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Diva Destroyed


The two hottest girls in my High School, or any High School in the city for that matter, lived across the street from each other. Both had turned 18 over the winter and were truly amazing specimens of womanhood. On a scale of 1 to 10, Alexis was a 10. She was about 5' 8" and was in impeccable shape, considerring she didn't work out and appeared to stroll through life while others waited on her. Her breasts measured a talented 36C and her heart shaped ass had a personality of it's own. Whenever she walked into a room, her ass held court. All eyes in the room positioned themselves for the best look. Guys and a few girls were certainly under her curvaceous spell. Eventhough her skin color was naturally light, she had a perpetual tan. Summers were spent soaking in the sun, and when her tan started to fade, she would go to the tanning salon or would take a quick trip to a warmer climate. Her thick and wavy hair was medium brow, with lighter brown highlights. Her green eyes could carry a conversation with anyone fortunate enough to be looking into them. Her eyes were so evocative.

Dana was maybe an inch or so shorter than Alexis. She had sandy brown hair and had light brown eyes. Her skin was fair and would turn pinkish during the summer. Her body was athletic. Her 34B's seemed pushy for thier size, or lack thereof. She liked to go braless as much as possible, to show them in their lofty insolence. I considered her a 9. If she had any flaw, it was her butt. While certainly above average, it did not challenge Alexis in the least. The two girls were rivals since middle school, if not before than. Alexis tried hard to project a superior persona. She seemed unreachable. It was her nature. I did not view it as her being mean spirited. Dana, possibly on her own, or in response to Alexis, took on similiar characteristics. I always saw her as being mean though, and somewhat vindictive. She was known for being vengeful with people that crossed her. She had sabotaged more than a few relationships.

I lived two houses down from Alexis. I was in love with her, really caring about her and her status in life. I worshipped her from afar. Occasionally, really not that often, when she didn't feel like she had to be in diva mode, she would give me a smile. I reasoned that she knew I was in love with her and wanted me to stay in that role. Most of the time she ignored me, tuning me out. My friend Dave and I found out where she was going for spring break and we followed her there. We came across a basketabll player from our school who told us she was going to participate in a wet t-shirt contest. We were in the middle of a crowd of drunk boys and men all hollering. She put on some very seductive moves and ended up winning. Her nipples were large and proud, showing through the wet shirt. We waited to congratualte her, but she was deluged by admirers who made getting to her impossible. When we were finally able to spot her on the beach, I ran up to her, calling out her name. She was wearing a thong and her winning chest was parading around in a small top. Her victory walk.

"Hey, Alexis. Congratulations." I said. I couldn't believe I was able to sound coherent. She was about to smile, then caught herself, realizing there were too many people around.

"Look at them." She said.

"You were amazing." I had to think to close my mouth. I felt myself getting hard through my baggy shorts.

"You'll never know them. You'll just see them walk by." She said, moving on her way.

I was sad that she had spoken to me so dismissively. I hadn't done anything to her to deserve being speared in that manner. When I told Dave, he just shook his head.

"She has an image to uphold. She can't be talking to some guy she goes to school with. Where did Dana go for her vacation?"

"Who cares about Dana?" I said.

"She might treat you nicer. You never know."

"She's mean." I said.


Back home, walking 100 or so feet behind her, as I usually did, on our way to school, Alexis turned and smiled at me.

"How was spring break?" She asked.

I walked faster to catch up to her, to possibly make the walk to school with her, but she was joined by a friend and just disappeared. It bothered me that I had never walked to school next to her. On the other side of the street was Dana, walking with one of her groupies. She gave me a cold look, even though her eyes were hidden behind a pair of sunglasses.

That was the norm on my block. Two rival beauties living so close to each other, yet, each occupied their own planet. Needless to say, I had plenty of material to masterbate to. I usually jerked off to images of and fantasies involving Alexis. Dana was a far second. Sometimes I melded the two of them in rivalry. Alexis had boyfriends in neighboring cities, even 1 or 2 in nearby states. She never took a local boyfriend. Dana, in much the same way, had a boyfriend that lived far enough away that she only saw him about once or twice a month during the school year. Dave said that there was no doubt that Alexis was sexually active, but he believed that Dana was still a virgin. He said there was something reserved about her.

