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Doctor Who: Panic Moon Ch. 01


Author's Note: Hello again, all you people! I'm doing Panic Moon, now! Obviously, this is a sequel to Amy, Captured; to get the full experience, please read through that one first, before moving on. I don't intend to spend a lot of time explaining things; if you come in this late, you get to be a bit behind. That said, this is just the introductory chapter so...

A quick note on continuity: I had originally intended to set this series somewhere in the middle of season six of Doctor Who, hence Sander's allusion to the Silence at the end of the previous series. Obviously, recent events- I'm thinking of the last few episodes that went to air- have forced me to rethink this. Now, it's set between seasons five and six, which is a pity, because I had intended to do some things that are now impossible. Ah well, at least this means that Amy isn't a bloody Ganger... Also, my fiancé kept making jokes about a certain pregnancy happening just after I'd finished Amy, Captured; I wouldn't argue if anyone else wanted to make that connection.

Many thanks to Isabel, my soon-to-be wife (we're having twins!) and to Allyourbase, a fine writer who's just submitted a new story that I can totally recommend. Anyway, without my pair of editors this thing wouldn't be half as good. Yay for them!

Votes, feedback and comments are highly appreciated, especially since this is a new thing. Tell me what you think, readers! Enjoy!



'Hello Viral.'

The shadows did not move, and yet the figure in the dark felt the unmistakable sensation of being watched. A shiver almost went down his spine, but he had been here before and the abomination that dwelt in the deepest part of the ebony curtain of shadow no longer held the same terrifying aura that it once did. Spotlight eyes slid open languorously, powerfully, and swiveled to regard the tiny being.

'Earth-clan,' The rumbling voice shattered the silence like a pane of glass, echoing through the gloom, through the man. He raised his chin, not in defiance, just as a message; that he was here to bargain, not to be intimidated.

'I take it you already know why I'm here?' He said, shifting his weight from one foot to the other.

'I never know why you come here,' Viral thundered. 'Truly, your thoughts are a mystery to me, human. So tell me.'

The man smiled in the dark, oddly serene given the situation. The creature seemed to shift on its perch; was it leaning forward in anticipation?

'Some friends and I want to be put in contact with a certain person. Think you can make it happen?'

'Yes. Although I am somewhat surprised to learn that you are working with others now. Your request will not be granted for free, Earth-clan.'

He nodded, 'I know. And we shall pay whatever price you require, Viral. Just so long as you can put me in contact with Sander Hackett,' His smile took on a toothy, predatory quality. 'I'd oh so love to see him again.'


Below the surface, it glowed.

Below the surface, steel walls shuddered like the wakening of an ancient monster. Below the surface, endlessly complex mechanisms hummed into motion. Below the surface, orange light burned away the darkness and poured down through the steel, shaping itself into a familiar form.

Below the surface, the Engine awoke.


She awoke to the sound of waves, and the feeling of sand beneath her. Okay, so she must be on a beach. That's good; that was a good fact to know. Of course, there were plenty of other facts that she didn't know; prime among them was why she was on a beach.

She was lying flat on her back, which was something she quickly corrected, sitting up to survey her surroundings. Yes, she had been right: a beach.

The waves lapped rhythmically at the shore, each undulation shrinking and growing the shoreline by quite a large margin. At its peak, the tide almost came up to her toes, and at the lowest ebb it retreated several feet from her. When it was closest, she could see that something was moving in the water; some cloud of luminous blue particles.

That and the fact that the sky was a light blue, almost shading to purple, indicated that wherever she was, Earth was not it. Where had she been before? They had just left Kasterborous, after watching a whole solar system- uninhabited, of course- being devoured by a black hole. They had been in mid-flight... The Doctor had been in mid sentence, and then... here.

Amy Pond ran a hand through her mass of fiery red hair and sighed; was this all the Doctor's companions did? Wait to be rescued?

This was awfully familiar territory, this waking up in a strange place all of a sudden. A small, leaden weight dropped into the pit of her stomach at the memories that assailed her, at that infinitely bizarre fortnight spent at the mercy of a madman and his bestial assistant. But... No matter how familiar... It couldn't possibly be those two again, surely? Not after how they had parted. Not after the last time.


