tagIncest/TabooDivine Depravity Ch. 05

Divine Depravity Ch. 05


Nola and I continued our cum sharing kiss until we were finally interrupted by Rick. "You guys really know how to clean up. But there's one part that still needs cleaning," he said hopefully, waving his semi-erect pole over his mother's face.

Before she could object I put a hand behind her head and pulled her up, bringing her opened lips to his dangling tool. He quickly slipped the tip between lips, and she slowly licked and sucked him. With this stimulation, he started growing once again and he began moving deeper into her mouth.

This seemed to be crossing another line for her and she pulled away. "Now honey, that's clean enough. It's been great but I think it's gone far enough. So far we've just gotten into some mutual stimulation, I guess. But you know we can't really have sex together."

"Come on Mom. You can't stop now. Licking me off isn't really like actual sex. I mean I don't see how it's that much different than you licking my cum from your tits."

"He has a point, Nola. You've already gotten a load of his cum from my mouth and your tits. I don't see how getting it from his cock is that much different. Seems like you're kind of splitting hairs here."

"Well I know, but still, it's not...I mean sucking my breast is different that sucking his cock. It just seems wrong." Despite her objections, I thought she might relent, until Rick suddenly backed off.

I was surprised to hear him reassure her. "Oh I understand, Mom. I just meant for you to lick it some. I mean...Well—this is kind of embarrassing—you know, no one really sucks it down. I mean, I can't expect that; I'm just too big and would hurt if...."

"You mean," Nola interrupted excitedly, "are you saying...Well. Aaah...You really haven't...." She was grasping for words as she stared up at his growing tool. "...ever had someone suck you?"

"No, never," Rick replied with disappointment.

"Oh, honey, you've never felt someone lick up and down that shaft like a giant lollipop?"

"I can only wish," he lamented.

"You've never felt that rim slip past someone's lips as your head slides in and is sucked down tight?" Nola spoke seductively as she licked her lips.

"Nooo!" he groaned, as his hips thrust involuntarily, causing the shaft to make a wide arc with each move.

"So you've never felt your shaft pass someone's lips as a soft tongue swirls and coats you, taking more and more of you 'til you feel the tight velvet flesh of someone's throat around that head?" Nola was grinning in anticipation, obviously enjoying her sense of control now.

"Oh God, no! Stop teasing me, Mom," Rick panted as he hung on her every word.

"I'm sorry, honey. Am I making you uncomfortable?" she cooed seductively as she licked her finger and slowly slid it in her mouth. "I just thought with all the hot talk you've given me I'd give some back. It's kind of fun being on the giving end of things, being in control of getting my own son all worked up. I thought you'd enjoy picturing what you've been missing."

She looked smug as she continued; ignoring his gasps and groans with each suggestion. "So you've really never felt that cock hammering down the back of someone's throat, so deep you could feel the soft tissue like a glove around your head while the muscles swallow you deep, feeling the velvet membranes contracting over every part of the sensitive rim in a vacuum hold, sending exquisite sensations deep in your groin, forcing further penetration, so that when those giant balls tightened up, you could feel a spasming, pulsating stream shoot so deep there was no need to swallow—you've never felt that, honey?"

"Oh God Mom, you're driving me nuts! You'd better stop before I lose control and force it down you. It sounds fantastic, but I guess I'll have to settle for the fantasy. I mean I don't expect...It really is ok. Girls tell me I'd end up gagging them, and they'd throw up. That certainly wouldn't be a turn on for me or anyone else." He laughed nervously. "But licking me would..."

"You shouldn't ever think that, honey," Nola interrupted. "Your size isn't the problem. I don't want you to ever feel bad about your size. The problem is you've obviously never had someone who has some skill and experience with giving oral sex."

"Well he is awfully big, Nola," I chimed in, now realizing that his virgin status was a potent seduction in breaking through her boundaries. "I'm not sure how someone could really get their mouth around that head, let alone suck the rest of it down."

The challenge was too much for Nola to resist, as I saw her eyeing him hungrily. "Well I probably shouldn't be doing this. Oh God, I'm your mother and I can't believe I'm even thinking this. But I believe you need to know that oral sex is possible for you. I've already licked you off some, so I guess...I mean...Well, taking you down my throat isn't that much different." Nola was struggled to rationalize her decision.

Before she could change her mind Rick jumped in. "Oh God, Mom. You mean, you actually want to try sucking me off? I know you can't do that much with my size, but it feels so terrific that you want to try."

