tagMind ControlDo You Prefer Doctor...or Mistress? Ch. 05

Do You Prefer Doctor...or Mistress? Ch. 05


John hummed to himself as he began closing out all the applications on his computer. He was done for the day and looking forward to going home and seeing Nadine. She was his life now. They had been living together for the last few weeks and he could not remember ever being happier. A part of him still wondered how he could be so happy with a woman who wanted to be called "Mistress" when they were alone but happy he was. She was not the kind of Mistress who whipped him and demeaned him. She just wanted to make sure he was attentive to his needs.

Their first encounter at Dr. Willbond's office was amazing. All he seemed to think about was having sex with her and the only way he could have it was to keep her happy. He spent half his day thinking about what things he could do to make her smile. The happier he made her the more frequently she wanted to be satisfied sexually. John had never been so satisfied with a relationship. No sex had ever been as mind blowing as sex with Nadine was.

He flipped off the light to his office and made his way out the front door to his car. He walked up to his car and placed his hand on the door handle when he heard a voice behind him," Hello little Johnny," a voiced purred behind him. Before he turned he knew who the voice belonged to.

"Hello Dr. Willbond," he said flatly.

"Oh Johnny you have forgotten your honorific already?," she began to walk towards him. She wore her usual suit skirt and jacket with a white satin blouse that displayed an ample amount of cleavage.

John tried to keep his eyes from straying to the mounds of her chest," um well...Vanessa...I um.."

"Oh Johnny you thought you were free from my hold on you," she said with a smile. Her blue eyes sparkled and John looked away as he felt his cock stirring in his pants," yessss that's better. You missed the feeling you get when you look at my breasts didn't you?"

Before John realized it he replied," yes Mistress." His eyes had moved from her eyes and instead of looking at the ground or sky had travelled to her ample cleavage.

"Oh Johnny I know how you were tricked by sweet Nadine," Vanessa was now standing right in front of him. "She is a very sweet young woman however when I didn't consent to let her have you she took matters into her own hands," she slowly turned and walked around to the other side of the car. "Now come open my door for me so we can take a drive," John complied to her wishes without a second thought.

Vanessa sat down in the car and the split in the side of her skirt rode up to where John could see the top of her black stocking," no time to stare sweety," she said looking up at him with a smile," let's get going shall we?" With that John shut her door and moved around to the other side of the car and got in. He put the key in the ignition and felt Vanessa's hand come to rest on his thigh," my aren't we excitable," she said and John looked down at her hand and as he did noticed how bulging his erection had become.

"Vanessa...I mean um Mistress...I," John was having trouble finding the words to say. His body was responding to Vanessa and he could not stop it. His arousal was building and building. He knew she was enjoying it and he did not want to admit how much he was enjoying it but the fact remained that he was.

"Oh little Johnny you can't help but be turned on by me. I am a powerful woman and once I got control of your cock you could no longer resist me," she looked at him and smile again before continuing," but Nadine used what I taught her to get inside your head Johnny, but I'll tell you a secret," she paused again and gently rubbed his erection through his pants," she doesn't want to use you up and throw you away when she's done little Johnny. That's what I would do," her hand kept rubbing as she talked to him," I would suck up everything you have to offer me and make you love every last minute of it," John was squirming in his seat at her attentions. His knuckles showed white as they gripped tightly to the steering wheel," you would beg for me to destroy you eventually just to keep you feeling like you feel right now wouldn't you?"

John was trembling and felt his imminent orgasm building," yes," he breathed.

"You must beg me Johnny and that didn't sound like begging," her hand was moving just slow enough to hold him on the edge.

"Please Mistress...please..."

"Please what little Johnny?"

"Please destroy me Mistress," John was whimpering. He could not think straight. Everything was distorted. He wanted this. He would do anything Vanessa asked. Somehow he was completely lost in the moment as his body trembled with Vanessa's hand lightly caressing him through his pants.

"This is true power little Johnny...I own you and before I set you free I wanted you to understand it was not anyone's decision but mine," Vanessa's hand came off his cock," now take deep breaths John. Calm yourself and reclaim your center."

