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Doctor Who: Panic Moon Ch. 05


Dear Literotica Editor: There are italics in this submission that I would like retained. Thanks!

Author's Note: This is a sequel series to Amy, Captured. To get the full experience, please read through that one first.

Hello! This is chapter five, where Sander's crew is finally put together in one room, and the last few members are introduced. I don't actually have a lot to say about this one, so I'll be brief.

Thanks to Isabel for her creative input, and for putting up with me in general. Also, thanks to Allyourbase for being an excellent editor who always improves these things before they gey submitted. Thanks, guys!

Votes, feedback or comments are greatly appreciated. Enjoy!




'Amy! So good to see you!'

'Ly-kun, you know Amy-hime?'

'Um, Ren?' Tsugi tilted his head. 'I've been meaning to ask: Why does Amy get the "hime" suffix? Because she's... Um, she's not "Princess Amy," here. It's sort of the opposite.'

'I've never really thought about it... She's really hot, though. And it's ironic. And it's because I fuckin' feel like it, Tsu-kun.'

'Wait, why did I get a new nick?'

'We're getting off topic!' Sander cut off the other conversation before it got out of hand. He'd heard enough of them to know that it would, inevitably, 'Amy, Ly is here because the Doctor cost her her job.'

'My name is Lysithea. Why do all of you insist of nicknaming me?'

Sander raised his hand, 'Because your people collect names like other people collect stamps.' He shrugged and closed his eyes, 'Lysithea Eldridge Ol'heroa Castilian Heiwajima Keldrane Hisataka Podirona... I am saying that right, aren't I?'

The Trine-form blinked and stared at Sander, 'Yes, actually. That's very impressive, Sander!'

'No it isn't...' Mara said flatly. 'Not for him. He's like a savant, or something.'

'Hey, guys, come on...'

'Uh, Lyssy...' Kanaria began. 'I've always wondered why it is that the Trine have all those surnames?'

'Oh, we do collect them. Trine-form cannot breed with each other, we need additional genetic material from another species, so we all go offworld at one point or another, hence the need for our species-wide psychic link,' Lysithea stopped for a moment, then added, almost mechanically. 'Our Chorus... Anyway, last names are inherited and chained together as a sort of family tree, but it's still hard to keep track of so-'

'Guys! Come on!' Sander exclaimed. 'Look, Amy's here! Wow! I wonder what incredible technological feat brought her here! Does nobody have a comment to make? Jesus...'

Lysithea shrugged, 'No, I think I can be satisfied with "good to see you," if it's all the same to you guys.'

Amy piped up for the first time, 'Why the reunion? I mean, why all these others? Why them?' She gestured vaguely at Tsugi and Lysithea, but her eyes never left Sander, and they flared with indignation; as if he had brought these two here simply to demean her.

'Look at this place,' Sander shrugged. 'It's huge. Takes a lot to maintain. I took on Ren and Kanaria mostly because Mara wanted her sisters on board, but Kanaria is a talented A.I technician and Ren can repair machines like nobody's business. I headhunted Tsugi from my brother because I needed a good general technician and he was wasted aboard the Oviroa-'

'Turns out I was never that loyal,' Tsugi shrugged with a grin.

'And Lysithea... Well, she lost her job at Nirvana when the Doctor broke in and forced her to reveal privileged information about her clients so he could find you.' Sander pointed.

'I'm still a little miffed about that,' Lysithea said.

'And we thought that a psychic with abilities like hers would be no end of fun when we finally got you back,' Mara added with a sly grin. Amy shuddered with the memory of the first time she and Lysithea had been in a room together. This only made Mara grin wider.

'Besides, we're still down a person,' Ren yawned widely and slid further down in her chair. 'Dulsie isn't here yet. Where the fuck is that girl? She's always going missing.'

Sander gave a lopsided smile, 'She's been on the dark side of the moon for a few days. I don't know what she does over there, but she's coming back to see Amy today. Should be here any second, really.'

'Ooh, that'll be a nice surprise for her!' Ren shot Amy a pointed, evil glance.

A moment of silence followed as every individual in the room seemed to be waiting for someone else to speak first. Amy took the opportunity to really scrutinize the motley collection of people that Sander had put together; Ren fit in fine, but Kanaria stood out like a delicate and softly spoken sore thumb. Even with what had happened earlier in her cell, Amy had a hard time imagining Kanaria's place in this endeavor.

