tagIncest/TabooDiscovering Mom's Secret

Discovering Mom's Secret


My name is Andy. For as long as I can remember, it has just been my mom and I. She married in her late teens, only to divorce my good-for-nothing father a few years later. I came along during the early years of the marriage, and my mom raised me by herself, with no help from my deadbeat dad. I grew up in the Midwest, but my mom moved us to Atlanta when I was in my teens. I am now 22 and my mother is 40.

My mother worked a series of clerical jobs during my early teens, and we struggled from month to month to pay the rent. In the last few years however, our economic situation has improved dramatically. Mom has started traveling around the country a couple of weeks each month, on what she claims is "public relations" work. I was puzzled by her new job at first, because my mom never even graduated from high school, but I enjoyed our new-found wealth so much that I didn't ask many questions.

My mom has always been a beautiful woman. Even at 40, she still maintains her youthful looks. She is about 5 feet 6, with blonde hair and natural D cup breasts. (I stole one of her bras and checked.) She constantly works out, and possesses a tight body that a woman ten years younger would kill for. All during my youth, she constantly had men in her life, who would take her on exotic vacations and buy her expensive presents. Somehow though, these relationships never seemed to last more than a month or two, and then a new man would enter her life. This all ended when she began traveling around the country doing her public relations work a few years ago.

Anyway, as the money kept rolling in, I started getting more curious about just exactly what mom did on her business trips. At first she was evasive, but then she opened up a little and said that she accompanied men to business and social gatherings. She hastened to assure me that these men were perfect gentlemen who just needed a beautiful woman to impress their colleagues or bosses, and that nothing inappropriate never happened. Being a naive young man, I bought her story hook, line and sinker.

My eyes were opened to the true nature of my mother's work one day when I received a manila envelope in the mail. Inside was a letter and an envelope with what felt like pictures inside. The contents of the letter hit me like a ton of bricks when I read it. I quote:

"Dear Andy: I am a longtime acquaintance of your mom's. We see each other every time she comes to Philadelphia. She has mentioned you many times in the course of our conversations and that is how I know of you. When your mom first told me that she had a grown son, I got incredibly turned on. You see, she informed me of this while we were in the middle of an incest role-play scenario in which your mom was sucking my cock as I pretended to be her son. You see, Andy, your mom does not work for a public relations firm. Instead she works for an escort agency called Intimate Pleasures. Men such as me hire her out at $400 per hour to fulfill our fantasies and have incredibly nasty sex with. I have seen your mom at least a dozen times in the past few years, and we have done it all. Besides giving me some incredible blow jobs, your mom has let me fuck her in the ass, come on her face, and swallowed my cum more times than I can count. Your mom also enjoys being the center of attention at small parties I host, taking on each of the men that attend, usually between 6-10. I have personally seen your mom take three cocks in her at once, while 3 other men jerked off on her face."

"I am sure that this news must come as quite a shock to you, but I assure you that I am telling the truth. If you don't believe me, you can check out the escort agency's website or even better, look at the photos I have included in the envelope. Why have I told you this? Simple. I am very turned on my the idea of incest, and I would love to know that you and your mom were having sex. I must tell you, that she REALLY got into our incest role-play fantasies, so I think you might have a chance at seducing her if you play your cards right. Good luck! -- Mr. X"

I stared at the letter in shock and disbelief. I desperately wanted to not believe it, but it all made sense. This was how my mom made all that money every month. She was working as a whore! I started to throw the envelope and the letter away, but then my curiosity got the best of me. With trembling hands, I opened up the smaller envelope that held the pictures. There were about 15 of them in there and they were definitely of my mom having sex with different men. There were a couple of shots of her posing nude that got my cock rising in my shorts. Geez, does she have an incredible body! There were several more that showed her on her knees, with various cocks in her mouth, including one photo with the largest black cock I have ever seen. That sucker must have been 12 inches long! Several more photos confirmed the letter's contention that my mom liked group sex, as they showed her with cocks in the mouth, ass, and pussy at the same time. The final two photos were the most amazing: they showed my mom's face literally covered with cum. What made it worse was that she had a huge smile on her face.

Still not believing what my eyes had seen, I got on the internet and went to the web site that Mr. X had mentioned. Sure enough, there was my mom, wearing a string bikini and calling herself "Taylor". The web site mentioned that her rate was $400 per hour and that she was their most uninhibited and popular escort, specializing in a BBBJTC, which I soon learned stood for "bareback blowjob to completion".

At this point, I tried to get mad at my mom for being a lying whore, but the erection in my pants was dominating my thought process. I whipped out my cock, and while looking at the nasty pictures of my mom, began jerking off. As I did so, I wondered what it would be like to actually fuck my own mom. As soon as this thought entered my mind, I exploded and shot cum all over the photo of my mom with a cock in each of her holes.

