tagNovels and NovellasDoctor of Desire Ch. 08

Doctor of Desire Ch. 08


The building had her name on it. CLARE'S WORLD. Of course it did. It was her empire, built up from potholders sold at parties to a multibillion dollar "lifestyle industry." She understood people and knew how to get or make what they wanted. Her pots and pans were in the most upscale houseware stores. Her gardening boots were sold at Z-Mart. There were three fashion lines, each aimed at a different demographic: Cowgirl, East Sider, Family Values. Women were her bread and butter.

A receptionist, dressed fashionably, ushered Dr. Casey Darden discreetly into a private elevator that rose only to the penthouse office suite. Casey was meeting Clare's assistant Melissa for a quick briefing before they made their "presentation' to Clare herself. He had never met the remarkable Clare. Her reputation for being hard as nails under velvet intimidated everyone on the 'project.'

This had been the most difficult client situation that Casey had faced so far (with the possible exception of facing off with the devil himself.) Melissa Brand had first contacted him many weeks ago. Even though it was supposed to be on the QT there were many staff members involved. Most of them thought they were testing a new product line, and in fact, they very well might be, if the presentation was effective.

Casey might have wished that Melissa were his client. Melissa was easily five ten, with an athletic body that was model slim face to face; but as soon as she turned sideways a remarkable perky ass asked to be patted. From the way Melissa scanned him from mousse to wingtips in a cool and relaxed manner he was convinced she needed no therapy.

"Follow me," she murmured and moved gracefully down a corridor lit by invisible light and decorated by floral abstracts that seemed to glow in their niches. She ushered him into a conference room whose one wall was the city itself, gleaming evening lights all the way to the Boston harbor islands. The "development team", all dressed conservatively, were seated at a table formed from a single irregular slab of magnificently grained wood.

Arrayed behind them in an alcove were a number of curious objects on shelves, platforms and a velvet-covered table.

"Doctor Darden has asked me to be the lead this evening on the products we have chosen and to aid in the presentation to Clare. While I recognize that each of you has spent serious effort in researching, choosing, even developing these products, we will trust Dr. Darden, and of course Clare to make the choices as to which reach the market with the Clare Intimates label. You all are aware that this product is a departure and a risk.

"Of course we hope these new items will complement the line of intimate lingerie and sensual oils that may be used in erotic encounters. But heretofore we have not sought to provide products specifically for 'bedroom recreation'. Please be prepared to give strong reasons why you believe in the product you have chosen."

Worried murmurs flowed around the table. Melissa had started pacing and Casey noticed a fine line of moisture above her well-carved upper lip. Everyone knew that Melissa had exclusive access to Clare. Rumors flew that they were lovers, but no one had ever seen so much as a touch that suggested such a relationship.

Melissa led Casey off to the side.

"As is our custom we introduce new concepts to Clare in response to her own leadings. Some of these ...some of her suggestions may be ... oblique, no more than a hint, or a direction suggested by a hue, a tune, an animal, a city, an island. When we manage to decipher these innuendoes and provide substantial possibilities Clare will endorse them wholeheartedly and make them part of her own life, not to mention endorsing impressive investment and development. If we misjudge her mood we will all be fired and she will do her best to besmirch your reputation. Let us just say no one in this room has ever misinterpreted a Clare suggestion. But most here have only been with the organization a few months... Do you understand?

Casey nodded. Melissa did not seem eager to seek his opinion.

"One more critical factor. Clare does not allow CLARE'S WORLD to sell any product she would not use herself.

"Supporting this product we envision an exclusive club, Clare's Club that will provide concierges to offer consultation for women wishing to explore ...."

An almost imperceptible belltone chimed and everyone in the room sat up straighter and applied polite smiles to their mouths. A panel hushed open revealing the glints of expensive furnishing and objets d'art. The woman who glided across the room wore a perfect mole-grey tailored suit of her own design.

No one moved. Casey, rebelliously remained relaxed, casual.

Clare barely glanced at him as she moved to the exhibition area, calmly strolling among the objects. There was quite a range; elegant glass cylinders, small mechanical devices and an impressive carved hobby-horse. And then there was the mechanical 'spider' in the center of the room. Occasionally she drew a perfectly manicured forefinger along an object; cocked her head as something puzzled her; shook her head almost imperceptibly; let a tiny smile raise the corner of her lip. She stopped, grey eyes on her staff at the table.