Dave would join me in the attic of my parent's home as we spied on Alexis while she sunbathed in her back yard. We would get very sweaty as we watched the girl of my dreams. We were comfortable enough with each other, or rather desperate enough, to masterbate to her together. Sometimes, probably out of boredom, one of us would jerk the other off while we used binoculars. Although it was easy to hold them in one hand, it seemed we should share in our desire for her. When there were other girls that joined her, it made her seem even more impressive. None of her friends could come close to the beauty she was. Even though she wore thongs and smalltops, she never went topless. That was always our goal: to see her boobs. The odds of Dana joining her did not exist. Dave had a small penis, slightly under 5 inches, but he could reload faster than me and usually masterbated twice as many times as I did. I felt like his jerk-off bitch sometimes.

"Would you ever prefer Dana over Alexis?" Dave asked me.

"I kinda have this fantasy that Dana would let me be with her if I stopped loving Alexis. But you know how I feel about Alexis. That could never happen. What about you."

"I am On Alexis' side, no two ways about it. But there is one thing about Dana that I prefer." Dave said.

"Here we go." I said.

"Dana gets French pedicures on her feet, and she wears jewelry on her feet. Alexis has perfect feet, but she doesn't usually show them off. She just doesbn't wear flip flops. I hate that about her."

"She is much too classy for that." I said.

"I love feet." He said.

"You and you foot fetish."


School was coming to an end. I was going to miss my morning walks to school. I had even started to videotape Alexis as I walked behnd her. I wanted something to remember her by. I think Dana saw me fumbling with my camera once. More dirty looks from her. I had heard Alexis was going away to College out west somewhere. Dave had heard that she had a talent agent and was either going to model in New York or do some acting out in Hollywood. Nothing surprised me when it came to her .I envisioned having more jerk-off material in the future if she appeared in print or on film. However, watching her sunbathe would never be replaced. I'll never forget the day she fingered herself. I came more times that day than any other day in my life.

The prom had come and gone. I went with a girl named Debbie, who was more a friend than anything, that new and teased me about my love for Alexis. When we were having sex, after the prom, she told me it was fine if I thought about Alexis.

"You can even call me by her name if you want." Debbie had said to me.

I laughed at her jokes, but knew she sort of meant it.

On the last official day of school, after a formal brunch, about one third of the seniors gathered at the home of a girl named Erica. She was a lesbian and was popular with most of the kids, having gone to school with them since early on. I always thought Erica and Dana were secret allies. We were still dressed somewhat formally, as we stumbled into her house. I was going to go to a local University, so things were pretty much set for me. I really didn't even want to go to the party, but Dave had convinced me to go. There was a little bit of drinking going on, and people talked about some late night parties yet to come.

Alexis and Dana were on opposite sides of the large living room. Alexis was wearing a white leather skirt and light blue top. She had on a pair of blue high heels. I was trying to figure out a way to take a few pictures of her without her noticing. Dana had on a blue skirt and a white top. She was wearing a pair of gladiator sandals. Her left ankle bracelet jingled as she walked. Both girls seemed confident, as their inner circles jostled about them. Dave and I were not part of any inner circle, save for our two way circle jerk.

Erica centered herself in the room and started to talk. Her voice was forceful enough that everyone became quiet.

"I have an interesting proposal for two of our guests." She said.

There were only two people in the whole school that mattered, so it was easy to guess who she was talking about.

"Dana, and Alexis, this is about the two of you. Most of us know that Alexis won a wet t-shirt contest on spring break. Well deserved, Alexis." She said, somewhat condescendingly. "Dana, you all know Dana, was doing someting pretty special, for those of you into such things."

Dave was standing next to me. His face was in a concentric stare. He was looking at Dana's feet.

Alexis raised an eyebrow slightly at the lesbian, while Dana acted detached. From the start it seemed to me this was all rehearsed on Dana and Erica's part.

"Yeah, what was so special, did she win a wet shorts contest?" Someone from the back of the room said. An Alexis fan for sure.

