Doctor's Exam

byMr. Sugar©

While my wife is not really a prude, she is definitely not the type of lady who shows off her body. She rarely wears any clothing that shows off her ample cleavage, only occasionally teasing me with a slightly low-cut dress or blouse. She is very attractive, despite having three kids, including a set of twins, and recently celebrating her 40th birthday.

For many years I have tried to convince Greta, my wife, to become more of an exhibitionist. I’ve wanted her to go braless or to show off more of her 38D chest to my friends or even to strangers when we visit other towns. She has always refused, rarely even allowing a glimpse of her breasts to be visible below the neckline of her clothes. The only allowance that she has made is that sometimes my friends will visit in the evening after she has already prepared for bed, and occasionally she might not go back to put her bra back on. On those times, her nipples protrude very prominently through her nightshirt and give me an instant erection, knowing that my friends are seeing them. She always pretends to be oblivious, but I am sure she is aware of the stares that she receives. My fantasy has always been to watch her with another man. Ever since I sat with her one time when she had her doctor’s exam, I have always wanted to see more. Whenever we get back from a doctor visit where she had to disrobe, we have great, intense sex. The last time she told me “You just can’t stand the thought of another man has had his hands on me, can you?” I told her it makes me horny as hell, but the real reason is not because I’m jealous, it is because I like to watch her so much!

I had been visiting with a friend of mine who happened to be en Emergency Room physician in our small town. He was from the Midwest, but had signed a contract to work in a rural setting here in Oregon for a year. I had known him for 11 months and we had become very good friends, often carousing around the nearby towns and talking about his many local “conquests”. Dr. Clark was in his mid-thirties and still single, preferring to travel around the country and play the field rather than being tied down to one woman. He was fairly handsome and had no difficulty finding companionship whenever he desired some. I was quite aware that he was somewhat of a pervert, just like me, and we shared many stories and tales about our love lives. On more than one occasion, I had shared with him my desire to watch my wife with another man, and he had told me that it is not too uncommon…and that if she ever agreed to it that I should not hesitate to call on him. Of course, then we laughed it off and moved on to another topic. We were sitting at a local bar, having a couple of beers and just visiting, when I casually mentioned that Greta needed to have her annual checkup to get her prescriptions renewed (she was on hormone therapy after having a hysterectomy in her early-thirties.) I told him that she really didn’t want to have a full checkup, but that she just wanted to get her prescription renewed. My friend leaned close to me and said, “Tell her not to worry…I can write her a new ‘script and she can skip her exam for another year.” I hadn’t really expected him make such an offer, and I asked him if he was sure. He replied “Well, she really should have a full checkup just to be on the safe side…but if she doesn’t want to…”

By now I had a few thoughts and visions zipping around in my head, and I said to him “You know, maybe you could give her a quick once over…maybe just check out the main stuff and make sure there’s nothing wrong.” He looked up at me and smiled a little bit, and I winked at him and leaned back…”You know, just to make sure she’s in good shape.” He replied that he would have to make a couple of arrangements, but he would go ahead and give her an exam at no cost if I could bring her in the next weekend while he was on duty at the hospital.

I waited until the next day to tell Greta that I had made the arrangements to get her prescriptions filled, and that the doctor only had to make a cursory exam to cover himself legally. She was a bit hesitant and really started to protest when I told her we had to go to the hospital after midnight on a Saturday, but I was able to convince her that he was doing it free as a favor and the hospital administration would not be happy if they found out he was giving free exams. She bought my story that I had done some accounting work for him earlier, free of charge, and that he was just repaying the favor.

As Saturday night approached, I could hardly contain my enthusiasm. My wife was still a bit nervous about the whole thing, and she made me promise that I wouldn’t leave her side. She didn’t realize that my plan was to witness everything!

The hospital is a small facility, and rarely has much business after midnight. Occasional drunks or a kid with an earache are the usual fare…but usually it is pretty good snooze time for the ER physician. The Doctor’s sleep room is about 200 feet from the ER, down a hall and away from the nighttime traffic of nurses or ICU visitors. There is a security guard who pretty much stays at the main entrance to make sure that the people coming in after hours are not derelicts or kids. When we walked through the doors at midnight, the guard looked up from his magazine and gave us a quick glance. Seeing that we were “normal” people, he allowed us to pass by unmolested as we walked toward the patient rooms. Instead of turning down the hall to the ICU, we walked straight toward the Emergency Entrance, and made a short detour to the Doctor’s Sleep Room. Greta was pulling back a little bit, beginning to feel a little uneasy about all of the “sneaking around” as she put it. But by the time she started to voice her opposition, I was already standing at the door and knocking lightly.

