tagLoving WivesDoes Honesty Pay? Yes It Does.

Does Honesty Pay? Yes It Does.


Again, thank you Angela Love for your proof reading.


I got pepper from my readers for not completing my story "Does Honesty Pay? Of Course Not" submitted some days ago. In my mind the story had an ending, but it seems that the readers did not have the imagination to se that this is what happened when Susan came home:

Keith was on the bed waiting for Susan to come home. He had his cell phone in his right hand, and he had punched 911. When he heard the front door open and Susan's steps on the stairs, he punched the send button. He got connected to the emergency switchboard at the same time as Susan came in through the bedroom door. She stopped dead with a surprised look on her face when he spoke in the phone:

"This is Keith Wilson, Wisteria Lane 27, I have been handcuffed to my bed by my wife. If I stop talking to you, or you hear my wife's voice in the phone, please send a patrol car as quick as possible to rescue me. ----- She is now in the room. ----- She has found the key. ----- She is now unlocking the first cuff, ----- and now she is unlocking the other cuff. I am free, and I am all right now, you don't need to send a car. Thank you for listening to me."

"Keith, why did you do that, I was in the house and on my way to unlock the cuffs, you knew that."

I pulled Susan down on the bed, rolled over her and pinned her down by sitting across her. I looked at her and said; "I had to distract you, I had to make sure you forgot to eject the incriminating tape and destroy it before you released me. You had that in mind didn't you?"

She looked frightened at me and said, "Yes."

"Am I correct assuming there are no copies, and that the boys did not know you taped them?"

"Yes, you are," she whispered.

And then I quickly cuffed both her hands, and said, "Now I can retrieve the tape and put it in safekeeping until I decide what to do with it."

She started screaming, "Let go of me, release me immediately!" She started to kick her feet, and violently rolling about. I went to my wardrobe, pulled out two ties, and sitting on her legs I tied one tie to each of her ankles and secured her legs to the bedposts.

She gave up, and started to cry, "What are you doing to me?"

"Paying you back, of course. Now you can feel how it is lying here by yourself all tied up. I will remove my things from the bedroom and move into our guestroom. You can lie here and think about what you have done to me. It might be a lesson for you."

"Keith, let me at least go to the bathroom first. I need to pee."

"Sorry Susan, that's your problem," I replied.

"Please Keith, I will not be able to wait till the morning. I will stain the skirt and the mattress, please let me free to go to the bathroom."

I went up to her, took a good grasp in the blouse, and I tore it down the middle and ripped it in two. I threw the shattered remains on the floor, she had no bra, then the skirt and the panties went the same way, ripped to pieces, and I said, "Now you will not stain the skirt, and the mattress I don't give a shit about. I will never lie in that bed again that is for sure."

Before I left the room, I ejected the tape, and told her: "I will store it at my office, don't even try to find it," and with malice added, "Sleep well!"

I slept surprisingly well, and woke up to a bright Saturday morning. After my visit to the bathroom, I went into the master bedroom and Susan. She slept, and the room was reeking with urine smell. She had succeeded to work a pillow down to her bottom, and she had peed into the pillow, and then pushed it onto the floor. I therefore opened the window to let fresh air in, and I threw the pillow out into the garden.

Susan woke, and she was pleading, "Please release me now Keith."

"Yes I will, but first you will listen to one or two telephone conversations I will have. It will take only a few minutes. Then I will unlock the cuffs, and you can go wherever you want to go."

"I still love you Keith, I don't want to go any other place than the bathroom, please Keith," she begged.

I dialled the number to Jane and Tim, Jane took the phone. Susan heard only my side of the conversation, and this is what she heard:

"Hi Jane, it's Keith. I need to talk to Judy, you know your friend from Fargo." ------ "Yes, I need her telephone number." ------ "Thank You Jane, yes I will give your greetings to Susan, have a nice day, and you say hello to Tim from me. Tell him I will not be able to play golf this weekend. Good bye."

"All the best from Jane, Susan. I don't think she would like to know that you fucked her husband, do you? I mean, she is supposed to be your good friend isn't she?" I said.

"Oh god, what have I done? I'm so sorry," she replied, and continued, "I didn't think about hurting her or the other girls. I only thought of getting even with you. I love you so much I wanted to scare you so you would never do anything like what you did to this woman Judy, ever again."

"I think you overplayed it Susan, and now I will call Judy," I said and dialled her number:

"Hi Judy, its Keith. Somehow I think you remember me." ----- "Not so well Judy, You see I told my wife Susan about me waking up naked in your bed after the party at Jane and Tim's. And she retaliated by fucking Tim, Robert and John – all three of them." ----- "Why should you take any blame Judy?" ---------------------- "Are you telling me that Tim, Robert and John carried me up to your room and undressed me and put me in your bed?" --- "And that you were awake, and pretended you were sleeping?" --- "And nothing happened between us two?" --- "Thank you Judy, I am relieved to hear this, it gives me a better conscience. You shouldn't take any blame Judy. Susan would probably not have believed me anyway. When I told her she went bananas." ---- "Nice to talk to you too. I hope we can meet one day, I really liked your company. And Judy, please don't mention anything about our talk to Jane, I don't know what to do yet. Have a nice day."

I unlocked Susan, she was crying and tried to hug me. I brushed her off and told her: "Go clean yourself up. I don't know what I will do. To be frank with you, I am not sure if I love you anymore. So I will need to be left by myself, I will occupy the quest room for the time being. My father told me never to act in anger, so I will cool down before I decide what to do."

