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Doctors Orders


I¹ve never been good about going to the doctor. It's always on the bottom of my list, unless I¹m injured or so sick that I end up in the emergency room. I needed a physical for my new job by the next day, though, so I had made a late appointment with the doctor that my boss had recommended.

She had a rather odd look when she mentioned the doctor¹s name, but I didn't think anything of it until much later, when it was already too late. I checked in with the receptionist, and sat there in the crowded waiting room, ogling the ads in an ancient copy of Cosmopolitan to pass the time.

After a few minutes the door to my left opened, revealing an absolute Goddess of a woman, her beautiful face framed by a halo of red hair cascading over her shoulders. Clinging seductively to the gorgeous curve of her hips was a slinky skirt which danced around her powerful thighs as she entered the room. Her soft silken blouse carried a name tag on the breast, printed simply with "Ms. Julie".

I was completely enraptured and undoubtedly made a fool of myself gawking at her while she consulted a clipboard, called the next name on the list, and disappeared behind the door again. A few minutes later, when she returned for the next patient, her gaze seemed to linger on me momentarily and my heart must have skipped a beat.

This visit might pan out better than I'd thought! Each time she reappeared over the next hour, calling on the other patients one by one, I stared at her unabashedly, and watched almost jealously as each of them followed that incredible woman through the door and down the hall.

Eventually, the waiting room was empty, and I waited impatiently for another half hour. Finally, the door opened again, and I practically leaped to my feet. She gazed around the now empty room, seemingly surprised, and then cocked an eyebrow at me with a slow smile.

"You're the only one here," she said, feigning innocence.

"I thought you'd never notice," I teased back, unable to resist flirting with her.

"I was just saving the best for last," she said, looking me right in the eye. Suddenly my knees felt weak.

"Come with me." She turned and glided silently down the long hall, and I followed, mesmerized by the lilting sway of those svelte hips. The sensuous rolling motion of her luscious bottom, clearly visible through her tight-fitting little skirt, distracted me so much that I noticed neither her furtive glances nor the smug, knowing little smile that accompanied them. "Come in," she said, closing the examining room door after me.

My eyes were still glued to her magnificent ass, as she moved towards a small table, bending gracefully at the hips to scratch a notation onto my insurance form. She turned back just in time to catch the tail end of my lustful glance, and I detected an amused glint in her eye, and wondered what she was thinking.

"Get undressed. Everything off but your underpants."

I gulped, thinking that I knew the source of her amusement now. The disadvantages of seeing a female doctor, especially one as gorgeous as Ms. Julie, were suddenly quite clear to me. I mean, I¹m proud of my body and all, but this was not how I¹d usually try to impress a woman that I was attracted to. But to impress this lovely goddess was something that I desperately desired, all of a sudden.

"Don't feel uncomfortable," she spoke over her shoulder, positioning what looked like an obstetrics chair to her satisfaction. "I¹m just your doctor."

When she turned back to face me, I was standing awkwardly with my clothes piled at my feet. I kept my eyes lowered, not wanting this incredibly sexy woman to see my desire for her, and felt shamefully on display before her, doctor though she was.

I shivered involuntarily as Ms. Julie's slender hand reached toward the tell tale bulge in my shorts, stretching the elastic waistband and slipping down out of sight. Her cool fingers carefully avoided my swelling penis, sliding down to palpate the flesh beside my balls.

"Cough, please," she said, with professional detachment, and then shifted her fingers to the other side. "Again!"

It was sheer torture to stand there passively beside her voluptuous body. Enveloped in her warm and spicy aroma, I struggled to breathe normally while her fingers slipped through my pubic hair. When her lovely hand grazed my slowly swelling cock, seemingly by accident, a quiver shot through me and she smiled, amused at my lack of control.

"Well, everything seems fine down there, Ms. Julie chuckled. "Why don't you have a seat," indicating the examining chair she had prepared for me.

I let go a sigh of relief, and turned to the chair. It had several odd attachments that I wanted to ask her about, but not trusting my voice, I silently shrugged my shoulders and sat down. Hand on the chair's adjustment lever, Ms. Julie tilted me back to a horizontal position, and then, before I realized her plan, flipped a leather strap across my chest and arms and securely fastened it.

"What are you doing?" I queried shrilly, struggling in vain to free myself.

"I¹m preparing you for your treatment," she calmly replied.

Frightened now, I started to protest, but she interrupted me.

"Did you really think that I wouldn't notice?" Ms. Julie demanded of me, moving past my legs to secure each of my feet with similar leather straps.

"Wha-what do you mean?" I stuttered nervously.

"What am I going to do with you, you nasty little man," she purred, smiling down at me lasciviously, "Staring at my ass like that, and with out my permission!"