As Dr. Clark opened the door and greeted us, Greta stood for a moment, stunned by his good looks. I believe that she had expected an older man, not thinking that I’d set her up with a hunk to give her a physical exam. She slowly walked through the door into the private room as the doctor kept up a conversation, trying to put her at ease. He apologized for the lack of a better exam room and re-stated the need for a bit of secrecy, as this exam was “off the record.” Greta was fairly stiff at first, answering most of his questions with short answers, but gradually his charm took over and his professional bedside manner began to put her at ease. He asked all of the normal questions about her past medical history, making notes on a sheet of paper the whole time. He cautioned that there would be no “official” record of this visit, however. We told him that we understood, and he again apologized for having to conduct the exam in his sleep room. When Greta replied that she it was okay, that she understood why we were there, Dr. Clark replied, “Well then, let’s get this done and over with shall we? Why don’t you go ahead and disrobe and I’ll just make some notes.”

Greta turned a little pale when he said that, glancing around to see if there was a gown or even a sheet that she could drape herself with. As she realized that he meant for her to just strip her clothes off right in front of us, her face began to turn a more crimson color. The doc jotted some notes on his paper and I pretended not to watch as she slowly began to peel off her clothes. She looked like she was going to call the whole thing off at any moment, but she slowly kept undressing. He waited until she was just removing her bra before he looked up at her and said “So, are we ready?” He looked away for a moment as Greta said “Uh…I’m…I’m almost ready.” And with that she removed her panties and sat down on the edge of the doctor’s bed. He waited for a few more seconds before turning to face her again, and with his practiced bedside manner began to tell her what to do. She followed his instructions without asking any questions, although she did hesitate for a moment before carrying out his first commands.
“Okay…now sit up straight and tall. Let your hands fall to your sides.” As she slowly dropped her folded arms to her sides, her lovely breasts glowed radiantly at us. Her areolas are about 2 ½ inches across, and her breasts hang deliciously, nipples still pointing straight ahead. I could see that her nipples were slightly erect – but not nearly as much as they could be. Her face took on a somewhat blank expression, as she became a slave to the Doctor’s authority. I was loving it! After a quick listen to her heart and breath sounds, Dr. Clark leaned forward and felt all along her neck and throat, feeling all of the glands like a normal exam. He then felt in her armpit area, and slowly moved his hands to cup the underside of her breasts. He gently bounced them a couple of times, feeling their weight before gently squeezing the nipples and watching the areolas crinkle up a little. The whole time he was giving reassuring noises like “Good” “Very good” and “Excellent.” He then had Greta stand up and walk across the floor away from us, then turn and walk back. I watched as my naked wife paraded in front of a man who was a total stranger to her. He then had her sit on the edge of a wooden chair, arch her back, and lean forward – which had the wonderful effect of showing off every square inch of her hanging, beautiful breasts. He gently touched, pushed, and prodded her breasts while she sat like that, displayed for both of us to enjoy. He then had her stand again and face him as he remained in the chair. He looked over and felt her entire body, telling her he was checking for any signs of skin cancer.

When he had finished caressing her entire body with his soft hands, he told her to face him again. I could see that Greta was a little flushed, and saw that her nipples were a bit more erect than they had been up to this point. “So, she really liked that!” I thought to myself. Dr. Clark then began to feel her abdomen while she stood there, occasionally tapping on her and pushing into her flesh to feel organs. He turned her slightly and did the same for her back, over the kidneys. All the while murmuring those soft, reassuring words. Greta didn’t seem very self-conscious any more, as she had been totally naked for the past half-hour already. He gently brushed her pubic hair with one hand while lifting one leg up onto the wooden chair with the other hand. She turned her head to look at me as if to say “What the hell is he doing?” but I just looked at her and shrugged my shoulders a little. As if on cue, Dr. Clark explained that he was going to perform the first exam of her pelvic area while she was standing to get a better feel of her internal organs. Greta rolled her eyes and looked at the ceiling as the doctor carefully parted her slightly puffy labia and gently rolled each one between his forefinger and thumb. He then spread her lips apart in the classic butterfly position and made a quick circle around her protruding clitoris, which elicited a tiny gasp from Greta. All he said was “Good.” as he continued as though it was perfectly normal to play with a woman’s clit while doing an exam. He gently pulled back on her pubis mons to withdraw the clitoral hood and expose the entire clitoris, glistening slightly and waiting for attention. I saw Greta take in a deep breath and give a slight shudder as his expert hands touched her clit again. He asked her the usual questions about any history of disease, how many sexual partners she had had (just me!).

