Doctor Who: Amy, Captured Ch. 08


Mara smiled at him, 'That's the spirit, Sander.' She said supportively.

'Stay out of my mind, Mara,' He replied quietly, shaking his head to dislodge the last of his empathy.

'Yeah, okay.'

'Alright, now that we have reached a state of equilibrium,' Lysithea began. 'Let us move to the game itself. If you would care to disrobe...'

What?' Amy exclaimed, voice filled with frustration and resignation.

'Amy, we're still on Theros. Also, you came here with us. What did you think we were here for, if not to get laid?' Mara said. 'Oh, and also, you get to be tied down.'


'But of course!' Lysithea said brightly. 'You shall serve as the nexus point for out convergence today. You must be restrained, if only to keep you from lashing out in the midst of it all and hurting someone. Also, I am led to believe that many of our guests, Sander and Mara included, enjoy the bondage for its own sake.'

'It's true,' Sander nodded, grinning. He pulled his shirt over his head, revealing his broad, thinly muscled chest. Behind him, Mara gasped.

'Is this the first time you've turned your back to me, Sander? Where the fuck did you get that scar?' She said with gruff concern, tracing a hand down a mass of pink scar tissue that bloomed across his right shoulder blade.

'It's just a scar.'

'Sander... This is a serious mark you've got here,' Mara said, consciously trying to stop her voice from softening. She tapped the scar, 'Where did you get it?'

Sander looked over his shoulder, eyes flashing in irritation, 'I don't want to talk about it, Mara! Just drop it!' He stepped away from her, ignoring her slight pout and big, liquid eyes. There was a tense moment of silence as Sander stood apart from the group, keeping his back to them and Mara stared at him. To his relief, she shrugged and unzipped the back of her dress. Sander sighed and did the same with his pants; he had been expecting to have to fight her on this. Even so, he could tell that she wasn't done with him yet.

Amy closed her eyes, her entire body carrying her distaste at what she was being asked to do. Slowly, conscious of her utter helplessness, her hands went to the hem of her shirt, lifting it over her head and exposing her perky breasts. Mara led the way with an appreciative wolf-whistle, but even Lysithea clicked her tongue approvingly.

Watching closely, Sander saw Lysithea wince as she inspected Amy's battered body. He knew the alien must have seen into Amy's mind, far deeper than Sander himself had. He knew that she must have seen the events of last night; Sander had seen her fear of Mara so vividly, and he was only getting the tiniest glimpse of her mind. So the momentary expression of shock that flitted across the Trine-form's face was made all the more emphatic when Sander realized that she had been expecting this, and she was still shocked by what she saw. Looking at poor Amy in the daylight, he found it hard to disagree.

The pale skin of Amy's back, ass and thighs played host to numerous fading red marks and a number of deep blue bruises that actually shocked Sander; he had no idea that Mara was that strong. She had promised him that she knew how far to go, and Sander wondered what Amy would look like if his assistant had decided to cross that line. Sander reached out in inexorable, horrid curiosity to gently run a hand over a mark on her hip, but she shuddered away from his touch. Sander offered Amy an apologetic look, and her eyes snarled back at him.

Lysithea went back to professional mode very quickly and, once the three of them were completely divested of clothes, she pressed a panel on the wall. A plate of metal slid away from the centre of the floor and a large bed rose into position. Amy noted with discomfort the ropes hanging from the headboard and the end.

'That seemed unnecessary,' Mara mused. 'I mean, aren't we floating on an ocean?'

'Nirvana is a taller building than many realize,' Lysithea responded. 'We can store many things below the surface. You would be surprised.'

She gestured to Amy, and then to the bed. The redhead tilted her head and whined pathetically, her eyes a picture of sorrow. Mara gave a sparkling, toothy grin.

'Come on, Amy. Lighten up! This is going to be pretty special, from what I've read,' She laughed. 'And just think; you'll be the only person in the whole of Leadworth to have had psychically enhanced sex!'

'Is that supposed to make me feel better?' Amy snarled.

Mara stared, searching Amy for any indication that she was joking, 'Uh, yes it was. How could that not make you feel better? Actually, I don't care. I know something else that'll make you feel really good, but you have to be tied down to start it up. Hurry up, Red.'

Amy was led to the bed, and her wrists were wrapped together above her head. Lysithea's well-practiced hands moored Amy's hands to the headboard, the rough texture of the rope presenting an incredible demand on her delicate senses.

