tagCelebrities & Fan FictionDoctor Who: Amy, Captured Ch. 03

Doctor Who: Amy, Captured Ch. 03


The moment Sander had returned to his room, a panel on the wall activated, bathing him in a soft, electronic glow. Sander sat down, rubbing his eyes sleepily; Mara's face dominated the glowing screen, and she was looking way too irritated for the late hour.

'Sander, you said you'd share,' Mara said.

Sander turned himself to the panel and raised an eyebrow for the little camera mounted above it, 'You were watching us?'


'While we were having sex? That's a little creepy, Mara.'

'Actually, I tapped out when she was giving you head, but you can't turn the speakers off, Sander. Also, you did say to keep Amy's cell under constant surveillance. It'd be more than useless if nobody is watching the camera feeds.'

'It's still creepy, Mara.'

Mara sighed, and brushed her fringe aside, 'I feel that you're missing my main point, boss man. You need to start sharing your toys with the other children, or they won't want to play with you anymore.'

Sander sat back and gave Mara his most charming smile, 'Look, what happened tonight wasn't something that I had planned on, okay? Amy just looked so good I... I couldn't help myself. I mean, you had to have seen her too, right?'

'Showering...' Mara's face grew dreamy and wistful. She drifted off into fantasy.

'Exactly!' Sander exclaimed, snapping Mara back to reality. 'Well, anyway, you can have your turn when I'm done sleeping. I intend to fit her with the device as soon as I'm awake, but after that, you and Shimizu can go nuts. Just find a way to decide who goes first.'

'Alright, Sander...' Mara said warily. 'Just remember, you need us as much as we need you.'

'How could I ever forget? Now, leave me alone. It's so damn late.'

Sander stood outside the cell door, contemplating whether to send another hologram through first. He doubted that Amy would try exactly the same tactic again, but who knew how desperate she was feeling? Humans do some weird things when their backs are pressed against the wall.

He absently tossed the shining silver circlet up into the air, watching it shimmer and spin, before making sure to catch it. It may have only taken a short time to fabricate, but the thing was extremely expensive. Probably quite entertaining, but expensive.

He opted against the hologram, mostly because Mara was poking him in the small of his back and hopping anxiously from foot to foot. She wanted in bad.

As the door slid open, Sander was surprised to find Amy sitting upright on the bed, staring at him expectantly. In a way, it was sort of disappointing. He had hoped for a LITTLE fight, even if it was futile. He liked the way her cheeks flushed when she saw him, probably at the memory of her actions last night, but that was the extent of her discomfort. She did tense up when Mara entered after him, so maybe she could guess at what was coming.

'Hello, Amy!' Sander said brightly.

Yeah, hi...' Amy said flatly. She was trying hard not to meet his gaze, while simultaneously not allowing him to leave her sight. It was interesting to see how her eyes seemed to settle on Mara, with a vague expression of trepidation.

'No need to sound so enthusiastic,' Sander deadpanned. 'I got you a present.' He extended a hand and proffered the thin ring of silver.

'What is it?' Amy narrowed her eyes as she took the gift, holding it gingerly as though it might explode.

'It's jewellery, Amy. You wear it around your neck.'

'Go on, put it on,' Mara said, laying on the friendliness just a little too thickly.

'Why?' Amy asked warily.

'Oh, look,' Mara huffed, grinning so that her canine teeth were prominently displayed. 'We all know that the damn thing is bad news for you. We also know that I'm gonna hit you with the Arclight if you don't put it on, so hey.'

'Mara!' Sander exclaimed.

'What? You might wanna play around with her, but I don't. Look at her; she knows that you didn't give her that collar for her benefit.'

'So, um-' Amy began, then jumped as Mara threw a dramatically pointed finger at her.

'Put the collar on, slave!' She snapped. Sometimes, this level of directness could make Mara seem refreshingly charming. This was not one of those times. Sander had seen the look in Mara's eyes before, but only in creatures with extremely large teeth as they circled smaller, defenseless creatures.

'You'd better do it,' Sander sighed. ''I can't stop her now, she's like a boulder rolling downhill when she gets like this. Best not to aggravate her.'

'Okay...' Amy rolled her eyes, exasperation creeping into her voice. Sander noted this with slight concern; she had clearly decided that, although the situation was less that ideal, Sander and his crew weren't going to cause her any serious harm. On the one hand, less fear meant less potentially painful escape attempts. On the other, fear lent a certain drama to the affair that was important, since every moment of this was being streamed almost live to the Doctor, bounced around the universe and then forced through every video and audio device on the TARDIS. Sander made a note to try and up the ante, adding a few more strange and above all, fun scenarios.

