Doctor Doctor


I was barely 20 years old and just 8 months married when I got drafted into the Marine Corp. Things were a bit nasty in those days as far was the worldwide situation, my wife Sharon bawled like a baby when I showed her the papers.

I had no intention at all of going into the Marines, so I went straight down to the Navy recruiting station and enlisted for four years.

I got crabbed at a bit by the officials at the selective service board when I showed up with the Navy papers in hand. One old bag was going to force the issue, telling me I couldn't go into the Navy, I was drafted into the Marines.

But calmer heads prevailed, an old guy sitting there told her, "He signed up for four years, but was drafted for just two. This is the kind of men we need!"

I didn't bother to mention that I had watched TV, I saw how the Marines had it, and the Navy looked better.

I lasted just 45 days.

They found out I had an ulcer and was 20-400 in my right eye. Add in that I was missing the tips of both my index finger and thumb on my right hand that a paper bag machine had happily chopped off a year or so before without slowing down?

Well, I got dumped into medical hold and sent home.

Sharon picked me up at the airport, we made it perhaps 20 miles and ended up in the bushes alongside the freeway, having climbed over a barbed wire fence to get out into some farmer's property.

The guy who showed up with the towtruck while we were out in the bushes had a huge grin on his face, Sharon was trying to climb back over the fence in her mini-skirt sans panties, seems I had rushed things a little. Of course her skirt got caught in the barbed wire because of her short legs, I had to go back and unhook her and lift her over, so I am sure the guy got a nice beaver shot.

Once back on the freeway I teased her about flashing her beaver at the guy, she blushed furiously and smacked my arm.

There never has been any doubt our son was conceived that day.

Sharon is a tiny little thing, under 5' but blessed with a set of spectacular breasts that stood up proud. Not huge on some women but huge on her, she wore a size 32" B cup and most of the 32" was out in front.

So full circle, I was home. I got my job back at the mill which pissed off everybody that I had seniority on. I was low man on day shift which meant one man got bumped to swing and one got bumped to graveyard. The one guy, Don gave me some shit about not being man enough to make it in the military but after he had dabbed at his bloody nose for half an hour he shut up about it.

They left me alone after that.

There was two doctors in the little town we lived in, the one was a crusty old fart named Dr. Barnes that looked to be about 90, the other one was an older guy too, maybe 35 or so.

I told Sharon to pick the one she wanted, she picked Dr. Barker.

I can't say as I blamed her.

I remember the first time we went to see him, I was sitting in the waiting room when the nurse came out and got me. She took me back to where Sharon was laying on a table with a sheet over her.

I could tell that she was nude but I didn't think anything of that, after all, this was her Doctor.

He sat me down and told me all sorts of things that were going to happen, I sorta knew some of it since I grew up on a farm with cattle and other animals.

He went on and on about hormone changes and I was getting bored, then he started talking about sex. He said as she got bigger we should use a sidelying position and talked about the importance of regular orgasms for Sharon, that it would be helpful when it came time for delivery because it would keep her nice and relaxed.

I was pretty young and to be honest I never even thought about the sex part while she was pregnant, let alone her orgasms. I pretty much played around awhile and stuck it in.

Like I said, young.

Then he went on about how we should avoid anal intercourse, I probably looked at him blank about it since I had no idea people even did that.

I guess I was starting to turn pink when he mentioned oral and manual stimulation techniques to assure her regular orgasms.

"Here, let me show you some tricks." He said, and he reached out and pulled the sheet up to Sharon's waist.

Sharon was lying on her back, her knees were together but she was naked, that was a bit of a shock to my system. Here was this old guy, well, I guess he wasn't THAT old, looking at her bare pussy like all this was perfectly normal.

I knew he would have to do that but that was way back in the back of my mind, I never really dwelled on it at all.

"Spread your legs, Sharon." Doctor Barker told her.

She just opened them wide just like that, no hesitation at all.

Now she was lying there with her legs wide open, her pussy looked all shiny like it had some kind of oil or something on it. She looked all puffed up, too, like I had seen her after we had had sex.

I sat there stunned, feeling the flush come to my face.

I saw she had a silly smile on her face and was pointedly looking up at the ceiling. Doctor Barker reached out and touched her, letting the fingers trail gently down the side of Sharon's vagina. Her upper body shuddered and I saw her teeth bite her lower lip.

"When you stimulate her, be very gentle." He smiled. His fingers began to explore her, then he placed both hands on her upper thighs and using just his thumbs did several quick upwards flicks across her clit which was now peeking out and getting larger.

Sharon shuddered again and then her hips pushed upwards as she exploded into orgasm. Her eyelids fluttered and her mouth came open, she uttered a long groan as her body pressed at his hands.

I didn't know what to say and do, I was thinking this must be normal. After all, he was a Doctor.

"Be sure and pay attention to her entire body," he told me.

"We found out earlier that Sharon's breasts are particularly sensitive".

He reached up and slid the sheet down, using his fingers to make slow circles around her nipples, finally rolling each one between his thumb and index finger as she lay there quivering.

"Do it like that during and after sex."

Then he recovered her with the sheet, walked to the washbasin and washed his hands.