She had seen madness in Sander's eyes, pure and undiluted by conscience. He'd stared at her, called her name, and her heart had practically stopped. The fury in those eyes; if there was a hell, then it was in those eyes that day. It was in his head. And she feared it, knew deep down... It wasn't done with her yet.

She also knew that a piece of it had come with her. That taint had travelled in her head, back to the TARDIS, to poison everything she did. A tiny fragment of Sander, a little thorn in her mind; the last remnant of his revenge. A success, even in his utter defeat.

These days, everything had changed. Things were stressed, almost to breaking point. She had thought she would be fine, but that wasn't true, was it? It had been months since that time, but she still found it hard to talk about. Found it hard to even look at the Doctor, lest certain memories assault her, prompting a confusing mix of emotions. Found it hard to let Rory so much as touch her.

She still loved him... It's just that lately... there was something wrong with her. When they had sex, nothing he did worked, anymore. She couldn't cum, could barely feel anything. And it was eating at her, even as it forced the two of them ever further apart. For his part, Rory had grown increasingly hesitant to touch her at all, as though she might break if he tried, shatter like glass. But that wasn't it. It couldn't be.

She had cum like crazy for... him. Even though she hadn't wanted to.

The physical scars of her time in captivity, the marks of the whip, had healed in time. Her body was pristine now, as though it had never happened. But Sander and Mara had left scars in her head, too; deeply entrenched cuts that seemed to change the way she thought. Changed what she wanted. Now, she dreamed of violence at night, and awoke with the memories of the pain and cruel, forced pleasure pounding through her entire body like the beat of a drum.

The thought wormed through her head: I am here, and it should be Sander that brought me here.

Such a treacherous thing, the mind. Sometimes wanting what saner parts of it do not want...

She scanned the shoreline, hoping for some landmark or sign of life that could help her ascertain where she was. A huge, rocky cliff face bordered the beach, which stretched on for as far as she could see. No way out that way. But there was a lone figure further down the beach, ambling slowly in her direction and whistling a happy tune. She tried to stand, but found that her legs were weak and wouldn't support her. Okay, she would wait for him, then.

'Oh,' Amy said quietly as he drew closer. He swayed unctuously as he walked, his hands deep in the pockets of his black cargo shorts, his bare feet digging deep into the soft sand with every stride. His blue Hawaiian shirt billowed open in the gentle sea breeze, revealing a tight black undershirt wrapped around his muscular torso. As he drew level with her, he grinned happily out from under a defined five o'clock shadow, a lit cigarette hanging from one corner of his smile.

He blew out a stream of smoke and crooked one finger into his small, round sunglasses, pulling them down to regard her with his dark, sparkling eyes.

'Hi, sweetheart,' Sander Hackett said in a sunny voice. 'How've you been?'

Amy gave a strangled whimper and struggled to move away from him, but her legs seemed to be made out of cotton, and wouldn't obey her properly. She sighed, deep in her throat and refused to look at him as he dropped heavily onto the sand next to her, supporting himself on the palm of one hand.

For a moment, a strange kind of relief flooded her mind. It felt almost like being home, having him there. Wasn't this better than being kidnapped by the enemy she didn't know? Wasn't it better, with the things this man could do to her...

Shit, she thought. What is this? This is Sander Hackett, and I'm making excuses for him? This is Sander Hackett, and I'm acting like this is a happy damned reunion? What is wrong with me?

Why is my head like this?

'What have you done to me?' She quavered, some horrified part of her wanting to know despite the fear currently turning her organs to water.

'Nothing,' Sander shrugged and laid a reassuring hand on her shoulder. It didn't work, 'Your weakness is just a side effect of the process of bringing you here. I could've found a way to fix that, but it seemed like a good idea that you couldn't fight back right away.'

'Why are you doing this again?' Once more, the question tore itself out of her before she had a chance to mentally edit it. She understood immediately that the whys of the situation didn't really matter, because the potential what of it was setting off some ancient monster in her head that knew what Sander wanted from her, and liked it.

'Because I couldn't get you out of my head,' Sander said quietly, in a voice that sounded genuine. 'Neither could Mara. Things have changed. So much. I feel... good, for a change. But you? We couldn't stop thinking about you. We love ya, kiddo!'