The little silver collar slid around Amy's neck and closed with a click that bounced off the walls almost ominously. Also ominous was Mara's new smile as she gave a long, almost cartoonish evil laugh.

'Amy,' Mara began. 'Command: stand up.'

Amy stood, her movements mechanical, as Sander watched closely.

'I didn't do that!' Amy squeaked

'Hmm, seems like the interface is slightly out of synch. Give me a second.' He moved behind Amy and began fiddling with the back of the collar. 'There. Try it again.'

Mara clapped her hands, 'Amy, Command: Sit down.'

Amy flopped back down onto the bed. She made a little frightened noise at the back of her throat.

'Command collar,' Mara said. 'Gotta love it.'

'It's a lattice of nanotechnology, designed specifically to dampen your brainwaves and add some new signals upon the utterance of a command word.' Sander said. 'It's also really, really expensive, so, Command: do not attempt to break, remove or otherwise deactivate your collar, Amy.'

'It's a mind control collar?' Amy yelled. 'Really? Why are you going to so much trouble? Is it really worth it, just to get back at the Doctor? The guy who keeps saving the universe, time and again?'

'Yes,' Sander nodded. 'The Doctor saves the universe, saves countless people. But then there are those who lose out, who are the casualties of the Doctor's desperate need for altruism. And doesn't that just suck?'

Sander moved to the door, but turned on the threshold, looking over his shoulder into the room, 'Besides, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't enjoying this plan simply on its own merits. I'm going to leave you with Mara now. She'll take good care of you. You girls have fun now. And remember, Mara: the Doctor is watching!' Sander laughed, jogging out into the hall. Mara turned, and Amy suddenly seemed very small compared to the evilly grinning blonde.

'Hi, Amy...' Mara crooned, taking a seat next to the captive girl at a distance she classified as "too close." She shortly began to feel Mara's fingers tracing up the soft curve of her hourglass waist. Amy shrank away from Mara's touch; it would be a lie for her to intimate that she had never thought about having it off with another girl, but that had always been a strictly intellectual exercise, not even a fantasy. It had simply been a question: how would it be different from what she had already experienced?

'Are you going to be a good girl for me, Amy?' Mara purred into Amy's ear, her tongue slipping out to brush her earlobe. Mara's arms now encircled Amy's waist, just under her breasts, holding her close enough that Mara's playful blue eyes dominated Amy's vision.

By itself it was an unassuming thing, but the Command Collar lay against the skin of Amy's neck, feeling ominously heavy. Experimentally, she tried to lift her hands to touch the thin silver ring, finding that, although her fingers tensed and stretched upwards, she was unable to move her hands at all. When she attempted to move to push Mara away, she found herself perfectly mobile again. Mara's hands tightened almost painfully around Amy's waist in response to her resistance.

'That's not a good idea, sweet thing...' Mara murmured, nuzzling against Amy's shoulder before planting a single, soft nip with her teeth on the exposed skin. Amy whimpered, a sound that just spurred Mara to repeat the action. She had always been an extremely tactile lover.

Amy had repeated her attempt to find some decently modest clothing in the wardrobe, and had achieved a similar level of success. One thing was certain, Sander loved skirts, the shorter the better, and Amy knew why that was. This time, she had opted for a black miniskirt, not even bothering to attempt modesty this time. No matter what, she was going to look incredibly attractive for as long as Sander was picking her clothes, so why bother? She completed her outfit with a shirt that was tight enough to hug her plentiful curves, but was at least long enough to cover her stomach. That wasn't something that could be said for most of the clothes in her cell.

Mara's lips trailed along Amy's neck, teeth and tongue occasionally protruding to tease her pale flesh. Her mouth traveled up, across the line of Amy's jaw before planting a firm kiss to her lips.

'Mmmph!' Amy whined as Mara's lips pressed against her own. She gasped for breath as the blonde woman pulled away, 'Wait, stop-'

'Command: shut up,' Mara whispered. Amy's mouth snapped shut and she found herself unable even to whimper. 'You're mine now, Amy. I get to play with you for a while, so relax.' Mara gave Amy a naughty smile, 'Hell, you might even enjoy it. Or not, I don't really care. And besides,' Mara turned herself, putting her face in line with Amy's ear. 'Rather than silencing you, I could put your voice to good use. Command...'