Erica continued. "Better than that." As if to belittle Alexis. "Dana participated and won a no-touch ejaculation contest. The objective of the contest was to get a random guy to ejaculate without touching him on the genitals. The guy couldn't touch himself either. The girl could touch him in anywhere else anyway she wanted to. You're feet, I heard, came in handy, Dana."

I knew Dave would be drooling with that last comment. He practically was.

"She has awesome feet." Dave said.

"So does Alexis." I said, defending her.

By now, the two divas were standing about two feet from each other. The room seemed to push them closer to some sort of conclusion. A fitting end to High School. This was the closest I'd seen them in years.

"Dana told me she would be open to have that type of contest here. I couldn't think of anyone more worthy as an adversary than you, Alexis."

The room was quiet. Guy's, I could tell, much like Dave, were salivating at the idea of seeing these two compete, or possibly of being chosen. Alexis was trying her best not to look unsettled, but she appeared slightly unnerved. Where had such a preposterous idea come from? I imagined her thinking.

"There is a catch." Erica interjected. "The rules are simple enough. One guy for each girl, from any guy that is here now. Each girl can use whatever method she wants, short of touching the guy's dick or balls. The winner is the girl who makes her guy shoot his cum first. And, the winner gets to sit on the loser's face, rubbing her pussy into it until she cums herself. Which, if the loser cooperates, can be quick, or can be drawn out. Licking is recommended to get a bitch off of you. Any questions?"

I couldn't believe it. None of my fantasies had ever conjured up such erotic thoughts that this proposed scenario did. The room was quiet. I was sure everyone had already decided who they wanted to see flat on her back. For me, I wanted to see Alexis triumph. The off the chart beauties, lifelong enemies, were now seemingly squared off against each other. It was Alexis who would flinch if she backed down. If Erica spoke the truth, Dana had already agreed to the contest. It seemed a dangerous game for Alexis. Someone was going to lose, and taste defeat for the first time ever. I sensed a conspiracy. Alexis was being challenged by her only equal. Her ego was too massive to not accept.

"Can you make... is this even possible?" I asked Dave. He was in a trance.

Erica, the acting impresario, was now standing directly in front of my queen, and awaited her answer.

"Well? What do you say, Alexis?" Erica said.

"Yes." Alexis said.

All the guys in the room seemed willing to help out. Most of them anyway. There were a few shy ones, myself included. Dave appeared to be breathing very heavily. I was worried his brain was going to fry with all this information.

"Let's begin. Clear a spot in the middle of the room. Someone bring two chairs." Erica said.

A spot was cleared and two dining room table chairs were brought. Dana sauntered around the room and headed for one of the groupings of jocks. The most menacing of the jocks: football players. For some reason Dana was most popular among these athletes, while Alexis ruled all the other sports.

It appeared Dana had zeroed in on one particular guy, who seemed to have just arrived.

"This... Mike will do." Dana said.

Mike was a brute. He stood well over 6 feet tall and had muscles from the neck down. He looked overjoyed and his bulge was already showing. Dana led him to a chair, wanting to get things started.

Alexis seemed indecisive. She really did not associate too much with local guys. They must have felt like strangers. She spun around and moved towards me. I was a shy guy, but would do anything to help her out, to keep her from losing. Instead of picking me, she grabbed Dave by his tie and walked him slowly over to the remaining chair. I was furious. She was the object of my deepest desires. I loved her in so many ways. Why had she picked Dave? He worshipped her too, but lusted after Dana's feet. I actually resented when he spoke of Dana.

"Let's begin." Erica said. She moved back a little to allow the participants all the room they needed. She motioned for someone to turn the music on. A dance beat came on, signalling that things were moving ahead now.

I was nervous, wanting Alexis to win, even if it meant Dave would be satisfied.

"Well? Take your clothes off." Alexis said. She seemed annoyed already. That was not a good sign. The only true diva in the room being flustered already was not good.

Dave quickly took off his shirt and tie, then started to unbutton his pants.He revealed his small frame and his smaller penis that was caught between being flaccid and being totally erect. The look on Alexis' face implied that she may have made a mistake in chosing Dave. Why wasn't he already fully erect. He was sitting in her honor. That was an embarrassment to her, I thought.

