tagLoving WivesDoes Honesty Pay? Of Course Not.

Does Honesty Pay? Of Course Not.


Thank you Angel Love for editing this story.


My father told me it pays to be honest. Bullshit, it certainly does not pay. How in hell had I ended up in this situation? By being honest of course.

Saturday three weeks ago, Susan and I were invited to a party hosted by Jane and Tim. We had been friends with them for many years. Susan had already planned to visit her parents that weekend so she asked me to go alone, which I did. I expected to be the fifth wheel on the wagon, but it so happened that an old friend of Jane's from her home town was visiting. We were therefore four males and four females. At the table I was seated next to Judy, Jane's friend. The other two couples were neighbours of Jane and Tim. Judy was a very pretty green eyed redhead, and she was very fun to be with. I ended up of course flirting a little too much with her, and as she was divorced, she enjoyed the flattery.

It was a fun evening. Jane served excellent food, and Tim supplied first class wine and plenty of booze. I danced with all the girls, but I must admit that Judy became my favourite. Especially the slow tunes, when she moulded herself to me, almost like she was attempting to dry hump me. I got a severe case of immodest erection, and she really had fun teasing me.

As the evening progressed, with no Susan to give me any warning glances, I drank too much.

Jane told me as I was in no condition to drive, I could stay in one of their spare bedrooms and sleep it off. That taken care of, we continued our partying. I remember that the two neighbour wives, Karen and Claire, left the party around 1 o'clock, and that their husbands John and Robert stayed. The rest of the night is all foggy, and I don't remember anything.

Next morning, half awake, the morning sunrays hit my face. I found myself naked in bed lying with a warm soft body into me spoon fashion, my chest against the back of this creature, same shape and softness as my Susan. My arms were around her and my left hand was cupping a nice tit. I got aroused and started to fondle "Susan" and my erection went in between her legs searching for the one and only proper place for an erect penis to be. I heard a soft moan, and she stretched and turned slowly towards me giving me a deep kiss. Her hand took hold of my cock and fondled it lovingly. Instead of looking into my wife's pretty brown eyes, I saw the sparkle of two glorious green eyes.

I was suddenly not half awake anymore. It hit me like a cold shower; I was naked about to have sex with Judy!

Shocked, I pushed Judy away, and exclaimed; "I'm sorry Judy, but I thought you were my wife Susan. How did I get in bed with you?"

"I don't know, I went to bed alone late last night, you must have sneaked in later without me noticing. We were both quite wasted I must admit," Judy replied.

"Did we have sex, I can't remember anything?" I asked.

"If we did, I don't remember either, but I need some loving, so please make love to me now Keith," she replied.

"No Judy, I can't cheat on Susan. You are a very lovely lady, and I would love to make love to you. I'm very horny, and it is only with my greatest will power I can resist the temptation," I said.

"Keith, we have been in same bed for hours, nobody would believe we didn't do anything. So why not just do it? It will not make any difference."

"True, but I will know. What happened last night, if anything, I don't remember. If I fuck you now, I will remember, that's the difference. I'm sorry Judy, but I'll dress and take my leave. If Jane and Tim are awake, I'll say goodbye to them. If not I'll just leave and call them later. Please don't tell them we slept together tonight." I hugged her, dressed, left the house quietly and drove home.

I felt bad for several days, and tried to behave as normal as possible. But I think Susan understood something was not as it should be. I could hardly look my wife Susan in the eyes, so eventually I felt the need to be honest and so I told her everything. I made an honest effort to describe the evening as precisely as possible. The situation of finding me in bed with Judy believing it was her was included as it happened. I expected her to be angry, but she went bananas. I had never in my wildest imagination expected her to react so violently. So for the next couple of weeks she hardly talked to me, until yesterday afternoon.

I came home after work and had no great expectation for the weekend considering Susan's mood. So when she met me in the hall in her best and most transparent negligee, I thought I at last had been forgiven. How wrong I was.