His was so understanding and so needy; what mother could resist? Obviously not Nola. "I'm going to do more than try, honey. This is so exciting, to know I'm the first! Just lie down and get ready for the first and probably best blow job of your life. I was having some reservations until I realized this is a first for you. Knowing that I can meet this special need is so exciting. God!! I can't wait to take your oral virginity and have that tool sliding down my throat. Lisa, sit back and watch how this is done. It will be one of your final lessons."

She moved into position over him and then continued. "The most important thing is to relax and take it slow and easy. Looking at this monster can be kind of scary, and the tendency is to tense up as you picture gagging or suffocating. But instead, try to picture how exciting it will be for him, and how close you'll feel sucking him fully inside."

She leaned over and began licking the tip followed by tonguing up and down the shaft. Then she rubbed her lips and tongue all over the head and crown while Rick began moaning in anticipation. "You have to get it really wet and well lubricated so that it will slide in more easily," she observed. "Also, notice how gentle I am with the head. Around the crown here, it's especially sensitive."

"Ah...Ahhh...That feels unbelievable," Rick gasped as she licked and mouthed the rim.

"Now watch when I go down," she instructed. "If teeth touch the sensitive head it can hurt so when I first take him in, I cover my teeth with my lips. With something this size, you have to relax your throat and fight any reflex to gag. Picture fully opening a channel. Watch how I stretch my neck so it will slide all the way down my throat." "Oh God!" Rick cried. "Fuck the stupid lesson and just suck on me!"

"Easy, honey." Mom responded. "This is for you too, assuming you hope to one day stuff this monster down Lisa's throat." Then she slowly lowered her head, pulling up slightly and then descending further. With each stroke, more of that huge tool disappeared. He was about half way in when she bent forward, craning her neck to straighten the channel and allow deeper penetration.

"Aahh...Easy M-Mom...So deep...d-don't want you g-getting h-hur...Oh fuck!" he cried out as she took him even deeper, gasping as she briefly hesitated; then suddenly it was as though something gave way. She quickly moved down, completing the way for the final invasion of his tool. "F-fucking unbelievable!...Y-you're t-taking me all th-the waayyy!

Indeed she was, and I watched incredulously as her jaw stretched while her neck craned more and more with each stroke, taking him deeper and deeper until the entire shaft was totally buried down her throat with her nose resting on his groin. His cock had to be well past her tonsils and he was quickly overwhelmed with the intense stimulation.

"Holy Shit!!! So tight...Swallowing...Oh...oh...ahhhh. It feels so fucking fantastic, Mom. Sooo deeep. Oh God!! Suck me haaard!! What a fucking mouth!! God, Mom—my cock-sucking mom—you're driving me crazy!!"

She couldn't even moan, but was breathing hard through her nostrils, as she pistoned her mouth up and down over his pole. He didn't last long with this stimulation and sudden began thrusting his hips upward to meet her every downward stroke, patting her head as he warned, "Aaahhhalmost there. Oooh...aaahh GAAAWD!

His body stiffened in total spasm and I saw Nola's neck tighten in a valiant attempt to hang on to that jerking monster down her throat. "AhhFuucck!" He cried out, grabbing her head, and holding it down as he thrust up against her. Nola had to pull back quickly, gasping for breath as his cum dripped from the corners of her mouth and down the shaft.

Once she had caught her breath, she smiled up at him, her lips coated with his cum. "Wow, honey; y-you really had a l-load!" she panted. "You had that thing jammed so deep, I about chocked to death on your cum! What a way to go—drowning in cum!" she laughed.

"Mom, you were absolutely fantastic! I'll never forget this wonderful gift," he bubbled, beginning to move off her.

"Hold on, darling; I'm not done," she said, wrapping her hands around his cock. He gasped as she brought it to her lips once again. She gazed up at him smiling in admiration as she slowing proceeded to lovingly lick around the crown and then down the shaft. When she was done cleaning him with her tongue-bath, she pulled him onto her, holding his face in her hands—staring lovingly into his eyes—before joining in a long passionate kiss.

"Beautiful," I murmured. "Fucking beautiful."

"Wow, honey, that really was something," Nola agreed as she ended there kiss. "That's a high note to end on, don't you think?" she suggested hopefully.

"It really was terrific, Mom. I will always treasure the feeling when I was so deep in you. I wouldn't have believed you could take me that deep if I hadn't felt it myself. But remember, you still you haven't gotten off; we can't stop 'til you've let us give to you."