After quickly cleaning up my mess (as well as the photo I had stained), I started thinking about what to do next. Should I toss everything, or confront my mom? If I confronted my mom, what would her reaction be? Sure, she was a wild woman who loved sex, but I was her son. She had never even hinted about wanting to fool around with me, even during all those years we were alone. She was due back from her "business trip" to Philadelphia tomorrow, so I didn't have much time to decide what to do. In the end, I decided to play it cool, and see if she would admit on her own what she was really doing for a living.

The next day, I picked my mom up at Hartsfield airport, as I always did at the end of her trips. She greeted me with a big hug, just as she always did. However, I now looked at her in a totally different light, not being able to get the image of those nasty photos out of my mind. I found myself staring at her large breasts, her long legs, and especially her beautiful face, which I imagined covered in my cum. I found myself getting hard as I drove us home, and shifted uncomfortably in my seat. Mom noticed my discomfort and my silence and asked if everything way OK. I just nodded and kept on driving.

When we got home, mom announced that she really needed a long shower. I imagined that she needed it because she still had loads of cum all over her body from a hard week of fucking strange men for money, but of course I didn't mention this to her. As she showered upstairs, I made up my mind. I would leave the photos out on the table and take it from there.

Mom soon came back downstairs, with a towel in her hair and a silk robe on that hugged her womanly curves. Damn, why didn't I ever notice how sexy she was before? She sat down at the table and started asking me about my week and whether I had deposited the money that she had sent home ahead of her. As she chatted and dried her hair, she noticed the envelope on the table. She asked what was in it and I told her to take a look. When she did, her eyes quickly grew as big as saucers. Glancing at me, she quickly leafed through all of the photos in the packet. When she was done, she looked at me with the saddest eyes I have ever seen. Almost crying, she asked me where I had gotten the pictures. I told her about the letter I had received from Mr. X from Philadelphia and how it told everything about her secret lifestyle. I handed her the letter and she began to read. When she finished, she crumbled it up and threw it in the wastebasket. "Goddamn that Fred Jones!", she screamed. "I am going to kill him next time I see him!" With that, she broke down and started crying.

I then informed mom that it was time for her to level with me. First, I asked her if everything in the letter was true. She nodded that it was. I then asked her why she did this for a living and she replied that it was the only way she knew how to make a sufficient amount of money. Looking me stright in the eye, she declared that she made over $100,000 last year only working two weeks per month. I wanted to know if she enjoyed her work as much as the letter and the photos indicated and she once again nodded yes. She explained that she was always a very heavily sexed woman, and this was a way to make a good living while taking care of her needs.

At this point, I got a little more inquisitive. I asked her specifically what parts of her job she enjoyed the most. At first she hesitated, but then I informed her that I had a right to know everything. She proceeded to tell me that she loved to suck a man's cock and swallow his cum. She also mentioned that she loved really large cocks and liked the feeling when she had a cock in her ass and pussy at the same time. She also said that she loved being an exhibitionist at small parties and that she felt empowered when several men wanted her at the same time. She also volunteered that she had gone out on several two-girl calls, and found that she enjoyed having sex with other women as well.

As mom detailed her wanton ways, I pulled my cock out and slowly began masturbating under the table. I then informed her that she still hadn't discussed one aspect of her job and that was the role play fantasies, specifically the mother-son fantasies that she took part in. She replied that it was all a part of her job, that different men had different kinky fantasies and that she did her best to go along with whatever it was they fantasized about. With that, I stood up from the table and continued my masturbation. My mom's eyes grew wide and she tried to get up and leave. I roughly told her to sit back down. Somewhat to my surprise, she did. I then told her to take off her robe and show me the body that she had shown so many other men. She protested, but quickly complied after another stern look from me. My mom now sat before in all of her naked glory. I couldn't help but stare at her beautiful tits, and the sexy tan lines on her body. My mom then surprised my by squeezing her nipples. She then moved a hand down to her crotch and began playing with herself. My god! My mom was as turned on as I was! I quickly walked over to where she sat and waved my cock in her face. She smiled at me and asked me what her little boy wanted from his mommy. I told her to suck my cock and she leaned down and began gently sucking the tip of my cock.

I stood at the table transfixed as my mom began giving me the best blowjob of my young life. As she sucked, she reached one hand around my back and slowly inserted a finger in my ass. "Just a little trick of the trade", she mumbled between sucks. That did it. I exploded into her mouth like Old Faithful at Yellowstone National Park. I heard my mom gulp a couple of times as she swallowed it all down. When I was finished, she stood up, took me by the hand, and led me upstairs to her bedroom. On the way, she told me to fetch the digital camera if I liked. We spent the rest of the weekend sucking and fucking in every position imaginable, including a couple that weren't already documented in her photos. As I drove her to the airport Sunday night for her next trip to Philadelphia, she gave me a wonderful blowjob in the car. I asked her at the drop-off point if she was still going to kill Mr. X when she saw him. She shook her head no, and replied, "I can't believe the bastard won the bet!"

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