tagLoving WivesDo You Remember Ch. 01

Do You Remember Ch. 01


Somehow, I couldn't get too mad about Viv cheating on me. It wasn't that I didn't love her. I did. Very often.

We were twenty five and in love with each other's body. Viv had a vibrant personality too, but it seemed the more we talked the more likely it was that we would piss each other off. Just before the wedding I remember my brother Leo saying he thought our relationship was more about lust than love; even waiting there at the altar I thought my brother could have been right. Not that it slowed me down when it came time for the vows because if it was just lust it was a very fulfilling lust.

After two years of marriage, we still were madly horny for each other and whenever we were together sex was never out of the question. Though I was all but sure Viv was cheating on me, I couldn't look at her body without becoming excited. Maybe it was that uncertainty that was the spark. Even on a lazy Sunday after a knock down, drag-out, exhausting night of sex, I was hot for her.

The football game had gone to commercial, but that was alright because I wasn't really paying attention. Viv sat on the couch toying with a throw pillow while she tried to talk her sister down from one of her "episodes." Sundays were my wife's down time, but that didn't mean she looked frumpy. Viv was wearing what I called her PJs, a black silk t-shirt that reached just to her belly button and a full cut, silver pair of panties.

Her pony tail was pulled to the side framing her neck's long elegant slope. The gleam of the chain and locket I got her for her last birthday attracted my gaze, the gold of the chain perfectly complementing her pale neck. Damn, giraffes envied that neck. I was just happy any time I kiss my way up it to her slightly crooked lips.

Viv shook her head at something her sister was saying and I was captured by the sight of her pale red fingernail that she rubbed up and down her long sexy legs. God, I loved her body. As easy as that the game was forgotten.

I tried to creep up on her unawares, but at the last moment Viv glanced up. Before she could escape with the cordless I grabbed her and pulled her down into into my lap.

She glanced annoyance at me. "Sorry Jane, that's just Ben." She listened for a second and then pulled the phone from her ear. "My sister says hi."

"HELLO JANE." I smoothed my hands over Viv's taut abdomen. My wife giggled and batted my hand away as I tickled my way up to her ribs.

"Can't you wait until I get off the phone?"

"I'm just trying to keep my hands occupied..." I kissed her quickly. "You don't mind, do you?"

Viv shook her head though I wasn't sure if it was because of my question or something her sister asked her.

"It's nothing, Jane. Ben's just acting silly." Viv laughed. "No, I more than took care of that last night. The Victoria's Secret models could come walking through now and the only thing Ben would do was drool. He..." Viv twitched as I smoothed a finger over the panty fringe above her pubic mound.

"Oops, muscle spasm."

Viv was trying to give me a hard look but broke off as my hand snuck under her panty and smoothed up her crease.

"Yes... sorry Jane, where were we?" She tried to wriggle my hand away from her panties, but only succeeded in giving my growing erection a vigorous rub job with her tight ass cheeks.

Abandoning the south pole, my hands worked their way under her t-shirt. I was taking it slow, wetting my pinky with saliva and smoothing it around her belly button while my other hand came within an inch of her left nipple.

Viv rocked back and then forward and off my lap. Turning, she jumped back planting her knees on either side of my right leg.

"Jane, men aren't so bad, you just have to make sure to keep an eye on them," Viv said as she settled her pussy firmly against my thigh and began a slow circular motion. I grabbed her ass and massaged her cheeks to the same rhythm.


Viv shivered as I kissed her collarbone and teased her bra strap underneath her black baby t. She stared daggers at me as I slipped both hands under her ass and shifted her panties directly over my crotch. she ground against me hard even as I slipped one hand under he panties from the front and the other inside from the back. God her panties just swam in her juices and the moment my hands glided over her lips, she exploded. I swallowed her scream with a kiss.

"No it's not you, Jane. My husband is just trying to be... funny."

To give Viv a second to cool down I slowly licked her climax off my fingers. God, her juices were addictive. Unfortunately, my wife saw the direction my thoughts were going and pushed herself close to me and sat down hard.

"Viv I'm so thirsty, wouldn't you mind giving me a little drink?"

My wife rolled her eyes. "No Jane, Ben's more than capable of getting his own beer."

