tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersDiscovering Amber Ch. 02

Discovering Amber Ch. 02


Mistress's Note: I would like to thank you all for your kind words regarding Amber's tale. Amber has now been My sissy for 7 years and lives like a true sissy should. Yes she does sit when she urinates at home and at work and yes she will eventually be with a man. She's been with quite a few over the years but you'll find out about those later. Your feedback will always be welcome. Ms. Allison

My life is a never ending cycle of tease and denial since I was discovered by Ms. Allison. When I wake in the morning I am curled up in bed with Ms. Allison's naked body while I am dressed in a satin nightgown. I slip out of bed and walk to the guest bathroom where I have to lift up the long nightgown and lower the matching bikini bottoms so I can sit to pee. Sitting to relieve myself is common place now particularly since Ms. locked my clitty away with a CB3000 after she caught me washing it a little too quickly in my shower. Since that day it has been locked away and even the slightest erection is painful. Any reference to my body parts is now done in female terms as well. My penis is now a clit, my ass is now a pussy and y testicles are adoringly referred to as "tessies". Every shred of my manhood is being stripped away from me and I can't really say that I mind.

After I relieve myself I put on the workout wear that Ms has left out for me. Today it is a pair of black spandex short shorts that sit low on my hips, a purple sports bra, purple socks and white Rykaa cross-trainers. I walk out to the livingroom and turn on the DVD that Ms leaves in the machine for me. Today it is a stripper-cise video. As you can imagine watching 3 hot women gyrate and dance on the TV isn't easy to deal with particularly while wearing a hard plastic cage. After my hour workout I trod back off to the bathroom and shave my face which I now do twice a day. The items in my shower have been changed drastically. Gone is my bar soap, regular shampoo and washcloth, they have been replaced with cotton candy smelling body wash, a loofa and shampoo and conditioner which have a hind of lavender. My shower is also has pink razors and other essential items to continue my life as Amber. I shave my body leaving only a thin ½" landing strip above my crotch. When I step out I pat my body dry and rub myself down with cocoanut body butter leaving my skin soft to the touch and smelling wonderful. I slip into a long white satin robe and my 3" house slippers and head to the kitchen. Each morning I make Ms Breakfast and bring it to her. While she eats she tells me what to put on for the day.

"I think today," Ms says letting the sheet fall just a bit almost revealing her breasts, "you will wear the white satin and lace boycuts."

I know the exact pair, satin in the front and lace in the back. They sit higher on the hips and barely cover my butt. They look sexy and feel sexier as I slide them up my shaved legs and pull them gently into place. The satin holds my tessies exquisitely and just wearing them makes me drip precum.

"Suntan stockings today muffin." Ms continues while sipping her coffee.

Stepping out of my heels I put on the first stocking. The soft material feels wonderful against my legs. Even the feel of my bare bottom against the chair arouses me. With both lace top stockings I slide the house slippers back on and stand presenting myself to Ms.

"Very nice," Ms Allison says putting down her coffee, "now turn slowly muffin." Ms seems to enjoy calling me pet names that are more associated with women. "Add that cute pink cami as well."

"Yes Ms. Allison," I reply as I retrieve the pink camisole, "thank you."

The pink camisole has a heart shaped lace detail in the front and delicate spaghetti straps, it clings to my body without being too tight and to top that look sexy as hell too! I put the camisole on and retrieve Ms. Allison's breakfast tray bringing it back to the kitchen. The sound of my heels echo on the tile and with the feeling of satin and lace against my body I find it impossible not to swish and sway a little as I walk. I can hear Ms giggle as I walk out of the bedroom. Clean up is quick and easy as I've become a pro at this over the past couple weeks. When I enter the bedroom again Ms is sipping her coffee.

"Hang on a second swivel hips," Ms says with a smile as she reaches under the sheet, "I have something else for you to do." Ms Allison moves a bit letting the sheet fall to her waist exposing both of her wonderful breasts. "Ahhh here it is," she says with a look of triumph holding up a 6" realistic dildo, "clean this off for me would you?"

Ms Allison holds the dildo by the balls letting the shaft hang downward. I take it in my hands and wash it with the anti-bacterial soap letting it air dry on the counter. When I walk out of the bathroom Ms is still sitting propped up against her pillows with the sheet around her waist. Her B cup breasts are exquisitely perky and I can think of little more than burying my face between them.