John breathed deeply in and slowly found himself coming back under control. He felt the dampness in his pants from the pre-cum that leaked out in his underwear. He turned and finally look over to Vanessa he was smiling at him," I like you John," she turned to face forward and crossed her legs," and I like Nadine too. So I," she emphasized the word 'I'," will now allow you to have each other. So start the car and let's go finish your little marriage."

"Why...why like this?" he asked.

"Would you like me to prove to you again the power I have over you little Johnny? Would you like me to keep you under my thumb forever? It would be twenty years from now when all my beauty had faded yet you would still tremble at the slightest word from me? Do you want that little Johnny?"

John did not know how to respond but he felt her words and the shivers they sent through his body. His cock was already returning to full mast and Vanessa did not even have to look to know it," are you convinced yet?" she asked.

"Yes Mistress," was the only reply that came to him.

"Good then let us go little Johnny, I think I have gotten your balls swollen enough for now so drive." John turned the key in the ignition and backed the car out to head for home.

"This is going to be agreeable to both of you little Johnny," Vanessa sounded like a mother telling her son what was best for him," she will get the man she wants and you will be kept blissfully happy as her sweet young pussy bewitches you into a happy marriage."

"Wait...marriage?" John was a bit nervous about where this was going but he could not reason that marriage to Nadine would not be a wonderful thing.

"Oh yes little Johnny," he felt a warm tingle in his groin every time she called him that," I tried to convince her that men were here to serve as she wished and not to tie herself to one man but she wants the romance and the fairy tale love. So tonight I am going to give it to her but on my terms."

John was not sure he wanted to know what she had in mind but he was sure whatever it was she was going to get it. Her little display was just to show him how powerless he was to go against anything she wished. As he thought about it his cock started twitching in his pants.

"There, there little Johnny," she said patting his thigh," I know how badly you want to cum right now and soon enough you will." He wanted to feel her hand back on his cock. His mind started fogging up again," Just take some deep breaths little Johnny, you'll think a little clearer."

They drove on in silence, John trying to keep his head clear and not think about Vanessa and her hand on his cock. The smell of her was even making him heady. The drive could not be over fast enough. The proximity was almost more than he could take.

After what seemed an eternity John was pulling into his driveway. He hurriedly got out of the car and went around and opened Vanessa's door. She turned in the seat and place her feet on the ground looking up at John," wouldn't you feel better kneeling on the ground at my feet little Johnny?" once the question was out John felt him going down onto his knees in front of her. Her right foot slid out of her shoe," why don't you kiss it for me little Johnny," he lowered his lips and kissed her stocking foot. His body shivered with delight as his lips brushed against the stocking," that's it little Johnny you have pleased me so much." At her praise John let out a soft moan, his cock was twitching so much he was back on the edge of orgasm.

"Take some deep breaths John and stand up. I think you're ready for what I have in mind."

John stood up and backed up allowing Vanessa to get up out of the car. She started walking to the front door and John quickly shut the car door and trailed behind her. Without waiting for him Vanessa opened the door to the house," honey is that you," a feminine voice called out just before Nadine appeared in the foyer.

"Among others Nadine," Vanessa replied.

"Dr. Willbond," Nadine said in alarm. "I...um...what are you doing here?"

Vanessa did not wait for Nadine's shock to wear off," I tried to convince you sweet Nadine. Over and over sweet Nadine we talked about a man's place," as Vanessa called her "sweet Nadine" John could see Nadine's eyes start to glaze over," sweet Nadine you have to eventually choose your own path. I can only guide you. That's right sweet Nadine, you're starting to feel so relaxed."

Vanessa turned to John," let's go to the living room little Johnny." John immediately turned and walked into the living room which was small with wood floors and an area rug dominating the middle. The only furniture was a couch, small table and a cheap entertainment stand with a small television.