The alien's hands stroked down her legs, her rough skin sending hypersensitive shivers through Amy's body. Her ankles were tied down, her legs spread and her pink, unharmed, eminently enticing pussy on display. She struggled against her bonds, the coarse knots rubbing against her skin, the pressure intensely present in her mind.

'Wow...' Sander said dreamily, staring down at his captive.

'She looks really good all strung up like that...' Mara added speculatively.

'Agreed,' Lysithea nodded. 'Now, shall I start the party?'

'Go for it, alien babe,' Mara shrugged, her legs folding beneath her until she was cross-legged on the floor. Sander took his seat to one side of the bed, affording him a good view of the action.

Amy squirmed as Lysithea drew close, her dark green eyes boring into Amy's, a broad grin splitting her pale features. The beautiful alien bent her head low, nuzzling into Amy's neck. She jerked against her bondage, a sharp cry escaping her throat.

The soft curve of her nose pressed against her neck, her hot breath caressing her skin... Every sensation was magnified to intensity, filling up every inch of her world with its shocking virulence. Sander and Mara pricked up, hands reaching to their own necks. They could feel it too!

Amy felt lips against her cheek, the moist flick of a tongue against her skin making her whimper. This could get rough...

With the opening pleasantries concluded, Lysithea began her sensual assault on the bound captive. Her lips travelled, first to Amy's mouth, her deep, warm kiss quaking through her helpless body in a wave of all-consuming heat. The Trine-form dipped lower, planting blazing kisses on her neck, collarbone... breasts. Her tongue swished around Amy's nipples.

'Oh god!' She gasped, every point of contact seeming to remember the brilliant sensations and to sustain them for several seconds after Lysithea had moved on.

The light patter of heat had passed lower, ever lower, the muscles in her stomach growing tighter as her back arched into Lysithea's fevered kisses, tiny moans escaping her throat at every touch. Beside her, Sander had closed his eyes and lowered his head, every sensation rebounding across the newly formed mental link and hitting him and Mara at full force. What was left of Amy's cogent thought processes wondered what it must feel like to them; at any rate, they seemed to be enjoying themselves.

For her part, Amy tried to feel bad, tried to convince herself that this was still heading towards rape, like every other torturous day on this planet. But every time Lysithea placed another gentle touch on her sensitive skin the thought evaporated like mist, no matter how hard she tried to hold onto it. She was being carried away on a rising tide of fire, and she was powerless to resist.

Lysithea's fingernails were at the insides of Amy's thighs, scratching gently up the delicate skin. Amy's legs spasmed at the lightest touch, her ankles jerking hard against their bonds.

'Ah, such sensitivity...' Lysithea crooned. 'This is going to be fun...'

She dipped her head once more, her tongue darting out to circle Amy's hips, drawing a shuddering gasp from the captive.

'Yes indeed...' The alien said softly, diving between Amy's legs, lapping at her spasming pussy.

Sander and Mara grunted together, the sound drowned out by Amy's sonorous scream, a sound that continued until her breath ran out. Her mouth remained open for several seconds after, silently shrieking in pleasure.

'Wow!' Sander exclaimed, the sympathetic pleasure racing through him in odd ways; he didn't have a matching set of parts for this sensation. 'That's an interesting one!'

'Word!' Mara grunted, throwing him a thumbs up.

Lysithea's tongue flicked at Amy's petalling outer lips, barely even flinching as the human's hips bucked desperately against her. She relished the sweet tasting juices that spilled out onto her tongue, driving her soft muscle as deep as she could into Amy's sopping tunnel. Amy grunted and bit her lip, almost hard enough to draw blood.

Her muscles spasmed against the ropes, drawing her whole body tight as a bowstring, as Lysithea continued exploring deep inside the young redhead. Repeated, endless groans tore themselves from her throat as she arched her back, her breath completely leaving a body that still wanted to scream. Suddenly she realised that, between breathless, animal groans, she was begging. Pleading, over and over for more, her voice cracking with desire. Shame coloured her cheeks as blood pumped to other, highly specific, areas of her body. This was so wrong...

Lysithea was intensely skilled, her warm tongue dancing around Amy's dripping cunt in sweeping arcs. The Trine-form lapped at her vulnerable clit, causing surges of pure, unbearable ecstasy to burn through her like a nuclear blast.