Sadly, I was forced to taste her one finger at a time and even then Viv made sure I never got anywhere near her clit. Anytime I looked to try to improve my position she grabbed onto my dick and squeezed hard.

Viv smiled as I pushed first one and a second finger inside her pussy, but reined me in when I started stroking too quickly. Slow or not, ten minutes of this brought my wife to the edge and just as her sister told her something that demanded her full attention, my thumb took possession of her clit. Viv started to strangle my cock.

Just as her orgasm hit I whispered that I loved her. Her orgasm became even more explosive and all she could do was cover the receiver and groan. Once the orgasm had puttered out she leaned over and gave me a long slow kiss.

"I love you too, baby." She pulled off and walked out of the room. "My husband was just trying to show me how he couldn't live without me."

Viv and I had dated for six months before flying to Vegas with my my brother and his wife to get married in a wedding chapel four blocks from our hotel. I caught her cheat four months later and then she caught me a few months after that. I guess we could have become swingers, but we were both the jealous type. We didn't mind doing the cheating; we just didn't like getting cheating on.

It could be my affair was a reaction to hers, but it probably was more about opportunity. Okay, I was kind of a shit, though after my affair I remained faithful. Sadly, I didn't think Viv had it in her and was pretty sure that she'd been cheating on me for the last year. Not that I was a saint. I flirted all the time, it was just that I was a tease and though Viv teased just as much as I did I didn't think that was all that she did. Still, in my heart I was cheating too because I had stopped trying to fix our marriage and now was just looking around for something better, kind of window-shopping for my next girlfriend.

It bothered me that Viv was cheating... well, I didn't know for sure. At first I didn't want to know because there was no way I could have stayed with her if I caught her a second time. I'd have to give up that beautiful neck and crooked smile and that oh so know and sexy tongue of hers. Getting rid of Viv would mean a return to the old days of hanging out in bars and going through a dozen one night stands that neither the girl nor I would admit was a one night stand. Despite Viv's probable cheating, STDs weren't a worry. Of course Viv and I always used protection and I knew she had used protection in her last affair and with all her old boyfriends. She was pretty fanatic about condoms, but her aunt becoming HIV positive was pretty good incentive.

In the end I'm not sure which of us put our marriage out of its misery. I mean Viv was no Mata Hari. Maybe her lies had just become too transparent. Last month she just casually mentioned that she'd joined a book club.

Viv going to a book club? I mean my wife might have had a degree in marketing , but the only things she read for pleasure were tv guides and fashion catalogues. I knew this was it. I'm still not sure if had been a false alarm six months when she told me about that conference in Seattle. Maybe she just aborted the attempt when she figured out that I would be checking up on her. Not that there wasn't something that stunk about the whole set-up. The conference had been a day and a half not three and I couldn't see why she would have told me that just so she could spend the extra time visiting her aunt and shopping.

But there was no way she was going to a book club. She was cheating and even if I tried to tell myself it didn't matter, it did matter. On the other hand, by then I had met a cute little blonde CPA named Jaylee that I wanted to ask out.

At first glance there was nothing special about the way Viv dressed that morning. But the black skirt was a lot shorter and sexier than her usual. There was nothing wrong with her conservative blazer, but she had put it on quickly and if I hadn't been looking for it I wouldn't have noticed how sheer her white blouse was. Because I was scheduled for depositions tonight and she had her book club, we weren't going to see each other until very late. I tried to act normal and that wasn't hard because as usual we were running around like crazy trying to eat breakfast and get ourselves ready after a late start.

I was really suffering because I had gotten up in the middle of the night and methodically worked my way through her PDA and her cell phone log. The thing was between Tuesday and Friday she was usually swamped with work. Monday really was the only reliable time for her to cheat, but it didn't make sense. On a Wednesday after a night or two of half-awake quickies maybe, but on a monday. Mondays were the days we woke late because we had been having sex to the wee hours. On Mondays we languished in the feelings, sacrificing our lunches for torrid bouts of phone sex and teasing conversations about the fun we had during the weekend.