"Yeah, Nola, that's where this started," I reminded her, "and you promised we could have the thrill of giving you pleasure."

"All right," she agreed. "All this action really has gotten me hot and I do need some relief. But I agreed to you doing me, Lisa, not my own son. He can watch and enjoy."

I avoided responding to her as I leaned down, beginning to kiss her. Then she moved on top of me, letting her tits brush against mine as she leaned to kiss me once again. She continued kissing as she moved down, sighing as she began squeezing and licking my tits. She was now kneeling; bending over me with her back arched, leaving her ass in the air.

Rick stood at her feet, drooling at the sight of her gaping pussy. As she was focused on eating me, he knelt down and began slowly massaging her back. I felt her immediately stiffen with his touch.

"N-no...We s-said we...N-no..." she moaned her objection, clearly battling within.

I reached down, pulling her head up and looking into her eyes as I gently stoking her cheeks and glistening lips. "I really want this. It can be so special for all of us. This is for you—and me. Please give it a chance," I asked as I sat there stroking her sides and fingering her nipples while she continued to kneel over me.

Rick couldn't keep silent and finally blurted out, "God Mom, your cunt's gorgeous—sooo wet—like it's dying to get fucked."

She just gave a slight moan, continuing to signal her uncertainty as we continued kissing. He proceeded slowly, massaging her feet before gently stroking her legs, gradually and slowly moving higher and higher. His patience and efforts were finally rewarded; her legs parted further as she pulled her knees up, crouching down to suck on my tits once again and in the process, provided a wide open view of her ass and cunt.

"You're better than any centerfold, Mom," he observed. "I don't want to upset you, but your beautiful black ass is fantastic, and I've got to kiss it. It looks absolutely delicious!"

"Aaah...th-thank you, s-sweetheart," she murmured.

"Hummm!" he moaned, repeatedly planting gentle kisses all over her full cheeks. "My beautiful, sexy mother. I never thought I could love so much—not until being with you this way. You smell delicious!"

"C-careful big guy, about wh-where you...Aahh...." She cautioned, trailing off.

"I'm always careful with you, Mom. Can't you feel that, the way I'm softly kissing your sexy derrière?"

"Y-Yeah, b-but..."

"Thank you, Mom," he interrupted, "for sharing this evening and letting Lisa and I get so close with you; for letting me help Lisa pleasure you ."

She continued licking and playing with my tits, while I tweaked her nipples below. I continued trying to distract her from voicing further objections while watching Rick out of the corner of my eye, until his head suddenly disappeared from view.

"Oh God!" she cried, telling me his tongue must be working its magic on her.

"Aahh...Yess! No...C-can't...So wrong...S-so good!" Whatever her reservation, I was sure that she had finally decided, or at least her body had.

She began groaning and begging for more. "Oh God, son! It feels wonderful! Oh God! Not there it's...Not mommy's a-asshole...So n-nasty! Oh God yes—feels f-fantastic! That's it! Tongue-fuck meee...Yeees!!

By now she was so caught up with the incestuous moment that she had stopped tonguing my tits, leaving me to more actively pursue our goal. She was now putty in our hands, at least for the moment, and we needed to capitalize on it. Not waiting for permission, we turned her around and had her lay down as I continued the momentum by kissing her and sucking her nipples. Rick didn't miss a beat, once again tonguing her glorious gash, and she was totally gone. I grinned and winked at him as he raised his head, showing his face totally coated with her juices.

"God Rick, you really have her going. Your mom's cum is all over your face," I observed. "This is so hot, and look at these gorgeous black tits. I could suck on them all day."

Nola started to stiffen and cry out, creating a pause in the action. "Come on you guys...Oh please, you're driving me so...I can't take it. I'm going to cum so hard, aahh...Please NOW!!"

For once she certainly wasn't going to get an argument from us! We both responded with an onslaught of oral stimulation over her glistening ebony body. Rick started with kisses going up her legs, while I panted kisses all over her face, working my way down past her tits and tonguing her sexy belly button. When we met at her pussy, it was our turn to celebrate. Nola was so caught up in our mutual tongue-fucking of her cunt, she hardly noticed as we joined in a long passionate kiss, sharing her cum while she was writhing impatiently.

"Aaahh....Yeesss! Tongue-fuck me! Don't stop...Almost th-there...."

