Doctor Appointment


"Mr. Johnson, the doctor is ready to see you now."

I stood up hesitantly and walked to the office I was assigned to. Seeing a new doctor was always a pain for me. I hated having to be exposed by someone I didn't even know. I guess it just wasn't my thing.

Until I walked into that office and had one of the greatest experiences of my life.

"Hello, Mr. Johnson, how are you?" Dr. Sherman asked. We then proceeded through all the mandatory tests that you would normally see when going to a new doctor.

When those tests were over, Dr Sherman said, "Now we will proceed with a new test that was approved by the... um... state health division."

Is it just me, or did he just pause for a really long time before getting that last part out? And why does he have a devilish look in his eye? I thought to myself with a frown.

I will now send in my assistant, Tracie, to perform the procedure," He said with a hint of a smile at the corner of his lips.

"...Uh...OK...." I replied as he walked out the door.

Not two minutes later, Tracie walks in. My jaw nearly dropped to the floor when I saw her. She was 5' 7", brunette, and wearing the sexiest nurse outfit you've ever seen complete with 5" pumps and white stockings encasing her beautiful legs. Any misgivings I'd had about this doctor's office were wiped from my mind now.

"Hello, Mr. Johnson," She said. "My name's Tracie and I'll be performing the new test on you."

She quickly walked over and unbuttoned my pants and pulled them down along with my boxers. "Hey! What are you-- uuhhhhhh..." I tried to say, but her beautiful lips quickly opened to release her cock-teasing tongue. My six inches of dick quickly sprang out in response, and her mouth ate up my shaft like candy.

My hands moved to the back of her head seemingly without command. They started pumping her head faster and faster up and down my purple-with-pleasure cock, her warm tongue teasing my head all the time. Not a minute later, I shot my huge load into her wonderful mouth. She gulped down every drop.

Meanwhile, Dr. Sherman was walking in just as I unloaded into her. "Good, I see the test was a success," He said. "Now, for your payment..."

"I don't have much money right now, with this economy," I said while I reluctantly pulled out from between her lovely red lips. "I just got laid off yesterday."

"Wonderful!" He exclaimed. "We have a new job opening right now. And," He added with those devilish eyes looking me up and down, "You look perfect for the job."

I followed him out of the room and down a winding corridor to another part of the establishment. When we walked into one of the rooms, my mouth flew open. Holy shit, I thought, There's at least ten other nurses here who are as hot as Tracie! I already like this job!

"Girls," Tracie announced, "We have a new employee. Time to give him the... welcome wagon," She said with a grin. The girls all giggled as they walked toward me and started to pull me to another room.

"Hey, what are you doing? What's going to happe-" Was all that came out before I was gagged and blindfolded. They quickly tore off my clothes and pulled me into a waterfall of warm water.

I felt a weird sensation going down my legs, arms, and other areas - including my still-erect shaft. They're shaving off all my hair! I thought with unease. What are they going to do to me?

"Ooh, he's perfect," one of the girls said, "Just look at his figure. I wish you'd invited him earlier..." They all giggled.

After that deed was done, I was forced into another room where my blindfold and gag were removed. To my astonishment, there was a dresser in here with clothes laid out - an outfit identical to the ones the nurses were wearing.

Their plan was finally clear to me - and frankly, only the initial thought freaked me out. The nurses probably got some good pay - and frankly, being surrounded by girls and forced to wear their clothes was always one of my fantasies.

So when they said "Go get your clothes on, bitch," I just walked over and did just that. First came the silky stockings. I went super slowly in order to keep them from running -- and to enjoy every minute of the pleasure it gave me.

I could see that the girls were enjoying it, too. They started putting on sexy looks as they watched me, and before I knew it, they were kissing one another in places I didn't even know they had. My dick quickly grew two more inches in its naked state. Soon enough, some of the girls came over to tease it. It became increasingly difficult to pull those stockings up with that happening. But I didn't complain; what guy in his right mind would have?

Next came the short, white nurse's dress, a bra, and frilly panties. After those came on, the girls who had been making the head of my cock even more purple grabbed two silicon breasts and placed them properly. Damn, I said, I can barely see my feet!

Finally, the shoes. The girls walked over, grabbed the white, 5" pumps, and placed them on my feet as they kissed my stockinged legs. Other girls quickly put a wig on my head and gave me makeup with expert hands. When I saw my reflection after they were done, I was dumbfounded. Man, I thought, you'd never know that I used to be a man... except for my shaft sticking out from under the dress.

One of the girls, looking at my gaping mouth, groaned and started rubbing a bulge that I hadn't noticed before. "On your knees, bitch," she commanded. I quickly got on all fours, and the nurse went around to my head as two others went to my rear. They all pulled up there dresses, where I found three cocks, each at least 6" long. The other nurses had done the same and started teasing each other as they watched me.

Before I could object, the nurse in front shoved her cock into my still-open mouth. I'd never really had a gag reflex, so she quickly started shoving all of her shaft down my throat. As that was happening, one of the girls at my rear started pushing her dick into my virgin ass. I moaned as her shaft went deeper and deeper, the pain shooting to my brain. But after she got all the way in, the pain stopped its constant throbbing, and the dick tickling my prostate only made me moan more. The other girl to my rear kneeled down, pulled my panties aside, and alternated between jerking me off and teasing the cock with her lovely tongue and mouth. I'd never felt so much pleasure. We all came at the same time, an explosion of cum into mouths and asses.

But it wasn't over. The girls who hadn't given me their love yet came over to give the others who had a break. The girls who had just fucked me started teasing each other's shafts. Holy crap, how did this doctor find so many guys who were willing to don skirts and tights and prance around for his pleasure? I thought as the girls attending to me gave their chorus of moans to the world.

After the second group had finished and the third group had attended to me, the doc came in. He walked over to me and said, "We've got another patient who needs the... treatment. Do you think you're ready?"

I got up, pulled the skirt of my dress down, and gave him the sexiest look I could muster. "Does it look like I'm ready?" I asked. You could tell that I was enjoying every minute of my "captivity."

He smiled as a bulge started to grow in his pants. "Room fifteen," He tersely put. "Have fun with him."

I walked out of that love-filled room, down the hall, and into the room he had told me. The man standing inside looked almost like me -- a could-be feminine body and a mouth gaping as he saw my figure and clothes.

"Hi, my name's Lizzie, and I'll be performing the new test on you," I said as I pulled down his pants and underwear.

This was going to be a fun day.

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