Vanessa walked in behind John with Nadine in tow. Vanessa took off her jacket and placed it on the couch before sitting down herself. John watched entranced by her breasts as always. Nadine stood next to John staring with the same dazed look he had. "So nice to all be together, little Johnny and sweet Nadine. I think you would both be more comfortable without your clothes." At her suggestion John and Nadine slowly began to disrobe. "Yes that's nice. You are both young and attractive. You should always show off your lovely bodies," Vanessa watched them both, her legs were crossed and her hands folded over them. "There now look at each other," she continued as the finished disrobing.

"John is she not beautiful?" Vanessa asked.

"Yes Mistress."

"Nadine, have you enjoyed using John's body for your satisfaction?"

"Yes Mistress."

"I know you have used hypnosis to enhance your sex life Nadine. Do you enjoy having sex with him?"

"Yes Mistress."

"Have you let him have sex with you without putting him in trance?"

"No Mistress."

"Why not, has he...," Vanessa's eyes lit up at her realization," have you made your sweet young pussy his trigger object?" Nadine seemed to squirm a bit and her voice trembled slightly.

"Yes Mistress," Nadine finally replied.

"John I want you to look at me," John looked at Vanessa's eyes," wide awake."

John's eyes suddenly focused and he took in Nadine in front of him naked. "Do you find her attractive John?"

"Well...of course, she's gorgeous," John knew she had put him under again. He knew she had trapped him and now he knew she had also trapped Nadine.

"Nadine how does your sweet young pussy feel?" Nadine's hips began to turn to and fro again and her lips pressed together.

"Down on your knees sweet Nadine," Nadine kneeled down in front of John her face level with John's cock which was still erect from the constant attention of Vanessa.

"John you have given yourself to Nadine. Her sweet young pussy," the words again had Nadine whimpering," wraps around your cock and you are lost in it. So Nadine must pay a price to have that."

"What do you mean?" John turned to look at Vanessa who smiled at him," Do you want her forever or not?"

"Yes," John answered immediately and with vehemence that surprised him.

"My," Vanessa titled her head," perhaps this really is love. Well if you do then I am going to give her to you little Johnny," John's eyes glazed over again at the trigger.

Vanessa smiled but mostly to herself," take his cock in your hand Nadine," Nadine's hand moved up to his cock. Her olive skin and red nails were a sharp contrast to the pale white cock her hand held. "You want so badly to orgasm sweet Nadine, don't you?"

"Yes Mistress."

"Good girl," as Vanessa purred out the words Nadine let out a soft moan," from now on the only way you get to orgasm is when your belly is full of John's cum. When you feel his cock erupting in your mouth your sweet young pussy is going to tremble, your legs are going to shake, and your body is going to be rocked by orgasm after orgasm. From now on his cum is the only thing that will make you be able to orgasm." Vanessa let out a throaty laugh. "He needs your sweet young pussy," again a moan," and you need his cock to erupt in your mouth."

Vanessa stood up and walked over to stand next to them," so take the new drug he offers you Nadine," Nadine slowly opened her mouth and slid her lips over his cock as she took it deep into her throat. "Yes, that's a good girl, you need your drug so badly," Nadine moved her mouth up and down faster and John began to moan at her attentions," you have to have it you little slut don't you?"

Vanessa continued to tease her and Nadine pumped John's cock with her mouth. John was moaning with every breath. Nadine was moaning on his cock as her orgasm built. Vanessa had created a vicious hypnotic circle again. They were trapped in the spiral of each other's pleasure. Nadine's moans vibrating against his cock and the wetness of her mouth moved up and down on him. The cum Vanessa had been building in him for the last hour could not be held back.

John screamed as he shot stream after stream of cum into Nadine's hungry mouth. As he did Nadine's body shook and she struggled with her own screams as she tried to keep her mouth on John's cock. As the moans began to slowly subside they both collapsed to the floor panting.

"Now I think the tables are even for you. Just remember who has the real power here my little lovebirds." Vanessa reached into John's pants pocket and took out his car keys. She let herself out the front door smiling to herself at the little display her slaves had put on with her pulling at the strings.

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