tagExhibitionist & VoyeurDistant Pleasure Ch. 01

Distant Pleasure Ch. 01


Akshay's perspective -

These are my best days of life, I thought with philosophical certainty. Living in the present is a diktat that a lot of people preach. But when the present is screwed up, all you can do is be nostalgic about the past, or dream about the future. That wasn't the case with me. Though I had fond memories of the past, and was not dreading the future, I had to admit my present was bloody good.

I had just had sex with Shruti, my girlfriend... She was an air-hostess. Sexy as hell, willing to give me space and not too hung up on where our relationship was headed. She had left... She was working on a flight from Bangalore to USA that night. It would be a week before she returned. She had given me a good dose of loving, but I couldn't help crave for more. I was sprawled on my bed naked, and saw my dick go from flaccid to rock hard in a matter of seconds as I thought of Shruti. "You hungry bastard," I muttered under my breath as I got up to get a beer. I put on a shirt and a pair of shorts. I didn't have problem with being nude, but it was nippy that winter evening. I got that beer, and went to my bedroom again. It was a fairly large bedroom, by Bangalore standards. It even had a set of full length French windows in one corner. Sitting in a corner there, with a cold beer, and a cigarette was my way of looking at the metaphorical daffodils.

I should explain at this point that my windows didn't open out to some glorious garden overflowing with fragrant flowers. Right in front of my house, across a small 10-feet wide by-lane was another 2 storied house; my bedroom window facing the kitchen window of that house. That's how independent houses are made in Bangalore... Wall to wall and window to window.... Such that you needed efforts to keep out eavesdroppers and peeping toms. That was the last house in that lane, and I did have a view of an empty field behind the row of houses. That field was set to go under bulldozers to build a new apartment complex. I frowned at the thought of all the noise and dust that would find its way into my home, and made a rueful note to myself to think of moving to a new place.

That would be later though. For now, I was content sipping my beer. At that point the lady next door came into the kitchen. It was her cooking time. I waved a hi. She waved back a hi, shyly. It was a lot more lively than usual. Her waves were usually very secret. She didn't want her family to see her getting friendly with the next door dude.

The family next door had moved in three months back. The girl, Preethi, her 3 year old kid, her husband and mother-in-law. I had gathered they had moved in from Chennai, a metropolis further down south of Bangalore. They were a conservative lot. In the three months, I had exchanged a couple of words with her husband and that was about it. Preethi was a beautiful girl. If I had to guess, she was about 27 or 28 years old. Her face, though was much younger. Her cheeks were full, but not in a droopy kind of a way. Her lips were to match and looked deliciously succulent. Her large eyes completed the adorable young-girl face. She had a petite frame, with breasts that were a handful. She had a lovely body, but mostly kept it draped in a modest saree. Her hair was usually rolled in a bun, and she never wore any makeup.

Preethi was also a friendly girl. Though she was tied down with social norms and never ever talked to any guys unless she had some work, she always gave a coy smile when we crossed paths on the road. She was very chatty with her girlfriends when they got together in our lane. And she always waved a hi when we stood across in our homes -- she in her kitchen and me in my bedroom.

From her more-than-usual animated gestures, I could make out that she was alone at home. I asked with hand gestures where her husband was. She showed me a plane taking off. That probably meant that he was travelling to US or London or somewhere for some work. I enquired about the mother-in-law and she had gone to Chennai. Her son was apparently asleep. With this charades, my beer was over as well. I felt like taking a shower. I mimed that to Preethi. She scowled in return and mouthed out her displeasure on me leaving her alone. I smiled at the flirting, and asked for 5 minutes. She signaled back that I'd better be back soon, or she'd hit me with belan -- a rolling pin used in cooking.