The heat rose higher, swallowing her mind, blasting down every resistant thought, heating every cell in Amy's body white hot. She wasn't fighting a losing battle; she had already lost. The need to cum overwhelmed everything else, increasing the volume and rapidity of her pleading until she was simply gabbling a string of animalistic nonsense sounds. Every muscle in her body was so tight that it hurt... Every sensation was so present in her mind that she was practically blind to Sander's presence beside her, Mara's stifled groans of pleasure... Everything faded out.

Lysithea's tongue circled her burning, sensitive bud, and Amy came. The wave of all-consuming pleasure washed over her, her limbs tensing so hard that the ropes groaned and struggled to keep her contained. Her mouth opened in a wordless, mindless shriek of molten bliss.

Beside her, Sander exhaled explosively, eyes widening as his mind burned. Mara leaned against the side of the bed, her legs trembling and her toes curling. The shared orgasm encircled every nerve in their bodies, singing through them like liquid mercury. It was an alien feeling, at once highly familiar and completely new; a climax of the mind, not the body.

Amy felt herself blacking out as Lysithea kept up the pressure, her senses falling away like sand as her body lit up with a single sensation. And then, as easily at it had overwhelmed her, it was over, leaving her a trembling, gasping mess lying limply in her ropes. Lysithea shifted position, leaning over Amy's recumbent form to kiss her deeply, the taste of her own arousal invading her mouth.

'And now you understand why we need the ropes, yes?' Lysithea smiled peacefully, closing her eyes and sighing, satisfied at a job well done.

'Well, that was-' Sander began breathlessly.

'Shut up, Hackett!' Mara moaned dreamily. 'You're ruining the moment.'

'Yeah... Right...'

Amy gave a tiny moan as an aftershock raced through her, drawing the attention of the other three. Sander gently ran a hand down her shivering body, feeling her soft skin prickle under his touch, not even bothering to move as his hand slipped over a series of particularly dark bruises.

'You can't tell me that you didn't enjoy that, Amy,' He said softly, wiping a bead of sweat from her forehead.

'I...' She began, her voice trembling incessantly. She seemed unsure of what to say, of whether any particular sentence would cause her to be punished. 'Oh, god...' She moaned, turning her eyes away from him. Unfortunately, this placed her gaze firmly on Mara's smiling eyes.

'Aww, she's ashamed to admit it,' Mara grinned. 'You don't need to worry, sweet thing; everybody here enjoyed it when you came. That was fun!' She did a little wriggling dance from her seated position.

'It was,' Lysithea nodded. 'But your time isn't up yet. My purpose is merely to get the motor running, so to speak. From here on in, I shall simply maintain the synaptic link. Whatever else you do is entirely up to you. Although I can offer some suggestions: Sander, you may have noticed how different this experience has been from your normal sexual encounters.'

Sander nodded, 'I did notice this, yes. I figured it had something to do with the fact that I was feeling a girl getting off, rather than my usual, Y'know, dick.'

'That's exactly right,' Lysithea said. 'I would ask that you consider the broader implications of this fact.'

Mara cocked her head to one side and smiled, 'Oh! You mean to say that everything we do is entirely transferrable to the other two... So I'd get the male experience of sex if Sander fucked Amy. And so would she? That's fuckin' Meta!'

'I think our path is clear, then!' Sander said, happy with any path that ended in him getting laid. He stood, striking a self-effacingly heroic pose. Lysithea nodded and stepped away, taking up position at the far side of the room and closing her eyes in concentration. Sander got the idea that she considered their interactions finished for the day.

Sander trailed his fingers up the considerable length of Amy's leg, his touch stabbing at her like a knife of pure heat. His digits slid across her hips, finding entrance into the mire of warmth and moisture that was Amy's pussy. She groaned, weakly, as each knuckle pushed inside her, deeply into her core. He pulled out of her, almost as quickly as he had entered, fingers glistening in her dew. His eyes bored into hers, his passive, wry gaze keeping her entranced.

Sander lifted his wet fingers to his mouth and licked. Every open eye in the room widened. Burning across the mental link, the taste of Amy invaded every tastebud in Sander and Mara's mouths, utterly different than any other time. Merely human senses couldn't do this alone, to taste so deeply. Not simply the evidence of Amy's arousal, Sander could taste what seemed like her very essence in her juices; Amy Pond as pure taste. It was a soulful experience.