'Oh, how sweet!' Amy spat. 'I bet you say that to all the girls you kidnap and rape.'

Around them, the ocean licked at the shore, the mystery light within it casting rippling ribbons of blue onto the sand. Amy's fingers curled through the oddly dense sand, the barest hint of a tremble in them; where was she?

The silence stretched out as Sander attempted to form his next sentence. It had been hard enough just envisioning how this encounter would go beforehand. He had spent the best part of the morning thinking about it, eschewing Mara's company entirely in favor of pacing through his home, trying to press down on his rising nervousness. Eventually he had mastered it, but he still recognized that this wouldn't be easy; for Amy, it had only been three months since she had escaped from him. But for Sander, for Mara, it had been three years of planning, of construction, of... well, if he had to put a name to it... Three of the best years of his life.

'So, what? You're just going to sit there?' Amy growled. 'Not going to tell me where I am? Anything like that?'

'Isn't this place beautiful?' Sander made a large, sweeping gesture towards the horizon. 'You know, I think that was the problem last time? That fucking asteroid...' He shook his head.

Amy nodded. Looking out over the ocean, to a horizon speckled with clouds, right to the edge of the world... It was oddly peaceful. The man beside her, however, was not, and Amy willed her legs to regain their strength as quickly as possible.

'It is beautiful...' She found herself saying softly, glancing incessantly at Sander. 'Where are we?' She asked again.

'It's called Trismestigius,' Sander said conversationally. He gestured to a blue orb glowing softly in the sky, 'It's a moon. See that? Sigma Majora, the planet we're orbiting. It's actually smaller than this place, but it has this... super-dense core, y'know?'

'Wow,' Amy deadpanned. 'That's... awesome,' She stared at him. 'You seem different.'

'I am different. I know it's only been three months for you, but we pulled you out of time. For me, it's been three years,' He inhaled sharply. 'I'm... better, now.'

'And yet you still kidnapped me again,' Amy's smile dripped venom. Damn it, legs... Come on!

Sander shook his head, 'Better doesn't mean sane, Amy. I still... We wanted you back. And I'm still gunning for the Doctor, with everything I have. So I bought this place, the entire moon, just for this,' He laughed. 'I know I said this last time, but there's no escape. We've... beefed up our security this time. He won't be able to just waltz in on us.'

'But he will,' Amy said resolutely. 'Of course he will. Even if he can't, Rory will. The two of them, they'll never stop until we're together again.'

'Well, I wish them luck,' Sander muttered darkly.

She saw it in him then; that same deep reserve of anger and strength that had so empowered him the last time. That had forced her to cum, again and again, practically at his word. The force of his dominance. Something in her stomach squirmed, a series of muscles up and down her abdomen trembled in what might have been antici-

No! No, she did not miss him! There was nothing good in this! What was wrong with her?! What had he done to her, more like?! This wasn't right!

'Sander, I'm begging you, reconsider,' Amy implored, ripping the thought from her mind with all the force she could muster. 'This isn't going to go any better than the first time, you know that. I can't take another round of this, and you probably won't survive another round with the Doctor. Even if you do, you won't survive Rory again. He'll kill you and I won't be able to stop him, assuming I even want to.'

'Do you know, we drew straws to decide who got to meet you here?' Sander tilted his head to one side. 'I won, obviously, which means I get to spend a little... Alone time with you.'

Sander's eyes glinted darkly, and Amy was left in no doubt as to what he meant. There was desire there, the same fascinated want that he had displayed during their last meeting, focused directly at her. She tried to slip back, but her thighs shook and her feet struggled to gain any purchase on the soft sand.

'Oh, Sander no-' She pleaded as he drew closer, silencing her with a forceful, heated kiss. His lips pressed against hers, and his weight bore her down onto the sand. He loomed over her, expertly capturing both her wrists and holding them over her head in one hand. As weak as she currently was, she had no hope of escaping him. 'Get off of me!' She spat, recognizing the futility of it even as it was happening.