She lured me up to our bedroom, undressed me and during our foreplay she tied a silk scarf over my eyes, and softly used her lips and tongue to stimulate me over the whole body. She lured me into a dreamlike state, and suddenly she had cuffed my wrists to the bed posts. I tried to pull my hands away, but was too late; I was secured to the bed. She took off the blindfold and told me it was time for my punishment. At that time I was not particularly worried, Susan was not a violent girl. But I was not prepared for what actually happened.

She started to dress, obviously she planned going out. Nice sexy underwear, short black skirt and a nearly transparent red silk blouse. She looked hot!

Before she left she told me; "Keith, you are going to lie here until I come back after a few hours fun with friends. The first hour or so you will have nothing to do but think about the party at Jane and Tim's, and what you did. Then the video machine here will start and show you a film I have prepared for you, for your entertainment. For your security, I will leave your cell phone within reach, and you are allowed to phone 911 in emergency, or me. Nobody else. Somehow I think you do not want any of your friends to find you here naked and handcuffed to your bed. The key to the cuffs are here on top of the TV if an emergency demands you to be released. To protect you I will activate the security alarm, and I have screened the bedroom sensor so that your moving on the bed will not set it off. Any questions?"

"Yes, one question, are you crazy?"

"No, but mad and angry, have a nice evening," she said and left.

For the next hour I tried to relax as best as possible, thinking on everything but the party. I was embarrassed and of course I did not try to contact anybody. At last I was about to fall asleep, the time must have been about nine o'clock, but then the TV screen suddenly lighted up, and the video machine started. On the screen appeared the face of Susan, and she said:

"Keith, I love you very much. I am about to show you my punishment, and by this I want to scare you from ever cheating on me again. Jane told me how you behaved at the party, how you flirted outrageously with Judy, and had it not been for you two being dressed, you would have been fucking each other while dancing. Later, Jane had been cleaning up in the kitchen, and when she came back looking for you and Judy to show you to your respective bedrooms, Tim and the other boys said you had gone to bed together. Don't take me for being stupid, you had one night of pleasure with her, and I have executed my punishment of you, and you are now about to see how. Please remember what you see is not for my gratification but your punishment, enjoy!"

The screen went black for a few seconds, and Susan appeared again saying: "Tuesday 13th at noon, chapter one!"

On the screen I saw our bed, and Susan appeared with Tim. They kissed, and started to undress each other and were soon naked. Susan was on her back on the bed, with Tim between her legs, and Tim kissed her face, boobs, all over and at last licked her pussy. I saw she had shaved her pussy for the occasion. She was very passive at first, but eventually Tim succeeded to get her steamed up, and she cried out in pleasure. He gave her a real fucking. Tim gave her a warning before he ejaculated, and she asked him not to cum in her, but on her boobs, which he did. Globs of semen landed on her stomach and breasts and she smiled and slowly massaged it in her skin like a moisture cream. The following scenes must have been edited away, because the next picture was showing her sitting naked on the bed, looking into the camera saying;

"I have invited Roger to come here noon Thursday 15th, for chapter two. I hope you have enjoyed it so far Keith."

Again the screen went blank for a few seconds, followed by our bed, this time with Susan and Roger in the picture. Roger is a big guy, broad chest and muscles all over. He does weight lifting. It was a repeat performance, but when they were naked I laughed, because this big man had a small penis. Flaccid it was only a good inch, maybe 11/2, and I could see Susan was disappointed. She started to fondle his cock and it swelled to the impressive size close to 4 inches, and thin. They got into the bed and Roger did no effort to stimulate Susan, and she was not pleased. But after some time she asked him to go off her, and she turned around and up on her knees and asked him to take her virgin ass. He did not need any further encouragement so he eased his cock into her ass, and after another few minutes he came in her.

Next scene was again her naked and alone on the bed saying; "Keith, he was a poor fuck, so you will appreciate this is not for my gratification. However, I really liked it in the ass, so if you behave and are a good boy in the future I will allow you to use my ass also. Last chapter will be Monday 19th; John has accepted my invitation to come over for some fun. Have a nice show."

Well, do I need to tell you? John and Susan appeared on the screen, and of course ended up fucking. John is a tall slim guy, but his equipment was big. Not enormous, but a good sized penis above average. And he could use it. This time I could see Susan enjoyed herself, and after the first fuck, she went down on him and stimulated him with her mouth, something she never had done with me. So after a few minutes of sucking, he was hard again.