"Come here my pet." Ms says calling me over with her right index finger. "I have one more thing for you to do before you go to work." I walk quickly to the side of her bed and stand with my hands at my sides. "Despite what you may think," Ms says with a grin as she pulls the sheet aside, "I'm still a bit horny and as you've taken my male lover to the bathroom I guess I'll have to settle for your lesbian tongue!" Ms slides her body down a bit and spreads her legs slowly. "Lick me until I tell you to stop sissy!" Ms Allison hisses.

I may be a man who dresses and acts like a female but I'm no fool! I quickly slip between Ms. Allison's legs and begin to feverishly lick her clit and pussy. She tastes like heaven to me. One thing I've noticed over the past two weeks is that the longer I go without cumming the harder I work to please Ms. She of course makes no secret of her knowledge of this as well. Prior to my clitty becoming locked away giving Ms oral was just something I did before penetration, now it is one of the only ways I can experience sexual release. My oral skills have improved drastically over the past two weeks and I am able to bring Ms to orgasm in no time. After the second hard orgasm Ms has to push me away. I lick my lips and stare at her dripping pussy until her foot rubbing against my crotch brings me back from my trance.

"You know sweetie," Ms says as she teases my tessies making my clit swell inside it's tiny cage, "it's been a while since you've had any release and I've read that's not good for you." My clit strains against the cage and I wince in pain as I try to control my rebellious appendage. "If you are a good girl tonight," Ms continues letting her foot trail over my inner thigh and stocking tops, "I'll let you cum. Would you like that?"

"Oh YES Ms. Allison!" I say as I try to concentrate on something beside the possibility of cumming or the taste of her glorious pussy in my mouth.

"We will see how things go then." Ms says as she slowly drags a finger through her wet pussy. "Go get your waist cincher now." She says as she pulls her foot away and slips out of bed.

About a week ago Ms decided I needed a more hourglass figure and started training my waist. I retrieve the white cincher and return to Ms presenting it to her.

"Turn around silly," she says playfully swatting my bottom, "I can't put this on from the front."

I turn and step into the cincher pulling it slowly up my legs. The satin waist cincher glides up my stocking covered legs and over my smooth bottom. The feeling has me aroused again and soon I am concentrating on keeping my clit from becoming crushed by the limits of my cage. Ms pulls the strings on the back of the waist cincher pulling my sides in and tying them in place. I have noticed that my waist seems a bit slimmer and to come in just a bit between my ribs and hips. When coupled with my lingerie the look is dramatic and sexy. Wearing the cincher or a corset to work has been interesting as well. I can no longer bend and pick things up and have to do it by squatting. The tight devices keep my lower back straight and rigid but the feeling and look are amazing. Ms ties the final knot and pats my bottom.

"Now time for you to get ready for work," Ms leans up as she speaks and smears her wet finger under my nose, "go be a good girl and get dressed."

"Thank you Ms." I reply as I stand and walk quickly out of the room.

I walk quietly toward the front closet and remove a suit, shirt and tie to wear to work. First the shirt and tie go on and then the jacket. Next I remove my heels and slip on a pair of dress socks easily over my stocking covered feet. My dress pants slide on just as easily and finally I step into my dress shoes tucking my heels into the closet for later wear. On the drive to work the smell and taste of Ms. Allison fills my senses as well as the promise of cumming! It's been a full two weeks since she allowed me to cum and I'm ready to burst. The last time Ms Allison fed me the cum I released which I was more than happy to suck off her fingers. If she offers it again I will more than happily do it particularly if it means cumming. I can think of little more as I drive. As I said my days are filled with teasing and denial.

At work I am more comfortable that people can not tell what I have on under my clothing. My first few days were very scary as I was sure everyone could see tell tale clues of something. I have slowly relaxed but am still on edge just a bit. At work I go to the bathroom sitting in a stall. The tip of the CB needs to be dried with toilet paper which I obviously can not do at a urinal. Plus it's not like I can pull the female underwear I have on out of the way to free myself for urination. I pull my panties and pants up quickly just in case anyone is somehow looking through the small opening in the door and can see the white satin I have on. It's worse on days I wear floral prints or bright colors. At least at work I can try to focus on other things but every movement is a reminder that I have on lingerie or stockings underneath.