Mara's voice trailed off almost into imperceptibility. Amy's eyes grew wider as Mara talked, and she blushed. When she was done, Mara slithered off of Amy and stood, staring at her expectantly.

'I'm your whore,' Amy heard her voice drawl, her Scottish accented tones practically gilding the air in sexuality and lust. 'I will do anything that you demand of me. My body is yours. If you wish for me to lick your pussy, I will gladly offer you my tongue. I'll even beg for it...' Amy chocked off a sob as her submissive speech came to a close, tears sliding down her rapidly reddening cheeks. She lowered her head, auburn hair falling around her face in a curtain, tears pooling in her lap.

'Ha ha ha... That's awesome,' Mara laughed, her grin again showing altogether too much sparkling white teeth. 'It's a good idea you had, too. But you don't have to beg. And haven't you ever heard of foreplay, Miss Pond?' Mara's eyes slid wickedly over Amy's body, and she wriggled back over to her new toy, hands once again gripping her, bringing her closer.

She kissed Amy again, her tongue confidently licking at her lips, teeth and tongue. Her body melded against Amy as she probed deeper into the redhead's mouth, her weight pushing Amy onto her back. Amy's hands lay inert at her sides, the knowledge that any resistance would be met by the collar or worse, the Arclight system, keeping her compliant.

Mara broke their kiss with a sharp intake of air, placing smaller, delicate kisses across Amy's cheeks, neck and collarbone. Amy felt a soft warmth on her inner thigh begin creeping up towards the hem of her skirt. Mara's hand slipped under the black fabric and her fingers tickled at the crotch of her panties, each tiny touch enflaming Amy's senses and making it harder to think straight. She found her hips moving, just slightly, to meet the teasing, delicate touches that Mara planted against her.

The sheer fabric offered no protection from Mara's questing fingers, and Amy soon felt the lightest of touches on her bare pussy. She yelped as Mara's index finger slipped inside her, and pushed herself away.

Mara eyed her new plaything, 'Command: strip naked.' She grinned evilly, draping herself over the bed and watching expectantly.

Amy felt herself stand, and was powerless to resist as she walked herself to the middle of the room, 'No! NO!' Her mind screamed as her hands went to the hem of her shirt and began pulling it over her head.

Mara admired her captive as more and more flesh was revealed to her hungry gaze. The look of helpless fear in Amy's eyes as her body acted against her was pleasant to behold, but there were plenty of other things that were just as pleasant. Mara was surprised at just how good she looked; earlier, when Amy had been strapped down, she hadn't really taken the time to look properly. Everything had been so fevered and impulsive. Now, Mara took her time to drink in every detail of Amy's body. She was pleased to see that Amy struck the perfect balance between softness and tightness. Mara liked a little padding on her girls, and Amy's curves carried just the right amount of sweet softness; just enough to make her flesh pliant and smooth, not so much as to obscure her wonderfully toned muscles as they tensed in fear.

She was also surprisingly... bouncy, everywhere it counted. Mara had Amy do a number of twirls on the spot, to get the full visual, and she found herself mesmerized by the pert, firm sway of her breasts and the fun little wiggle her butt made as she moved. The girl also had legs for miles, which was something Mara appreciated. She had always considered herself more of a thigh girl, especially in those moments where two of them were wrapped around her neck.

Mara beckoned with a single crooked finger, and Amy swayed towards her, her shoulders slumped with defeat. She took Amy by the hand and gently guided her so that she lay bent over Mara's knee, her ass stuck high in the air.

Mara had joined up with Sander mainly because it had seemed like fun. Sure, she had lost her girlfriend in the Vesperian Rebellion, but then, she had lost countless lovers in more traumatic ways than that. She had loved Samantha, in an odd kind of way, but Mara was the kind of person who got over personal attachments quickly. But Sander's plan had allowed her to develop some cool new technology, and when she had seen the lustful look in his eyes upon first seeing Amy Pond on one of their regular hacking expeditions into the TARDIS, she knew that it would only get more fun.

Having said all that, Mara also recognized that Amy was here to be punished. She stroked down the curve of Amy's bottom, just for pervy fun, before she wound her hand back and spanked her, hard.

Amy jerked, crying out as the first blow cracked off of her taut ass cheek, leaving a red welt behind it. She tried to move away, but Mara froze her by pushing her long fingernails into the smooth bare skin at the small of her back.