"You can handle that, can't you?" he smiled as he turned back to me.

"Uhhh...yes, I think so." I am sure I was red as a beet.

He had me go back out to the waiting room.

Sharon came out looking like everything was perfectly normal, but my mind was in a whirl. We drove home and the vision in my head had me going, we fucked like minks from one end of the house to the other.

It was a couple of weeks to her next appointment, Sharon went by herself because I was at work. After dinner that evening I asked her how the appointment went.

"Oh just fine, the Doctor says I am normal and everything is going well."

"Good. Did know, touch you again?"

"Yes, he says it is really important."

"That seems funny to me!" I blurted.

"Oh, don't be silly. He is a Doctor. He says I need to be nice and loose to help with the delivery because I am so small."

Well, whatever.

That night I stroked her like he had showed me and even managed to get her to orgasm with my hands, then after we had fucked I stroked her breasts, I got rewarded with the same soft sighs.

"How was that?" I wanted to know.

"Fine. Wonderful."

Somehow I wanted her to be a lot more enthusiastic than that.

But I also got more or less used to the idea that the Doctor was giving her orgasms at each visit. We were both so very young we simply didn't know any different.

By the last three months we quit having actual sex, although I used my hands and my mouth and even though I was so horny I almost couldn't stand it, I managed.

Sharon helped me with that, spending long periods jacking me off with her hands. Once she commented that I was almost as big as the tool the doctor used.


"Yes, it's a long thing he pushes in me to stretch me out more."

"A long thing?" I was curious now.

"Yes, just a tube, they keep getting larger each visit, too."

"Then he makes know...around it."

I swear she blushed at that.

"How big?" I asked her.

She made a circle with her fingers, about the size of a coffee cup.

"Hell! Doesn't that hurt?"

"No, not really."

The big day arrived, at 3 o'clock in the morning of course. Sharon spent a solid 6 hours in the delivery room, producing a fine 8 pound baby boy. Considering she weighed just 93 pounds the day she got pregnant and 98 pounds the day after she delivered, you can imagine what she looked like.

Bit like a garter snake that ate a basketball, I had joked at her. Hell, her navel had inverted and stuck straight out, I was sure it would never go back in but it did. A big plus was the cocoa butter I had rubbed her down with every single day, she didn't have a single stretch mark, not one.

I went to the hospital to visit her, back then they kept a new mom for 2 to 3 days normally.

The nurse told me I could go on back, even though it wasn't visiting hours.

I found her room, she shared it with another woman who had delivered the same day. I heard voices as I approached, there was a man standing there talking to the other woman as I came in. I saw that some drapes were pulled to block the view from the hallway, but they were open into each side of the room. There were these two huge sunlamps set up, I had no idea what they were for.

Without thinking, I walked up to the foot of Sharon's bed. She was lying there with her legs spread as wide as they could go, the sun lamp shining directly on her pussy which looked huge and swollen. I noticed all the pubic hair was gone, she was completely shaven.

The other man, obviously the other woman's husband looked at me and then at Sharon.

"Hello." he said and looked back at his wife, who was also lying there spread wide open, her pussy was shaven too.

"Uhh...hi." I answered, taking a second look.

Just then the nurse came in and pulled the curtain around farther, like that did any good. Now the other man was inside the curtain but it only came partway and I was standing there with a clear view into the other room.

The woman just looked at me and smiled, then went back to talking to her husband, seemingly unconcerned. If anything, she opened her legs even more.

I tried to keep my attention focussed on Sharon, but that isn't easy when a bare pussy is just ten feet away, I kept glancing up at the other lady and each time I did she glanced at me.

Finally the other man came out and left, taking a long slow look at Sharon lying there as he did.

Then the nurse brought in the woman's baby, she pulled her top aside and set the child at her breast, squeezing a drop of milk into it's mouth. It figured that out in seconds and latched on. She lay back and closed her eyes, not even bothering to cover her other breast. Her nipples were big and soft looking compared to Sharon's which were like tight little buttons.

The nurse looked at me, tugged ineffectually at the curtain but it was as far as it would go so she just shrugged and gave up.

A few minutes later the same nurse brought in our son, I was treated to the same scene as she set him in place and his mouth opened to find Sharon's nipple.

Then Doctor Barker arrived. He told us everything went normally, patted me on the shoulder telling me I had done a good job because the delivery was easy.

Then he told me to keep up with giving Sharon orgasms, that it was important to the healing process, it seems she had a couple of stitches inside I couldn't see.

Then he went over to the other woman's bed, and spoke quietly to her. In short order I heard some obvious sounds, glancing at them I could see the doctor was stroking her as she lay there nursing the child, she orgasmed very quickly.

She looked up at me and smiled, still completely unashamed as the doctor left.

It's a wonder I didn't jump the chubby old nurse on the way out of there.

It was years later before I realized that Doctor Barker's methods were...well, not completely normal?

Perhaps. But they sure worked.

This one is a partly true story, our son is 40 now. When our Sarah was born some 4 years later, Sharon had a different doctor.

To this day, I think Doctor Barker was probably the better of the two. When I asked him about orgams and helping her to stretch he looked at me like I was crazy.

I did it anyway, it worked.

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