DJ & Jay Ch. 05-06


Somewhere on towards four in the morning DJ and Tasha appeared, the Club finally having closed and neither of them inclined to find out if the rumors of an after-hours club on a further subterranean level were true. I woke up just enough to be aware of their presence, of DJ staring in at Jay and my naked sprawls on the bed, and then some heated whispering. I drifted off again.

Some time later I woke again with the realization that Tasha and DJ were in bed with us, and that they were in the midst of some elaborate foreplay. Having been taught first-hand about DJ's preference of restraint, I figured I'd leave them to what was sure to be a lengthy session and went back to sleep.

In the morning, I became aware of two things simultaneously. First, sunlight in my eyes; not directly, but brighter than I liked. Second, I had one man in front of me, one in back, both of them were fully erect and they were just about to violate me in two holes. Tasha was curled up with her back to us and I was loath to wake her. I let myself be filled to bursting and more with young hard cock, being the middle-man between DJ and Jay as they stared each other down and moved in me, separated only by the membrane within me. Neither of them said a word or made a sound. For once, neither did I. Four hands found all the places that needed touching on me, tweaking my nipples as I came over and over again; one kissing and one biting my neck; a tongue in each ear.

As it was, DJ, facing me, who set the pace. It was so languid at first you could barely see movement. It was all sense. After my first few orgasms, he sped up significantly, letting go of his control and simply fucking for the sake of it. He was damn good at it. The kid had a quiet desperation to him that one could only read as animal magnetism. Jay, behind, kept whatever rhythm DJ led with but damped it down. Either he was still groggy from the night before or he realized that I was not used to ass-fucking, but he took it very easy. Towards the end, as DJ neared climax, Jay went still while DJ threw his body back and forth on the sheets till he spewed. Moments later, DJ, still inside me, drew my leg over his hip and squeezed my ass cheeks hard when Jay slammed his hard cock down into my asshole, coming in great shudders.

I did likewise, and eventually one or the other of them carried me to the tub. It was Monday morning, I realized. Time to get myself to the hospital.

They all took time to wish me luck, there at the front door. Jay, with a kiss on the cheek, a squeeze to the tit, and an overused cliché I'd heard come out of his mouth a thousand times. DJ, with a regift of the bouquet I'd received at the beginning, and a deep, deep kiss, his eyes searching my soul, it seemed. Tasha, with a hug, a 'good luck' and a wink as one last Happy Birthday.

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