Mara thought that this game was a lot of fun, and she began a flurry of open-palmed smacks against the captive girl's finely sculpted buttocks. She alternated her strikes, each one further reddening the creamy white flesh. Amy began to sob as her torment progressed, tears falling to the floor before her.

Eventually, Mara allowed Amy to roll off of her lap, the redhead crumpling into a sobbing heap, her ass practically glowing. Mara slithered up her naked body to brush the hair away from her face.

'Now, now, there's no need for that...' Mara said, wiping a tear from Amy's cheek and kissing her deeply. 'I bet I can get your motor running in no time, hottie.'

With that, she twisted Amy's hips into a better position and slid down onto her knees at the foot of the bed. Her fingers wormed their way between her thighs and pulled.

'Open your legs, Amy...' Mara purred, forcing Amy's soft thighs apart inch by precious inch.

Amy winced when she felt the first tickle of hot breath between her legs. Mara gave a little laugh, and brushed her lips along the folds of Amy's vagina. Amy shivered at the intimate touch and pressed her thighs together to ward off the intrusion. Mara pushed back, keeping her legs spread wide.

'Don't make me use the collar, Amy,' Mara said, before sweeping her tongue along Amy's pussy, eliciting a long moan from the sex slave. It was all the invitation Mara needed, and she dove between Amy's legs with gusto.

Amy's whole body shook as Mara's first flick of the tongue hit her clit, sending bolts of heat shooting through her. Her mouth descended, tongue sliding into Amy's sweet honey pot, tasting her rapidly spreading juices. She could hear Amy's breath growing faster, more ragged as the scent of arousal filled Mara's nose.

Amy closed her eyes and sighed, turning her head away with a defeated expression. Her hands were limp at her sides, her whole posture radiating surrender and compliance. Mara felt good about that; at this point having Amy like this, a perfectly sweet and plaint sex toy, was just fine. Of course, she had some plans for Amy, and she was fairly sure that she could unleash the rampant slut that she had seen on the surveillance footage with a little... stimulation.

Even now, she couldn't help herself, and her beautiful body squirmed helplessly as Mara snaked in and out of her cunt, lapping at the liquid that spilled out. Mara could hear the occasional sniffle or sob; it seemed that Amy didn't like the prospect of having sex with a woman, or that Mara was being so successful at it so far. But her body was responding so delightfully, what she was thinking about didn't really matter.

Besides, Amy came from such a primitive society as it was. Her head was probably swimming with recriminations; of whether she was a lesbian for even remotely responding to Mara's attentions, or worse, whether she was just a slut. Of course, none of that mattered to Mara. She had grown up in a world where sexual orientation meant very little, and discrimination was non-existent. The word for what she was, was metasexual; anyone could be attractive to her, irrespective of gender, race or species, so long as she found them interesting. And that was where Amy found herself within Mara's wheelhouse.

Mara's lips sucked at Amy's clit, drawing repeated shivers of pleasure from the helpless girl. She captured the tiny nub between her teeth, flicking her tongue over it with the occasional gentle bite, the latter action causing Amy to lift her hips off the bed and gasp loudly.

Amy's thighs were quivering and tensing by Mara's ears, but she felt that she no longer needed to keep Amy's legs forced open. Her fingers joined the constant licking and sucking, long and graceful digits sliding easily into Amy's now incredibly juicy pussy. Her victim bucked at this new sensation, moaning a breathless plea for Mara to stop. Her voice cracked and trailed away as Mara began a slow fingering of Amy's cunt, curling her fingers and experimenting to find the most sensitive spots inside her. She found that there was an abundance of them.

Amy was incredibly sensitive and responded to even the lightest of touches. It was clear that oral sex was an extremely intimate act for her, and Mara wondered if even Rory had been down on her. If he hadn't, then Mara felt sorry for him; by now Amy's pussy was a warm tropical zone, and well worth visiting. The taste of it was quite intoxicating.

Mara had an extremely accurate sense of other women's bodies-probably a result of spending so much time thinking about them- and it had begun telling her that Amy was teetering on the edge of orgasm. Her eyes were still closed, but her expression carried a dreamy quality at odds with her previous tenseness. She trembled constantly, shaking in time with the long, sensual moans that accompanied each breath. Mara drew away from Amy, leaving her fingers still inside her increasingly hot depths, and reached up to stroke the taut surface of her stomach, drawing a shudder from the enraptured captive.

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