Dana laughed, as did Mike. He started to take off his pants. It looked as if he was not even wearing underwear. He had a large dick that had to be at least 9 inches if not more. It was thick and veiny. Very formidable. He appeared too confident.

Dave, as I well knew from holding him in my hand, had to be at least half the size of Mike. Alexis looked over to mike, not in awe, but in contemplation. As if she had encountered the same or even larger.

"He's too small to do anything with." A friend of Alexis said.

"Shut up, bitch." Alexis snapped.

Dana was now gatherring her skirt, slowly hiking it up to reveal her long and toned legs. She showed a light blue thong. Her butt cheeks were fuller than I had imagined them to be. She shook her ass, not so much for Mike, but for the silent faces of those watching. She leaned over to Mike and whispered a few words into his ear. I sensed they were partnered from before this day. I worried for my queen. In spite of being furious with she and Dave, I moved closer to them, without drawing attention to myself. I hated the thought of her losing. I waited for her to notice me, and I glanced at her, almost pleading with my eyes for her to come near me. She played it off perfectly. She started to gyrate to the music as she moved close to me. A few dance moves she was probably not going to have used. She was near me now. I loved that she needed me.

"He has a foot fetish." I said. I was certain only Alexis heard me. The music was loud enough to drown me out and everyone looked busy just watching the show. I had helped her.

She had heard me, because she immediately removed her high heels. It felt strange, somewhat empowering, that she did something at my urging. Her feet did not have the French pedicure that Dave lusted for, but they were professionally done nonetheless. She started to model her feet for Dave, who sat there on his throne, as my love started to work her charms. I could not believe the two of us had so much control over her at this moment. Dave more than me. We had spent hours sweating in a small attic, hoping to catch a fantastic glimpse of her, and now we had this moment, where she seemed vulnerable. Alexis went behind Dave and leaned down to whisper something in his ear. He only nodded. Had she promised him more if she won?

Alexis ran her hands over his torso, coming as close as possible to his groin area. She ran her fingernails over his chest. She said something again to him. Dave turned the chair around so that his arms lay across the back rest. Alexis used her feet now, dragging them from his butt up his back. Dave smiled as if he was on drugs. This was certainly his greatest moment ever, but if the great Alexis lost, things would certainly change for all of us. How could she continue being the ice queen, strutting around like she owned every place she walked into? Would she take her rage out on Dave, and me, his friend?

Dana, who had been taking it slow, noticed that Alexis was more than capable of winning the contest, started to step up her efforts. She took off her skirt. Her fans screamed with delight. There were fists pumped. Her named was repeated over and over. Alexis seemed to wince at the thought that Dana had taken such a large portion of momentum. Dana started to turn in circles. Mike only nodded his head, and it seemed his dick was also nodding in agreement. She put her hands on Mike's shoulders, as if trying channel all her womanly powers to travel through her to his engorged member.

Alexis now removed her skirt. She revealed a white thong. Instead of screams from those witnessing this battle, there was only silence. While music played, the faces of those watching were in awe. She put her arms out to her sides, as if proclaiming that her beauty surpassed that of anyone they had ever met before or were going to meet.

Dana, ever the opportunist, could not wait any longer to coax Mike's cum. She leapt onto the shoulders of the beefy lineman. She was careful to avoid any contact with his vertical manhood. Her panties pressed up against his face. She grinded her pussy all over his mouth. She ran her hands through his and laughed hysterically. To me, it seemed planned out. She and Mike were acting way too familiar. How dare they do this to my Alexis! I thought.

"Wow!" I heard a few people say.

Alexis had to think more offensive now. She scooted Dave farther back in his chair so that his asshole hung over the edge. She was now maneuvering her big toe into his rear opening. His head jerked to the side. His face awash with content. She was adamant that her big toe stimulating his anus was going to make him pop. Things seemed desperate as Dana and Mike seemed to be working in tandem.

Dave looked as if he was beginning to drift off, pleased with having Alexis invade him like so. I wanted to yell at him. To wake him up.

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