Do it! Ch. 06

byMany Feathers©

"He'll spunk her first, and then the three Kit's will lap him up...clean him off before he's ready and selects another," Bella told me, all the while unabashedly fingering herself. As bizarre as this all was, it was also erotically stimulating, watching, seeing Lionel mate so savagely with Marla, Bella sitting next to me, her fingers pulling and pinching on her clit, the sounds of her sex so wet, so slick. I hadn't even seen the Attending who had suddenly come up from behind us, her hands now reaching over Bella's shoulders, sliding downwards in order to cup and fondle her breasts without even being asked to do so.

"Pull on them hard...and keep doing so until I say otherwise," Bella told the young woman, now glancing towards me...almost expectantly. "Well? Do you not find this stimulating?" She asked curiously. The truth was...I did. And then parted my own robe.

As I began toying with myself, fondling my own slick wanton pussy, I leaned forward resting my now bare breasts over the small railing allowing it to support their weight. Looking up from below, Lionel seemed to like what he saw, snarling even more than he had been, his trusts furious, even deeper now than they had been, if that were possible. With a loud deep-throated growl, he pulled out, half sitting back, his prick on its own accord without help, suddenly spewing, lurching, and spewing again over and over. Several long, thick ropes of semen arching high up and over Marla's back, many landing in her hair, her neck, and then finally as he seemed to slowly diminish in his intense spurting, the remainder falling almost lazily on her back and ass before he more fully sat back. Even then, his magnificent cock remained mostly hard, though swinging a bit more freely from side to side as he once again circled around. The young Novice he had cuffed earlier now cautiously approaching. He allowed her to do so, seeming to be indifferent at first as she sniffed him out, smelling his still dripping prick, and then lapping at it.

"Hmm," Bella moaned hotly. "Now can release my tits, and come around here and lick me."

I had glanced over briefly towards her watching this, but quickly returned my attention back down into the pit. Lionel had half laid down on his side now, still looking up towards me, half smiling contentedly. All three of the young Novices now vying for the right as it were, to lick, lap at...and clean him up, much as they'd been doing when fighting over the right to suckle Marla's two available breasts. To my surprise, as they did that, he began stiffening again in a relatively short period of time. When he was hard again, as hard as he'd been when I first saw him, he rolled back over, once again cuffing one of the other females, then moving in, separating the woman he'd first struck when he'd gone down into the pit from the others now once again huddling off to one side. Including Marla this time. As he'd done with her, he likewise bit her neck, pinning her to the ground, and then slid up, easily mounting her.

"Almost makes you wish you were down in there with them doesn't it?" Bella remarked as she contentedly sighed, the Accepted between her legs contentedly sucking her clit now, both hands still holding, fondling Bella's breasts. She was right in a way, though I didn't admit it, what I wanted right now more than anything, was to feel Lionel's mouth on my neck, his teeth just slightly sinking into my skin, his hard magnificent cock spearing me from behind, trusting ever so forcefully into my hot, wet dripping cunt.

I finger-fucked myself to orgasm, climaxing with them as he once again moments later pulled out. His ejaculate, though not nearly as copious or as forceful as it had been the first time he had come, still bathing the young woman's ass. Bella too had climaxed, watching this, soon after sending the young Attending away.

"Well, seen enough?" She asked standing, letting me know that even if I hadn't...we were done here for the night.

Lionel had once again collapsed down onto his side, all four women now lapping away at him, cleaning him up as Bella and I stood and slowly wandered away.


I had slept very soundly, feeling refreshed and already looking forward to what I hoped would be another interesting day. I had no idea at the time of course, just how interesting it would prove out to be. Arriving for breakfast, I was soon to discover that Deidra came late, arriving a short time later with explanation for it as Bella and I dined together, waiting for her to arrive.

"Sorry I'm late," Deidra said coming into the small dining room we all shared together. "There was an altercation between two of the Novices, and unfortunately one that couldn't be resolved amicably. So...a challenge has been issued for right of status from one of the Novices against one of the others. I've scheduled the challenge for later on this afternoon."

