tagCelebrities & Fan FictionDiving with Jessica Ch. 02

Diving with Jessica Ch. 02


DISCLAIMER: this story is a work of fiction and does not in any way reflect the actions or thoughts of Jessica Alba. It is written for the enjoyment of those who read erotic material and I do not make any money from writing it.

Big thanks to Inyotef for helping to write and develop this story. I hope you'll all enjoy...

Feedback and suggestions would be very much appreciated!


Two hours after your hot encounter with Jessica Alba you're busy on the lower back deck, preparing two sets of gear for the first and probably only dive of the day. The water calmed down and the visibility is about fifteen meters now, so the conditions are absolutely ideal.

After Alba left, you took a quick shower, put on some fresh clothes and spent a while at the bar, trying to re-hydrate for the dive and, hopefully, for a later session with Jessica. You briefly saw Jason as he sneaked from the Jacuzzi into his room, together with the two ladies. Apparently, they weren't finished but only changed the location... You guess it will be unlikely that he'll come out anytime soon, probably just in about an hour, when dinner is served. Since Takashi still spends his time in his cabin and Ahab is busy overseeing the fixing of your meals you guess it will be just you and Jessica out in the water this time. Well, that's alright with you...

While you perform the well-trained task of checking the equipment you can't help but wonder how your relationship with the starlet might develop. You guess that after she cooled down from the three orgasms you gave her in quick succession, she'll try to wrap her head around the events of the last two days and probably behave differently from now on. But her behaviour surprised you several times now, her sudden escape from the beach just one example, and you guess you won't be able to predict the actions of this woman.

Just as you're finished checking the oxygen pressure on Jessica's bottle, you hear the door to the saloon open. You turn your head and your dick twitches in your swim shorts at the sight you're granted: A barely clothed Jessica Alba steps out on the deck, this time clad in an incredibly skimpy black bikini. The top seems to be a size to small; it pushes Jessica's delicious tits up and together, creating an exquisite valley of cleavage while her tits bounce so hard with every step that they threaten to pop out of the cups any second. The bottoms barely cover her mound, even if you hadn't seen her naked earlier you'd know that she was smoothly shaved now, as the fabric clings to her pussy, creating a sinfully delicious cameltoe... Her hair is done up in a light ponytail again, so it won't get in her way under water and her mouth is curled into a devilish little smirk. She looks as if she just stepped out of a horny man's wet dream.

"W-wow..." is all you manage to stutter, once again at a loss of words at her beauty.

The smirk turns into a wide grin. "Yeah, I was going for that reaction," she giggles, "I thought; since we'll probably be alone out there, I'll give you a special treat... And you haven't even seen all of it!"

With that she turns around and your mouth turns dry: The back of her panties is nearly non-existent! The band of her thong simply disappears into the crack of her ass, so not a single millimeter of her butt is covered. She shakes her ass from side to side playfully... "You like it?"

You are too dumbfounded to answer for a second. It was a miracle that she let you fuck her, but never in a million years would you have guessed you'd see America's sweetheart dressed up that slutty. Usually such skimpy attire only appears in some porno! You have wondered about how Jessica would behave now that she gave up her pussy to you and broke her marriage vows. You thought she might be uneasy, probably quiet. But you never expected her to be like this! It seems that at least for the moment she has forgotten about her doubts... You cough to get your ability to speak back. "Y-yes, it's stunning!"

Grinning Jessica turns around and walks up to you. Placing one hand in your groin she starts to massage your cock through your shorts and leans in to huskily whisper something in your ear "Don't worry, you'll get to see the rest of me pretty soon! I can't wait!"

You moan at the thought of her naked sweat-covered form, squirming in ecstasy on your bed! She is so going to pay for this teasing.

Shuddering you stutter, "Let's start diving..." desperately thinking of old grandma boobs to stop yourself from making a mess in your pants. Just a few seconds of teasing from this woman were enough to get your hormones into overdrive!

Smiling innocently she steps back "Yeah, sure!" Then she discovers something on a nearby bench. "Uh, an underwater-camera?!" she says and picks it up and inspects it.

"Uhm yeah, I thought pictures would be nice. Maybe I can get a few good ones..." you mumble, still a little shaken.