Lysithea... Well, she had barely changed at all in the three years since their last meeting. She still retained that air of otherworldly grace, all packaged up in pristine, pure white skin- not human white, but the color of fresh milk- and beautiful, shimmering pink hair. She was alien, but knowing that only served to increase her allure. There were some differences; her hair seemed longer, and the style had changed, and she had definitely grown several inches taller, but she hadn't aged a day. Amy wondered just how much the Trine differed from humanity.

As for Tsugi, he was still highly confusing. In fact, Amy was only using "he" via assumption; there was no way of knowing the appropriate pronoun to use just by looking. "He" smiled at her when she looked at him, but his eyes mostly darted the length of the room. He was a little older, a little taller, but there was still that round, youthful face that never quite faced you directly; there were no clues there. His hair was covered, but for a few black strands, by a thick, dark colored beanie.

Amy looked down, hoping to gain something from the shape of his body but he was thin and mostly obscured by a bulky- and painfully stylish- jacket; one thing was certain, he liked dark colors. His trousers were a little too elegant to be entirely male, but there was no discernible curve to his hips... as if that was any indication... Highly confusing.

Despite the gravity of her situation, this was the biggest question on Amy's mind. It wasn't as if she could just come out and ask, right? "Are you a guy?" Surely Sander knew? He'd tell her...

Yeah. Sure. He'd tell her...

'Okay!' Sander clapped his hands together, heralding the end of the silence. 'Who gets Amy next?'

'Hey!' Amy shouted indignantly. He'd leap to that right away, would he?

'Oh, not right away, obviously!' Sander smiled, waving a hand to silence her. 'No. We haven't even had breakfast, yet! And nobody here is any good without coffee, yes? But after that... Tsugi, you want her?'

'No, hey, I'm good. Maybe later.'

Sander stared at him for a moment, eyes getting progressively narrower, 'You know, someday you're going to have to tell me what you are.' He said quietly, causing Amy to blink in surprise: He didn't know either?!

'Maybe later,' Tsugi repeated, shrugging.

'I'll take her for a while,' Lysithea said casually. 'I won't be long.'

'Aw, come on...' Amy began, only to be silenced by a sharp gesture from Sander.

'Okay! Ly, you get her next. Tsugi, if you're not going to take her after that, you'll have to step aside for Dulsie.'

'Fine, fine!' Tsugi waved a hand dismissively. The fingers of his free hand drummed on the tabletop; Amy had never seen someone so committed to looking bored before.

'Oh, this is going to be fun to hear about later...' Mara giggled. 'This was a great idea, Hackett!'

'Wasn't it? Okay, enough! Everyone, do what you must! Refuel, whatever, I don't really care. Lysithea... She's all yours.'

'Well, actually, there's only one thing I really wanted to do,' The Trine-form shrugged. 'And I can do it here.'

She slipped around the edge of the table to approach Amy. That refined, friendly smile never left her pale face, but that only unsettled her further. As the alien swept forward, the hem of her long dress almost trailing the ground, Amy wanted nothing more than to flee. She felt her feet sliding back, preparing for that all important first step. But her sinking heart knew running wasn't an option; that collar around her neck could teleport her back to her cell in moments. There was nowhere to run.

'You may want to sit down for this,' Lysithea said kindly, gently guiding Amy to the nearest seat. The muscles in her legs were still poised to flee, her gait tense and stiff. She sat, unconsciously shrinking back in the chair, away from the alien's looming figure. Lysithea laid a hand over Amy's forehead, causing her to flinch.

'Okay,' She brushed a strand of pink hair from her face and exhaled, deeply and steadily. Her eyelids grew heavy, slowly drooping until her eyes were half closed. 'Sit still, Amy. Reconnecting a psychic link is hard work, and if you fidget, I might cause brain damage to one of us. And I guarantee you, I shall be trying to avoid inflicting injury to myself.'

'Please-' Amy began.

'No,' Lysithea added firmly. 'Do not speak. Engaging the language centers of your brain is about as bad as moving. Sit still, keep your mind blank, and let me in.'

Amy's eyes searched the room, 'Sander, come on-'

'Amy! Sit! Still! Shut! Up!' Sander shouted. 'Unless you want Ly to make your head explode or something! This is not hard!'


'Command:' Tsugi said quietly. 'Sit still and be silent so that Ly can get this over with.' The words were simple, and spoken in an even, low tone, but they made everyone else in the room go quiet. For a moment, all eyes were on Tsugi; Sander in particular seemed almost embarrassed that he hadn't thought of that first.