"What do you mean...challenge?" I wondered.

"A challenge is when one of the Novices feels she has the right to challenge another Novice that currently holds the next level of status. Status is achieved through several means, how well they do in their classes or training, how responsive they are to commands or doing chores, a number of things really. But, with each level of superior status achieved, there comes with that a certain amount of luxuries, not to mention a slightly different level of pay for whatever status they've achieved. The thing two girls hold the exact same level of status, so there is a bit of a pecking order. When one girl feels like she can advance and safely do so, they very often challenge the next girl to her in order of status. And each girl has the right to do so, but they may also only challenge another once. But...if she loses the challenge, she then must go down one level of status as well, thus giving the girl beneath her the advancement. Needless to say, there's a lot at stake for the girl issuing the challenge."

"What if the girl who's the higher wins?"

"Once again...the girl who is above her automatically loses to her, and steps down. So there is a lot at stake for everyone in a sense whenever a challenge is issued." Deidra explained, "Up and down."

It all seemed rather complicated to me. "Why challenge though? I asked. Thinking we were talking about an out and out fight here. "Are the rewards worth doing so? Taking the risk?"

"I guess they are if the difference is having your own room and a bed as opposed to sleeping on a cot, sharing a room with a first level novice." Deidra told me. "Which this is. One of the very new girls, and a very determined one at that, has decided she's had enough of sharing a room and sleeping on a far less comfortable cot. As such, she's decided to challenge the girl she actually used to share the same room with. Kind of interesting really, because rumor had it, the two of them were very often found fooling around at night. And actually getting one another into trouble because of it. Now...there is definite animosity between the two of them, so this challenge has actually come with no surprise. One will certainly be escalated, and the other will fall significantly.

"So they're actually going to fight?" I asked again.

"In a way yes...but not so much like a boxing match," Deidra chuckled. "You'll see what I mean later, though this too you may very well find interesting, the way that a challenge is met and either achieved, or defeated. It's quite entertaining to watch actually, almost wish we had challenges a bit more often than we do. Especially as whenever one's been issued, the girls get quite the benefits from it afterwards, as you'll very well see."


Admittedly, as Deidra and Bella explained more and more to me about this, I was curious and anxious to find out what all was actually involved here. I was told that there were indeed rules that had to be strictly adhered to, or the person violating them would be immediately disqualified. And disqualification came with a price as well...the person doing so, was immediately asked to leave the estate, period. At no time could either girl punch with a closed fist, they could slap open-handed wherever they liked, there was no kicking, and no biting. Should either one also leave the ring without officially and formally giving up, this too was a disqualification.

"So in a is a fight then, though what they're doing is just slapping one another around a bit."

"Not entirely no," Bella told me. "It's all about submitting to another, to a lesser, or a higher, whichever the case may be...and there is an interesting way that that may come about, as you'll soon see." She added without going into greater detail about it, even though I pressed. "Just wait...see for yourself, then you'll understand."

Just before two o'clock, we made our way over towards the girl's dorms. The challenge room being located and housed there. Every Novice would be expected to attend the match, and an Attendings who wished to, may also come, but for them it wasn't an absolute requirement. Some did, mostly to see which Novices were more apt to be moving up in the ranks more quickly than others, though some few Attendings came merely for what happened afterwards.

For Attendings, once Attending status had been achieved, the differences were almost non-existent in their ranks. Only the Novices had far more to gain, or lose before actually reaching an Attending level.

Already a small group had been gathered, seven on site Novices, and surprisingly three Attendings who were curious enough about the two girls, that they came to watch the challenge with more than passing interest.

"You remember Kat from last night yes?" Bella asked.

"The girl I saw in the cage...the feral cat yes?"

"Yes, that's the one. Well...she's also the one issuing and making the challenge again Marsha, a four month Novice, and ex-girl friend, ex-room mate, by the sounds of it." Bella continued. "So it will be interesting to see how well she fairs, especially considering the fact, she's several inches shorter than Marsha is, and at least thirty pounds lighter as well. But...she's very scrappy, a real up and coming go-getter, so my money's actually on her to win the challenge."