I watched as he gently traced his middle finger along her slit to feel for moistness, and then followed the same path with his ring finger before quickly slipping both fingers deep into Greta’s pussy. She gasped and jumped at the pressure, and I jumped at the whole event, using my hand to push my erection farther down in an attempt to keep my excitement hidden. Dr. Clark used his best clinical voice to explain what he was doing as he reached high up into my wife’s vagina with his fingers. He explained that he was going to check the perineum next, and then feel her rectum for a moment…and that it might be a little uncomfortable. As I watched him withdraw his fingers, then slowly slide three fingers back up inside her, I realized that he hadn’t put on a glove or even lubricated his fingers! His bare hand was sliding up into Greta’s pussy on her own lubrication! He expertly withdrew his fingers and quickly inserted his thumb into her wet opening a couple of times…literally fucking her with his thumb…before he pushed his middle finger against her anus and gently forced himself into her virginal ass. I gently stroked my hard-on through my pants as I looked at my wife standing with one leg raised on a chair and a man pushing his thumb into her pussy and a finger up her ass, holding her like a six-pack. Her tits jiggled slightly as she began to breathe a little more rapidly, her mouth open a little and her eyes still focused on the ceiling. I also noticed that her nipples were about as hard as I had ever seen them, standing erect about ¾ of an inch and quite thick. She looked heavenly!

Just when I thought that she might actually start riding his hand, he withdrew his fingers and quickly wiped them on a towel that was on the desk. “Okay, let’s have you lay down now.” He said, as though he was totally oblivious to what he had just accomplished with my very shy, private wife. Greta looked down for a second and I couldn’t help but think that she was a bit disappointed that he had stopped so quickly. She then dropped her leg, stepped back and lay down on the doctor’s bed. He looked in her ears and eyes. He was giving a little monologue about his findings as he kept looking at her. “You seem to be in very good shape. Your organs and skin appear very healthy. Your labia are very moist and pliable and you have a normal clitoral reaction. Your vagina is very muscular and your anal sphincter is quite strong. You obviously take good care of yourself. Tell me, do you do regular kegel exercises?”

“Um…yes…yes I do them every day.” Greta answered. “Good. It shows. It will also help you to achieve regular orgasms. How often do you orgasm. Greta?” Dr. Clark asked as he peered into her eyes with his flashlight.

She blinked rapidly and stammered a bit, thrown off by the question. “I, uh…almost all of the time, I guess.” She replied.

He stopped for a few seconds and looked at me then back at her. “Almost all of the time? That’s fairly unusual. Are they vaginal orgasms, or just clitoral?”

“Uh, I’m not sure, I guess.” She answered.

I decided it was time for me to join the scene. “Uh, doc…we use a vibrator a lot.” I offered.

“Oh, I see.” He said, “Then they are probably clitoral. Trust me my dear, you would know if you were having a vaginal orgasm. I noticed that your rectum is still very tight. I take it that you don’t engage in anal sex?” He inquired as my wife opened her mouth to say “ahhhh” while he put a stick down her throat. As she couldn’t answer, he continued “How about oral sex? Do you engage in oral sex?”

At that moment he reached her gag reflex with the stick, and she retched a little, but only a little. He withdrew the stick “Very slight gag reflex…how nice. Okay, do you do regular breast self-exams?”

“Uh-huh.” Greta replied.

