Doctor Who: Amy, Captured Ch. 08


Sander slid forward, pushing himself into Amy's mouth, making a special point to clamp down harder on the mental link, blocking this specific sensation from his own body. Amy whimpered around him, the vibrations twanging through him like the breaking string of a violin. For a moment, he stood still, enjoying the warmth of her mouth around him. Next to him, Mara's brow creased as the unfamiliar, shared sensation flowed through her.

'Alright, enough,' Sander grunted, stepping away from Amy's prostrate form, relishing the feeling of her sucking lips as he withdrew from her mouth. 'Time for the main event.'

Mara fondled Amy's breasts as Sander moved around her, stepping between her legs and pressing the head of his dick against her wet folds. Amy whimpered, shifting her hips uncomfortably. She could feel the heft and heat of him pressed against her rendered in excruciating detail.

This was going to get rough...


Rory leaned against the hull of the TARDIS, glaring emptily at the screens on the control panel. On screen, Sander had positioned himself to rape his wife yet again. The Doctor swept around the control panel, absorbed in the act of furiously manipulating the TARDIS controls, his eyes glowing with dark energy.

Silence reigned between them. In the beginning Rory had been mad, panicked, furious and desperately afraid. He had followed the Doctor, just a step behind him, as he worked on tracking Amy down. He had been frantically searching for something, anything that he could do to help find her. But attempting to help had only highlighted just how out of his depth Rory was.

Even his random searching on Theros hadn't been very useful; the trail he had picked up had gone cold very quickly.

And through it all, the terrible, taunting footage of Amy's ordeals were forced through every screen on the TARDIS, cruelly devoid of any identifying information.

It made it so hard to think! She was physically absent, but Amy's plight was kept so present in both Rory's and the Doctor's mind as to make Rory physically sick with worry.

Rory screwed his eyes shut as Sander entered Amy, causing her to scream hysterically. A low growl escaped his throat.

'Is there any way to turn that off?' He asked for the millionth time.

The Doctor sighed in frustration, 'Rory, if I wanted to turn it off I would first need to figure out how it's being done. This is a near impregnable living time machine. They shouldn't be able to hack it. That, and there's more important things to worry about, for example-' He waved vaguely at the screens themselves, his other hand working a series of dials.

In truth, the Doctor wished that he could switch off the screens too. In the back of his mind, a tiny part of him was constantly working on that puzzle. If he could just silence the screens... Turn off his friend's nightmare just for an hour or two. To be able to think straight without the heavy mass of guilt and fear and anger that burned in his gut. He would be able to find her, given just a little peace.

Besides... He would never admit it; it would never, ever leave his own mind, but... Each glimpse of Amy's shapely flesh, each scream or moan or squeal, each view of Sander's cock sliding between his companion's lips... It aroused him more than he cared to think about. Every shameful twinge of lust, intermingled with true horror at what was happening to a woman that he had pledged to protect... His twin hearts beat faster.

He had gotten distracted, back on Theros. That black hole of guilt would follow him forever. It had just become too... tense. The lure of the flesh so rarely intruded in on his mind. He had needed to do something about it. Sure, it had only taken a few minutes, but this was hardly the time. He just hoped that Rory never found out; he would probably punch him again.

That Shangri-La public hall, though... Wow.

It didn't help that Rory was constantly glaring at him. The Doctor couldn't help but think that he blamed him for what had happened to Amy. It was true, if he had never met her, she wouldn't be in this situation, but still...

'I can't even tell how they're getting this footage!' The Doctor burst out suddenly, one hand gripping the corner of the panel tightly, 'They only have cameras at their base, and they're definitely not there now! That's the problem with these bloody cowboy types: everything they do is so loose and amateurish that it's hard to figure out!'

'Yes, that must be it,' Rory snapped. 'They haven't stumped you, or anything, That's impossible! No, they're simply so beneath you that you can't even perceive them. Because you're the Doctor, and you never lose.'

'That's exactly right, Rory,' The Doctor turned suddenly. 'And I'd be getting around to winning this one a whole lot faster without you sniping in my ear every few minutes!'

'Well what do you want me to do, Doctor!' Rory yelled, standing suddenly and crossing the distance between them in seconds. He pointed at the screen, 'Look at her, Doctor! She needs our help, and we're no closer to finding her!'

The Doctor averted his eyes, completely unwilling to look at Amy's tied, vulnerable body for any number of reasons. Probably best not to get... distracted again, especially since Rory looked ready to lash out.

The idea hit him suddenly, as they tended to, 'Shut up,' He said, just as suddenly.

'What?' Rory growled.

'No, no, no! Just shut up for a minute...' He closed his eyes, butting his forehead with the palm of his hand. 'I am so bloody thick!'

'What? What is it?'

'Trine-form!' The Doctor burst out. 'How could I have missed it?' He began manipulating the TARDIS controls again with renewed fervour.

'Care to ensure that I don't miss it either?' Rory said quizzically.

'No time! I think I know how to find Amy! We need to move, now!'

To be continued...

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