Do it! Ch. 01

byMany Feathers©

It wasn't long after that, I was escorted to the door again, and out to my still waiting limousine, carrying the two leather bound contracts. Both Deidra and Bella walked me out to the car, somewhat surprised that Ted had said his own good-byes for the evening there in the sitting room where we'd finished our Brandy's, not following me out.

"We do hope, you'll decide to come and stay...and work with us," they both told me. "If you do...I think you'll find it to be very interesting," Bella added. "If not far more enjoyable than anything you could have ever imagined," Deidra concluded. And with that, I slid into the seat, watching them close my door, and then kissing one another, as the car slowly pulled away.

"Fuck me!" I thought looking back through the window. I had every intention of reading every single word in both least twice, if not three times.

As it turned out, I read them both, three times that amount. And even then, I still hadn't made a decision.


I decided to sleep on it. But all I did was toss and turn half the night, getting up at four in the morning, reading them both again. What finally decided it for me, was while sitting there in the dark, all alone...I realized then what my life had become like for me, and what it would continue to be unless I went out and did something about it.

And then suddenly, I knew.

I waited until six a.m., and then called him on his private number, which he had told me he changed once a week, so I only had that long in which to contact him with my final decision. It hadn't as yet even been twenty-four hours. To my surprise, he answered on the first ring, telling me he was in fact already up. Even the sound of his voice when he answered was sharp, crystal clear, sounding like he'd been awake for hours, maybe he had.

"Mr. Mason?"

He laughed. "For now me Ted. Surprised to hear from you so soon, and so early Chris," he spoke sounding genuinely surprised. "Have you made a decision yet?"

"Maybe," I responded back, though I'm not sure he was too pleased with my answer. I do have one more small question before I do that," I informed him.

Having read through the contracts numerous times, Ted had in fact been correct in that everything was clearly stated, and accurately defined. There was no legalese being used to confuse me, or require that I too obtain a lawyer, just so I could read it. And there was also no fine print. If anything, there was BOLD print, which had been paragraphed all by itself, at the bottom of one page. It was clear, precise, and obvious as to what it said. But it was also the one thing that still bothered me, caused me to hesitate.

"When asked, you will do what you're told without question."

"What does this mean precisely?" I now asked.

"Just what it says," he responded back simply. "Whatever I ask you to do, I expect you to do it, without pause, without hesitation, and without question."

Just the way he'd said that told me he meant what he'd said. The problem was, what was it he'd require of me, ask me to do? What if...I just simply, couldn't, or wouldn't do it? I already had the answer to that, I'd be terminated, our contract broken, end of subject. But the real question was...what would I be asked, expected to do? What if...I just couldn't do it, was I then throwing away a good job? Would I thus come to regret my decision?"

"I know what you're thinking, what you're wondering about Chris," he told me, as though still able to read my mind. "You're concerned that I will ask you to do something that goes against your moral upbringing, your self-worth, your conscience? Yes?"

"Yes," I responded back. "That's it precisely. What if you ask me...tell me to do something, and I can't. Then that's it right?"

"That's correct Chris...that's it. However, let me assure you of something before you decide one way or the other. Things I might ask you to do, are things I know that you can and will do. Even during the short time I've come to know you. I believe I know you, better than you know yourself. I will never ask, nor will I ever require you to do anything illegal, or immoral, though some by society's standards might see that a bit differently. But the point is Chris, and especially in the beginning, I won't ask you to do things that I know for might not be comfortable in doing. It is not to say I won't test you a little, cause you to stretch some until you are. But I will never, ever ask you to do anything that I don't think you'd be ready or willing to do. Does that make things any easier for you?" He asked.

I had the distinct feeling he wouldn't accept another "maybe" from I told him "yes," instead.

I could almost see the smile on his face when I said that.

"Tell you what Chris, how about you come over this morning, have some breakfast with us," he said obviously including both Deidra and Bella in his invitation. "And I will give you a small, though dramatic demonstration of just exactly what I might expect of you for now. How's that sound?"

"Ok, that sounds fine," I said somewhat nervously, though excitedly too.