"Thank you everyone. You may go."

A small disappointed murmur arose from the assembly.

"Please have your resignations on Ms. Brand's desk before you leave the building."

A raised palm quelled any further sound. The crew filed out. Melissa lingered.

"Melissa? You too may go."

Again the elegant raised hand. Melissa headed for the exit.

"Oh Melissa, please prepare your resignation also. But don't leave the building. I think I will need you."

Casey kept his breath low and relaxed. Clare turned to the windows and looked out at the city.

"You are thinking I have fired them all like the imperious bitch I am reputed to be."

Casey said nothing and felt himself gain a point.

"Actually, they expect this. It is routine. If the presentation goes well most of them will remain employed and receive not only a bonus, but a percentage of the sales from the new line."

Casey looked her directly in the eyes as she turned. It pleased him to notice she wasn't used to this.

"Of course, if this goes badly we start fresh. There are so many who would die to work under me."

Casey still had nothing to say.

"And so, it is in your hands, Mr. gigolo doctor, or perhaps we should say I am in your hands. Have you ever had a tiger by the tail, Dr. Darden? May I offer you a drink?"

"Will you join me?"

"That is the question, isn't it?"

She waved her hand at a panel of blonde wood and it opened to reveal an elegant bar. An ice bucket rose from its depths with a champagne bottle in it. Clare plucked two champagne flutes from their rack.

"Would you do the honors?"

Casey took the bottle and dried it on a crisp linen towel. In one motion he removed the cork without spilling a whiff of foam and poured them each a glass. The wine was tinted the pale chartreuse Clare was famous for applying to furniture, fabrics and dinnerware. Clare raised her glass.

"From my own vineyards outside of Saint-Memmie, and therefore a true Champagne. Normally, I never mix alcohol with business decisions. However, this is somewhat different. Since I would almost invariably sip some champagne before intimate activity, this is a staging of the proper circumstances. A handsome gentleman is also important."

She ran her eyes down to the creases in his pants and raised them to his face.

"Though not always essential."


"May I propose a toast, then, to a successful joint venture?"

"If it amuses you to call it that."

"It does."

"So be it. To our joint venture."

They drank. Casey was moved to comment on the wine.

"I like this. It is neither sweet nor tart. An excellent blend."

He deliberately let his eyes explore her body.

"It should be at three thousand dollars a bottle. Will you have some more?"

"Perhaps later. For now a certain clarity of mind should aid me in presenting the materials."

"You will make this presentation yourself?"

"Oh yes.

"Surely you did not assume I would be your partner? Or do you have your own professional 'surrogates' expert in the 'art of love', should we say?

Casey allowed himself a slight smile.

"Melissa has agreed to aid me in some of the demonstration. She assured me she knows your tastes well. However, for the time being I thought you might like to examine certain products yourself. Perhaps you would like to begin with the jewels of our collection."

Casey was pleased to see a discreet wrinkle find it's way between the carefully tonsured brows of his host. He turned and took a magnificent wood and ivory inlaid case from the side table. As he opened it for Clare a subtle glow rose from beneath a row of elegant glass cylinders and shell-like objects.

"Please, help yourself."

Clare ran her finger across the objects and withdrew one of ruby glass wound with what appeared to be tiny snakes. One end swelled into a sensuous bulb. She replaced it and picked up another that seemed to be a crescent of glass holding the tangled strands of exotic seaweeds and studded with rippling shells. A third was gleaming black, but sparkles of purple and green danced deep in its core.

"Well, Dr. Darden, they are certainly beautiful. I'll give you that. But I have seen similar, if more ordinary glass dildos marketed. Are these in any way remarkable?

Casey smiled.

"Would you like to ... test any, or all of them to properly discover their properties?"

Clare shook her head.

"I think not. Please describe."

"All right. First, they are not merely dildos, but rather special vibrators. If you look closely you will see that embedded in the base is a solar cell. When left in a bright window or under full spectrum light they charge quickly and hold power for two hours. Now, if you will find a small soft spot on one end ... yes, there. Press that. You should feel a rather unique vibration. Yes?"


One of Clare's eyebrows was raised in curiosity.