My drive home is uneventful but full of thoughts of cumming and what Ms. Allison will expect. She has had me reading a lot online and I have learned that no reward is given without some kind of work. Ms will certainly expect something new from me but at this point I don't care, I need to please Ms Allison so that she will let me cum. I want to please her like never before.

Upon entering our condo I begin to remove my suit and male clothing anxious to see what Ms has in store for me to wear this evening. Typically it is just heels and sometimes a skirt but tonight it is different. In the closet Ms Allison has left out a pair of pale pink bikinis and demi bra. She has also left for me a white blouse and snug fitting white mini skirt. The final piece is a new pair of pink patent leather 4 ½" heels. They look stunning on my feet but I know it won't be long before they ache. I have never worn heels so high.

"Go put on your make up muffin!" Ms. Allison calls out from her bedroom.

I walk as quickly as I can in the new heels to the guest bathroom and put on my make up. Over the past two weeks I have gotten a bit better at it. Shaving at work during my lunch break helps the make up look a little better as well. My lip shade is red and my cheeks are rosy when I walk out of the bathroom hoping to pass inspection.

"How do you like your new heels?" Ms asks from her room as she hears my heels on the tile floor.

"Oh I love them Ms Allison," I say truly meaning it, "they look so sexy!"

"I hope you don't mind," Ms continues, "but I put them on your credit card."

"Of course not Ms." I answer.

My credit card has been used for all the purchases of my lingerie, heels and makeup over the past two weeks. Of course I am the one wearing and using all these things so it only makes sense.

"I picked myself up something as well," Ms says as she walks out of the bedroom, "I hope you don't mind."

Ms Allison steps out looking every bit the Dominatrix. Her outfit consists of a black leather bustier and thong, thigh high black boots and long black leather gloves that reach her armpits. Her long red hair is pulled back with a black leather looking clasp and around her neck is a black leather choker with chrome chain detail. I am unable to speak and before I realize it an overwhelming pain fills my panties. My clitty throbs against the hard plastic cage testing its tensile strength. The cage wins and my clitty aches.

"I take it you like my new outfit." Ms replies wickedly.

"Yessss Ms!" I answer weakly trying not to fold in two.

I don't dare ask what she has in store for me tonight. The last thing I want to do is seem any more desperate than I already am! Ms helps me prepare dinner. With the exception of how we are dressed it is a normal night for an ordinary couple. My feet ache as we sit but I try not to show it, instead I try to concentrate on the chicken and brown rice in my plate as looking at Ms causes an ache in other places.

"Let's leave these plates," Ms Allison says as she gets up from the table and walks to me, "you look like you're ready to burst." Ms extends her hand to me and helps me out of my chair like a man would help a woman to her feet. "Come with me sweetie." Ms says as she leads me to the living room.

As we walk I can't help but look down at her exposed and shapely rear end. The height of her boots and the way she is walking causes it to sway seductively back and forth and in no time my clit finds the limits of the cage. She stops quickly and turns to see me staring at her butt.

"Like what you see muffin?" Ms says pulling my face up until my eyes meet hers.

"Yes Ms.!" I reply sheepishly.

"Are you horny and wanting to cum?" She asks as she steps toward me and lets me feel her body against mine.

"Oh yes please Ms!" I say sounding weaker than I had hoped.

Ms Allison reaches behind me and unzips my skirt pushing it over my hips and butt. The skirt slips easily down my legs and ends up around my ankles. Ms then slips her fingers inside the panties I have on and slowly, painfully slowly, lowers them down my body until they join my skirt on the floor. Ms sit in the chair in front of me and lifts the long chain she wears around her neck revealing the small key that goes to the brass lock on the CB3000. It is the closest Ms. Allison's mouth has been to my crotch in weeks and as soon as the cage is removed my clit rages. I have to fight the almost overwhelming urge to keep from wrapping my hand around my clitty and stroking it to oblivion!

"Well my little girl is quite excited isn't she?" Ms asks playfully as she reaches into the end table near her side. "Let's make sure you remain attentive." Ms says with a wicked smile.

Ms. Allison then stands and puts two thick leather cuffs on my wrists. She leans into me pushing my arms behind me and clips my wrists behind my back. My clit is free but my hands no longer were, I am still her prisoner. Ms. Allison produces a small bottle of lube from inside the front of her leather thong and pours some in her leather covered hand before rubbing that hand over my clit and tessies.