"Don't bet against Marsha though dear," Deidra told her. "She's been challenged before, and challenged, and won both. I wouldn't count her out just yet."

"Care to make a wager?" Bella asked half jokingly.

"Sure, why not? What should we bet?" Deidra asked.

Bella grinned. "How about pussy licks until sleep for a week," Bella tossed out, to which Deidra smiled in return, quickly accepting the wager. It's a bet," she agreed turning towards me. "You want in on it too Maringa?"

"Ah, thanks. I don't know either girl well enough to make any sort of an educated bet. So I think I'll just sit back and watch this one, and let the two of you have all the fun," I told them both.

The room did indeed look a little bit like a boxing ring, though there was no ropes going around the somewhat raised, obviously padded platform. Several chairs were placed somewhat evenly around two sides, with far more comfortable looking chairs for any Attendings who might be there, as well as three very, very comfortable looking chairs for ourselves as we came in and sat down on our own private side of the large sized padded mat.

"The two girls should be here any minute, they're probably still being fitted," Deidra told me almost anxiously.


One again she laughed. "You'll see!"

Sure enough, a few moments later the two girls came in, Kat...looking far different now than I'd seen her before, clean, her hair lustrous and full as it fell about her shoulders and breasts, though in comparison to Marsha, there was no doubt as to which girl had the height advantage as well as the weight. Marsha looked almost mean...determined, and downright scary.

"Glad I didn't bet," I leaned over whispering to Deidra, I think I'd have picked the wrong one!" She chuckled at that. "We'll see...I might lose yet," she confided looking towards Kat, who if anything, looked even more determined than Marsha did.

But the really odd thing was, both girls had indeed been fitted with what was obviously a strap on. They were the same size and girth of course, no advantage there, but I was surprised to find both girls so similarly equipped.

"See?" Bella laughed. "A bit more to it than you thought huh?"

"That's putting it mildly," I told her. "So...explain it to me."

"Obviously part of it, is forcing the other to submit, to give in...give up. Forcing the other to have an orgasm is another way of doing that too. Should either one of them do so, they lose. So they will spar, they'll slap-fight, wrestle, and eventually as one manages to overpower the other one, they'll attempt to insert their dildo into the other and try to get her to give up that way. Though Marsha in fact allowed her last opponent to do that, letting her think she was winning the challenge, and then suddenly at the last moment, Marsha flipped the girl over, suddenly fucking her instead of being fucked. It was all downhill after that for the other girl, she came...literally kicking and screaming. Ashamed and surprised at herself for succumbing to the sudden turn of events as fast as she had. So...don't be too surprised if at some point Marsha actually does that, allows Kat to insert her prick into her. It might be part of her strategy to do so, but it also makes it far more interesting and fun to see what the girls actually try and do to one another during the course of the challenge."

"So...are there like rounds? Like in a boxing match?" I asked.

"Nope...once the match begins, it goes until we have a winner, or someone is disqualified, though I doubt there will be much of a chance of that happening. Both women know what's at stake here, and know the risks. They'll fight within the rules, that I can assure you...until one or the other of them finally bows down to the other one. Then we'll know who the real victor is."

One of the Accepted once again clearly explained the rules to both girls, receiving their assurances that they were fully aware of them. She then turned towards Bella.

"Both of you move to neutral corners," Bella told them. "When I then say will continue until we have a winner and a loser," she stated simply. "Ready then?"

Both women were indeed in opposite corners facing one another with determined looks on each of their faces. They had both nodded their heads when Bella asked if they were ready. There was a brief momentary pause, and then Bella shouted out the word. "Go!"

Like boxers perhaps, they seemed to circle one another, sizing one another up at first. Though I found it interesting watching them doing so, each one with a six, or perhaps seven inch fake cock sticking out in front of them as they sized one another up still circling. Marsha no doubt had the height advantage, as well as the strength, and much larger breasts too, watching them bounce and jiggle as she actually made the first move, surprising me somewhat when she did. She swung, intending to slap her opponent, but Kat much quicker, nimbler ducked the intended slap, hitting one of Marsha's breasts with a slap of her own. It stung, especially by the startled look on the other woman's face, reaching up to defend herself, covering her suddenly stung tit momentarily, though there was fire in her eyes.