'What? That's what the collar is for,' Tsugi shrugged. 'Ly, do your thing.'

'Thank you, Tsugi,' Lysithea nodded, returning her gaze to Amy, who was squirming under the alien's delicate touch. Again, her eyes grew heavy, then closed. Her fingers twitched in Amy's hair, and they both stiffened slightly. For the two of them, the world went soft as Lysithea's mind reached out to Amy's. They heard sounds that weren't there, random and discordant, the sound of a thousand violins playing sour notes.

'Ah, there you are, Amy!' Lysithea laughed. 'Always nice to be in a familiar mind... Oh, but things have changed for you, hmm? Trouble with Rory?'

Amy sat bolt upright, 'Shut up. Just shut up.' Her eyes flared indignantly.

'Oh, I kind of want to hear about all that,' Mara gave an astonished grin and twisted around in Sander's lap. 'Trouble with Rory? Lyssy, let's hear all the details! Sounds juicy!'

'Shut up!' Amy hissed, leaping to her feet. 'Shut your damn mouth!'

'And now I want to hear it too,' Ren said, drawing out her words. 'Yeah, if it's pissing her off that much, I want in. Yeah.'

Her fingers clenched into fists, Amy struggled to keep herself still, stop herself from pouncing on Ren. She knew, deep down, that it would be pointless; Ren looked like she could take care of herself even if the Command Collar hadn't been around Amy's neck. But this was an insult that she couldn't bear. It was enough that this situation was being repeated, that she was being torn away from everything she cared about at the whims of someone she hated; now they were badmouthing Rory? Sure, they were having problems, but Rory was precious to her...

Lysithea's hand was on her shoulder, a steadying influence as the red rage filled her mind. A feeling of calm reached out to her, across the mental connection she could barely feel, 'Hello, Amy. You remember how this works, don't you? Calm yourself. Attacking Ren... would be a bad idea. She can be abrasive, but she could easily rebuff you. Violently. I'm not going to tell them anything, so sit down. You're alright. Or... You're as alright as can reasonably be expected.'

Amy blinked as Lysithea's voice sounded in her head, surprised despite her memories of the last time this had happened. She glanced over; the Trine-form wasn't even looking at her. How odd.

'Just so you all know, I have a dormant connection with Amy now,' Lysithea said aloud. 'I can't read her thoughts, most of the time. That would be a bit much. But I'll know if anything interesting happens to her. And I can open an active connection whenever, if any of you feel like taking advantage of it,' She smiled. 'I know that Sander and Mara particularly enjoyed it, the first time we met.'

Her smile turned wicked as she inclined her head to Amy, 'Besides all that, there are certain switches in her head I can flip, if I like.' Her eyes narrowed, just slightly. Then it happened.

A floodgate opened in Amy's mind, and Lysithea's will poured through it. Her legs buckled immediately, bearing her to the floor as, suddenly, unexpectedly, she came. Unadulterated, molten pleasure burned through her unsuspecting frame, forcing her to kneel there on the cool tile floor and tremble uncontrollably, gasping at irregular intervals and flooding her panties with a hot rush of juices. Her orgasm drove the breath from her lungs in much the same way as a sledgehammer to the ribs.

Again, a moment of crystalline, expectant silence as Amy's audience sat poised on the edges of their respective seats, inspecting her closely; a course of action that caused Amy herself to blush bright red at the realization that they had all just watched her cum spontaneously. This was followed by the worse realization that, if she wanted to, Lysithea could make her do it again just by thinking about it.

Then the silence shattered into whoops of sheer delighted laughter as Sander, Mara, Ren and Tsugi erupted together. Mara was applauding Lysithea with manic energy, 'Oh ho, that is cool!' She cheered, leaping from Sander's lap to hug the alien tightly, bouncing on the spot. Amy just knelt there, allowing herself a single miserable whimper, below the hearing of her highly amused audience.

Sander had left his chair, and he called out from the doorway, 'Okay, my personal alarm just went off, so I guess Dulsie's back. You guys... Seriously, eat something. As funny as all this is, I do not want you all going off and skipping breakfast again. I'm not your fucking father, I shouldn't have to keep reminding you all. And... Make sure Amy gets fed too. I don't want it said that I'm a bad host.'