The fuck sessions with Tim and Robert had lasted about 15 minutes each after editing. But with John the show was on for nearly half an hour. I had no idea how much she had edited away, but when she appeared alone commenting the session, I could see a satisfied smile on her face;

"Keith, I must admit I enjoyed this. John was good, and he gave me great pleasure. But it will not be repeated if you behave. I expect you have a boner now, after the shows we have given you. By the way, we are even now, so when I get home I will take care of it. I will see you soon, and keep it hard for me!"

The video machine stopped, the screen went blank. I looked down at my penis, it was slunk and flaccid. How could she think I got sexually excited seeing her fucking my friends? Had she read too many stupid Literotica cuckold stories?

I was disappointed, sad and angry. Disappointed at myself for drinking too much that evening at Jane and Tim's. Sad because Susan chose not to believe me, angry and upset at witnessing her fucking my friends. I also regretted deeply I had told her anything at all. What to do when she got home? One thing I was sure about, we were not even. She went far overboard with her punishment.

While the video was running entertaining Keith, Susan was with friends in a trendy dance bar downtown. She sat with her back against a thin partition between two tables. On the other side of the partition a group of men had a party. She was sitting there absently sipping at a glass of white wine, when she caught on the conversation at the other table. With a shock it dawned on her they were talking about her and Keith, and hearing what they said, all colour drained from her face. She recognised the voice of Jane's husband Tim saying;

"Sure I fucked my friend's wife the other day. It was a great fuck; she is really a juicy girl."

Then an unknown voice; "How come, what about her husband you are supposed to be friend's with?"

"It was a revenge fuck; she believed he had cheated on him. Oh heck, I tell you what happened. We had a party at our house. He came alone; his wife was out of town. Visiting her parents I think. A newly divorced friend of Jane's was staying with us, and my friend ended up flirting heavily with her most of the evening." There was a short pause; he probably had a sip from his drink, before he continued;

"I was liberal with the drinks, and he drank too much, so in the end he passed out on the couch. Jane was in the kitchen cleaning up, and her friend Judy had gone to bed. Two of our neighbours and me were joking about my friend passed out on the couch, and we talked about what kind of fun we could have with him. It ended by us carrying him upstairs, undressing him and putting him to bed next to Judy. We had a big laugh, and wondered what would happen in the morning when they woke up naked in the same bed." And after a new pause;

"We don't know what happened in the morning, he went home before we were awake, and Judy said nothing. But the stupid guy told his wife, and she believed the worst of course. So it was with great pleasure I accepted her invitation to a revenge fuck. Served him right, drinking too much and spilling his guts to his wife."

Susan had heard enough, she felt sick and was disgusted at herself. What had she done? She told her friends she was not feeling well and would go home, and she left.

In the car back at her house, were she had to face Keith she was thinking about what to do. It was difficult for her to see a sensible way out, so when she parked outside and locked herself in, she remembered what her dad had told her when she was a small girl;

"Always stick to the truth my dear Susan, never tell lies. But remember you do not need to tell everything."

She decided she would follow her dad's advice, she had just proven herself that total honesty and telling everything did no good for Keith.

The end - or is it?


Dear reader,

Why spell it out, use your imagination to see what happens when she enters the bedroom to release Keith from his cuffs.

If somebody has the urge to complete and explain, be my guest. But remember two very important points:

First, Keith does not know what really happened - or did not happen, and

Second, Keith did not get exited watching Susan fuck other guys.

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by calflash06/09/18


Not only did she go overboard but this was a poor followup to an otherwise unremarkable story. It was nothing more than a rehash of the original. Glad it was so short as to not waste more of my time..

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by sas644603/05/18

Another UGH!!!!!

What's with SO many guys in these stories that get themselves so drunk they pass out and don't remember what happened to them????? That's just plain irresponsible and stupid!

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by Schwanze108/16/17



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by sas644607/25/17


But the worst part is...YOU LEFT IT HANGING!

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