"Well, that did it..." Deidra laughed. "Kat's certainly in for it now."

"Or...she is," I said more to myself as Kat once again ducked another swipe, this time charging the taller, stronger woman, literally bowling her over onto the mat. Pouncing on her much like a cat actually would. Though taken by surprise by the bold and sudden move, Marsha's size and strength was to her advantage. She quickly rolled, tossing Kat off her as she did so, holding onto her leg, turning her. I then watched as she nipped the fleshy cheeks of the young woman's ass.

"I thought you said there was no biting!"

"Biting? No. Nipping? Yes...that's allowed, provided there's no blood drawn or permanent injury. But a little forceful nipping is allowed...yes."

Though Marsha was indeed the bigger and stronger, Kat was as well matched in her speed and agility, finally forcing herself free by twisting out of the other woman's grasp, once again ducking another swing, another slap of her own against one of the woman's exposed breasts, two red marks clearly seen now where her slaps had landed.

"I bet that stings a bit," Deidra laughed, though her hand had now slipped inside the opening of her own robe, no doubt fingering her own aroused nipple as we all sat watching the continued match between the two women.

They again circled one another, Kat once again trying for a quick unexpected lunge, but this time it appeared, Marsha was half expecting it, side stepping a bit more quickly, spinning as she did, landing a loud harsh open-handed slap on Kat's ass as she lunged passed missing her entirely.

Kat just barely caught herself from leaving the area of the mat completely as Marsha followed up, once again falling on her, grabbing her feet and yanking her backwards, now pinning her down, laying on top of her. I noticed as she did so, her hands beneath, cupping each of Kat's breasts, squeezing them, squeezing them hard, and all the while using her strength to try and force the other girls legs open with her knees, though she fought back very hard, trying to resist. It was a futile attempt however, as Marsha indeed having the greater strength and size, finally managed to split her legs apart, just enough, that she suddenly plunged, now trying to find a way into the girls vulnerable pussy with her hard fake cock.

"Ah she's in for it!" Deidra chuckled, one hand still obviously fondling her own breast, the other now quite openly down between her legs again as she began toying with herself, all the while watching the match. Bella too had begun doing the same, as had several other girls from what I could see, all anxiously watching...some becoming obviously aroused as the girls wrestled, fought, and struggled there together on the mat.

It was far from decided however as miraculously, Kat seemed to draw up onto her knees, though her ass was now looking even more vulnerable as Marsha suddenly lunged, skewering the girl's cunt with her life-like looking prick. Kat took it...took it all deeply, even grunting and groaning with the force of the sudden plunge, but then she suddenly kicked one leg out to the side, her hand coming under and beneath herself, locking her arm over and then under Marsha. When she did, she pulled, bringing the heavier, bigger girl with her, using her own loss of balance against her. Suddenly their positions were reversed, though Marsha bucked wildly trying to dislodge the smaller woman. Kat hung on however, her own hands coming round to capture, holding onto both of Marsha's breasts, fingers digging into them almost painfully as she did so.

"Holy shit!" Deidra exclaimed, even as Marsha somehow managed to stand again, Kat still clinging onto her from behind, legs now wrapped around, vise-like gripping her holding on firmly secured around the woman's waist. Marsha now reached down, struggling to pry the other girl's hands off her breasts, though to no avail. Swinging about wildly, trying to toss her off, and then finally falling onto her back hoping perhaps that might do it. Kat however held on, even though the fall itself, and the weight of the other woman pinning her that way, nearly knocked the wind out of her. And then they rolled again, with Kat still holding on even more tightly now than she had been. It was obvious Marsha was losing a bit of strength and power with the exertion, still trying to dislodge the other girl, only making it up to her knees this time, not having enough strength left to fully stand.

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