My secretary told anyone that called I was in meetings with clients all day. Instead I was parked in a cyber cafe a couple blocks from Viv's office. According to the tracking device in her purse, my wife was still in her office like she was supposed to be. I paid a couple of teens to pretend to be office help and breaking up the flow of our Monday bout of phone sex. As sick as I felt there was no way I was going to get through it otherwise.

The afternoon finally rolled around and I was ready when Viv came out, following behind her silver BMW roadster in a SUV rental. When her car pulled into the Hyatt's parking lot, I felt sick. I was going to be ringside for this humiliation. God, I wanted to just crash into her car and I was so angry I almost did. If Viv hadn't been so excited to get to her rendezvous, she would have seen me, but as it was she just ignored the SUV that nearly clipped her.

Viv's walk was its own way of flirting, the sensual hip sway that occasionally lifted her black skirt high enough to show the band of her black thigh highs. As she walked into the lobby a couple of young professionals tried to chat her up, but she just breezed past them settling herself in one of the plush red chairs in the Hyatt's lounging area.

The tracking device from the spy store had worked pretty well, but my disguise was ridiculous. The gray wig looked like a half assed halloween costume you'd get from the dollar store and the spirit gum for the mustache was more like post-it stickum than anything else. Also I think I was either having a panic attack or an allergic reaction to the gum, because my face was red and itchy and sweat kept getting in my eyes. A couple times strangers stopped me and asked if they should call an ambulance.

I satisfied myself with walking past the front entrance a couple times until a couple taxis pulled up at the same time and I was able to get in by hiding behind other people.

Viv waited for about fifteen minutes before a distinguished older man in a tweed suit walked up to her. God, he looked like a villain drawn out of a Sherlock Holmes story. At any moment I expected Basil Rathbone to walk in and solve the case of The Slut of the Baskervilles.

Quickly I settled into a chair in the corner and hid behind a newspaper.

The tweed guy kissed her on the cheek and sat down opposite her. They chatted comfortably for maybe twenty minutes. Viv laughed suggestively once and gave him a couple of naughty little smiles, but there was nothing unusual in that. Any man with a pulse elicited this kind of response.

The only thing unusual in their behavior were their frequent glances towards the restrooms and the front desk.

I don't know what they were waiting for, but when they stood up together and walked hand-in-hand toward the restrooms, I knew what was going to happen.

Instead of feeling miserable I looked for silver linings. Losing Viv just meant finding Jaylee, beautiful Jaylee who said how much she loved skiing. Viv abhorred snow so for over two year my love for the slopes had been put on hold. With Jaylee I could slalom to my heart's content.

This was just a fleeting thought as I watched Viv and Tweed Guy calmly walk into the woman's bathroom.

It was a relief to take off the fright wig and pull off the soggy caterpillar from under my nose. The spirit gum didn't come off as easily and even after a minute there was a slight line of stickiness above my lips.

Anyone who tells you it gets easier the second time around is lying. It was worse. It really hurt to see Viv betraying me... though maybe it was as much bitterness as anything else. I didn't want Viv anymore, but that didn't mean anyone else should have her. Ideally, we should break-up because she said something unforgivable about my mother. After that, I wanted her to pine away after me for the rest of her life. Having some distinguished looking red faced fifty-year-old guy in tweed pounding into Viv from behind so hard her head was clanking into the handicapped railing like a timpani chorus was way down on the list of reasons for ending our marriage.

The guy didn't notice when I opened the bathroom stall; he just kept pounding away at Viv -- that damn chorus of bells. He heard me when I cleared my throat loudly though. He glared at me and his pace faltered as his flush lit his face up like a stop light.

I tried to look impatient. "Would you mind hurrying this up? I've got things to do."

The guy's face flushed even redder. Against his sallow kind of pasty skin it made him look like a pimple that was about to burst.

"Find another fucking bathroom..." Tweed Guy turned back and was about to start slamming his cock into viv again , but she had pulled herself off him and was turning around.

"God, Ben... I thought the meeting was supposed to keep you late today." Maybe her words weren't remorseful, but at least she looked embarrassed.