"The wand is embedded with biorhythm electrodes that sense the users preference. In addition, we say that 'the wand chooses the woman'. Some clients may to get to know several before finding a perfect match. I would guess that you have found your wand, though you could try another. They also have a receiver that can pick up music from a special iPod ® dock. I can demonstrate."

"Not yet. I think perhaps I do not wish to be the subject for this demonstration. If you will do me a favor, please go over to the panel by the bar. Press just there and talk into the hidden mic; tell them you want Miranda Natchez. In the mean time, I must confess I am disappointed in the presentation of these 'toys'. They appear to be dirty. Surely no one has been playing ...

"No, that's virtually impossible. "

"Oh, things happen. I can understand the temptation ..."

"But ..."

"You call Ms. Natchez. I'll see to these."

Clare had snapped the box closed and was halfway across the room. Casey caught a glimpse of a magnificent restroom/boudoir. In a second he was alone. He addressed the panel and Melissa's voice answered as though she was in the room.

"Please send in Miranda Natchez."

"Miranda? Are you sure? She is not even on the team." Melissa sounded a bit disappointed.

"That's who she asked for."

"O.K., fine. I hope Miranda hasn't left the building."


Casey found a comfortable seat by the window and waited, a little tense. So far, the "experiment" had gone well, but he knew it could go south in a heartbeat. He allowed himself to enjoy the kaleidoscope of humanity outside the windows; traffic on the distant bridges, helicopters flying over the river and the mosaic of windows on the other skyscrapers. After a time he became aware of distant voice, as though someone was singing. Was Miranda at the door? But no, the sound came from the boudoir. A last extended cry echoed, followed by silence. A gentle tapping at the outer door.

Casey rose and went to open it. Outside stood a sturdy young woman in a maroon business suit. She had an Aztec nose and deep dark eyes under generous brows. Thick black hair was pulled into a somewhat severe bun pinned at the back of her neck. Casey ushered Miranda into the suite. Clare reappeared with the inlaid box and a fluffy lavender robe over one arm.

"Ms. Natchez," she smiled. "I have a little assignment for you. We are testing new products for the Clare's intimates. These go a bit beyond the lingerie line. I will need your frank and unbiased opinion of one or more of these ..."

Miranda's eyes widened.

"Ai, si bonita."

"Please choose one."

"But they are ...?"


"Ai de mi."


Miranda's fingers danced delicately across the wands. Casey saw Clare's brow knit as they hovered for a moment over the black one, but then moved on. Miranda touched the ruby wand and then at a twisted green one resembling a gnarled branch.

"They are so pretty. I like this and also this."

"Pick it up and press the end."

Miranda took the green one and found the soft spot. As soon as the humming began she shook her head.

"Try another."

The ruby wand purred almost inaudibly. For a moment Miranda stood and absorbed the vibrations with both her hands.

"Turn it off, please."

"Excuse me?"

"Turn it off." Clare's voice was quiet but forbidding.

Miranda smiled.

"I think this a very good thing. I believe women will like this very much. May I go now?"

"Oh, by no means. Please disrobe."

"Excuse me?"

"Take off your clothes."


"Right here."


"Right now."


"Do you like your job?"

"Yes, Cl ... Ms. Dupree."


Miranda reluctantly began unbuttoning her suit coat. Clare lightly tapped her foot with impatience but seemed to enjoy the shy striptease. Soon Miranda stood in lacy uplift bra and panties in a tight boyish style that badly covered her generous ass.

"All of it."


"I have a robe."

The lingerie joined the pile of other clothes and Miranda stood amply in café leche skin, high round breasts crowned with purple aureolas and very long nipples; a bell-shaped ass that jiggled with every step and a thick, curling bush that rose to a treasure trail pointing to the wide hollow of her navel. Clare offered the robe and the ripe body was eclipsed.

"Where shall we do the test?"

There were several comfortable chairs in the room and a low couch in white leather. Casey suggested a magnificent leather chair. It was more than a chair.

"We don't want to bias the experiment with the effects this chair might add; however, the chair can provide music that will coordinate with the wand.

"The chair it is, then."

They escorted Miranda to the magic chair but did not activate its massage features.

"Miranda," Casey said, "Choose your favorite romantic music. Speak the title or the singer's name clearly."