'Oh, couldn't do that,' Sander said hoarsely as his eyes explored the body that hadn't been terribly far from his mind for three years. The fingers of his free hand hooked under the hem of her shirt and lifted it, exposing her creamy, panic-taut stomach inch by inch. She struggled uselessly as he did so, but whatever it was that had happened to her had robbed her of any useful strength. Even this small effort left her exhausted, and she arched her neck in defeat and refused to meet Sander's gaze. A grim ball of anguish built in her stomach.

In short order, Sander had Amy's shirt up over her chest, revealing the cool blue lines of her bra. She whimpered, and in response Sander dipped his head and licked the long, graceful curve of her neck. She shuddered.

'Still beautiful,' He noted with a smile, leaning down to force his tongue back into her mouth. Her eyes closed, and she moaned into his mouth.

'Still creepy,' Amy shot back, glaring at him with liquid eyes as he came up for breath. She squirmed uncomfortably as his knee forced her legs apart. He leaned down close, his face inches from her own, his fingers tickling delicately at the smooth skin of her belly, and he broke into a manic grin.

'Yes,' He nodded, circling his fingertips just so, causing Amy to whimper and buck against him. He peeled back first one bra cup, then the other, exposing her breasts to the cool sea air. The first lapping swell of the tide washed up around their feet, making Amy jerk in surprise; it wasn't that the water was cold- it was actually surprisingly warm- it was the suddenness with which the tide had come in.

'Yeah, tides come in kind of quick here,' Sander laughed, as if sensing her thoughts. His eyes swept over her pert tits, and he growled, 'God, the things I'm going to do to you...'

'I'd rather you didn't, you bastard!' She gasped as he sucked one nipple into his mouth, toying the edge of his tongue over it until it sprang erect against his teeth. Amy gritted her teeth as Sander repeated the move on her other breast, the growing heat of unwanted arousal washing through her. As her body betrayed her it shivered, her weight leaving an indent in the sand for her to drop into.

The water lapped higher, caressing her thighs as Sander slid her skirt down and off, throwing it onto the sand higher up the beach. Her underwear was similarly discarded moments later, torn from her hips in a display of the true extent of her assailant's manic desire. She lay stripped below him, sand rubbing coarsely at her back, the heat of him above her, the rich, thick sea breeze whipping her hair tantalizingly about her face, and the water drenching her like a lover's embrace. With her hands pinned above her head and the dizzying humiliation of the scene and Sander's villainous familiarity with her body's every pressure point... She felt her pussy moisten against her will; her body's eternal Judas.

Sander was breathing heavily, each exhalation carrying a tiny, satisfied laugh with it. His sunglasses lay forgotten on the sand, his cigarette had fallen into the water a long time ago; Amy had noted with interest that it seemed to have dissolved on contact with the ocean. His fingers tightened on her wrists, not painfully, just as a way of feeling the control he had over her. She knew, she remembered; this was his drug. The power play, the ebb and flow of his own dominance; gaining it over Amy, losing it with Mara...

She wondered, briefly, where the frightening blonde was. But her mind was just wandering, trying to escape this scene, from the heat in her belly and the shame in her head. From Sander's cock, suddenly aimed between her legs and drenched in seawater and her juices. The look on his face told her that he could tell that it was both, and not just the former.

'Got you wet, didn't I?' His smile seemed genuinely happy. 'I'd almost forgotten how damn responsive you are, Amy! I've missed this...'

He slid into her, slowly, taking his time and enjoying the invasion, savoring the feeling of every inch of himself being enveloped by her tight heat. Amy groaned, a rough, long sound that thrummed with despair at being caught in this situation again. Her cheeks flushed bright red.

'Stop! Just s-stop...' She said unsteadily as Sander began moving inside her, beginning that old, terrible friction. Her thighs were already twitching with each thrust. This wasn't helped by the way the water licked at her skin like a warm kiss; the tide was only getting higher. It washed over the two of them, suddenly high enough to reach up to her neck, and her skin tingled with every wave. The strange blue particles in the water swept across her flesh, only seeming to enhance the sensation. But it was at its worst when it boiled up over her hips, between the motions of Sander's increasingly forceful fucking. When it splashed with every thrust, up over the folds of her pussy, over her clit, between the cheeks of her ass. It made crackling arcs of electricity shoot up her spine; she began to anticipate the rhythm of the waves and every addictive burst of pleasure that went along with them.

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