'Hey, Sander!' Tsugi yelled as he disappeared down the hallway. 'Do you think Dulsie will want something to eat once she's inside?'

Sander's sarcastic laughter echoed down to Tsugi, 'Ha ha, you're fucking funny, Nakatsukasa! Real grade-A stuff there! Maybe you should tell her that, I'm sure she'd be appreciative! Now go do something useful!'


It was surprising how quickly the group seemed to transition to normalcy, once Sander had left. Kanaria had left the room and come back with various foods, and suddenly, without referencing kidnapping or anything like that, they were all having breakfast together. It was enough to make Amy pause, until a plate of food was placed in front of her and she realized that it had been a while since she had last eaten. And frankly, that seemed like the primary concern.

Because these people all lived together on a celestial body that has a total population of seven, conversation was limited, and it wasn't long before repetition set in. The solution was obvious, and it was one that had allowed people to avoid talking to each other for thousands of years: television.

After a few moments of dealing with another instance of Jericho's mystery Code: Marduk, Kanaria got the large, thin screen working. Of course, like everything else in this place, the media available for consumption was weird and unfamiliar; some highly energetic animated show... Gurren Lagann, Amy read at one point. Her captors seemed familiar with it, at least, they knew when to cheer; Amy had to admit that, despite the people she was watching it with, the show did have an infectious kind of brash energy. And by this point Amy was willing to give any kind of distraction a try.

At around the point that the loudest, tattooed character with the cheesy-cool sunglasses was yelling at a giant, face-shaped robot that had crashed into his underground city-thingy, Sander silently slipped back into the room and touched Amy lightly on the shoulder. His eyes were on the screen and he grinned with genuine enthusiasm, seeming to immediately slip into the storyline. When the whole group-except Amy- yelled the next line at the screen, he joined in, without having the decency to look even slightly embarrassed about doing so.

'You have a visitor,' He said, during a lull in the noise emanating from the screen. 'Come on.'

She acquiesced, standing up with no small degree of reluctance. Still, she did feel a little better on a full stomach, more capable of handling whatever this day would throw at her. Sander gave her an encouraging smile and grabbed her hand yet again, winking to Mara as he led her out and down another unfamiliar corridor. This one featured the same pure white walls, though the ceiling was a single, uninterrupted skylight running the length of it. The light coming in was bright and warm, and it illuminated a single door at the opposite end, a metal plate at eye height engraved with a single word, in a flowing script: "Dulcimer."

She was ushered through the door, and into a large, unbearably tidy room; it was clean in that it was decorated in a decidedly minimalist fashion. There was a large wardrobe, a glass case containing an ancient-looking cello and a large padded cushion in one corner. One wall played host to a large screen, and there was a genuine window that looked out onto the ocean; it was currently open and letting in a gentle breeze. The overall effect was calming, but also vaguely confusing; this was a bedroom without a bed.

Sander's hands were on her shoulders, spinning her around and maneuvering her towards the cushion. He motioned, she sat, 'Now, you're going to meet another of my friends. I'll stick around for a little while, because... Well, this is going to take some explaining. Or, a lot of explaining. Whatever. Just... be respectful, or I'll have to punish you. I like this girl, Amy.'

'Yeah, whatever...' Amy muttered darkly.

Sander left the room, and for a moment there was the sound of hushed talking before the door opened again and he reentered, his arm draped around the shoulder of another person. Amy's eyes widened, and she squeaked.

'Amy, this is Dulsie, the final part of our little cabal,' Sander said, ushering the newcomer into the room and gesturing, as if to present her for Amy's approval. He was right, in a way; she definitely had comments about this one.

'So, that's a woman without a head,' She said, quizzically. 'I'll admit, it's novel. That's a new one.'

'Hey!' Sander frowned, voice tinged with genuine irritation. 'Respect! She's a Dullahan, this is how they look. Occasionally, non-humans will look different.'

'She has no head!'

'This, oddly, does not prevent me from hearing you, Amy Pond.'

'Oh good, she's telepathic too...'

'Listen, Amy,' Sander hissed. 'Dulcimer is an important part of this operation, and headless or not, she's a good person. Ha, wow: how many times do you get to say that in a lifetime?'

Amy merely stared at him, trying to figure out whether or not he was being serious. The look on his face indicated that he was, and that any further outbursts regarding the new alien or body parts that she may lack would not be tolerated. Instead, Amy contented herself with trying to figure out what Dulsie's deal was.

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