Doc Ch. 14


Miller groaned in defeat. "I figured Hank would get mad, but he's always gotten over it pretty quick before when I did something he didn't like. Why all the fuss tonight? Please don't send me to jail, Marshal."

"Well I don't think he will get over it very fast this time. There's a limit on how much even the very best of friends can take. Knowing Uncle Hank, you've pushed it too far this time. He may get over his mad, but I doubt he'll ever trust you again. You were there when we made plans so we could use the cabins any time, and to use one as a doctor's office. You saw my wives and Aunt Dove cleaning them out so we could use them that way. He told you straight up he didn't want you renting them out anymore because of that, and yet as soon as we were out of town, you did just that!

"We had to ride into town tonight because a bunch of the same miners you rented to, were causing trouble over at the courthouse and shot the Judge. When we finished over there, we needed to use one of the cabins overnight, which was the general idea of Uncle Henry and my Pa building the cabins in the first place.

"So now we have to ride back to the ranch in the dark instead of staying. Uncle Henry just let you rent them out because you were a friend of his, but I see that you're just greedy. A friend tried to give you a hand, but instead you bit that hand. Now, what's it going to be -- are you going to pay the $185 or am I going to march over to the jail? Make your mind up quick, I don't have all night! I still gotta get home to my bed sometime tonight, seeing as I can't sleep here, no thanks to you!"

Why do I end up on these long-winded rants anymore? I used to be a man of few words. I guess my frustration with the unfairness and miscarriage of justice up-time hit me deeper than I realized. Now, with no requirement to be politically correct, I don't hesitate to say what I think, and sometimes I get carried away... I held out my hand.

Miller paid, grumbling as he did so, that the cabins were not being used. "I was keeping an eye on them. According to my agreement with Henry, I should be able to rent them out."

His whiny attitude started to really piss me off. He obviously didn't get it. I told him, "By the original agreement, you were supposed to keep one free at all times, just for situations like tonight. Your greed blinded you to that, so you broke the deal, not us! I'll let Uncle Henry know that tomorrow. I won't tell him tonight or he'll be over here to shoot you, probably. When I do tell him, he will probably ride straight in from the ranch and put padlocks on and shut the cabins up for good! If I find out that you let anyone else use them without our permission after tonight, you will be going to jail. And I'll still collect the rent, too. No second chances, understand?"

After I finished dealing with Mr. Miller and listening to more of his greedy whining, I went to the stables and saddled our horses. I hadn't met Grandpa on the street so I figured he was still jawing with the judge. In order to avoid telling him about Miller, I decided I'd just head us toward home as if it was the most natural thing to do.

I rode around by the judge's place leading Grandpa's horse. I dreaded telling Grandpa about Miller. I hoped I could pull this off and avoid that until tomorrow. As I rode up to them, I deliberately acted distracted.

"C'mon Uncle Henry! Time to go. Judge, I should be back in a few days. Now, remember to keep that arm clean and dry. I'll check it again when I get back."

As Grandpa mounted up, I appeared to be deep in thought. Actually, I was. I didn't have to 'act' very much. Grandpa noticed and kept quiet, as I absently pointed us toward home and led off.

Finally, about halfway home, Grandpa couldn't keep quiet any longer. "Clay! Why are we riding home? We could have stayed in one of the cabins."

I started at his sudden outburst and looked around. "Oh shit, Grandpa! I guess I just headed home without thinking. I've got a lot on my mind. We can turn back if you want."

I actually had been lost in thought, wondering if maybe I should've charged George Miller more for the cabins not being available. It seemed the only way to get through to him was to hit him hard in his pocket book.

Grandpa, his mind somewhere else entirely, teased, "Yup! An' I know what's on your mind. Who wouldn't with three new young wives keeping your bed warm at home? I'd hurry home to that, too. I know I did for Dove when I was a lot younger. Hell! I still do! Besides, we're over halfway now. Let's keep going. The sooner we're snuggled up with our honeys, the better!"

And of course, as he always did when he teased me, Grandpa almost fell off his horse as he let loose with that cackling laugh of his. That laugh always made me wonder if I should check him for eggs. And... as usual, I blushed. I'm sure he could see it in the dark.

However, I had diverted his attention from Miller without telling a single lie. Grandpa's own desires and his vivid imagination had been all I needed. To tell the truth, even though it meant a short night, I wasn't all that unhappy to be going home to a warm bed with my sweeties...

It was quite dark with just a sliver of a moon making it slow going back to the ranch. The apparent slowness was made even worse by the warm anticipation of the delights that awaited me.

After what seemed like hours and hours, we finally arrived. It was well past midnight and into the wee smalls. As was to be expected at that ungodly hour, all the houses were totally dark. Grandpa and I dismounted at the barn and tied our horses to the hitch rail. We loosened their cinches and left them. They would be fine until morning. The hands responsible for the stables would be out about daybreak and would tend to them then. Grandpa and I said goodnight to each other, and headed to our respective houses.

I took my boots off on the porch so I would be quiet walking through the house. Getting through what was still a relatively strange house without stumbling and making a racket was a challenge, but I thought I made it. In our room, I undressed as quietly as I could. Thinking I had achieved total stealth, I tried to quietly slip into bed without disturbing any of my girls.

Apparently it didn't work. Little Doe was suddenly noisily awake and her happy squeal woke the other two. Suddenly, I was attacked by three naked women, hugging and kissing me, glad that I was back. All this attention by squirming, delightfully naked females led to a marathon round of lovemaking and cuddling. Sated and exhausted, I finally slipped off to sleep some indeterminate but long time later, basking in the love of my three wonderful nymphs.

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