"You remember how to get here, or would you prefer I send a car?"

"I remember," I told him, best give me a couple of hours though before I can get there."

"You can shower here later, it's just six-thirty now. I'll expect you by eight." And with that, he hung up the phone without waiting for a response.


I barely had time enough to dress let alone anything else. I figured during the hour long drive I had ahead of me, I might at least be able to apply a little makeup. Beyond that, I threw a brush through my hair quickly, jumped into what I figured was a reasonably nice skirt and blouse, and then headed off. Taking both contracts unsigned with me when I did.

I arrived at ten minutes to eight. As before, Deidra meeting me at the door. She too looked a bit more casual, though still elegant. She had on what appeared to be an expensively tailored white blouse and black skirt. It certainly wasn't short, but she wore seamed stockings with it, and I knew then, she no doubt had garters on underneath it as well.

She smiled upon seeing me, even leaning over to give me a quick kiss on the cheek when I entered. "Nice to see you again," she offered. "I do hope you've decided to join us here."

"I don't know...we'll see," I responded back seeing a slight look of disappointment in her face though she said nothing else, now leading me down the hall, though past the room I'd been asked to wait in before. "He's in his study this morning," she informed me, now leading me down another hallway, and then up a short flight of stairs. "This way, this is his own private quarters," she then informed me, letting me know, that coming here was by invitation only. Something I would no doubt need to remember.

He was indeed sitting behind a desk when I entered. Bella standing off to one side likewise smiling at me as I came in.

Once again another quick round of "good-mornings and hellos" followed. I placed the unsigned contracts down on his desk.

"Which would you prefer? Breakfast first? Or the small, simple demonstration first?"

I was too curious, and admittedly too anxious to wait. I'd already decided that if what I saw, or whatever it was he now asked me to do...if I in fact couldn't do it, that there was really no point in wasting one another's time, even over breakfast.

"Why don't we do the demonstration first. That way, if we find out this just isn't going to work, we won't find ourselves being awkward over breakfast afterwards."

He smiled at that, nodding. "Deidra? Bella? If you two wouldn't mind standing next to one another at the door please?" He now asked.

The immediately did so, each one once again wearing the same identical outfits. Black skirts and expensively tailored white blouses.

Ted then looked at me, his face taking on that serious demanding expression of his. "Just remember Chris, this is only a demonstration...a bit dramatic of course, with good reason. But even then, I don't believe I am about to ask you to do anything that I don't believe you incapable of doing. It might seem a bit of a stretch maybe, even for you. But certainly nothing that I think you, or anyone else would find themselves wrestling with after doing it. So...having said that, shall we begin?"

Nervously I nodded my head.

"Oh, one small minor thing you need to know. When it's just us, and no one will always respond with "Yes Master." Any other time, it will be Yes Sir, or Yes Mr. Mason if we're in some sort of a formal setting, or if I am entertaining guests when you're around. Though...there will also be what is called "relaxed time" when you are free to speak your mind, call me Ted, or whatever else you feel like calling me at the moment, without fear or repercussions for having done so. fail to do so, when it's not relaxed time, doesn't come without some form of minor penalty. All of which, either Deidra or Bella can explain to you later. So...understood?"

I couldn't believe it when I said it...but I did.

"Yes Master."


Although he half-grinned when I said that, he didn't comment on it any further either. Instead, once again looking at me directly, and then told me to go over and stand directly in front of Deidra, which I then did.

"Ok now. Chris? What I want you to do, is to grab the front of Deidra's blouse and rip it open."

I looked up into her eyes, I know the confusion, uncertainty in doing that was showing in my face. She quickly whispered to me as I stood there. "Just do it, do it exactly the way he asked you to...but do it now!"

Surprised at myself, I reached up, grabbing her shirt, yanking it, ripping it open. Button's suddenly flying everywhere, in every direction. The beautiful hand-tailored shirt she was wearing completely ruined. She now stood before me in her tattered shirt, the white also expensive looking lacy bra the only thing still covering her magnificent looking breasts. Deidra hadn't even flinched when I'd grabbed her and torn her shirt apart.