For a moment, her words stunned me speechless. Catlike, she bent over to give a final tug on the strap across my chest, brushing her smooth thigh seductively against my cheek.

"I'm sorry, Ms. Julie," I pleaded in a quavering voice. "It was really rude to stare at you like that. Please, won't you accept my apology?

"Oh, don't worry, my little pet," Ms. Julie chuckled, her eyes sparkling with the same strange glint that I¹d seen earlier, "I'll be accepting your apologies for hours."

Stepping back, she pulled her blouse up over her head, revealing the rounded fullness of her breasts and then nonchalantly reached back to unzip the slinky skirt through which I'd been admiring her lovely behind.

Bound helplessly to her examining chair I watched in silent awe as she wrestled the flimsy garment over her curvaceous hips. Down her lithe body it fell, gathering into a heap at her ankles. Towering over me now was a sultry, sexy woman, clothed only in a tiny satin string bikini. Her stethoscope dangling provocatively between her ripe, proud breasts.

"There now," she smiled down at me possessively, "I knew from the moment I first caught you staring at me that I'd have you smothering under my ass before the day was out."

Laughing at the panic in my eyes, Ms. Julie sauntered past my shoulders, and mounting me like a saddle, gave the chair's lever a upward tug. The electric hoist begin to whir, lifting me inexorably up between her smooth straddling thighs, which seemed to whisper to me as they slid past my ears. Now I was really scared.

Staring up at the panty-clad globes which hovered above me, I shivered at the thought of this woman sitting on my helpless face. The threat of suffocating was frightening enough, but to be smothered by her ass!

"No! Please!" I begged her. "Don't do this to me!"

Trapping my face between her pliant cheeks, Ms. Julie laughed with pleasure at my helplessness as her tiny satin bikini sealed against my lips. She wriggled her hips in a triumphant little victory dance as I writhed and squirmed helplessly beneath her, struggling desperately for breath against the smothering flesh of her luscious bottom.

My face was a throne for her perfect posterior and to my horror (and everlasting humiliation), I could feel my cock rapidly engorging. This beautiful scarlet-haired woman, whom I'd never met, was smothering my face with her voluptuous ass and it was giving me a hard-on, a fact that didn't escape my lovely captress.

"Well, well well!" Ms. Julie cooed provocatively, gliding her fingernail teasingly over my rock hard penis. "You enjoying your little face-sitting lesson, aren't you?"

From beneath her sweet round bottom, came a muffled moan of protest, but my raging hard-on had betrayed me. I stared up between her perfect cheeks, watching the soft, downy hair at the small of her back ruffle slightly as I panted heavily in her crack.

I was overcome with the humiliation of my position, yet strangely excited at the same time, and wondered what she might demand next. I wasn't kept waiting for long!

"Do you know what rimming is, my little slave?" Ms. Julie asked archly, lifting her sweat-glistened bottom from my face momentarily.

I'd never heard the term before, but when she reached back and pulled aside the tiny swatch of her satin panties and looked over her shoulder at me expectantly, I saw in her eyes what she had planned for me. I was so overcome with the thought of this new humiliation that I could barely shake my head, but she would not take no for an answer.

"That¹s right, slave." she laughed. "You're going to lick my asshole now, or smother right here under my ass." I knew somehow that she would carry out her threat, so hesitantly, I lifted my mouth up to kiss her smooth cheeks and flicking out my tongue, traced the edge of her asshole..

"Mmmm, yes," Ms. Julie sighed contentedly, accepting my final act of obeisance and ultimate humiliation as her due.

"My ass is going to love this little tongue bath, slave."

I ran my tongue up the length of her crack, and then descended again, nuzzling her velvety flesh all the way down. With my nose deep between her cheeks once again, I pressed my lips to her sweet asshole in a long and sensuous kiss. My entire universe revolved around her now. I had become her ass-licking slave!

"My, what a talented little tongue you have!" Ms. Julie giggled ,nestling herself comfortably against my lips. "That's a good little ass-licker!"

The slurping, sucking sounds of my swirling tongue devotedly worshipping her delectable ass were music to her ears. Somehow she knew that for me, lying beneath her and licking her crack in ultimate, abject adoration was the most erotic thing I had ever experienced.

She thought happily of the other uses she could put my wriggling tongue to. She couldn't wait to put me to use after her work-outs, using my tongue as a sponge to swab the sweat from under her arms and between her ass cheeks.

At the end of her work day, I would be massaging her feet while she sat on my face and relaxed. But to earn these rewards, I would be required to practice for hours, licking, sucking and worshipping the lovely ass of my new owner, the beautiful Ms. Julie.

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Sure reads well

Could imagine me being her sex toy while she toyed with my dick.

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