But while she was ready, we weren't—not by a long shot. She was completely gone and at this point would have fucked their dog to get her off. But that wasn't the dick I had in mind, when I signaled Rick. With no resistance, we easily flipped her over, laying her on a cushion with her ass in the air; placing her in a position that kept her from knowing who was doing what to her.

From there we began our final assault, breaking any remaining resistance she might have to the incestuous consummation with her son. Rick was immediately under her, tonguing her cunt once again.

"Oh God! Yess! Whose tongue is...I d-don't f-fucking care...Just don't stoaaahhh! Huh! Huh!" she gasped as I licked her puckered hole. "Aahheee!" she screamed as I penetrated, feeling the the ringed muscles quiver in excitement.

Sudden I lost my place, as she began shaking violently, her hips bucking uncontrollably. Rick's large hands took over, grabbing her ass on each side to hold her firmly against his invading tongue as he continued licking, sucking and nibbling.

It was so hot to feel our tongues meet in the middle, sharing her juices with the occasional kiss. With Rick holding her down this way, her asshole was wide open to me and I just stared. It was so sexy, glistening and quivering, as it would tense and relax involuntarily.

Nola was moaning and panting. " Both your tongues—what a treasure. Oh God! Oh God! I can't take it! Please...Oh...Oh...Ooooh!"

Our time with her reminded me of a favorite adage of Mom: "It is better to give than to receive." And when it came to sex, feeling the thrill of giving to Nola, I was convinced Mom was right as I watched Rick eagerly pleasuring his Mom. I looked down to see his tongue slide deep into her cunt as he fingered her clit below, once again eliciting cries and moans of ecstasy. I knew we had her, but now was the time to get her to fully commit, while she was still in the throes of passion—before she climaxed.

I motioned for Rick to back off as I spoke, "Wow, Nola. Looks like you've changed your mind about getting off with your son. But are you sure about this?"

"Wh-what are y-you saying?" she stammered, continuing to moan her impatience at this interruption.

"Well, we just don't want you to have any regrets. Maybe we should stop now, like you said, 'before things get out of hand,' right?" I teased sarcastically.

"Oh God, Please NO! Don't stop. I can't stand it. You were right. I never thought it would feel like...oh pleeease!! I'll do anything—just don't stop!"

"Anything?" I said with sense of triumph, knowing we had won.

"ANYTHING!" she screamed.

Rick who was now kneeling with cock in hand, wanting to be sure of her promise—given her rather compromised state—pushed for specifics. "And by 'anything' you mean..."

"ANYTHING!" she shouted. "PLEASE!"

"Are you saying..." Rick paused, trying to muster the courage. "Mom, are you saying I can fuck you?"

"Oh my God!" she cried. I knew it would come to...You...I-I can't...But I need...I-I have to...Oh God, this can't be happening," she wailed as she battled within herself. Finally, with her ass waving back and forth, begging for final release, she capitulated. "Oh hell, I can't stop this! I need it too much. Yes, yes, you win! You can fuck me! Now please I have to..."

"How?" he pushed, making me worried that he was pressing his luck.

But Nola was totally gone, screaming, "However, damn it—in my cunt, between my tits, down my throat, up my ass—however you want. Now please! I need it NOW!!

He moved forward with his cock, eager to begin the invasion. But with my signal he reluctantly backed off. I had other ideas and also worried that his sudden onslaught with such a weapon could cause her to shut down again.

"Believe me, you won't regret it, Nola," I exclaimed in excitement and anticipation. "I envy you taking that monster inside you, but I'm going to love watching it."

"Oh please, I thought you guys were going finish where you left off. Please come on! I've waited and waited, and you know how much I need it now," she begged, panting anxiously.

"Take it easy, Nola. You'll get off," I assured her. "But not exactly the way you think. Remember that..."

"Oh please, no more talk," Nola interrupted impatiently. But she had obviously given up on getting any immediate relief as she turned over and sat down. "For once tonight I want less talk and more action. What the hell do you want now!"

"It's not about what we want," I responded. "It's about what I think you want and need."

"Now come on, you guys." Nola was getting frustrated. "You seduce me all night long, against my better judgment, knowing I think sex with Rick is wrong. Finally, you succeed in getting me so worked up that—God help me—I'm begging to...Oh God, I can't believe I'm saying this. You've turned me into such a slut, here I am begging for my own son to tongue fuck me to a climax. So I admit it. Now when are you guys going to finish?"

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