tagCelebrities & Fan FictionDo You Trust Me? Ch. 01

Do You Trust Me? Ch. 01


This is my first story and hope everyone likes it. I'm really nervous about it but I think its good and I hope you do also! Cheers!

Chapter 1-Found

Every ripple on the ocean
Every leaf on every tree
Every sand dune in the desert
Every power we never see
There is a deeper wave than this
Swelling in the world
There is a deeper wave than this
Listen to me girl

I grew up with and mothered five guys but this, this is fucking repulsive Mahoghany screeched!

You see what I mean now Mia said with a laugh washing dishes.

What is all the noise for Dominic asked stretching and picking lint from his belly button.

Your nasty ass underwear Mahoghany snapped that's what the problem is! I mean damn did ya not learn to fucking wipe your ass as a kid or did Mia do that for you too?

Mia tried to hold in a laugh but couldn't she began to laugh so hard she had to clutch to the sink for support.

Between you and Vince I don't know which of you nasty booty boys is worse! Brian wipes his ass Leon wipes his ass but you and Vince seem to be afraid to get a little poop on your hands! Dios Mio, she grumbled going to the fridge for a beer. Mia heard the baby upstairs crying and Vince was so clumsy the only time he got to hold him was at night to put him to sleep.

Mama's coming Mia said wiping her eyes still chuckling at Mahoghany.

Don't fucking look at me Mahoghany snapped angrily as Dom advanced towards her.

You cant honestly be mad at me coz I don't fucking wipe my ass.

I've been mad at you for a lot less she said as he took the beer from her holding it above her head.

Hey give it back she said grabbing for it on her tippy toes.

Nope not until you kiss me and tell me you forgive me he said.

Okay then learn to wipe your fucking ass she said punching him.

Ow! No fair he said.

Who said I played nice she giggled. Come on please she whined still reaching for the bottle.

Okay how about you call me what you call me in bed.

There's a reason I call you that in bed and in bed only she said going to the fridge for another beer.

He grabbed her nope not another beer until you call me it.

Dom she whined no I cant call you that

If you want another beer you will he smiled

Fine she huffed running her hands up his side and tweaking a nipple

And you must say please all nice and sweet he added.

Usted esta intentando su suerte she replied.

Well what can ya do he asked kissing her quickly. Now if you want your beer you better start telling me what I want to here he growled.

Okay okay she said. Mr. Big she purred might I please have my beer back.

You gotta kiss me he said palming her butt and moving to an imaginary beat in his head.

You are so fucking hard to please she groaned putting her head on his chest moving with him.

He smiled that's why you're the one for me sweet cheeks.

I really wish you wouldn't call me that she said standing on tiptoes and kissing him.

It turned hot quick he placed the beer on the counter and picked her up sitting her on the table.

I don't think we really should be doing this in the kitchen Dom you know how Mia is ever since last time.

He laughed oh yeah.

The last time they had fucked on the table not the current table but a flimsy one that came with the place. All it took was 10 minutes and it fell through. It didn't stop them from fucking broken table or not. Since then they were banished to their bedroom for all friskiness no matter where it erupted.

Okay he said sucking on her neck causing her to moan out loud. He drank it in all of it her moans her scent the way she squirmed when his hands brushed against the sensitive skin of her stomach. He picked her up her legs were wrapped around him tightly and she grabbed her beer. They passed Mia in the hall she had Emilio on one hip and he was giggling happily. He reached out and tweaked Mahoghany's nose she reciprocated by kissing his palm.

Thank you for not defiling my kitchen with your salacious acts Mia said. Dinner will be ready in 20 minutes and Brian needs to speak to you on the phone Dom.

Thanks Mia Dom said. Can you be good while I'm on the phone he asked?

Oh I don't know Mahoghany said wickedly I could try.

Dom sat on the bed and picked up the phone hello?

Mahoghany kneeled between his legs and unzipped his Dickey's fishing his hard cock out. She smiled up at him naughtily and he groaned knowing that he was fucked. Whenever he was on the phone she got frisky and would find ways to try and break his concentration. She was very inventive and tonight she found a new weapon to aid her in her mischief. She took a sip of her beer and held it in her mouth, she let the tip of his cock slip into his mouth and he gripped the sheets tightly and his voice cracked. The beer tingled the tip of his cock in away that almost made him cum at that very second. He bit his lips and tried his best to keep up his half of the conversation. She repeated this twice each time looking up at him in that naughty way that only she could. Each time he would hold his breath and count backwards from a hundred willing Brian to hurry the fuck up cause as interesting as the shipment of tools and parts coming in the girl between his legs driving him absolutely insane was really more interesting at the moment.

She was about to go for it a third time when Dominick hung up flinging the phone into a pile of clothes on the floor and picked her up throwing her on the bed.

You are such a fucking prick tease Dominick said unbuttoning her shirt and kissing every bit of skin as it was exposed.

Who's the tease now she murmured caressing his scalp?

He let his tongue play over the sensitive skin right below her belly button making her squirm and moan out his name.

Dominic Toretto if you do not quit fucking teasing me I will...

You'll do what he asked his breath warm against her already flushed skin. Now that the tables are turned you want to complain? I think not baby cakes.

Please Dominic she said hotly you can't get me all worked up in the kitchen then fucking Oh gosh she cried out as his tongue made contact with her pussy.

Her fingers gripped his shoulders as her hips moved and jerked erratically at the oh so deft tongue that he possessed.

She cried out her release trying in vain to stifle herself but failing horribly. Dom came up for air but only after she had had three orgasms in a row and was babbling incoherently. He reached into the bedside drawer and searched for a condom after a moment he let a muttered damn slip and he tucked himself in.