Miranda spoke the name of a popular Colombian singer of salsa tunes and romantic ballads. The tune she chose began to play in the hidden speakers on the chair.

"Now Miranda, you know what you can do with this 'toy?'"

"Oh yes."

"Well this one has some special features. It is designed to know when you need the vibration to be stronger or softer, but you can also control it by squeezing or stroking it, either with your hands, or your mouth and tongue, or ..."

"I know."

"Also, you can feel a little hollow near the tip. If you place this over your nipple, or your ..."

"I think I know ... OH, yes, I know."

Casey and Clare drew up chairs near Miranda's feet, out of the immediate line of her vision. At first, Miranda tried to stroke herself discreetly within the folds of the plush robe. But soon she lost all inhibition, the robe falling open to reveal nipples already swollen hard and below, in the rich curly foliage, thick purple lips hiding shocking pink edged crevice already open and weeping. After her initial shyness Casey expected Miranda to need plenty of time to warm to the situation. But within minutes her thick hair was loose upon the cushions. She filled her mouth with the wand and sucked it gently.

She then applied the secret hollow to one swollen purple nipple. Soon she was lost in the sensation and Casey could see small shocks clench her ample belly. Glancing over at Clare Casey was surprised to see her making notes on her Blackberry and murmuring into it.

Miranda's bushy mound was now rising eagerly in rhythm to the sensation as she let the wand tickle the smooth skin around it. When the wand finally touched her swollen clit she let out a little yelp. Clare's eyes widened as the wand recognized the curves of its user. Solid glass stretched and shrank and disappeared between the swollen purple lips. It almost seemed to crawl out of her hand, a cock with its own mind. Miranda was lost, eyes rolling back as the thing, almost alive, squirmed into her tender places. Soon they were slick with her own juice. Her knees splayed out and her mouth gaped wide. Thick thighs began to shake and quiver, going into hard spasms lifting her hips high, buttocks clenched tight.

She lost control as the orgasm hit like a shot.

"Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh GOD, please, please! NOW!!"

The pale honey flowed out around her hand.

Aftershocks shook her again and again.

Casey knew there would be a spot on his trousers when he stood up. Clare seemed cool as a cucumber, but Casey noticed that her nostrils were edge in white. As Miranda fell into a doze Clare turned to him.

"I'd like to try a little experiment. You have said the wand is suited to the person. But what if another, a lover, say, applies a different wand? Do you see what I am driving at?"

"Of course, I see. That wand would carry the "current" of the other, as it were. Will you do the honors?"

"Well, perhaps ..."

Clare took the black vibrator and turned it on. A fierce expression appeared as she approached the drowsing Miranda. The black wand touched the side of Miranda's neck and her eyes popped open. Clare teased Miranda's lips with the thick knob, pushing it inside, filling Miranda's mouth, causing her to gag as it slid deep into her throat.

Soon she was sucking it so hungrily that streams of spit oozed out around it and ran down her chin. Her cheeks were deeply hollowed. She gurgled.

"It can be filled with a warm flavored syrup so that at the height of her ecstacy it actually ..."

"squirts." Clare smiled and made a note.

Casey tried to drop a hand in front of his trousers to cover his erection. Clare noticed.

"Dr. Darden, will you please offer Miranda a real cock to suck on. This is proving nothing."

Casey hesitated.

"I insist. Stand here where I am. Let's see what you've got."

Casey was caught between embarrassment and lust. He moved into position and unzipped.

"Good. That will do fine. And I have it on excellent authority that Miranda is quite talented at this."

"Please drop your trousers, Dr, Darden. I would like to observe the whole package. There. Thank you."

Casey felt quite foolish, but in a moment he didn't care. Miranda was hoovering his rod with amazing expertise. Meanwhile, Clare had plunged her black dildo into the swollen cunt. Casey watched, intoxicated as Miranda's thick labia actually clenched around the toy in imitation of what she was doing with her mouth. Casey began to lose it in a big way. Roars were coming from his throat. His balls were aching and tight to his body. Something in the back of his mind said he should hold off for his major client but it was too late. As Clare purposefully drove the dildo hard and fast, Miranda's moans joined Casey's roar. Thick ropes of semen poured into her open mouth and she swallowed again and again.

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