Jessica turns the camera in her hands for a moment, then she looks up and gives you a naughty wink. Swiftly, she hooks a thumb into the waistband of her thong and pulls the front part down, exposing her plump, (and to your inward agony; damp) little pussy. Then she quickly holds the camera about ten inches away from her snatch and snaps a shot before she- just as quickly- pulls her thong back into place and throws the camera to you.

"Hope, that's a good one," she smirks, then she turns towards her dive-gear, acting as if nothing at all happened...

Completely flabbergasted and off guard you barely managed to catch the cam and now you stare at the photo she took. It shows a close-up of her cunt! Her slightly brownish pussy-lips, the soft labia, the thin, protruding clit, all of it is in there, in sharp detail!

Speechless you look up at Jess. While you were gawking at the pic she managed to put on all of her equipment on her own. Now she sits on a bench close to the dive-in-platform and smiles at you, her goggles loosely hanging around her neck.

"Are you coming?"

"Of course," you murmur and face your gear. But her sudden openness startles you too much and you just have to ask, "... Jess?"

"Yes, Chris?"

"Why are you behaving this way?"

"Well... you're a smart guy, so I think you figured out that this isn't more than a short affair. Two people seeking fun. And as soon as I am home, we are finished. You won't stalk me, appealing at some kind of 'connection' we had. So I thought, why not enjoy it? I might be cheating, but it doesn't change that I love Cash! In a week it will be as if nothing happened and it will all be just a nice memory..."

"But why this?" you ask, lifting your cam.

Jessica smiles, blushing slightly. "From your behaviour today I reasoned you might like my pussy... And since you gave me the tape of me topless I trust you not to show it around. Plus, it's not like anyone but you and me will know it is mine... So what I want to do is to give pleasure and receive some in return. That involves being a little naughty."

Stunned you shake your head. "You're... incredible."

"Thank you," she coos, "Now could you put on your gear? I want to go diving."

"Um... sure!" you mumble, turn around and give your attention to your equipment, your head still spinning slightly.


Ninety minutes later you sit in the saloon for dinner. Sitting opposite to you Jason is close to a freak-out.

"You motherfucker! No way! Never! You're a liar!" He isn't really angry, you rather sense excitement and... pride for you.

You smile calmly, enjoying every aspect of your friend reaction. "Oh yes! I ate her out in the shower! And I fucked her to orgasm twice on the back deck..."

"Yeah, sure, asshole! And I just had a three-way with Megan Fox and Jenna Jameson!"

"I thought their names were Katja and Jade..."

"Shut up, you bastard!" he snaps, then he lowers his voice a little as the others stopped their conversations and stared at the two of you.

"Listen, man, this is about my Harley! My baby! You got that? No offense, buddy, but with stakes like that I want some proof!"

You snicker. "What the fuck are you talking about?"

"I'm talking about either Jess confirms you were fucking her or give me footage! Pics or video or something..."

"You little perv..." you mutter, but you know fully well that if the tables were turned you'd react the same way.

"Alright," you agree, "But I'll show you, you're not allowed to keep it!"

He opens his mouth, probably to whine again about how he's already losing his Harley and could use some solace, but you stop him "Non-negotiable! I won't give footage of her to thirds!"

Slowly he nods. "Fine! Where is she anyway?"

"Down in her cabin," you answer, "She didn't eat much, was finished before the three of you came up here... She wants me to come by in... oh, just about now! See ya!"

With that you get up from the table, then you pause and wink at your friend. Grinning you lift your right hand and twist it slightly several times as if you were accelerating a Harley. Imitating motor sounds you slowly walk past him which earns you an elbow-check. Laughing you walk off to the cabin areas to what will hopefully be a night to remember, your mind racing about how to talk Jessica into making a sex-tape (since you can't expect her to simply tell Jason). She said she'd trust you, but would she trust you that much?


"Awwwee, Ohh, ofck..." you groan, sweat shinning on your forehead as you sit there on the edge of Jessica's bed...

She is on her knees between your legs, her hand steadily stroking your stiff cock, while she expertly uses her wicked mouth to suck you off, running those plump lips of hers up and down your rod, while breathing through her nose as she bobs her head in your lap.

Her piercing brown bedroom eyes look at the explicit agony reflected on your face as you grit your teeth, the feel of her tongue lashing against the underside of your cock is just indescribable...