Susan looked crestfallen, and with bowed head she walked into the bathroom.

The next few days went along in total silence. Every time Susan tried to start a discussion so we could, "work it out together" as she put it, I stopped her flat. We had a kind of truce, and went about our business with as little contact as possible. We had not been married more than three years, we had not started a family yet, we rented our house and we had both decent jobs. To split now would be uncomplicated.

So after debating with myself I had made up my mind I did not want to start a family with her. She did not love me, she wanted to own me. I didn't like that. But I hated the knowledge that she had cuckolded me with my friends, and I had to do something about it to save "face".

Susan and the other three girls played cards every Wednesday evening. We boys used that day to go bowling together and have a beer or two. The first Wednesday after the terrible incident, I asked;

"Do you intend to go playing cards today Susan?"

"Yes Keith, I have to show up to see if there is any animosity in the air. If I don't go they may talk behind my back. So it is better to be brave," she replied.

"I will go bowling for the same reason. Did you tell the boys that you intended to, or had fucked them all," I asked.

She winced and replied; "No, all three thought they were the chosen one. So if they don't brag they will not know about the other two. If Tim told one of the others he might have told it to his wife, and then she would have told Jane. No they don't dare brag."

When all went well at both the bowling and with the card playing ladies, I decided I would not punish Susan directly, but let the other girls punish her for me, and also get back at their husbands.

Tim, Roger and John had all cheated with one of their wife's best friends, and they had made a cuckold of one of their own best friends. They were not honourable persons. They were Sob's. I knew what to do.

Next Wednesday it was Susan's turn to host the card play. After the girls had arrived and the first robber was in play, I walked into the room.

"Are you not bowling?" Susan asked.

"I forgot something," I said and bent down on my knees next to her and swiftly clipped the cuff on her left ankle and secured it to the chair.

"What are you doing you oaf?" she screamed out. And the other lady's looked shocked at me.

"Quiet," I ordered, and continued, "I will start a film that will be of interest to you all, and I advice you stay and watch until it is finished. I have secured Susan to her chair so she cannot run off without your permission. So Jane will get the key to the cuff when I leave. When the film is all through you can do with Susan as you see fit, but don't kill her, even if you would like to."

Susan looked very scared, and she had reasons to be. She looked sadly at me and said;

"Why do you do this to me Keith, do you hate me so much? And she started to cry.

I didn't bother with any reply, just looked with scorn at her and turned on the TV and started the video. Before I left I handed over the key to Jane, and while in the hall on my way out I heard the agitated talking as they were a chicken farm.

I had packed a few suitcases with my personal stuff and put it the car. I was not planning to return to the house.

When I came to the bowling alley, I excused myself for being late. And I suggested we go and take a beer, I had something to tell them. I was laughing and they were of course curious about my merry mood, so they tagged along.

"I am sad to announce that I have lost what I thought were three good friends. Just now our wives are in our house watching a film, made by Susan. I have added comments at the start and at the end of the film. Except for that it is all Susan's work. And you all take part in the show," I said as an opening. They looked shocked and embarrassed at each other.

"What do you mean by having lost three friends?" Tim asked, "Are we not friends anymore?"

"No Tim, I don't think a real friend would first use my drunken state, undress me and put me naked in bed with another woman, and then afterwards use his wife's jealousy to fuck her," I said. "A true friend would have told his wife it was all a joke on me. He would have said no to go to bed with her. But you Tim, you saw it as an opportunity for a free fuck," I paused, looked at the other two and continued, "So did you Robert and you John, none of you are true friends of mine."

John looked at me and said, "I am really sorry, but I understand how you feel. I'm ashamed."

"You should be." I said and continued, "You had no idea that Susan filmed the encounters with you, but she did. Of all the footage she made, she edited a short version which she showed me one Friday night. She only kept one copy of the edited version, and had me immobilized while showing it. She planned to destroy it to get rid of the evidence. I tricked her, and got hold of the film. Your wives are viewing the film this very minute. I suspect you will have some explaining to do when you get home boys," I laughed at them, and left.

I had booked myself in at a medium term service apartment, and while stretching out on the bed tried to visualize the scene in our house when the film ended. What would the girls do to Susan? Most likely verbal abuse, maybe some nail scratching, I would probably get the low down from Jane later.

I wondered if she in the ruckus that followed the film, would be able to comprehend the consequence of my last remark, which I had added to the film; "Susan, you will be served with divorce papers tomorrow. I have left our home, but have paid the rent out this month. You are on your own after that. Good bye, Susan."

I was thinking about how this started. Me being honest. Maybe it was the best thing after all. By being honest I found out Susan's true nature. She didn't truly love me, she wanted ownership. So the truth is the best in the end, is it not?

Dear reader, am I forgiven? This is definitively the end.

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by rastageorge05/17/18

To The Author!!!

To me it is quite amateurish to start a story and then not finish it. To the many authors here that write these lame unfinished stories, do you wonder why you get low ratings when you had a good (in yourmore...

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by DetroitRockCity05/13/18

The dialogue is so stilted, disjointed and not at all believable.

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by johnadp03/03/18

To The Author

It's one thing to leave some things to the imagination of the reader (say the brutality of an attack, the depth of the love making, etc), but to leave a whole story to the imagination of the reader? Imore...

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by ju8streading02/25/18

would love to read the aftermath of this one

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by sas644610/24/17


Oh, so civil!!! Peuk!!!!

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