Mara giggled, rolling her tongue around her mouth with a delighted "Mmm!"

Amy sobbed shamefully as the taste of her own juices swept through her mouth like a flood. This was too much; at the very least her previous torments had been within the scope of her comprehension. Nirvana was completely outside her sphere of experience, and Amy was at a loss as to what would happen next. What she had already been through here had been unbearable... She didn't like the idea of repeating it, no matter the variation.

Sander was circling Amy's prostrate form with slow, predatory movements, enjoying her desperate attempts to curl herself away from him. It was useless, of course it was, but to resist was to exert some form of control, however limited. Amy wouldn't allow herself to simply lie back and accept whatever Sander would give her.

His finger traced the delicate curve of her jaw. He gripped her firmly between thumb and forefinger and forced her to look at him, spearing her with his shining, friendly smile.

'I'm going to need some help here, Amy, before I stick it to you,' He gestured ruefully at his flaccid member. 'As... Uh, stimulating as this place is, it does nothing for me physically. And I fear that Mara and your beautiful self left me rather drained last night. So we circle around once again to... You need to prime the pump, sweetness.'

'No. I can't, Sander... I can't take this...' Amy whimpered, gesturing vaguely at the room around her, as much as the ropes that held her would allow.

Sander's hand left her jaw and wandered to her neck, where a single finger plucked at the Command Collar, ' I could simply force you, Amy. That's no fun, though. I don't want to force you. From the way you were screaming, you can't deny that you enjoyed what Lysithea did to you.' He reached down between her legs, stroking his fingers softly along her sodden pussy, 'Can you imagine what I could do to you?'

Amy trembled as Sanders fingers pushed against her, the heat building itself back in the pit of her stomach. In the moments of lucidity following Lysithea's fiery assault, Amy had thought that she could contain herself, push down the desires that formed unbidden whenever anyone touched her in this room. She realized now that it was useless; right here, in this room, enclosed in the Amplification Field, there was nothing she could do. In the outside world she could keep her wits about her, even if they made her beg, the core of her mind would remain hers.

But in Nirvana, Sander and Mara could do whatever they wanted to her, and worse, she would want it. Lysithea and the Field... They tore at the senses, ripped away any self control Amy might have had, turned her into a moaning wreck. There was nothing she could do...

Three fingers slipped inside her, proving Amy's point handily. She moaned, bucking her hips against Sander's invading digits, her legs tensing and shuddering.

'Just imagine the feeling, Amy... That's why we're here. This is something special,' Sander grinned. 'This is an expensive treat, because Mara and I like you so much...'

'Surely you want to thank Sander, right Amy?' Mara bent her neck backwards over the edge of the bed so that the back of her head rested on Amy's belly. She looked up, over her fringe, to grin at Sander.

'Oh god...' Amy breathed softly, her skin crawling as Sander fingered her. 'Fine, whatever,' She said bitterly, arching her neck in defeat. 'Just stop that...'

'Good girl,' Sander crooned. He stepped forward, positioning himself so that Amy could reach his cock if she craned her neck. She frowned. He wanted her to reach for it, take it in her mouth under her own power. He wasn't going to give her an inch.

Angry tears sprang to her eyes as she stared out balefully from under her mass of fiery hair. Sander had slipped his fingers out of her vagina, leaving her with a frustrating empty feeling. She tried hard to clamp down on the desires swarming through her, finding that she was unable to. Momentarily, her teeth gritted, before she reluctantly opened her mouth and leaned forward. Her tongue gingerly licked at Sander's dick, causing him to groan appreciatively. He closed his eyes, feeling the faint, moist traceries of heat as Amy's soft tongue travelled the length of his cock, each one magnified by the Field.

Beside him, Mara tilted her head to one side and pursed her lips. Sander gave a little laugh; Mara was having trouble figuring out the psychic link. He himself was trying his hardest to block out the sensory input from Amy's mouth- He didn't think he needed to feel his own dick. He was already attached to it. Thankfully, it seemed to be working; he'd never been so happy that his father had made him take psychic training when he was younger.

Both girls straightened up as Sander reached full hardness under Amy's frustrated ministrations.

'Hmm! Interesting!' Mara squeaked, feeling unsettled. It had been odd enough for Sander, feeling something that didn't exist. Mara and Amy were suddenly having to deal with a new appendage psychically making itself known all of a sudden. It felt strange to feel what wasn't there, like a phantom limb.

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