I went for a shower... and was still thinking of Preethi. My dick -- that had subsided, throbbed back to life again. I rolled my fingers over my 10-inch long and substantially thick rod, wondering how would Preethi's lips feel on it. The image was great. I got done with my shower -- exercising restraint to not shag. I stepped out in the towel into my bedroom. I looked over at the windows, and realized Preethi would still be in her kitchen. I wondered how she would take me coming in front of her in just a towel. I should find out, I told myself.

I went across to the windows. She looked up from her cooking and saw me smiling at her. She stopped what she was doing, dropped her Belan and stared intently. This was the first time she was seeing me semi-naked. She ran a finger across her lips and bit it between her teeth on the side of her mouth. I smiled wider and spread my arms, mouthing an arrogant, "You like what you see". I had my reasons to be proud though. I had a well toned physique. The muscles cut crisply to showcase my biceps, triceps, chest and abs. I was still working on my back and side abs. But the work-in-progress never failed to impress the girls.

Preethi shyly covered her face and peeked again. She signaled me flex my arms. I obliged. She gave an inviting and hungry smile. I signaled her to drop her saree pallu from her shoulder and let have a glimpse of her blouse-clad chest. She glanced out her window, ensuring that no one else but me could look into her house. She then closed her eyes, and dropper her saree. She was wearing an exceptionally low cut blouse that day, giving an ample view of her cleavage. Neither was she wearing a bra. Clearly she took liberties when she was alone at home. She grabbed the edges of the blouse near her shoulders and pulled it tighter, squeezing her breasts into a tight self hug. Her nipples were protruding, clearly visible through her flimsy blouse. I extended my arms forward, as if grabbing her boobs and kissed in the air. As if pushed back by the force of my hands and ravishing kiss, she stumbled backwards, and pressed herself against, the back wall of her kitchen, which was not too far away from her cooking platform. With one hand raised over the head, inviting me to kiss her neck, that I might have done if I was actually with her... she pointed at my towel.

I let my towel slip, showing off my dick which was fully erect. Preethi stared at it for a good while, massaging herself on the neck, her breasts and her hands going lower on to her belly and lower below... to places I couldn't see, places I was dying to lay my eyes on. Then she turned her head on the side of her raised hand... and started licking her arm -- a surrogate for my penis. With Preethi watching... I started shagging... giving her a profile view... so that she could see the full length of my member. She was getting more turned on every second. Her heaving chests, matched its rise and fall with that of my strokes. I knew she was fingering herself, and enjoying it thoroughly.

After what seemed a forever of me drooling over her trembling body, and her licks and kisses from a distance so far... she walked up to the cooking platform... slowly... deliberately. How I wished she would walk through the walls, float through the air, and come to me... From the platform, she picked her yet unused belan... which was essentially a smooth wooden rod. She rubbed some oil on the belan... I realized what was going to happen with incredulity. It shot a rush of blood to my already throbbing dick.

The wooden rod disappeared from view, and I saw a heightened arousal on Preethi's face. She gasped and threw her head back. None of her hands were in view. Her blouse had slipped off her shoulders and hanging loosely on her boobs which had swollen with erotic excitement. Oh how I wanted to suck those breasts. She bit her lips... as she urged me to shag faster. I wanted to know what she was doing with her pussy... whatever it was... she was clearly enjoying it. I laid down on the floor in front of my window... with my legs toward her... I shagged as I pictured her straddling me. She reached out again... as if wanting to do just that. And then she started shivering... convulsing... And she collapsed on the platform... as I heard a silent scream echoing from her throes...

I was about to cum too... But I held on. I wanted her to see... She slowly brought herself up on her feet, looking at me with immense satisfaction... the look instantly turning to lust at the sight of my still hard dick... As she looked on... I gave a final thrust shooting my cum in a fountain of a wide, high spray.

Both and Preethi and I looked at each other, and smiled knowing smiles. This guilty pleasure was not going to stop here. We were going to ravish each other's bodies. I had identified a feral side in her... A side that she was forced to suppress. A side that was seemingly not satisfied and was itching to express itself. She had found a taker... And I was going to embrace her with open arms...

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