Alba uses two finger to jerk the base of your dick as she slowly takes a couple of breaths; then she takes you in her mouth again, and gags slightly as she eases your length further and further, until her cute nose is pressed against your pubic bone... God, you just love it when she deep-throats!

Jessica holds that pose for a few moments, and you can feel her salivating all over your cock as she tries to control her gag reflex... Then carefully she slurps all the way up, then sticks out her tongue and licks all over the sensitive knob of your shiny cock.

She grins up at you with her fingers spread over your thighs, "Poor baby, you look so tortured..."

"It feels like my fucking balls are gonna explode," you groan feeling your dick throb as it dangles in front of her.

"I can be a real tease, huh?" Alba says in a sassy voice, using your legs to push herself up to kiss you on the lips with a little peck. She then slides onto your lap, straddling you... She's wearing a floral little, white satin summer gown; which she tugs up above her hips, exposing her bare, dripping pussy underneath...

She then grips your penis and jerks it twice before lifting her waist and carefully positioning it over her sticky cunt lips. You grip her delicious ass, nearly losing your mind at the need to fuck her again... Alba smiles looking you in the eye, then slowly drops her waist and you groan feeling your hard cock push into that tight, moist pussy of hers. You immediately twitch as her inner-sex presses around your dick; the warm, wet walls of her vagina massaging you wonderfully well.

She clenches her teeth, pushing down and taking your entire cock, her beautiful eyes as wide as saucers... "You fill me so good," she breathes huskily, as she sits there, her vagina adapting and stretching to accommodate you.

Alba starts moving; lifting her waist, your aching cock sliding halfway out of her slick sex, then rolls her hips into you. She does it again, and again; working her tight, lubricating pussy up and down your cock... Wanting to pleasure her, you grip the ample flesh of her round ass, spreading her cheeks, and start thrusting up, meeting her...

"Omigod.. Ahh" Alba whines, hugging you tightly, the feeling of you driving deeper into her sweet clam doing it for her!

You try and nibble on her neck and jaw, but it's difficult with her bouncing on your lap, riding you faster; so you bite lightly on her shoulder instead. The smooth satin material falls off her shoulder and exposes her naked jiggling tit, and you reach up and squeeze it, then gnaw on her stiff nipple, hearing her whine her approval in pleasure...

Already you are throbbing deep inside her pussy, and you know you won't last much longer... But Jessica psychically slows to a stop. She breathes heavily and her body shines from the sweat of exerting herself, and you look up at her perfect angelic face... Alba lifts her waist and you shiver as your cock pulls out of her swollen pussy...

"Did you enjoy that?" she grins wickedly.

"Did I enjoy that?" you repeat incredulously, panting, "How could you ask that?"

"Well, you didn't cum, so we're not..."

Alba freezes as you both hear a knock on the cabin door... She quickly covers herself with her gown and gets off you then goes to the door and carefully opens it so that whoever it is can't peek in and see you...

"Hey skipper," you hear her saying, then hear Ahab's voice...

"Hi Ms. Alba, just passing by to tell you we're having special desert buffet set up in the dining hall. I tried calling, but the line was busy..."

"Oh, yeah, I took it off the hook. Didn't wanna be disturbed," Jessica explains.

"Well, you better get down there before it's all gone," Ahab says to her before you hear him chuckle before Jessica shuts the door...

Alba turns to you, frowning, "Awwe, we gotta finish this a little later, Chris."

You swear you're going to have a heart attack; she can't screw you and leave you panting like a horny dog! But it would seem that Jessica isn't so cruel as to leave you suffering from blue balls- She walks over to you and grips your dick firmly and starts masturbating you.

The flapping sound fills the room; drown out only by your groaning then all at once you cringe as you blow- thick ropes of sticky jizz shooting up into the air!

Alba grins again then turns to the bathroom, "I'm gonna have a shower, I'd ask you to join, but I think you better slip out before anyone notices..."


"... She gave you a blowjob, screwed you, then gave you a hand job," Jason smirks sceptically, after you told him about your latest sexapade with Jessica Alba... "You have an exaggerated imagination dude."

"When, when have I ever exaggerated about my sexual conquests? Face it brother, I won the bet fair and-"

"What bet?" a voice behind you asks, and you turn to see Jessica collecting some chocolate cake. She had changed her clothes, and now certainly looked the part of an A-list celebrity dressed in a mid-thigh-length black dress and shiny high heels, with her hair tied back and knotted, with just a modest application of make-up to accentuate her stunning beauty.