“Good.” He said as he reached down with both hands to cup her right breast and began to tenderly squeeze her tit. He massaged Greta’s breasts for what must have been five minutes before he began to work on her nipples. They had flattened a bit during the “exam” but snapped to attention as soon as he began to squeeze them. He tweaked one for a few seconds, and then pulled gently until it stretched about two inches from her areola before letting it go to snap back, causing her entire breast to jiggle. “Very nice rebound.” He commented, and then did the same thing with the other breast. “Do you ever have any discharge from your nipple?” He asked.

“Um, no. No, I don’t think so.” She replied.

I interjected “Well, every once in a while I notice a little white stuff on ‘em.”

“Is it usually after prolonged stimulation, like suckling?” Dr. Clark asked.

“Uh, yeah. Usually.” I replied…hoping that he would start sucking on Greta’s nipples. He didn’t.

“Well, that’s probably normal. Let’s see if we can work some out. Sit up, dear.” He ordered my wife. Surprisingly, she obeyed and sat up on the bed, letting her breasts hang down for him to examine, and for me to watch. He produced an elastic band from a drawer that he quickly wrapped tightly around her right breast near her chest. The effect was magical. It lifted her tit and created a perfectly round globe, pronounced and pointed straight ahead. “Now, what we want to do is stimulate the glands in the breast…” Dr. Clark continued in his professional voice, “…to produce some fluid.” And with that he began milking my wife’s entire, swollen breast. He squeezed gently from the base of the breast, and more firmly in the center until he had run his hands out to her nipples, where he pinched tightly and tugged them out about two inches. I was afraid to touch my cock through my pants because I thought I might cum! Greta didn’t say anything, and she didn’t move or squirm, but I could tell her breathing was getting heavier and her eyes just stayed closed. Whether she would ever admit it or not, she was enjoying the hell out of this!

The doctor kept explaining, “This isolates the blood into the engorged breast and the manipulation stimulates the glands to produce...” I could see her tit turning purple from the tourniquet that he had applied. Greta’s shoulders began to shudder every time he kneaded her breast. “…and then when I release the tourniquet, the glands will flood and the fluid will be expressed through the nipple.” And with a flourish, he flipped the strap to release the tourniquet just as he tugged on her nipple. The rush of blood into the breast touched every nerve in her swollen tit, causing Greta to gasp out loud, followed by an involuntary sexually-charged moan as she rolled her head back. While I was expecting a gush of fluid from her nipple, it still took a couple of rolls of the doctor’s thumb and forefinger to get a little dribble of fluid to express from Greta’s very erect nipple. She just kept her eyes closed and licked her lips over and over again. I am quite certain that a single touch to her pussy would have unleashed a virtual flood of orgasmic juices. Instead of touching her, the doctor simply smeared the milky liquid around on his fingers and looked at it, pronouncing, “Yes, this is quite normal. Nothing at all to worry about.”

I thought I’d died and gone to Heaven. My wife was being fondled, stimulated, massaged, and nearly brought to orgasm while I watched…and she still didn’t have a clue that I had set the whole thing up.

Dr. Clark interrupted my reverie, “There’s just one more thing that I’d like to check, if it’s all right with you, Greta.” My wife numbly nodded her assent before he even told her what he wanted to do. He could have told her that he wanted to tie her wrists and flog her with a cat-o-nine tails, and I think she would have agreed! As he laid her back down on his bed, he said that because of the scar tissue from her hysterectomy, he couldn’t feel the internal structures very well. He opened a drawer next to the bed and produced what looked to me like a huge dildo, quickly sliding it down before Greta could see it. She followed his instructions to bend her knees and spread her legs as he gently opened her vaginal lips with the two fingers on his left hand. From where I was sitting, Greta’s legs blocked my view of her pussy, so I slowly slid sideways until I could see him touching the cylindrical object against her swollen and obviously wet pussy lips. He glanced over his shoulder at me and smiled the big shit-eating grin that I had seen many times when we shared stories, then he raised his eyebrows as if to ask permission. I opened my eyes wider and nodded “Yes, yes, yes!” Again without any extra lubrication, the doctor gently began to slide the tapered object into my wife’s pussy. I watched as it entered her slowly, bit by bit until about 4 inches had been inserted. At that point the object widened considerably, and Dr. Clark hesitated as the widened portion began to spread her swollen lips apart. “Are you doing all right, Greta?” he asked.

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