"See? Not too terribly difficult now was it?" He said, " did hesitate some when I told you to do it. So...let's try it again shall we? Go ahead and step over in front of Bella this time."

I did that, now standing there looking into her eyes, as she too smiled at me and just mouthed the words, "Do it!"

"Ok her blouse."

This time I didn't hesitate at all, doing the exact same thing to her beautiful looking blouse that I had done to Deidra's. It too came away in my hands, button's popping off flying everywhere, an obvious rip being heard as I yanked it, likewise revealing her rather sexy-looking bra clad breasts.

I looked over towards him then, wondering if I'd passed the test.

"We're not done yet," he informed me. "Now, reach up and remove her bra."

I turned back around, looking. It was indeed one where the fastening was in front, easy to reach up for and undo. Which I now did. The moment I'd unfastened it, it came apart, her beautiful breasts now bare, popping out of it. I stood there staring at them, at her, wondering as I did...what next? Somehow I knew we were far from finished yet. And then I heard Bella once again whispering.

"Do whatever he asks you to do, don't worry about it, just do it."

"Well done Chris, now...for the stretching it a little part," he stated standing up walking over so he could now stand off to one side looking at me, at the two of us as I stood there. "When I tell you to do so...I want you to slap her breast."

I almost looked at him, somehow holding my ground, somewhat shocked at what I'd heard, and yet Bella simply smiled at me though just barely.

"Now! Do it!" He commanded.

I couldn't believe myself when I did. The moment the words came out of his mouth, my hand came up, striking her breast, slapping it, although I held back just a bit when I did, not so much that I didn't feel it, or that she didn't when I did. But I didn't want to hurt her either, hitting, or rather slapping her exposed tender flesh too hard.

"Do it again, to the other one this time, but harder this time too, Do it!"

Once again I did so, and in fact, actually did slap her tit a bit harder this time, feeling it in my own hand, seeing her breast wobble for a moment afterwards before settling down again. Even Bella's expression told me she'd felt it that time, wincing just a little perhaps, but then smiling again, even more so than she had been.

"Better, much...much better. Ok, now, let's see you do Deidra this time."

Just as Bella's bra had done, Deidra's too popped open in front, revealing her breasts. Though she didn't smile, she did wink at me, just moments before the command came.

" it!"

My hand came up, fully this time, coming around, slapping her breast, feeling the weight of my palm grazing it, seeing it wobble, hearing the harsh sound as flesh came against flesh. Her eyes actually widening in surprise, along with the smile that now came to her face.

"Nicely done," Ted said moving over, his own hand now coming up, caressing the reddened breast gingerly, softly, even going so far as to briefly pinch and twist her nipple a little, causing it to further harden even more than it already was.

"No need to do the other one, you did very well that time," he said returning to his seat, inviting me to sit back down again as well. Though I noticed, neither woman moved, neither one bothering to cover themselves up again, or attempt to straighten or in any way repair the damages.

"You may all speak freely," he then said. Having heard that, Bella was the first to step over, leaning over, kissing me on the cheek.

"No worries honey," she told me. "Both Deidra and I are used to that. In fact, not that you've any need to worry about it around here, but if there ever is any disputes between us, or any of the other lesser attendants you'll be running into? We have what are called "titty" slap discussions, where whatever disagreements or disputes that might exist between us, are resolved in a very similar fashion. There hasn't been the need for one of those in quite some time now, as most of us all get fairly well along together. But...just so you know, you certainly didn't hurt either one of us when you did that," she assured me. Deidra then too expressed the same sentiments to me as well, likewise kissing me on the other cheek.

"In fact..." she laughed. I rather enjoy having my titties slapped, amongst other things," she added once again winking at me. "So no didn't hurt at all, in fact felt amazingly good."

Personally, I wasn't too sure about having my own tits slapped like that, and made a mental note not to ever push anything where I'd find myself in a tit-slapping match with any of the other women around here, which there obviously were after what she'd just said.