"The meeting was canceled." Shit my wife was a stereotype. Yeah, Tweed Guy had a big dick. It was probably a couple inches longer than my six and half inches. Of course I was angry, but I was embarrassed too. It just felt kind of gay standing there and staring at another guy's dick. My eyes dropped to the ground and I noticed Viv's spilled bag and the twelve pack of condoms and a hardcover book that were at her feet. When I looked closer I saw two paperbacks were just inside the purse flap.

I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes. "Viv, don't tell me you're really in a book group."

My wife glared at me. Standing up her black mini skirt fell to cover her crotch, but her gauzy white blouse gaped showing off her open bra and wet breasts.

"Of course I'm in a book group. What did you think I was doing?"

Viv glanced at the saliva sheen on her breasts and then at the blue condom stretched over Tweed Guy's big gnarled dick. She fumbled for something to say as the guy hauled up his pants.

I took one last look at her body and then caught her eye. "So Viv... how was the book?"


Once Mr. Tweed got out of there, Viv straightened up and we took our confrontation -- which by now had become just an uncomfortable silence -- to the restaurant across the street. Viv ordered a Martini and I got a Pellegrino. We were oddly calm. i guess on her part it was because she just figured it would be a replay of the last time I had caught her. There would be tears, promises, talk about therapy, a week of abstinence followed by a month of torrid unrelenting sex and then life would go on. And at some point it Viv would start looking for more men to fill her dance card.

I looked at the chain and lock I had given my wife and thought of asking for it back. But why would I want that kind of memento? As it lay there on her neck I could only wonder at how many infidelities it had taken part in.

"Ben, if you wanted a divorce you could have just asked me." Even now Viv's eyes flirted with me. She didn't even seem worried. I was just barely there trying to remember the things I'd planned to say if I caught her, but this just wasn't going like I thought it would. From the look on her face, it was like I had tapped her awake to ask her where her car keys were. As much as her romp with Mr. Tweed, this disregard showed how casual was her betrayal.

I leaned over and gave her cheek a serious kiss. It was not a loving kiss or a fond kiss, it was a formal, hold her in head in my hands kiss. It was that mafia kiss that said good-bye and good riddance and see you in the next life... unfortunately I knew Viv didn't get that because most like most women she did not understand the lessons taught in The Godfather.

"Viv, we need to talk business now." I sipped on my Pellegrino to cover the dryness in my throat. "The apartment was mine before the marriage, so..."

Viv kissed the tip of my nose. God, even now having seen my wife rutting with another man and seeing the big red bruise on her forehead that was the proof of it, her kiss was exciting. I considered indulging in a good-bye fuck, but it wasn't in me. I would never really be able to fuck her alone anymore. Tweed Guy would always be in the room. And worse than Tweed Guy would be the shadowy figures of the other guys she had probably fucked.

"Penny for your thoughts," Viv said.

I took a slow breath. "There's no problem with you staying until you can find a new place..." Gently I took her hand out of my lap. Viv's eyes flashed surprise. "My cousin Kim said there are some nice apartments downtown, mostly unfurnished one and two bed rooms. I think they're just slightly more expensive than here, but they'll be a hell of a lot closer to your work."

Viv actually looked surprised. "You had this all planned out, didn't you?"

"You could be out in say... three months? If you'd like I'll be happy to help you move your things. The finances should be simple, no joint accounts so no joint mess. As far as being together until you can move out goes, can we agree that neither of us will bring back our friends to the apartment?"

"Sounds like you've put a lot of time into thinking about this, Ben." My wife's smile became awkward and strained. "You're not even mad about this, are you?"

"Why should I be mad?"

"And why should I expect you to answer a straight forward question." My wife's cracked smile turned into a frown. "This is just some passive-aggressive attempt for you..."

"Passive-aggressive? Does that mean my sitting around being pouty made you stick Mr. Tweed's cock inside you? Viv, you cheated, not me. I'm just trying to clean up the mess you've made." My words enraged her, but I didn't care. I could still see Mr. Tweed fucking the shit out of her when I looked at her. Suddenly I didn't care about trying to do this nice and neat. I wanted her to feel just like the slut she was. "You were fucking him, Viv. You! If you wonder why we're sitting here just reach down and feel your panties for a second because they're not wet because of me."

"You fucking hypocrite. You act like you never cheated."

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