Stay he told her

Even if I wanted to move she murmured its not like my legs would be cooperative she smiled. You see what you do to me Dom she sat up on one elbow the lazy smile never leaving.

I'll do even more when I get a condom he said kissing her. She wrapped her arms around his neck trying to pull him back into the bed she moaned greedily sucking on his tongue.

No condom she murmured just pull out when you're close babe okay.

No he said just be patient he pulled her hand away from her incessant kneading of his cock. He pushed her back on to the bed stay okay.

Fine she said huffily lying back down.

Dom walked down the hallway and into the restroom. He looked in the medicine cabinet for the condoms knowing that Vince always kept them even though he and Mia didn't need them.

Good ol' reliable Vince he said

Dominic get in here Mia all but yelled.

What is it he asked walking into the kitchen where Brian was holding Mahoghany back barely and Vince was doing the same for Letty.

Letty? What the fuck are you doing here Dominick boomed everyone stopped what he or she were doing. Even Mahoghany and Letty stopped trying to claw each other's eyes out.

Yeah Leticia what the fuck are you doing here Mahoghany spat vehemently. You can let me go Brian I'm not going to even waste my time on her worthless ass.

Oh I'm worthless Letty snapped look at you picking over my leftovers.

Yeah leftovers you obviously want back Mahoghany snapped.

Enough Dominick yelled. Again silence fell on the room the only thing that could be heard were the crickets outside and the heavy breathing of the two girls.

You are more than welcome to stay for dinner Letty after you explain what the hell you're doing here. Now everyone sit down at the table Mahoghany sit in my lap Dominic said.

What? She said

Just fucking do it he said taking his seat at the head of the table. She reluctantly sat down on his lap letting him know she wasn't happy about it. It's the only way I can keep you from doing something stupid he whispered in her ear.

Oh trust me I am way pass stupid right now she whispered back I'm fucking infuriated out of my damn mind Dominick you better fix this she said getting up out of his lap and storming up the stairs. After a second he heard the door slam and Linkin Park blasting out of the stereo.

You come in here after two years Letty thinking you can fuck up what we got down here Dominick asked. You better have a good fucking reason for coming in my house and trying to fight my fiancé.

She started it Letty pouted.

I don't care if she fucking tried to stick your head in the damn oven she has every right to! You coming in here as always trying to run shit talking to her crazy so starting now tell me what the fuck is going on.

I don't like her.

Only cause she's fucking Dom Vince said

Do I hear Emilio crying? Mia said go check on him Vince.

I don't hear shit he said

Vince go! Mia said

He knew not to test the Toretto family temper so he went to Emilio's room where he was happily bouncing up and down watching Barney. Da-da he said reaching up to him with a loopy smile on his chubby little face.

So Mia said looking at Letty what do you want?

The Armenian is looking for you Letty said to Dominick

Dominick flinched but covered it up quickly what does he want me for? I gave him what he wanted my last score netted him more than the last three before that. I meant it when I said I was through.

He doesn't care Letty said he wants you cause he thought you were fucking around just bullshitting cause you were scared of the reds on your ass.

He knows better than that Dominic said knows I mean what I say and say what I mean. Nobody questions me. Nobody he said.

I am not the one questioning you Letty said I know better after what we had how can I forget.

What we had as in past tense as in I've moved on and so have you at least that's the impression I got when you left me in Los Angeles with that want to be gangsta Dominic said getting up from the table. Tell the Armenian if he doesn't believe me he can call me and ask me himself and I'll tell him the same thing I told you.

Where you going Letty asked standing up I thought we could catch up.

I'm going up stairs to my fiancé he said Mia call me when dinner is ready okay?

Alright Dom she replied getting up and going over to the oven stirring the pasta sauce.

Brian followed him upstairs to the bedroom Dom shared with Mahoghany. She was currently perched on the windowsill smoking a cigarette her puppy Snoopy in her lap licking her face.

Don't you dare fucking touch me she said feeling him approach her. He stopped and motioned to Brian to leave the room. He did closing the door behind him with a shake of his head.

Are you pissed?

What the fuck do you think Dom? She asked turning around to face him. She pinched the cigarette butt between her fingers and tossed it out the window lighting another. He knew he was in deep shit cause she was chain smoking by the looks of the six butts in the ashtray the one she just tossed out and the one she was currently smoking.

Look I'm sorry I know it may not mean much to you but I am okay I wasn't ever expecting her to come and track me down you know that. I'm through with her he said brushing a tear from her cheek. I'm through with the life I led in California I served my time and you waited for me not her you. Now how the hell am I going to turn my back on something like that he asked.

She looked up at him her eyes brimming with tears wanting to believe him but she'd been hurt before so many times and he knew that and she hoped he wouldn't break her heart.

What does she want? She asked turning back around and staring blankly out the window.

He moved behind her and began to rub her neck not knowing how to tell her about the Armenian. Not that she didn't already know everything there was to know about his past. She was after all Jesse' on again off again girlfriend and had been running with them for a while.

It's the Armenian he said.

She tensed up then slowly relaxed. Is it Dominic's pass come back day she asked? Tossing out the butt and again turning to him give me some gum. She hooked her thumbs in the belt loops of his pants. He fished a piece out of his pocket and gave it to her.

Thanks she said putting her head on his stomach. Promise me something.

Anything he replied

Don't you dare leave me she told him.

You know I'd never he said

I know she replied but its nice to hear you say it every once and again.

Okay he said I Dominic Toretto would never leave you Mahoghany Brown. I love you.

Ooh I like it when you say that

What I love you?

Yeah she replied it makes me feel good.

And that's always good he said kissing her.


Usted esta intentando su suerte-You're pressing your luck


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