"The only thing you might want to be aware of?" Bella did now suddenly add. "Is some of the other girls, who've been hoping to fill this current vacant position? Well...they might not be as friendly towards you as we are. They've all been vying to replace the position recently vacated. And with you...if you do decide to join us, filling the void, well...they might not be quite as cordial towards you as we've been.

"Now girls," Ted said finally speaking up. "Let's not go getting Chris unduly concerned or worried about that. Especially with me here. And if she does in fact decide to accept the position, I'll make a point of warning the rest of them, that she's to be treated as a head mistress, even if she hasn't earned the right to fully be one as yet."

"Head Mistress?" I thought to myself, but decided to save that question for another time.


Ted then announced he had an appointment he needed to head off to, giving instructions to Deidra and Bella to give me a brief tour of the estate. "What else is on the schedule for today?" He then asked.

Bella spoke, it was obvious she was in charge of doing that. "Besides your noon meeting, and the guest we have coming over tonight, we do have one "Lesser" with a small violation that needs seeing.

Ted looked at me, smiled. "Take care of it, show Chris...and explain to her what that is. Oh, and you might also want to show her the girls dorms while you're at it," he stated, and then stood up in preparation of leaving. "Time we get serious again, and back to work," he then added.

"Yes master," both Bella and Deidra answered, bowing slightly as Ted left the room.

"Dorms?" I asked after he had gone.

"We'll show you, and explain all that later," Bella informed me. Just before Ted had left, he also invited me to stay for the evening as well. He had a guest coming for dinner, and informed me that I might want to sit in on the evening, get an even better idea of some of the things that went on around here. That he believed might give me an even better understanding of what it was like being here. With that, he headed out as Bella and Deidra took me on a brief tour after first changing their blouses since the ones they'd been wearing had been ruined.

As I already knew, the place was enormous, sprawled out on several acres of immaculately manicured gardens, pool area, and orchard. Towards the far back of the property sat what appeared to be almost an apartment complex. This I was informed were the dorms.

Deidra was showing me around as Bella had other duties to attend to soon leaving us. "This is where the Lesser's stay," she began. "Usually, we have at the minimum twelve who are here, no less than eight most of the time. A few, actually live off grounds in their own apartments, though if they do...Ted doesn't pay their full tuition for schooling if they are in fact going to school, which many of the girls are. For those that are here full time, he pays their tuition, books and such. They earn extra money based on their participation at whatever functions, gatherings, or social events we have here. She had already explained to me that they were called "Lesser's" as they were in fact less than anyone else here while in attendance. In addition, I learned there was also a privilege ranking even amongst Deidra and Bella, and me as well if I so decided to join them in coming here.

After taking a brief tour of the girls dorms, where I also learned they cooked, cleaned and fended for themselves there. In addition to actual studies if they were going to school, they also had studies and assignments in what they were obviously being taught here too. Many girls with the hopes of one day climbing up in the ranks as it were.

"We do lose a few," Deidra informed me. If there is a third violation for the same offense, the girls are then asked to leave, and there is no coming back, no reprieve. For those who truly do wish to remain here, they learn quickly. That is why there are very few disputes that ever really need to be resolved. On occasion however, we'll get someone who's a bit more stubborn and bullheaded, and press her luck. Unfortunately, those girls don't usually remain here very long.

"What was this infraction you spoke of earlier?" I asked.

"Oh that," she laughed. "A minor one really, and not worth Master's time. Usually, he calls on one of us to administer any appropriate punishments, and in this case, I'll be the one doing so, which is where we are headed now."

"What did the girl do?" I wondered.

"Like I said, a minor thing really...but something the girls know better than to do. She looked me straight in the eye, rather than looking down as we passed in the hallway. For that, she's to be punished having not been given permission to have done so."

The more I heard, the more I wondered. "Was this indeed the kind of place, the type of environment I really wanted to be in? I now had my own doubts, though I hadn't as yet fully made up my mind either. I was curious yes, at times intrigued even, but this was an aspect of life that I wasn't too sure I would fit in with very well myself. Even so, I followed Deidra back into the main house and into another area I had never been in before.

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