Discovering My Aunt


I moved over and sat at the bottom of the settee, I could see the mass of black pubic hair covering my aunts pussy, Sophie's pubic hair was not as dense, Jean reached between her and gently placed her finger on her pussy, as she opened her cunt for me the pubic hair parted and I was greeted by the sight of her wet pussy folds, "see that, its my clitoris, very sensitive, I like to have teased first and licked and sucked, a little light nibbling on it is usually nice too" she said in a whisper.

I went down on my aunt sniffing her sexy musky aroma as my tongue made contact with her hot sex, she gasped and placed her hand over her mouth as if to stifle the pleasure, rather than waiting for more instruction I went for it, licking and tongue fucking her, she was soon bucking underneath me and my face suddenly was covered in a gush of her female juices as I worked on her, I pushed a finger inside her and then another as she bucked under me, she came again shouting loudly my name, I had her now, I had reeled her in over a few days now I was going to enjoy my catch.

I got up and pulled her up, I flicked down the front of my track suit bottoms and my aching cock sprang into her face, "you know what I want, the same thing uncle asked for" I said and I went to my hand on the back of her head and pull her onto my cock, but no need, she opened her mouth and took me deep into her throat, I had never been sucked by a woman before and shit did it feel good, Jean knew just what to do, I looked down in total disbelief as my aunt gripped my shaft with her red painted lips, her head going back and forth as she tried to milk my come from my throbbing dick. Within seconds I could feel my come start to rise, no I thought, no I want to fuck her, but I could not stop myself, I even gave her the option to take her mouth away, "I am going to fucking come" I shouted, this only made my aunt work harder, I let a big load go into her mouth and she swallowed hard, some of my come seeped from the side of her mouth as I pumped into her mouth hard, then she took her mouth away and as she gasped for air the remainder of my orgasm deposited itself over her face, neck, hair and some had run down the front of her sweater.

My aunt sat there panting her face covered in my come, I was angry with myself for coming as I so wanted to fuck her, but I was also so satisfied I had enjoyed my first blow job, not only that, my friends had told me how their girl friends turned away when they came, not my aunt she had attempted to swallow the lot, it was only the excess of my load that had resulted in the messy end and big clean up operation. Jean said nothing as she got to her feet and reached for tissues, as she walked out the room she was feverously wiping my come from her face and neck.

I sat down on the sofa for a while contemplating what had happened, I was not sure how Jean would react to what had happened, she went upstairs and I could hear a shower running and I guessed she was cleaning up. I took out the tea things and put them in the kitchen, this time I was a little reluctant to speak and I was not sure what I would say when my aunt came down. It had been almost an hour since my blow job and no sign of Aunt Jean, I guessed she was taking a nap upstairs and avoiding me and any embarrassment after what had happened.

It was now late afternoon I made my way upstairs and walked toward my bedroom, I passed my aunts room but did not look in, then I heard her call out my name, I walked back and stood in the doorway, there she was sat at her dresser, she was putting the finishing touches to her make up, she was wearing a blue basque, black seamed nylons and high heels, I just stood there mouth wide open as she got up, she pulled the straps of the basque down and her heavy big tits flopped out over the top of the basque, "I think we both want the same thing Simon, you want a fuck, I need a fuck, its been such a long time for me and that big cock of yours is far to much of a temptation for a lady like me" she said and walked over and climbed on to her bed, she sat back against the pillows and fondled those large breasts, she wore no panties. Her words cut through me like a knife, I could not believe it was my aunt using the F word, but it was my aunt, led there waiting for me, I tried to be cool as I pulled off my track suit bottoms, my cock which had been so expertly sucked off an hour or so before was hard again and ready for action.

I climbed on to the bed and took her nylon clad legs in my arms, I rubbed the end of dick the full length of her wet pussy lips before pushing it in, her eyes rolled back as she screamed, "fucking hell that feels good, now fuck me you young stud" she shouted. I was told older women were not as tight as young girls but Jeans pussy gripped my dick tightly as I fucked her hard my balls slapping against her ass, she looked up at me, " virgin my ass, you came here for this and now you are getting what you wanted you dirty fucking bastard, come on make aunty come with your big dick" she screamed, that was the last thing she said for the next hour and half, to right I was no virgin, I was a selfish mean lover and I fucked in every position, on all fours with those big tits hanging into my hands, I made her ride my cock facing me so I could watch her fuck herself on my cock, and I finished off with a tit wank spraying the under side of her neck with my second big load of come of the day.

We led there in a sweaty spunk covered mess for what seemed ages as we both got our breath back, " little fibber, I have never been fucked so hard and so good, what a shame we wasted the first few days you were here with all that messing about finding out if we fancied each other" Jean said as her head led on my chest, "I realised when I got here I have always wanted you, I just had to find away to get you round to my way of thinking" I said to her, she laughed, from the day I picked you up from the station I knew I wanted you to fuck me, it had been so long since I have had a man and when I pulled out your big cock for that wank I knew I had to have you, but I am your aunt and the last thing I wanted was you to think of me as some sort of old slut" she said.

I had a few more weeks left of my holiday, not a day went by when I did not fuck my Aunt Jean at least twice, we fucked in every position, one morning I would awoke with her mouth on my cock demanding an "early morning seeing too" as she put it. Eventually I had to go back home, but I returned often to see my aunt, I bought her a large vibrator and posted it too her, she wrote back thanking me and telling me it would get plenty of use when I was not there, now why was that not a surprise to me......

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by Anonymous08/28/17

Best I've read.

That is the best story I've read on this site. I can absolutely believe it.

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