You, stutter, wondering how much she's overheard, "W-we, bet on whether you were a diva-type Hollywood celeb..." you figure a partial truth was better than a whole lie.

"Diva-type; you mean stuck up?" Alba smirks.

"E-hum..." Jason mumbles, but can't think of any way to soften the blow...

"Well, I can see how people would think that..."

Both you and Jason gawk at each other by her easy-going attitude...

"... I heard worse boys. It's like when I go into meetings for a new acting part... I think there are ambitious girls who will do anything to be famous, and they think men in show business are used to woman putting out. But contrary to how people feel, I've never used my sexuality. I'm just not like that..."

"I see," you say, realizing she's being very real (probably to prove she isn't stuck up).

"Yeah," Alba affirms, "When I'm in a meeting, I want to tell you why I'm an asset, how I m a commodity, how I can put asses in the seats... Not there's a chance you're gonna be able to fuck me. That's never been my deal."

"Didn't stop them from always casting you as the sex kitten," Jason commented, and you shake your head at his stupidity after hearing how adamant Alba had just been.

"Look, I'm no prude," Jessica responded, annoyed, "I come from a very religious background that suppresses sexual freedom- but, sexy is sexy! So why try and hide that, like it is some egregious sin?"

"Amen sister," Jason joked, and you can't believe he can't see how serious she's being.

"Look! I don't mind showing a little skin... But I'm not going topless, and my dad would have a fit if I went commando," Jessica said determinedly... "They wanted me to do that dance in 'Sin City' topless, but I told them it was sexy enough as is!"

"Hey, I'm not gonna lie," you pipe up, "I woulda been among the billions of men around the world who woulda drove into the cinema to see your titties, but I gotta respect your convictions."

Jason rolls his eyes as if you just embarrassed the entire male gender; but Jessica smiles, and you know you just scored a few extra points with her.

"What about those nip-slips on the internet, and I even found a lip-slip from that movie 'Killer Inside Me'," Jason quips.

Jessica looks up at him confused, "What's a lip-slip?"

"There's pics on the net of you bent over with that Casey-Affleck-dude carrying you to the bed for the spanking; if you look carefully you can see your, y know..." Jason finishes, gazing down at her crotch.

Jessica's eyes widen and she actually turns pink with embarrassment... her mouth opens to say something, but she darts off instead.

You watch her leave, then look up at Jason...

"What...?" He shrugs like a total douche.


You find Jessica standing at the portside of the ship leaning on the bow and looking out at the moonlit ocean. She hears you approach and turns to you... "I need you to do me a favour Chris..."

"Sure, what is it?"

She looks in your face as you stand next to her, "...delete the picture you have of my..."

... She doesn't say it, but you know she's talking about the snap she took of her vagina... "Yeah, I can do that."

"Sorry," she says, "but to think there are photos out there of me flashing my privates for the world to see... I can't take the chance. It's the curse of being famous..."

"I really wanted you to keep it as a memento," she finishes, smiling awkwardly.

Deleting the picture after having screwed Alba wasn't that big a deal- what bothered you was that, now, there was no way she'd go for filming the two of you fuck! Hell, she may want to end the tryst just to be safe... To your surprise, Jessica lifts up her dress so that it ruffles up her waist to expose her plump ass, and you once again groan to discover she has no panties on...

"I better give you something else to remember," she says in a sexy husky voice, "Why don't we finish what we started earlier."

Alba then slips off her black high heels and pushes her ass out for you as you step behind her. You unzip your chinos and pull out your semi-erect cock and brush it over her sex. Feeling yourself grow hard, you grip her hip firmly and push your cock head down to her entrance then bite your lip as you take her from behind.

Again you are overwhelmed by the feel of her moist pussy, and you swear she gets better each time. You shove your cock in, feeling her cunt press down and resist, so you hold still and let her relax. You nudge at her tight walls feeling her loosen up and push into her spongy pussy, going all the way and filling her out.

Jessica grips the railing in front of her, and spreads her legs a little, rotating her waist. She doesn't wait for you, she starts moving her hips back and forth slowly, sliding her lush pussy over your throbbing member making you groan.

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