"Ohhhhhhhhh!" I moan involuntarily.

"Want to cum muffin?" Ms asks using both hands on my aching crotch.


"So glad to hear you are so desperate." Ms says triumphantly. "Come with me sweetie."

Ms. Allison walks to the kitchen taking a pillow with her and putting it on the floor leaving me standing in the living room desperately needing her help. I cautiously stepped out of the skirt and panties and follow Ms who sets the pillow on the floor in front of the refrigerator.

"Want to get off your feet too muffin?" Ms asks.

"Yes please Ms.!" I reply with little control.

"Kneel on the pillow." Ms says positioning it just right. "Facing the refrigerator sweetie." Ms instructs helping to guide me into place.

I find myself kneeling several inches from the fridge wondering what is to come next and hoping it is me! Ms leaves me momentarily to get something from the bedroom returning with one hand behind her back.

"I got something else in the mail this week," Ms says with a distinct gleam in her eye, "and if you want to cum you and it will get very close."

Before I can speak Ms. moves her left hand quickly slamming it into the refrigerator door with a bang. I soon find out it wasn't her hand but the suction cup base to a realistic dildo which is now mounted at mouth height on the fridge door. My eyes focus on the dildo in front of me. It isn't until I feel her hand on my crotch again that I realize her body is pressed into my back. Her hand is full of warm lube again and she uses it to coat my hard clit and smooth tessies teasing them mercilessly.

"It's simple muffin," Ms says toying with the end of my clitty with her slick fingers, "the more you play with that toy in front of you the more I play with you."

Her breath is hot against my ear, almost as hot as her pussy which is very close to my fingers. My crotch aches so badly and my tessies are so swollen and full of cum I need some kind of relief soon! A moment ago I was thinking about how I'd do anything to cum and now the opportunity is there and I am struggling to go through with it. Ms flicks her tongue up the back of my ear knowing that drives me crazy.

"Come on muffin," Ms says giving my swollen clitty a squeeze, "you know you want to do it, you know you're going to do it, so just go ahead and do it."

Ms lets her fingers glide over my tessies. Now she is using two hands causing my clitty to ache like never before. I purse my lips and kiss the head softly.

"Good girl!" Ms exclaims letting a finger trail underneath my tessies and rubbing it against my asshole. "Keep going sweetie," she encourages, "you know what I want you to do don't you?"

I kiss it a few more times flicking the shaft with my tongue. As a reward Ms strokes my shaft once causing me to moan deeply.

"Like that feeling amber?" Ms asks knowing the answer. "If you want me to do that you're going to have to earn it," she continues, "now wrap your sweet lips around my lover's shaft."

Automatically my lips part and the latex head slips into my mouth. Ms, true to her word, strokes the base of my shaft slowly mimicking the way my mouth moves on the shaft. Her body presses tightly into mine and her forearms pull my hips holding me tightly.

"Go deeper amber." She insists using her body to push me closer to the fridge door.

I feel the head reach the back of my mouth and the smooth underside on my tongue. My lips wrap around the shaft feeling the bumps and veins as I move back. Ms strokes closer to the head of my own clit. It was now clear, the deeper the dildo went into my mouth the closer her fingers work near my swollen head.

"When it gets to the back of your mouth," Ms says softly in my ear letting her fingers flick over my head, "relax your throat and hold it there then take it in a bit deeper."

I feel the head touch the back of my mouth and did as Ms instructed. I feel the urge to gag a bit but kept still and relax before taking the dildo in just a bit deeper. Ms rubs the head softly between her thumb and fingers which send electric shocks through my entire being. I do it again until I finally do have to gag and pull back just a bit.

"That was fantastic!" Ms says not containing her excitement. "You almost got the entire thing into your mouth!" She strokes me a few times as a reward causing my body to tremble. "Do it again muffin," she says softly, "and this time really relax."

I can't answer Ms hasn't allowed me to back up enough to let the dildo out of my mouth. Instead I slip my mouth forward on the shaft, sucking softly as I go, and finding it easier to take it further into my mouth. Each time I back up and move forward the dildo is easier and easier. Of course each time I take it deep into my mouth Ms strokes me harder bringing me closer and closer to cumming. I am shocked to feel my nose touch against the refrigerator door.

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