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Doctor Patient Privilege


"Kyle?" The sweet voice of a young Hispanic nurse broke Kyle Harris out of his waiting room stupor. He looked around and saw that the nurse was standing at the door to the examining rooms. He stood up and set down the Highlights for Children, only magazine he could find in the whole waiting room, and walked back to the door rather stiffly. "So, Kyle, you're here just for a physical?" She asked as she led him back to the scale. Kyle didn't look as she took his weight, he knew he was well overweight and hated being reminded of it. "Ok." She said, her voice carrying what Kyle believed to be disappointment. "Follow me."

The room was cold, just like every other doctor's visit Kyle had ever experienced in his twenty years on earth. The fact that he had to strip down to his underwear just made it colder. He waited patiently for his doctor to come in and tell him what he always heard. The knock at the door was no surprise, but the doctor was.

"Hi, Kyle." The man speaking wasn't Kyle's normal doctor, but a man at least half his age. "I'm Doctor Jameson." Kyle couldn't help but to check the doctor out. He was tall at least six foot, with blonde hair cut to a medium yet stylish length. His teeth were perfectly white and unnaturally straight as the younger doctor smiled at his new patient.

"Hi." Kyle said, his voice carrying Kyle's curiosity into the room. "Where's Doctor Kirkwood?"

"Out today, so I'm covering for him." He said looking down at the folder in his hand. "Ok, then let's get started." Doctor Jameson ran through the list of usual questions in such a hurry that Kyle was surprised he even had time to answer. Finally it came down to the task that Kyle hated most. "Okay, time to drop those drawers for me." The doctor said his eyes bright, almost excited. Kyle sighed and stood up pulling the tight white briefs down to his knees. He was always nervous about people seeing his junk, seeing as he cock was only four inches hard, and seeing as it wasn't hard now it was mainly his balls just hanging there. The doctor stepped closer and slid his hand between Kyle's rather meaty thighs. Kyle jerked a bit when he felt that the doctor wasn't wearing gloves like usual. In fact it seemed like the doctor was taking his time looking for what ever it is they look for in these situations. Kyle let out a small involuntary moan when the doctor began to caress his nut with his fingers. He looked at the doctor's face, surprised to see him smiling. "You like that, young man?" Kyle shocked and not quite sure how to answer only nodded slightly.

The doctor's next move shocked Kyle more than anything had in his life. The doctor dropped to his knees onto the tiled floor. His hand never left Kyle's balls nor did it quit its gentle caressing. Suddenly Kyle found himself in a pleasure so intense he almost screamed, but instead of a scream only a loud moan of pleasure escaped his lips. The doctor had taken the head of his semi-hard cock into his mouth and was sucking it gently. Kyle could swear he felt the doctor's tongue running circles around the head of his cock. He felt the doctor's warm mouth take all of his small cock in, and Kyle moaned again softly as the doctor's hand continued to play with his balls. The doctor's mouth worked the cock in and out, and Kyle felt the pressure building in his balls. The doctor's hand continued and Kyle wondered if he should warn him that he felt like he was going to cum. Suddenly and with almost without warning he felt the surge in his loins. He moaned as he and jerked the feeling of cum leaving his body. Surprisingly the doctor never left his post, keeping the cock completely in his mouth, squeezing Kyle's balls gently. When Kyle's jerking subsided and his cock began to turn soft in the doctor's mouth the doctor stood and with a smile said thanks.

"That was good, boy." He said smiling and licking his lips. "But now I think you need to let me give you a prostate examine." Kyle smiled, still horny.

"Sir, I'm a little young for a prostate examine."

"Well, it's never to earlier to start." The doctor said as he undid the built holding up his khaki pants.

"I've never had a prostate examine before." Kyle said, just a little nervous.

"Well, don't worry." The doctor said as his pants fell to the floor. As he kicked off his pants Kyle stared at the rather large bulge in the doctor's red boxer-briefs. "We'll lube you up and you'll be fine." The doctor was now sliding the underwear down past his knees and Kyle was staring at the most beautiful cock he had ever seen. The thing was at least nine inches, with a perfectly formed purple head. He wanted to reach out and touch it, but was still too nervous. "Turn around, son." The doctor said. Kyle turned and leaned against the examination table putting his ass in the air, in what Kyle believed would be the best position. He gasped as he felt the doctor begin to stroke his ass cheeks with his hand. The doctor spread the cheeks and Kyle gasped again as the doctor slid an obviously well lubed finger in the tight hole. He slid it in and out several times, and Kyle liked the sensation. He knew he was getting hard again as the doctor fingered his asshole. Without any warning the doctor slid a second lubed finger into Kyle's boy hole, this time it felt as if he was working at stretching him out. Kyle felt cold jelly being smear along both the outside of his hole and being worked into it. Several minutes of this and Kyle was as hard as a rock.

"Ready for this?" The doctor's voice was thick with lust. He quit fingering him, and quite suddenly Kyle felt what he believed to be the head of the doctor's cock. He felt the doctor trying to work it in gently, and Kyle felt himself stretching to allow it in. Finally it slid in, and the doctor slowly pushed his shaft all the way in. With his body resting on Kyle's rather fat ass, he pulled out and pushed back in slowly. He did this several times, after the second time Kyle was moaning with pleasure with each thrust. The doctor's tempo sped up and his hands cupped Kyle's body. Soon the doctor was working it in pretty fast, Kyle moaned loudly.

"Fuck me." This seemed to turn the doctor on more. "Oh fuck my fat ass." He moaned feeling the doctor move in before pulling back again. "Fuck you are so good." The doctor was speeding up even more, his tight muscular body slamming itself into Kyle's soft flabby one.

"I'm going to cum." The doctor grunted, his breath coming in short pants. Almost as soon as he said that Kyle felt the cum flowing into him. The doctor slowed to a stop, and continued spurting cum into Kyle's ass. Finally, the doctor stopped cumming and pulled out. "Turn around, boy." The doctor said his breathing heavy. Kyle turned and looked down at the semi hard cock in front of him. "Suck it." The doctor said. Kyle dropped to his knees instantly. He stroked the cock gently. It started hardening right away. He took the head in his mouth tasting a mixture of cum and lubricant. He flicked his tongue over the head gently before greedily trying to take it all into his mouth and throat. He started gagging as soon as it hit his throat, he quit instead rubbing the base of the cock with one hand while his other caressed the doctor's balls.

"Good." The doctor said moaning. "Suck it harder." Kyle sucked harder hoping his teeth were not in the way. Moving his mouth so that the doctor's cock slid in and out. The doctor enjoyed several minutes of this before Kyle felt his balls clench up. Kyle moved his mouth faster; his hand stoked the base faster as well. He felt the warmth of precum on his tongue. Followed by a burst of cum. Kyle stopped. He was surprised by just how much cum was in this man's cock. He tried to swallow it all, but just couldn't. Some leaked from his mouth to his chin. The man was breathing heavy and content. "Get up." Kyle stood wiping the cum and spit from his face. "We are done with your physical today." The doctor said as he picked up his underwear. "You can get dressed." The doctor as putting on his pants as I stood there dumbfounded at what I had spent the last thirty minutes doing. The doctor was dressed quickly, and took his folder from the small desk in the room before leaving.

Kyle picked up his underwear and put them on when a knock came at the door. The door opened and Kyle was surprised to see Dr. Kirkwood. "Hi, Kyle." The old man said with a smile. "Sorry I took so long with the last patient. I sent the janitor to tell you that."

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