him lock the deadbolt with the key, "Click"

Alone again and still tied to the bed; I glanced over to look at the alarm clock, 7:56. My mind started to wander thinking of what would happen with future playdates with Steve.

I woke staring at my alarm clock feeling my Kaitlyn's touch on my cheek -- 8:45 flickered on the display. I must have dozed off somewhere. Then I remembered the encounter with Steve.

"Oh, you poor thing.... I'm so sorry; I just couldn't get away from the office. You were sound asleep. What time did you tie yourself up?" she asked. She reached down and freed my wrists. Once my wrists were free, I undid the buckle that kept the ball gag firmly in my mouth...

Once I removed the gag, I answered, "I tied myself up around 4:20 or so expecting you home at regular time."

"I'm so sorry... Well it's all better now. At least it appears you had a good nap." she said.

As I was becoming more in touch with reality after being woken up, my mind started replaying what happened with Steve. I was nervous as hell over my secret getting out to the guys at the neighborhood bar.

I got up and we had dinner together. Over dinner Kaitlyn was able to sense something was on my mind as I replayed the encounter with Steve. She asked, "Why so distant?"

Her question broke my concentration of the play-by-play replay of events. "Nothing" I answered.

"Bullshit! I know you inside and out; don't even think you're going to BS me!" she snapped back.

I started telling her about what happened with Steve... Her eyes were wide with amazement fixated on my replay of the encounter.

"......then you came home and found me tied up." I said as I finished up telling of the encounter.

I didn't know what to expect from her. I could tell her mind was envisioning it play out. Then she asked, "Did you enjoy it?"

"Yeah, it was very enjoyable; only I didn't get a release myself." I said.

"Well sounds like Nicole has a regular friend to play with. If he approaches you about playing again, I want to watch!" She said with a wink. Then she grabbed my wrist and started to lead me back to our room. "I can take care of your lack of a release." she said while pulling me.

Once in our room she pushed me back on the bed, got undressed, then climbed on top of me. She flipped my jumper up and pulled down my pantyhose. Then she undid the hooks of my bodyshaper, freeing my cock again. It was instantly erect.

She climbed up, sliding herself onto my cock. She started riding my cock slowly at first; then worked up to a good paced rhythm. Before long, she tensed up and had a huge orgasm; towards the end of her climax I was almost being pushed over the edge. Just as hers subsided, my cock became engorged deep inside her spasming something unlike any time before.

When my orgasm subsided, she climbed off me, lying down next to me.

Next thing I remember, I woke up to sun shining through our bedroom window. I looked at the clock just as it changed from 10:59 to 11:00. Then I noticed the dot to distinguish AM in the upper left corner. I looked myself over and saw that I was still dressed as Nicole and thought to myself, "Wow, what a night. We must have crashed and slept all night."

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